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The Foursome

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Indigo sat outside looking at the night sky she needed some air and time to reflect on the recent decisions she had made.
"Are you okay, love," Zane asked.
Indigo jumped, "You scared me," she sighed.
Zane sat beside her, "Scare you as you did hear me or the fact I called you love," Zane asked.
Zane sighed, Indigo pulled her legs close to her chest, Zane could tell she was turning to close herself off. Zane could tell that something was wrong and he wanted to know why.
"Indigo, what's wrong," Zane asked, "You seem to be close yourself off to me recently, please, enlightenment me on your problems. I would like to help you."
Indigo sighed, "I feel like a mistake. This poly relationship thing is new to me. I don't know if it's my insecurities that make me feel weird about it or if it because I know that you look at me and act differently when you are alone with me,"
"I never thought I acted differently around you or even looked at you differently when we are alone," Zane replied, "I apologize,"
"You don't have to, I know you would rather be with them," Indigo sighed.
"Not true,"
"I don't think that I know I am not the most attractive, plus Pixal's beauty doesn't compare to mine, but I just want... I don't know," Indigo said, "I feel like if you had to choose out of the three of us I would be your last choice,"
"I would choose the three of you," Zane chuckled, "That is the whole point of this relationship,"
"Right," Indigo chuckled rubbing her arms.
"Do find your scars unattractive?" Zane asked.
"Sometimes," Indigo answered.
"Which one do you dislike the most," he asked.
Indigo touched the scar on her face, "The one that I can't cover up,"
"Do you not like makeup?" he asked.
"It is not that I don't like, I can't wear most foundations, concealers, and blush, I also can't wear dark or bright color eyeshadows because they mess up my face. I can only wear matte lipsticks, mascara, and eyeliner." Indigo explained.
Zane nodded as she talked once she finished she looked at Zane, "Anything else you would like to know?" she asked with a small smile.
"Nothing if you don't want to tell me," Zane chuckled, "It is nice to see your smile,"
Indigo smiled more, "Though, I have one request," Zane replied.
"Sit in my lap," Zame replied, "Only if you are comfortable,"
Indigo sat in Zane's lap her back facing, "Is there anything else that is making you uneasy or uncomfortable about our relationship?" He asked.
"Not really, I have to get used to this. I said yes to Cole and by proxy you and Pixal is because I do have feelings for all of you, but the fact that this is a thing is something I need to get used to," Indigo explained.
"Then stop me if you become uncomfortable," Zane breathed out.
"Wha-Ooh," Zane's cold lips touched her neck and his hands down to her thighs.
Zane enjoyed her small moans and sighs she was letting out, he moved one of his hands into her pants and began to touch her. He stopped once Indigo tense up, "What's wrong," he asked.
"Bon sang, tes mains sont froides!" Indigo moaned.
"Voulez-vous que je continue?" Zane asked.
Zane continued by sticking his fingers inside her. This made Indigo start to moan his name.
"If the others where here you have to keep quiet," Zane chuckled.
"Then good this they aren't here," Indigo breathed out.
Once Zane removed his hand Indigo removed her clothes at Zane removed his and Indigo placed herself back on his lap facing him this time.
"Are you okay with this," Zane asked.
"I'm naked on your lap aren't I," Indigo chuckled.
Zane laughed kissing her softly before inserting himself inside her and beginning thrust. Indigo was instantly moaning Zane's name. Their fun came to an end as they both cum. They gathered the discarded clothes and entered the monastery.
"Thank you," Indigo said.
"Your welcome," Zane said with a smile, "Although I hope we are not done for tonight,"
"Oh, we are far from done, you icy bastard,"