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Don't Touch My Alpha

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I hadn't known that my summer would have been like that, and by that, I meant babysitting my neighbor's son for the whole summer while they are off to work all day. They said they would pay me good money and I needed it to save up for school anyways. I wanted to be a writer one day and the school I want to attend was expensive.

It wouldn't be such a bad summer job if I had not been told horror stories of this kid since he was born. I never spent much time with him, but I have seen him around during the few times I was forced to attend dinner with his family. My mom and his were good friends in college, and now as neighbors, we spent quite a bit of time together.

When Mitsuki Bakugou asked my mom if I could watch her son over the summer, she went ahead and signed me up for it. I was shocked, to say the least. But I don't go against what my mother says, so I agreed to the job.

When Mitsuki told me the details, it didn't bother me much at all. It was a sweet set up, honestly. I got to stay at their house from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. I would even get paid double on weekends if they wanted a date night and needed someone to watch the devil child.

They had an amazing house with a pool. The inside of the house was covered with modern decorations and technology. They had flat-screen TVs in almost every room, including the bathroom. I would be allowed to do whatever I wanted to as long ad I kept their son from getting into trouble.

Katsuki was his name. He was a cute kid, blond spiky hair and ruby-red eyes. He had a big smile and loved superheroes. That was all I knew about him from the little time we spent together before this job. I never saw him much. He was an infant when I was a toddler, so I don't remember him much. The older we both got, the less we all hung out together.

I was worried about other things as well. It wasn't the fact that I had never taken care of a child before. No. It was the daunting realization that Katsuki wasn't just any child. He was an Alpha. His genes were top of the top. Alphas were pushy, dominant, and rather abrasive people. Society knew them as our CEO's and businessmen and women. Although female Alphas were rarer than the males.

Katsuki's sub-gender was only part of the problem. The other problem was me. I was born an Omega. A male Omega to be specific. Omegas weren't treated badly nowadays. Nonetheless, it was difficult to be a male Omega in today's society.

People kind of thought I was weak. I was weak, but it still was never nice hearing it so much. I was weaker than the other sub-genders. It's how our biology forced us to be. Omegas were meant to be the submissive partner to some strong Alpha mate. It was almost impossible for an Alpha not to have an Omega as a mate. It made the best pairing. They balanced each other out.

In today's society, wolf shifters have evolved. Humans no longer can shift into our secondary forms -- our wolves. But we still possessed many traits of our ancestors. Our biology was still ruled by our sub-genders as well as hormones. Our bodies still claim and mark people as pack members and we still produce pheromones based on our sub-gender. Alpha, Beta, or Omega.

Some parts of our bodies were still wolf-like. Our teeth were stronger than the average human and our canines still extend when threatened. Alphas and Omega have scent glands that, to this day, still bless us with thick scents to both attract and deter others when needed.

There was just no need for shifting anymore with how advanced society was. Our bodies seemed to have adapted to this new way of living and there hasn't been a wolf shift in over 60 years.

Our human forms have yet to lose our heightened senses or animalistic tendencies. It seems all we have lost was our ability to shift into our wolves. We lost the ability to speak with our wolf side as well as communicate through pack links. The need to mind link other members of our packs seemed to fade alongside our wolf forms. To the elders, it was a huge loss when people stopped shifting, but newer generations couldn't miss what we never had or knew.

I had been worried about spending so much time with a young Alpha male ever since my mother told me I was doing this job. I have heard stories about just how pushy and hot-headed this kid was from his parents as well as my mother. They warned me about his outbursts and anger issues. All common things for Alphas his age, but it still worried me.

I was a pushover; I didn't like conflict or handle authority well. I never hated being an Omega and, as the moon goddess would have it, I was good with kids. Or so my mother said I would be. It was in my nature to be a caregiver of sorts. Even though I was male, I was blessed with the ability to produce and carry children. However, I never spent much time dwelling on that. I was only 14 and couldn't care less about mates or children.

I was nothing like a pushover even if I had issues with authority. It was an unfortunate trait us Omegas were born with. Any dominant Alpha could roll us over with a powerful command or pheromones. However, I was told this kid would run all over me if I was not careful. Even at 9 years old, Katsuki was still an Alpha and could easily overpower me if I wasn't careful. I wasn't worried about now though. He wasn't even old enough to produce his Alpha pheromones.

As the school year ended for the summer vacation, and I had finished my first year of high school at 14 years old, my 15th birthday approaching and I began my transition from student to 'summer babysitter'. I was prepared for some tension, but the first day on the job was extremely awkward.

I was currently standing in front of 9-year-old Katsuki Bakugou, who was glaring at me like I just killed his kitten.

He was looking up at me with wide angry eyes that made me swallow nervously and try and pull myself together before this kid ruined me. His spiky hair was all over the place from running around outside before I arrived. While he glared at me, his parents gave me the final run-down of where everything was and even gave me their phone numbers before quickly rushing off to work. Leaving me alone with the little tyrant.

"It's nice seeing you again, Katsuki. Do you remember me?" Squatting down to his level, I asked carefully while approaching with delicacy in case he snapped at me. He looked like a biter. However, the boy just rolled his eyes at me and my jaw fell. My mouth popped open. Did this kid just roll his eyes at me?

"I remember you; you seem like a nerd." The young blond said with a straight face and left me speechless. That all happened in just the morning. That day Katsuki gave me a run for my money and as day one of playing babysitter ended, I was left discouraged and feeling like I might not be cut out for this. However, I didn't give up on things easily.

Katsuki had managed to tear up the house, disrespect me on several occasions, and sneak into the ice cream before lunch, saying that he could do whatever he wanted because he was almost as tall at me. I was left to clean the whole house from his mess, force him to eat real food, and learn where I can hide the ice cream higher up so he couldn't reach it.

After a few days, I noticed that Katsuki had taken to calling me a 'nerd' whenever he could get the chance. I tried to correct him and tell him that it was not polite to call people names. That only made him want to call me a 'nerd' even more. So, I gave up on the scolding and just ignored it.

He didn't like that either and came up with other names.

He called me 'broccoli-head' one day leaving me both confused and irritated, yet slightly amused at his colorful language. I learned quickly that Katsuki ruled the house and demanded attention as well as respect. If ignored he would lash out.

As the weeks went by, things got a little better. Katsuki stopped tearing through the house daily and making such crazy messes. He still was reckless and I had to watch his every step because he was prone to breaking things or being too rough.

He even started calling me 'Deku' a few times. It was better than 'nerd' or 'broccoli-head' so I let it slide. I didn't even know what Deku meant until he explained it. Then I wish I never let him call me that. He said it was slang for 'Useless' and I almost choked. I knew he didn't have much of a filter; but useless? I wasn't useless.

However, 'Deku' sounded a bit nicer than 'nerd' and was better than the other options, so I let him continue. He wouldn't stop if I had asked anyway. I never told him to call me by my first name as I figured there needed to be some respect there since I was his superior, weirdly enough. Not that he would ever call me 'Izuku'. He seemed to like 'Deku'.

Our first summer together started to come to an end and I had become quite fond of the kid. Much to my horror, he was sharp and was easy to talk to. He seemed to like the time we spent together. On my 15th birthday, we watched movies together and he even made me a card.

However, Katsuki was also a jerk. He was sassy and had a big mouth. He was a pureblooded Alpha tyrant. For a 9-year-old, his vocabulary was quite impressive and colorful. He was also more mature than I had thought him to be.

I learned a lot about Katsuki over those three months. Although, he didn't open up to me much. He only told me things that came up naturally in conversation. I learned about his favorite superheroes, and that he feared the dark. Katsuki didn't like how I found that out. There had been a bad storm that knocked the electricity out and he had screamed for me to find a light.

I learned that thunderstorms made him happy, but only when they don't cause a power outage. However, they scared the crap out of me, much to his amusement. The Alpha liked mint chocolate chip ice cream the best and running made him relax when he was having a rough day or when he was angry.

To me, that was typically knowledge of Alpha biology. To Katsuki, it was probably all new. Most Alphas needed physical activity to keep their system in check. They were strong and had a lot of energy. His best friend was a kid from his school named Kirishima. He was a beta, and for some reason, he got along with Katsuki the best; even with his attitude issues.

I wondered what kind of special idiot it took to be Katsuki's best friend when the Alpha was such a little monster?

I managed to make a lot of money that first summer and put it all away into savings for college. Katsuki managed to weave a soft spot in my heart as well. Much to my surprise, I was upset when summer vacation was ending. He could be quite a sweet kid when he wanted to be.

On rare occasions, we would be sitting on the couch watching movies and he would slump over against me. Little bored huffs would spurt past his lips but I learned he liked the contact. Katsuki was alone most of the time with his parent's work life and he never had anyone home with him. Until I came around. Now he had attached himself to me in ways that I hadn't expected. The boy loved having company, even if he had a weird way of showing it.

I never told him that I was an omega either. We had spent the entire three months of summer vacation together and I never divulged that information. The real reason I never brought it up was that I didn't want him to pick on me for that as well. Katsuki was the type that would rip you apart over any small thing he could get a hold of. I tried not to take it personally at first; but as the months passed, I began to just not care. Katsuki didn't mean any real hard with his actions and words. He was just a little misguided.

However, he was a jerk that tried to boss me around way too much. He was nice sometimes. Even after the three months of summer he still picked on me. But it was never to the point where it really bothered me. Only mild irritation.

He assumed I was a Beta that first summer. So, I let him think that as I already knew he liked to assert his dominance over me. Typical behavior for young Alphas, and if he knew I was an Omega, he would probably think he could boss me around even more.

It didn't harm anyone to allow him to continue thinking that I was a Beta and I was happy that the kid had stopped tormenting me for the most part. He began to behave more than I ever expected him to. His parents were fond of me for being able to handle their son. Although, it drained me every day.

Most nights I went home and crashed before dinner. Katsuki kept me on my toes all day. On the last day of summer, before school started, I took the young Alpha to a park to let him run around and play soccer with some other kids. Although he didn't play well with others, he more so would hog the ball and threaten the other kids if they didn't follow his lead.

He liked soccer though and was naturally athletic with his Alpha genes. Katsuki never talked about being an Alpha much and it surprised me because he was so arrogant. Maybe it was because of his age? He hadn't begun to think about his status seriously yet. I know soon he will mature when he hits puberty and begin thinking about things like mates and future pack members.

It's only a matter of time before this abnormally wild Alpha turned into an extremely dominant adult Alpha. I often forgot his age. He is different than any other kid I had met and I was kind of glad that my mother signed me up for this. I had expected the worse but in reality, I gained a lot of knowledge and -- a friend? Was it strange to think of a 10-year-old-boy as my friend? Maybe, but it didn't really matter. I spent all summer with him. It would be weirder if I didn't like him at all, right?

Although sometimes it was hard for me to maintain in charge. His Alpha was preening for control. It was like Katsuki could tell that I was an Omega and he was trying to assert himself. Maybe his parents should have hired a professional to watch him? I wasn't necessarily cut out for the job.

Nonetheless, I stayed. After the park, I took him to get ice cream and then we walked back towards his house in comfortable silence. Katsuki had been acting weird all day and I had assumed that he was upset that summer was over. But when we got to his front step he looked at me with a scowl and grabbed the front of my shirt tightly in his fists.

"You're coming back next summer, understand?!" Katsuki yelled and made me widen my eyes in surprise. I bit down on my lip to keep from smirking. He didn't look happy anymore. So, this was why he had been weird all day. He didn't want me to leave? Of course, the Alpha would never say it that out loud. Instead, he would turn to aggression to get his point across. Like he was doing right now. But I couldn't be mad.

I understood him more than he thought. Typical Katsuki, bad with emotions. I learned that quickly when he had a meltdown over not being able to reach something on a shelf closer to the beginning of summer. When I had tried to help him, he kicked my leg and called me 'short for a beta' before running off to destroy his room.

It was only later that week that I found out he had been embarrassed by not being able to reach what he wanted. He didn't like help. Katsuki wanted to be the best and never accepted help from others. He wasn't about to start with me. He really didn't like to be made to feel weak.

Typical Alpha.

Typical Katsuki.

"I don't know if your parents will want me to come back and watch you next summer, but we will see what happens. Okay?" I spoke softly and with a sigh as I watched his fists tighten in the front of my shirt. He was trying to intimidate me by jerking me around, but he wasn't as big as me yet. So I just bent down some to let him think he was the one that had the control. I could tell what was really going on.

He was afraid of being alone again and although his parents loved him very much, they were both busy people. They rarely had time to spend with their own son and Katsuki was the one that suffered from that. It pulled at my Omegan nature seeing a child in distress. Even if said child was an asshole the majority of the time.

He was an adorable kid and it made me a bit sad to be leaving. Especially after I knew he didn't open up to many people. He had been pretty good with me. Regardless of all the 'Deku' slurs and pushy attitude. Katsuki looked at me in silence for a few seconds before he shoved me away, sucking his teeth, and turning his head. I straightened back up as he yanked his door open and paused.

"Whatever, Deku." He muttered lowly before stepping inside and slamming the door behind him. Leaving me stunned and silent on his front porch. I straightened out my shirt that he had wrinkled up in his tantrum and smiled while shaking my head. This kid was something else and I would miss seeing him every day. He made this summer one for the books.

He was funny, energetic, and good entertainment. Plus, I made good money from getting to hang out with the brat. It was a win-win for me and I didn't mind that my summer vacation was taken up by him. It didn't feel like a burden.

"Yeah, I will miss you too kid," I mumbled to myself with a soft chuckle. I turned away from his door and began walking home and thinking about going back to school I would miss Katsuki, and that felt strange. Who knew if I would have another summer like this with him? But I would never forget this past summer. After all, it had been the beginning of a new chapter in my life and I didn't even know it.