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And They Call It Puppy Love

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Giorno Giovanna gazed out the frosted window in his bedroom, observing the large flakes of snow falling from the sky and littering everything in sight with white. He had always loved winter, Christmas time especially. Growing up with two fathers wasn’t always easy given the day and age in which they lived in; it was often frowned upon by most. However, Giorno found great pleasure in the holiday as did his parents. Gifts and pleasantries were exchanged and they doted upon him as they always did. It was also the anniversary of when they had adopted him.


His family was blessed with money and a high status, something Giorno would forever be thankful for. He had heard the stories of the gangs in the cities causing upheaval and harm. The stealing, the murder, and just about every evil thing you could think of was being performed by the poor men who had banded together to go against the law. 


His fathers had told him of the horrific things that went on in the darker parts of the city and he would thank them over and over for raising him away from all of that. They had, after all, adopted him so he wouldn’t end up like the many poor orphans on the street.


“We wanted you to have the best opportunity possible in life, Giorno.” His kindhearted father, Jonathan, told him when he asked why they had taken him in. His other father, Dio, would constantly throw high expectations on him and would always brag that he had all the best traits to be successful, but Giorno knew he meant well. 


As Giorno looked upon the wintry night, he found himself thinking about his future and what it held for him. He was being homeschooled before Dio would ship him off to law school when he was older, and as much as he couldn’t see himself being a lawyer, he was quite interested in learning about justice. 


“Giorno, dear, come down to open some presents!” Jonathan’s voice gently called from the foyer and Giorno pulled himself away from the window to go down the staircase. 


His fathers had built an excellently decorated tree in the sitting room that sparkled by the fireplace, creating a warm and nostalgic atmosphere. Smiling, he leaned over to kiss both of his parents on the cheek in greeting. “Merry Christmas!” 


Dio, who was sitting cross legged by the fire and had his nose in a new law book, grunted in response, eyes scanning the words on the pages with great interest. Jonathan placed a hand on Giorno’s shoulder, a warm smile on his lips. “Your father and I have gotten you something special this year since you are a man now. Dio, darling, do you mind getting the box please?” 


The blond man looked over the book, raising a brow. “Hmm? Oh, yes.” He placed a piece of paper between the pages to save his spot and closed the book, setting it down on the table nearby. Taking off his reading glasses, he pulled a small wrapped box off the fireplace mantle and passed it to Giorno. 


“Open it.” 


Giorno carefully unwrapped the paper and opened the small box, gasping lightly in surprise at the contents. He gingerly pulled out a golden ladybug brooch set with turquoise, almost aquamarine colored crystal that was attached to a chain. “This is beautiful! Thank you father!” 

The Brooch

Jonathan looked absolutely delighted that he loved it, his eyes sparkling with joy. “We thought it would suit you since we know how much you love those creatures and we thought it was time to get you a proper piece of jewelry.” 


“I love it very much.” Giorno beamed at them both, even going to hug Dio who feigned boredom. 

What a Lovely Gift!


“Just remember to keep up with your studies now if you want to be as good in the business as I am.” 


Giorno rolled his eyes where he couldn’t see, but was very happy with his gift. Secretly he had wished to be a zoologist, he loved everything nature had to offer, but he knew that was a less than ideal career choice for someone of his stature. Dio would frown upon it, and Dio always got what he wanted when it came to his son’s education. Giorno knew that Jonathan would most likely side with him, but he did not feel particularly inclined to test the subject for fear of rejection of his dream. 

Meanwhile in the city, a young man leaned against a building with his hands deep into the pockets of his trousers. They were full of patches and torn in certain places, the dye on them faded and the material scratchy. His grey shirt fit tight around his torso as if it was a size too small. He had a jacket slung around himself to protect him from the cold, but it did not look very impressive in the least. Scratching at the blue and red bandana around his neck and fidgeting with the raggedy brown flat cap hat on his head, he watched as a couple walked out of the building he was leaning on. Seeing as he was unnoticeable, he whistled lowly and began to slink his way after them. 


While he normally wouldn’t steal from people like this, his rumbling stomach and the ache in his feet reminded him that he had to. Not only for himself, but for the others that were counting on him back home. 


He darted around the block so he would be in front of the couple when he ran into them, wanting it to play off as an accident. He started toward them, feigning looking over his shoulder as if someone were chasing him. He bumped straight into the man, making them both stumble. In the midst of the confusion, the man was able to grab a wallet and then he started to run away. 


“Oh! So sorry about that mister!” 


Before the couple could even wonder what had happened, the man was gone around another building and counting the amount from the wallet with a large grin stretching across his lips. 


“Yo! Mista!” A smaller boy ran up to him, waving his hand high in the air. “Did you get enough for all of us?” 


The man skidded to a stop, laughing a bit at his efforts and passed the wallet to him. “That and then some, Narancia! We won’t need to be stealing anymore for a while! In fact, I bet if Bucciarati agrees, we can have a feast just in time for Christmas!” 


And with that the scraggly pair headed back off to their hideout with dreams of a hot meal soon to be their own and quite possibly some better clothes. 


Two different young men, two very different lifestyles. Little did they both know their paths were to cross very soon.