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The Avengers Theory

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Raj stared around him in the warm Indian night. As people boasted in Hindi in the noisy garden he decided, that although being rich had benefits, this wasn't one of them. He wished that he could be at home studying the stars or reading some of the comics that his father had reluctantly agreed to ship in from America, (muttering about how they would influence him) not at some millionaire's party, where no one paid any attention to him. Well, apart from one girl, from whom he had promptly fled.

As Raj looked up at the sky he thought he saw something in the trees surrounding the house, but dismissed the thought as when he looked again he couldn't see anyone. He was a scientist; he dealt with facts for the Gods' sake, not tricks of the semi-darkness!

Suddenly there came a series of screams from behind him and Raj whirled around, staring in horror as one of the over-opinionated, drunken guests pointed a strange gun at the host's head.

"I need-" he started, but didn't finish his sentence. There was an arrow lodged in his brain. Another hit the gun and it disintegrated.

Whist everyone gathered round the dead man, comforted the host and didn't bother to think logically about where the arrow had come from Raj snuck off towards the tree he'd seen earlier. Looking back at it later it probably wasn't the most sensible thing he could have done.

There came a snap and a yell as a tree branch broke and a man fell to the ground with a loud thump, accompanied by a sickening crunch. Dreading what he was about to see Raj rushed into the clearing and saw Hawkeye, unconscious. He had fallen quickly and his bow and now mostly broken arrows had been on his back so he hadn't had time to shoot a grappling hook at a branch and as the branches had started high up there wasn't anything he could have grabbed onto to stop himself from falling.

Raj, of course, didn't know it was Hawkeye. It was 1991, the film hadn't even been thought of yet and he looked a lot different in the comics.

To cut a long story short, basically, The Avengers come from one universe where there are no films, TV programmes or comic books (about superheroes), only the real things, everyone knows superheroes exist, and it's 2013. Raj comes from a universe where comic books exist but the films don't because it's the 20th century. SHIELD has a machine that can let the agents jump universes, but only under special circumstances.

Slowly, Clint groaned and opened his eyes, looking up at the concerned face of Raj.

"Shit, Fury's going to kill me," he cursed.

"Who is Fury?" Raj asked in a heavy Indian accent.

"Doesn't matter," Clint replied, mentally checking himself for injuries; medium concussion, probably a sprained ankle and a fractured wrist, he tried to move it, make that definitely a fractured wrist, this is gonna make shooting the remaining arrows difficult, not to mention the array of cuts and bruises that littered his body.

"Are you okay?" Raj enquired, seeing his face momentarily clench up with the pain that he quickly hid.

"Don't worry, I'm fine," he lied, standing up with some difficulty. Clint pulled out the device that would take him back to his own dimension.

"You killed that man didn't you?" said Raj conversationally.

"Get me out of here now!" Clint yelled at the tech and he began to glow with multicoloured light.

"What's that?" Raj questioned, being a scientist, he undeniably, had a natural curiosity. He grabbed onto the object, and his head exploded.

When he came back into consciousness he looked around.

He was not in India.