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So Izuku was going to die today, after throwing himself out of the rooftop of a school building of course. Said school building was grey and bleak and did not have anything special about it, just a simple construction and a simple place to die.


He always thought that if he killed himself, he would cry like no tomorrow. And maybe he was crying, but he wasn’t sure what he was feeling at this moment, everything felt a little blurred and a little hazy like the world was just as meaningless and useless like he was.


He looked down at the extent of his future skydive and questioned once more how a life ending decision like this could be a build-up of empty feelings and broken dreams. Like, dying was pretty damn life altering, right? Surely it deserved something... more.


Izuku didn’t want to mess up his own suicide, that was low even for someone as pathetic as himself. He’d always thought that suicides were a moments of raw emotion, where life came to a screeching halt, that maybe he should be shouting his grief and defeat to the world (despite knowing that it was all his fault for not being enough ).


Of course the others were not at fault for feeling that the world had failed them!


They were right about that. The only person who didn't deserve such a privilege was Izuku.


The scathing part of him brought all those memories back in full force — You knew you were a no name Deku when All Might himself told you that you were never going to be a hero.


“Take a swan dive of the roof” 


“There are safer ways to save people, young Midoriya”


From such a high perspective the lighter gray concrete reminded him of some kind of goopy cake mixture. Would his organs, plastered against the ground and cement, give some color and make it elegant, red-velvet style?


That sounded good and considerate, his last act of kindness. Why was it that even in the end he was trying to be useful?


Why couldn’t he fucking stop waxing poetry and jump already?


Taking off his shoes and putting them side by side— “Always be tidy, Izuku”, his mother would say — the child thought that yeah, he could do both.


He was done.




_____ Don’t Press Me _____


He woke up in his bed, not in the hospital nor a grave.


Quiet as the dead, Izuku got up, walked to his mom’s room and threw — and that, kids, is how you create fucking nightmares with stupid words!— himself in her arms, crying like a fool.


He was alive.


_____ Press Me _____


“Don’t the fullbring powers, or quirks, fade away after dying?” Said Ichigo.


In these times, humans are much more aware of the spiritual world without knowing that it exists in the first place.


But what could you expect from a world in which eighty percent of the people were fullbringers, and the rest had at least one fullbring mutation?


“Yeah, but we are well aware that ‘normal things’ don’t take into account 15-year old boys with reality breaking I’m-gonna-protect-others instincts” Deadpanned Rukia.


Thankfully, humans still were unable to see ghosts due to said souls possessing little reiatsu— although the souls were now stronger than ever. The pluses’ newfound strength also decreased the number of hollows. Souls now needed much more dark reiatsu to become hollows. But for every good there is bad, and in this situation it meant that once the souls become hollows, they transform into Menos almost immediately.


And to think, all this bullshit began with the birth of a glowing baby.


This incident— a word that those versed in Byakuya’s rarely used dialect knew translated to ‘a total clusterfuck’— was the direct result of all the wars and hollow-human contact that happened two hundred years ago. Instead of turning out as a once in a few hundred years phenomenon, the fullbring mutations accumulated, changed and evolved. Everybody preferred to blame Yhwach and leave it to that, though.


Everyone except Urahara and Kurotsuchi, of course. People in Soul Society have just gotten very good at ignoring them.


And ignoring common sense in general.


It says a lot about the shinigami when the only sane one is the dude with the psychotic hollow-zanpakuto.


These fullbring abilities were known as quirks, and to this day the Shinigami had not found a mutation as baffling as this.


Hence, their current predicament.


Ichigo read the report once more in sheer disbelief.


-Midoriya Izuku. 15 years old. Quirk “Make believe”. It gives the user the capacity to alter reality according to his believes.


Date of defunction: May 17, 2016


A human that is already dead.


But thanks to thinking that his suicide was a dream— this kid sure dissociated like no tomorrow— his soul couldn’t be reaped untill he is convinced of his death.


And they chose to put Ichigo on the job just because he is happily married to Kisuke and lived in the human world.




“Rukia, sometimes I don’t know if I love you or hate you”


“You adore me, idiot. Now let me explain how to tell the traumatized 15 year old that his inherent state of existence is a figment of his imagination”.




_____ Press Me _____




Ichigo approached Kisuke with the casualness of a five grade hurricane. Kisuke let out a long exhale and prayed to mythical beings he did not believe in to give him strength.


“What is it this time”


His husbands face contorted in that funny way that was a cross between a pout and a rabid gorilla.


“Kyoraku says that we have to babysit”


“On his orders or for his amusement?”




“...we are not giving him the special sake next time he comes here”


Ichigo gave a solemn nod in response.


_____ Press Me _____


After explaining his mission to Kisuke, they went to visit the Midoriya family against all orders that forbid interaction with the living world. Just to be petty.


They arrived in a suburban area of the town, the apartment complex was the kind you’d expect from well-off people. The walls were clean — although patches without paint already existed — and the windows had patterned curtains that gave the place a homely touch. Some doors squeaked with the wind, a sound that spoke of fireplaces and comfy sofas.


Now in front of the door, Ichigo rang the bell.


Out came a petite woman with huge green eyes, a rosy tint to her chubby cheeks, and a cute shy smile. She was wearing a pink apron that made her look even more adorable than she already was. She inclined her head to the side and asked them if she could help them with something and to please excuse her haggard appearance.


Ichigo privately thought she looked like a Hamster.


“We were wondering if by chance we could speak with you? Your son, Midoriya Izuku, recently participated in many mock exams to enter several high schools in the country, and the marks he achieved in ours was high enough to merit a visit, said the scientist.


Ichigo was frozen.


And why wouldn’t he be when this lady was one of the cutest human beings he had seen in his existence?


The now proud hamster lady offered them food and he almost hugged her out of principle.


They entered the house and sat down at the table. He turned his head and faced his husband.


“We must protect the hamster lady”  Ichigo said with a completely straight face.


_____ Press Me _____


After adorableness incarnated brought them food, and sat on the sofa, she sighed. “My Izuku is not here at the moment, he says he is training to pass the physical exam of UA High School.”


“We understand if he is not interested” Kisuke said, ever the smooth talker.


“No, no! Please feel free to stay here. He just needs to speak with you” She blushed and Ichigo almost squealed “If waiting for him is not too imposing”


“No. Of course not” Whispered the wide eyed Ichigo.


She smiled.


And Ichigo passed out.


_____ Don’t Press Me _____


“Is the young man alright?” the nervous lady asked “Does he need water, maybe CPR?.” She said almost in tears. “Oh God, what if he is dead?”


Definitely in tears.


Kisuke hid a laugh behind his paper fan, “My husband has a flair for the dramatic, please don’t mind him”.


She gave him the biggest puppy eyes he had ever seen, “Are you sure?”


Urahara swallowed.




Here's to hoping the boy arrives quickly lest he ends up like Ichigo.


_____ Press Me _____


This society is perverse, takes over the dreams of our children, devours their lives and their will. We are nothing but the product of the inherent corruption of the human heart.


Toshinori read the newspaper while watching the young man out of the corner of his eye, who was carrying an old microwave and humming some american song.


He hoped the boy had put his gloves on, training was one thing and foolishness was another.


We are creating child soldiers and nobody is aware of this, we only have the indecency to reward their deaths and envy their liveliness.


His successor was a thriving kid with a good heart and determination that deserved to be respected and feared. And he still regretted with both soul and heart his own stupidity, a child that driven was what he had been looking for since the very beginning.


We take away from our citizens the right to defend themselves, we create the conditions for tragic villains to be born and we make fun of those whose only fault is to exist in a world where having no powers is considered a gross disability. I know that people in ancient times did not know what they were dealing with and did the best amendments they could think of, at the cost of all morality and human decency.


But since when do the ends justify the means?


-Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck.


Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck, better known as The Centaur, was notorious for defending the existence of vigilantes and for her harsh criticism against the society of heroes. She was seen almost as a messiah, the counterpart of the Symbol of Peace and the great shadow that his existence caused. Some went so far as to say that she was responsible for several incidents during the last two hundred years, in which a beautiful lady with the body of a horse rescued civilians, villains, heroes and vigilantes from black creatures as tall as buildings, with porcelain masks and dreadful, chilling screams. The beautiful woman was said to whisper to those frightened souls that those from the lands of the sand dunes and waning moon heard their cries for help, and that they would protect them from the ones that were hollow.


She was a saint to the general population and one of the few people whose writings always made him doubt all his achievements.


Because Toshinori knew he was a flawed man. That meant he made a flawed Pillar of Peace, and with that he had added more flaws to an already broken society. Nelliel made a frightening amount of sense and the question she asked was a good one, a disheartening one.


Now with the weight of a new generation and his own past failures, he began to wonder…


Do the ends really justify the means?


_____ Don’t Press Me _____


After Ichigo woke up— and Kisuke laughed at him— they got comfortable on a worn sofa and waited for Midoriya Izuku.


What walked through that door would haunt their happy and cutesy dreams forever.


The kid was more adorable than his mother, imposible feat right there, and gave him an earnest smile while he mouthed a Tadaima in his mother’s direction.


Ichigo decided, right there and then, that he was going to murder anyone who dared to make that smile disappear.


Urahara introduced himself and his husband before saying, “Well, little Midoriya, we are here to inform you that you died six months ago after commiting suicide”.


The freckled boy’s smile vanished.


It seemed that Ichigo would have to deal with being a widow from this moment onwards.


_____ Press Me _____


Once Ichigo was done strangling his beloved, he let the two to converse in peace about the impossibility of the child’s quirk (which was eerily similar to Orihime’s). Ichigo, in his boredom, let his mind drift back to the reunion with the captains that took place after Rukia briefed him on this mission.


First, they discussed how much they could interfere in the boy's life, which was not much according to the law. Even if the Central had been slowly — thanks in part to Ichigo’s bullheaded interference and his anarchic group of friends— softening their approach to what rules were needed over the last two hundred years, they were still stuck up hardasses. This new law flexibility was becoming more prevalent now that the living were able to see high-reiatsu spiritual beings. Some baby recruits were incapable of staying out of human business and the asscracks couldn’t afford to be that execution happy, not without destabilizing the whole system. Legends about sword masters who helped souls move on were part of everyday folklore, a detail that Shinji found particularly amusing. The most prominent topic of discussion was that they had not had the problem of a quirk not letting its user die since a stuck up dude with an Orwell-Aizen complex got it in his head to get enough quirks to last several millennia. And weren’t quirks supposed to be genetic mutations? Hell, Ichigo didn’t need Kisuke’s book smarts to know genetics didn’t work that way.


Another cool detail about the flexible approach and the reformed laws was that the Central and Captain Commander had made some ‘we will kill you if you spill’ secret treaties with various higher ups from the Living World in case something like super quirk dude happened again. And of course, Kisuke—and thus Ichigo— knew all about those negotiations.


Always a relief to know that the 46 bastards had not changed at all, even if their policies had modernized a bit.


Also, Ichigo at last had taken a more active role in changing the Rukongai for the better— he was not letting his sisters die just to end up in a dystopian excuse of a heaven— and was doing a scarily good job. His newfound political and bureaucratic prowess intimidated the captains on a level not seen since Unohana, even Kisuke was wary and more than a little turned on.


But that was a different topic. Besides, what happens in Rukongai, stays in Rukongai.


His no longer human friends were helping too. Orihime and her husband Ishida— something Ichigo did see coming after he respectfully declined her advances, no matter if people thought he was incapable of noticing the obvious— were working on a type of Living World visa that would help all the souls that remembered their pasts to get closure with their families. There was a betting pool betting on whether or not the marriage was going to include Tatsuki,— a disaster bi to Ichigo’s functioning demi— and he was sure that she would rage confess them. Mizuiro was conducting the human world’s underground activities, competing with another villian with the same connections for the top spot in the criminal world, and used Keigo as his secretary, much to the latter's whining. Chad, as always, was doing Chad things. Last Ichigo heard from he was on about some anti-deforestation campaign.


Eh. Go Chad!


Returning to the reunion, it was the usual: Equilibrium, balance, Renji mock flirting with Rukia, and all that. He did not pay attention until the words ‘suicide baiting’ came up. Ah, so the kid was bullied worse than he suspected, he needed to talk with Renji and Rukia about this development.


And maybe he would let his hollow out for a second to stomp the school to the ground.


A few untrained shinigami startled at the sudden rise of reiatsu, and Kyoraku was watching him with a considering gaze which — no. The man had put him on this mission and Ichigo was going to complete it as he damn well pleases. Two hundred years should be sufficient lesson material for the rest of their combined existence.


Another captain, possibly Hitsugaya, said that the boy’s situation was incredibly difficult, that the boy could deny reality for a long time, and that the boy was this, and the boy made that. Then another, one of the newbies judging by their unsure tone, added that the boy was like this, and holy shit, Kenpachi was calling the kid ‘boy’ too. Were they really going to pull a Kratos and call the kid ‘boy’ every five seconds?


Perhaps he should be paying attention because the pale color on Kisuke’s face was worrying. It took a lot to put that kind of look on him, and Ichigo knew he would not like this one bit.


Fuck his nerves of steel.


“Hey, what is going on?” Ichigo whispered.


“They. Want. To. Assign. Hiyori . To. Bakugou Katsuki


Oh, for fuck’s sake! The blond kid with the anger issues? The one that made Kisuke and Ichigo wary after digging his information up?


Ichigo felt something crack in his mind. The resounding maniacal laughter of Shiro didn’t assure him.


They both made their opinion on that match up very clear and, finally, the reunion came to an end with two new missions. Byakuya was to take care of the Bakugou situation and Shinji was to babysit him.


“Why was I assigned the other boy?”. Was it strange that Byakuya found sick satisfaction from watching Kurosaki Ichigo’s face twitch? Not at all.


“To find what triggered our boy’s suicidal tendencies” replied Kyoraku, then he turned to Ichigo “Kurosaki-kun, remember that in another four months Shinji will accompany both Urahara and you”.


Fuck not giving Kyoraku sake. Ichigo was going to make sure the man remained sober for the rest of his afterlife.


_____ Don’t Press Me _____


Urahara got out of the door with a done face. Convincing this kid was like trying to order Ichigo around.


A hopelessly impossible mission.


He told his husband as much, and secretly took delight in the grumpy face he got in response. 


Serves Ichigo right for making him suffer.


_____ Press Me _____


Ichigo, his husband, and Rukia and Renji were on their way to the beach in order to find the boy. Ichigo had an interesting conversation with his besties about discrimination, going from a place with no opportunities to become part of an influencial organization, getting adopted by Byakuya of the prestigious Kuchicki clan — for some reason people were now betting that Kisuke and him were on road to making the kid a part of their family, in typical idiot shinigami logic —, and the difference between being a Rukongai brat and a quirkless one in this day and age.


They found the boy trying to lift a refrigerator. Said boy was startled by the sight of them and nearly dropped the damn fridge — Ichigo reacted instantly, a quick shunpo got him there in time to intercept it before it squashed their new charge.


Midoriya began to shout question after question about Ichigo’s weight lifting quirk. A laughing Urahara made a shushing gesture with his index finger over his mouth, which made the kid come to his senses and finally shut up.


Seeing no way to convince the kid without revealing that they were, in fact, shinigami— and damn right that Kisuke bitched about how he was Ichigo 2.0 for hours—; they explained everything, from Soul Society to how souls work, as blatantly as possible.


The plus — not plus? What the hell was going on with this fullbring mutation? — soul was looking at him in earnest after Rukia offhandedly mentioned that he was Soul Society’s Hero.


Freaking hero fanboy.


Oh, and Rukia and Renji, his beloved friends, were giggling like fools.


He rolled his eyes and continued with his explanation.


“Okay kid, you may be Jesus reincarnated but that doesn’t mean you have to take on this sacrifice play”.


Urahara was moving his paper fan as if to shake off a bad smell, “It stinks,” said the ex-assassin.


“Of what?” Ichigo asked.


“Of hypocrisy”.


The only reason Ichigo didn’t punch his sweetheart in his smirking mug was because the bastard was damn right.


“If he was going to call me out on my shit, he didn’t have to do it in front of the kid who we are totally not adopting” Ichigo complained to a giggling Yoruichi later that evening, the damn cat lived vicariously through his own marriage.


Once the story of the wars and ‘why you should not be a self-sacrificing child soldier even if it is pretty standard here, it leads to trauma’ was over with, the kid hugged him, all matted hair and crying eyes, and said “I’m going to do my best to make the world better for people like you, so you can rest”.


Ichigo, to this day, swears to heaven and hell that he did not cry, thank you very much.


And now the orange haired man was sure about his decision concerning teaching this kid how to fight because, already dead or not, the boy was clearly going to get himself killed in the future.


“Izuku,” no one blinked when Rukia addressed their now protégé by his given name “Can you tell us what drove you to thinking about killing yourself?”


The green eyed boy let out a shuddering exhale from his position in Ichigo’s arms, gave them a wary look, and told them everything .


Suffice to say that they were not impressed.


_____ Don’t Press Me _____


Toshinori returned only to find his student hugging a young man with long orange hair, a petite lady looking ready to commit murder, a tattooed man with a serious frown on his face, and a man in traditional japanese gear staring right through his soul.


All Might would not have survived this long without listening to his instincts, and all of them were screaming that these people were the very definition of dangerous.


It came as no surprise that he conceded to their ‘we are going to teach and protect this pure child’ demands.


He de-transformed and beamed like the sun at them, happy to find people ready to defend of his pupil in case he failed him again.


“Dear, we have got another man to protect” Ichigo whispered to his bemused spouse.


Toshinori felt like face palming.


_____ Press Me _____


Izuku stands proud atop a mountain of garbage, and it is the most glorious moment of his existence. Kurosaki-sensei is frown-smiling at him, something approving in his chocolate gaze, his husband and friends nowhere to be found. All Might— he still cannot believe it, he would never let them down— beams at him, his dark eyes kind, and his rigid posture radiating almost as much confidence as Kurosaki-sensei’s relaxed and graceful stance.


Play Me


There is something shudder inducing in Kurosaki-sensei’s demeanor that screams that he is not entirely human and he is convinced that such grace and mock laziness are similar to those of a predator that wants to lure its prey. 


Izuku swears that there is a yellow-eyed monster in his teacher’s sharp cocoa gaze that is waiting for the perfect moment to remind the world that there are creatures more evil and old than the insignificant villains — they are human and thus food — heroes fight nowadays. His teacher’s solemn demeanor when he asked why he was crying and salivating like a rabid dog like a predator after nightmare’s about white-masked creatures —they are hollow kid, so hollow — would haunt him forever.




All Might clears his throat, snapping him out of his reverie, “You have worked hard, and now is time for your reward, young Midoriya”.


Izuku feels like exploding in joy.


All Might plucks a hair out of his blond mane, puts it under Izuku’s nose, and exclaims with cheer.


“Eat this”


Kurosaki-sensi face planted and Izuku really, really wanted to follow him.


_____ Press Me _____


Fighting giant robots was a pain in the ass and Izuku thanked his lucky stars that his teachers were almost worse than anything that the entrance exam —no matter if it was written or physical, his teachers were low key terrifying— could send his way.


That didn’t mean he was doing good.


He had not frozen up, going as far as being the first one to run in the direction of the robot field, leaving the other petrified participants in the dust. He dispatched various robots using hit-and-run strategies plus his own deductions about where their important part were localized— “ I’m going to transform that brain of yours into a weapon to be feared, little Izuku” Urahara-san said with a paradoxically innocent smile on his face.


Then the giant robot appeared and, once he saw those scared and resigned brown eyes, he knew he was fucked.


Izuku arrived home in a daze, took off his shoes, and buried his head on a sofa pillow under the concerned gazes of his mom and teachers.


No one said anything.


A dreadful week latter, there was a letter in the mailbox.


He ran and slammed his door shut on Kurosaki-sensei’s face— he was so apologizing later.


Izuku opened the letter, took a deep breath, and prepared himself for failure only to find All Might’s smiling face telling him he had passed, barely, but passed.


Midoriya Izuku was going to U.A, the school of his dreams.


He hugged his mom and Kurosaki-sensei, tears falling from his green eyes.


He passed.


_____ Don’t Press Me _____


Ichigo was bulldozing his way through U.A’s halls, a scowl on his face. He could feel his already flagging confidence in this school evaporating after they ‘let children fight robots and break their bones’. Shinji, Rukia, Renji and Kisuke were not far behind him.


“What are you doing here?” a dark haired man monotoned with the disposition of someone who hadn’t slept a single moment in their lives.


“We were not capable of containing him.'' Renji points at Ichigo’s everything as a way of explanation.


He felt offended when the possibly homeless man nodded in understanding.


Kisuke snorted.


“Yeah, I deal with heroes and students like that”


“You want to tell us that you deal with people like Ichigo on a daily basis?” Asked a pale Renji.


“If by that you mean idiots who throw themselves in dangerous situations in order to save people they barely know, and I have to somehow teach them sufficient self-preservation instincts to survive at least a week as a pro hero. Then yeah” he said to his flabbergasted, and outright impressed, audience.


Rukia looked ready to hug the poor, tired guy.


Renji and Kisuke were staring at the man with open respect.


Shinji, for his part, watched him with a considering gaze as if he was considering taking the man under his wing after he passes away.


Another cool detail about living in a superhero world: Soul Society became stronger.


And how could it not when they receive trained soldiers 24/7?


The heroes had a close interactions with their quirks and were already trained to survive in an antagonistic world. Once they go to Rukongai, their upbringing gives them an unfair advantage compared to the rest of the population and join the shinigami ranks with flying colors in the academy and with a speed not seen since the likes of Gin, Urahara or Ichigo himself.


So, the shinigami harvest the fruits of the hero world while disapproving of the whole thing. Ichigo should not be as surprised as he is.


There was even a cool lady by the name of Shimura Nana that Ichigo was especially fond of, and considering the number of kickass ladies in Ichigo’s life, she was an extraordinary individual. You can bet you are badass when you can make Kurotsuchi do your bidding, which she took advantage of to see how her family was doing.


He sighed.


Ichigo was worried about her. Around a decade ago, she suddenly lost almost all her energy and drive. No one dared to whisper a word in regards to it out of respect, and Ichigo had a horrible feeling that whatever happened was going to bite them in the ass sooner rather than later.


Kisuke put a hand on his shoulder and asked him why he was so serious. He replied that this society of heroes was falling apart and that he did not know what would happen when it did.


Kisuke grimaced, and it hurt Ichigo because he knew that meant he was right.


His husband had, once in a sudden boost of wisdom worthy of his years, told him that it was better to not keep pondering, that it led to regrets that a bleeding heart like his would never be able to carry.


It takes one to know one.


How could Kisuke bear so much guilt ?


Thankfully, they arrived at the giant doors to the 1-A classroom.


Aizawa decided that it was a great idea to transform into a caterpillar in front of Ichigo.


“I’m going to have a fucking fit if you somehow transform into Aizen” said Ichigo to the yellow worm.


The hobo, as if knowing he was trolling with him, gave a disturbing smile and proceeded to enter, or rather, worm his way to, the classroom full of impressionable teenagers.


What the unlikely group found was chaos. Pure. Chaos.


Every single teen was screaming, a red haired kid asked if the man in the sleeping bag was dead, a boy with a fucking birdhead said in a very solemn way ‘what a mad banquet of darkness’ as if this was a common ocurrence — so a goth boy with a birdhead, what the hell? —, Izuku was obviously failing at socializing with both a guy with robot-like mannerisms and a floating girl.


Ichigo swore that even the bicolor haired, poker-faced kid was shouting his stupefaction in some internal way, and Ichigo thought that, if what the boy felt was at least similar to his own plight, he deserved an ice cream and a counselor visit at least.


“Did you just Karate Chop a conversation?” Asked a bewildered Bakugou to the guy that, Ichigo swore to the Aizen-Yhwach-God-combo, was part robot.


At least he forgot all about humanity’s doom.


He was too preoccupied feeling proud of his own kid finally making friends and feeling sorry for the tired teacher to gather enough brain power to worry about it.


_____ Press Me _____


Shinji’s future right hand man, like all hardasses, decided that batling giant robots was not enough to prove the class’s general worth as heroes, and immediately threatened them with expulsion if they were last in a physical test in quirk use. Taking into account that none of the children had ever practiced their power's applications in combat, some of them hardly used them in everyday life for what he had seen, the test was very unfair no matter the ‘unexpected situations’ in hero life.


However, having a quirk since you were 4 years old beat possessing it only a couple of weeks.


Have to hand it to the kid. He tried. Hard.


But no human could compare to a kid with engines on his legs, a girl giving gravity the finger on behalf of a ball, a boy who had three arms instead of one in a strength test, or a frog lady that could jump over a football stadium.


He was losing. Badly.


His only opportunity to compete was the ball throwing challenge, and then Aizawa decided that it was a great idea to tell the kid that his failure to control his quirk that he has had for again, only, two fucking weeks was going to hinder his ability to become a hero. Ichigo knew he was right and he himself had given that same speech to some shinigami in training but that was after an acceptable time in the training regime, not an hour after meeting his students. Not everybody was like Ichigo.


Izuku, instead of letting that crush his dreams, goes ahead and crushes all expectations. Just because.


Ichigo is proud of his brat.


And judging by Aizawa’s serial killer smile, the dark haired man agrees with him.


Still, Izuku ends in the last place and Aizawa, in an obvious effort to not come off as a judgemental asshole, sprouts some crap about the entire exercise being a logical ruse.


The odour of that bullshit is damn intense in Ichigo’s humble opinion.


_____ Don’t Press Me _____


Ichigo observed his unconscious pupil who now rested on a nursing table. The kid looked more fragile than usual with his green messy hair, pale skin like the dead — and he tried to hold back a bitter laugh with moderate success—, tears dried on his freckled cheeks and with bags under his closed eyes.


Izuku broke his bones again , was put in an exercise that included the detonating punk again , and Ichigo felt like collapsing with how much anger and rage he was feeling again .


He growled and glared with burnished golden-yellow eyes, and the heroes jumped and adopted a defensive position, wary — frightened — looks on their faces.


Shiro took sadistic pleasure in that. Not that he blamed him.


Ichigo was fucking done with people partnering his kid with his lifetime bully, no matter that said partnering was due to a class exercise again. He couldn’t deal with this level of ignorance any longer, his baby was suffering, bleeding and hurting, all because the teachers in his life flourished in their incompetence. A blind man could see more distressing signs than all the adults in Izuku’s life combined, and Ichigo thought that he should cry — this is eerily similar to his own childhood.


Except his dad and friends were aware and tried to help him where this boy had nothing .


How could teachers, trained to detect the obvious toxic relationship signs between the explosive brat and his kid, allow this to continue?


He glared at the professors that let what was clearly a rookie conduct a class of superpowered teens, and made his disappointment more transparent to Yagi who didn’t meet his eyes out of shame. Toshinori’s body language was a combination of sheepish and regretful like his world had crumbled all around him. Ichigo felt that the man didn't have the right to feel like that.


Ichigo was the one who encouraged Izuku to attend this nightmare of a school against all common sense.


Great fucking parenting right there.


_____ Press Me _____


Izuku babbled at him about how excited he was for the opportunity to go to USJ on the bus to said place in an attempt to convince him that dream school was a safe space, — how the kid snuck a phone on a bus with Aizawa of all people was a conversation Ichigo was going to have with Kisuke about his teachings, he was not going to let this boy transform into a hooligan. Ichigo was happy for him, and for an activity that wouldn’t end up hurting the kid. It better not this time .


It’s not like an amusement park trip would be dangerous.