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Special Blood

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It was a sunny day and Seokjin decided to go for a walk enjoying the sun before the weather will change again. Grabbing his back with everything he needed in it, he opened the door and went outside only wearing a light t-shirt. He knew exactly where he wanted to go. There was this special place in the woods. A forest glade with a huge tree stump to sit on comfortably. Nobody knew about this place except for Jin. At least he thought nobody knew. He never saw anybody in this place. Only the animals of the forest were with him.
One time a rabbit sat by his side for the whole three hours he was reading there. Most of the animals seemed to like him in generell. He was always surrounded by a lot of them. Not for long, but they looked at him for at least a few minutes before leaving.
It was the same this time. As soon as he sat down on the tree stump a squirrel appeared in front of him and looked up at him. Its nostrils were moving and it tilted its head to the side eyeing the human curious.

“Hey little squirrel.” Jin smiled. Of course he liked the animals that always surrounded him. He thought it was really cute. “How are you doing? You want to keep my company?” And the next second the squirrel was on his lap still looking at him. Studied him, sniffled on him and tested his lap for comfort. That was new and Seokjin tried to be as quiet as possible, so that he won't scare the small creature.
The moment was ruined by the sound of a branch breaking. The squirrel looked into the direction where the sound came from and ran away into the opposite direction.

“Hey...don’t worry. It's just an animal like you.” Jin tried to keep the squirrel by his side, but it was gone. He sighed. “Too ba-” He hesitated as soon as he heard this heavy breathing and threatening quiet growl right behind him.
Oh my…
He slowly turned around to be met with huges fangs. A scream left his lips and he jumped out of the way just soon enough. Otherwise the creature would have bitten down on him with ease.
His heart was beating like crazy while he tried to stand up as fast as he could and leave this place. But he did not make it for long. He felt the fangs made their way through his flesh and the incredible strong pain in his left leg. Then pain on his chest, on his side, his shoulder, face...everywhere.

Soon his vision went black.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The next thing Seokjin recognised was the warmth next to him. The comfortable fluffy stuff on his side and the pillows and blankets beneath him. But also the pain. His leg throbbed, his chest down to his right side burned and he felt dizzy in his head.
He groaned and opened his eyes and saw the ceiling. Was that dirt? With some wood in it? Looked like the wood should stabilise the ceiling out of dirt.
He looked down on himself. He had a blanket wrapped around him and he was not wearing his shirt anymore but had a huge bandage around his upper body. Some blood bleed through the bandage.
When he looked underneath the blanket he saw his naked legs, at least his boxer was still in the right place.
Just then he heard the calm breathing right next to him and turned his head to the side. He needed a few seconds to recognise the creature.
It was a wolf. A huge wolf. Much bigger than himself.
He was frozen. He knew he couldn't run away, so he remained silent and just looked at the wolf. It was asleep.

Should he at least try to run? But that would wake up the wolf.
Jin sighed and regretted it the second he done it. The creature next to him started to move. His ears twitched and his snout started to sniffle slightly. Then it opened his eyes. Beautiful bright orbs. Kind of yellowish with a hint of orange in them. They were looking directly into his own eyes.
Seokjin was frozen again and didn't know what to do. Would he die now? Was this the end?
But instead of killing him the creature carefully nuzzled his cheek with his slightly wet snout. The fear was still deep in his bones but Jin looked at the wolf with wide eyes. That was a kind gesture and not even near to what he expected to wolf to do.
The wolf looked at him, his eyes looked like he was worrying about him. Like they were asking if he was alright and Jin couldn't help but smile.

“Y-you won't hurt me…right?” He carefully asked. His voice quiet and soft. He didn't want to scare the wolf by being too loud.
The wolf answered by giving his cheek a little lick with his wet tongue. To be honest, his tongue was big enough to cover half of his face without trying hard. So Seokjins cheek was completely wet after that, but he smiled.
“I take that as a yes.” He slowly lifted his hand and placed it on the side of the wolfs head. Its black fur felt so incredibly soft, Seokjin wanted to throw himself onto the wolf and use him as a huge pillow. But he was careful, his hand was touching the wolf ever so slightly, he barely touched through to the skin of the wolf.
The wolf pant slightly and blew the air directly into Jin face who clothed his eyes and giggled. But he went quiet immediately. Maybe that was too much for the wolf, but the creature was just looking at him with fond eyes.

“Unbelievable…” Jin mumbled. It really was. This huge wolf next to him was so kind and calm.
But soon Seokjin took his hand back. “Where am I?” He asked the wolf, knowing very well that the creature would not answer him. He sighed.
“And for how long was I asleep?” Remembering his pain and his dizzy head, he could have slept a long time. He looked back at the wolf who was still looking at him and put his head down to rest on his paws. The creature laid his tail on top of jins body, just like a small blanket and nuzzled his snout slightly into the crotch of his neck.
Jin smiled and leaned his head against the wolfs. And maybe he hasn't slept so much. He surely could sleep a bit longer.
His eyes closed.
Yes… he could...

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

A few days ago
“You sure it's a great idea to keep him here?” The man with dark brown hair looked at the wolf in front of him. The creature pant slightly, his eyes were piercing directly into the man's one. A sigh left his lips. “Fine fine, i’ll take care of his wounds. But he will ask questions!” The wolf rolled his eyes and sat down still looking at the human kind of stubbornly.
For that he earned a “tzz” from the man who kneeled down next to the human being on the ground. He started to clean up his wounds. Especially the one on his leg was bad. It was deep and his bones were cracked. Gladly the other wounds were just flesh wounds.

“i can't believe you brought him here…” The brunette mumbled while putting bandages around the wounds he finished. “It can be dangerous for either him or us. Or both!” He looked back at the wolf, its look was still the same.

“You're crazy!” The human stood up tilted his head slightly looking at the wolf whose gaze got stern.
“What?” He furrowed his brows. “You're kidding. They all died 25 years ago.” he shook his head and took his things he used to take care of the humans wounds. He hesitated.
“Okay, I’ll check it.” He finally said and looked at the little bottle filled with a dark red substance. “But don't expect too much!” With that the brunette left the room and the wolf was alone with the beautiful sleeping human. He laid down to his side, watched him until he closed his eyes.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The next time Jin woke up the wolf was gone instead a man was kneeling next to him and was doing something on his leg. Jin watched him for a while, analysed what he was doing. What he does was not the best medical treatment but Jin couldn't do it better for now.

“It's a bit loose…” He mumbled after a while, when the man bandaged his leg again. What he has seen when the old bandage was gone, was disgusting. His skin and flesh was nothing more than a mess. He could even see his bone. But his eyes were trained for a view like that due to his medical education and his will to become a doctor. But after all, this injury will leave ugly marks.
The man looked up at him. “You're awake? That's good. You should eat something.” He pointed towards a plate next to Jin. A cup of water, a bowl filled with rice and vegetables and a spoon were on it.

“Thank you.” Jin tried to get himself into a sitting position. He needed a bit of time, but he could do it on his own. Just then he realised that his upper body was already covered with a fresh bandage. “You took care of my injuries, thank you.” He smiled slightly at the stranger who just nodded. The food tasted good. It was well cooked, just a few spices were missing. The rest was good.

“Where’s the wolf?” Jin asked after he emptied the plate. He looked at the man sat next to the huge pile of comfortable pillows and blankets Seokjin sat on top of. “Gone, will be back soon.”
The man said and took the plate. He stood up but Jin wouldn't let him go.

“Why was he with me? And what am I doing here? How long am I already here?” Questions flow out of him like nothing. But his head was full of them. The stranger cut him off with a simple move of his hand. “He was watching you, made sure that you're okay. You're here for almost 3 days. We will talk tomorrow about the rest. For now, sleep.” and with that, the brunette stranger left the room. The room that was just filled with this pile of blankets. Now that he eyed the room a little closer he thought it looked more like a cave than an actual room. The floor was out of wood but the walls and the roof was more dirt than wood.

“What is this place?” Jin mumbled and closed his eyes.

Chapter Text

A few days passed with Jin being comforted by the wolf and the stranger who finally told him his name, Yoongi.
And he finally knew the wolf’s name. Namjoon, it fits.
He was glad that he had semester break at the moment, otherwise he would miss a lot of stuff and he could actually not bear that.
But he should really go home soon. He didn’t know how long he was already in this room he only left to visit the toilette.

Right now he was with the wolf again. He was next to him like always, his head in Jin’s lap.
A few days ago they started this. Whenever they were together and had time for some cuddling, the wolf would rest his had on Jin’s lap and he would stroke through his fur. The medical student really started to like the wolf, like a real friend.
They enjoyed the silence together, but it was suddenly interrupted by the door that flew open.
Three smaller, still big but compared to the black one small, wolves entered the room and attacked the huge wolf and Jin with playful barks and licks. They seemed to be careful with Jins injuries.

“Oh my god!” When the three calmed down a little bit, Jin eyed them and those wolves where so sweet he needed to ruffle every one. “Are these your kids?” He looked at the black wolf, then back to the others. They wagged their tails and pant while they nodded heavily. “Adorable!”
One of them, with dark fur and some brown and white sprinkles in it, licked his cheek and his blue eyes watched him afterwards.
The three wolves cuddled themselves onto Jin and clothed their eyes. They seemed to enjoy his company, and so does Jin.
Namjoon laid down behind them, slightly curled like a little safety wall behind them. But he could still see Jins face.

“You could’ve brought them earlier.” Jin said and smiled while he played with their fur or ears. The kids enjoyed it.
Namjoon just blew out some air, it sounded slightly like a sigh. The light wolf barked and it seemed like he grinned at Namjoon. What, to be honest, looked really funny.

“I told you not to come in!” Yoongi entered the room and looked at the three kids. His face was stern and he pointed at the door, leading the three outside. They let their ears hang down and stood up, slowly leaving the room. The darkest of them barked at Yoongi, before leaving completely. Jin tilted his head to the side.

“What's the matter? They could have stayed.” he complained and looked at Yoongi who brought Jin some new water and a plastic wrap for his leg so he could take a bath. The brunet didn't answer Jin and just gave him both things. He turned around and back to the door. “The bath is ready.” then he left.
Jin looked at the door before his gaze went to the things in his hands. He sighed but tried to stood up anyways. With help from the wolf he was able to stand on one leg and limp out of the room.

“Thank you…” He smiled at the wolf who lead him into the bathroom. it was, just like the rest of, with walls of dirt and some wood. The furniture looked a bit older but still in tact. The bathtub was filled with warm water and a bubble bath. A towel was already next to it and the wolf made Jin sit down on the rim of the tub. He looked at the human, his eyes kind of questioning something and Jin smiled.

“I’ll be fine, don't worry. But you can still stay if you want to.” He offered and tried to took off his shirt. It took him a few attempts until it was finally off of his body. The wolf looked at him.
He seemed unsure whether he should stay or not but in the end he poked Jins arm slightly with his snout before leaving the bathroom. He would wait in front of the bathroom to help when it's needed.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


After Jin was dressed properly again he was brought downstairs on Namjoons back. Well...not really downstairs. It was more like a pass going slightly down with a hint of some stairs in it. He was helped to get off of Namjoons back by Yoongi and then offered a chair to sit down. In front of him a table with eight chairs. It was laid with dishes for seven people. Jin eyed the dishes and looked at Yoongi.

“Who’s going to eat with us?” He asked. All he knew was that he and yoongi were the only people in this some kind of place.

Yoongi pointed at the black wolf. “He. Of course.” He said like it was obvious that a giant wolf was going to eat with them on a table.

Jin rolled his eyes and just opened his mouth to say something when, at this moment, the fur of the wolf disappeared. The body stature of the wolf and his typical animal features changed. He could hear some bones cracking and a slight growl before there was no wolf in front of him anymore. was a man...a handsome man. A really good looking man. And… holy shit he was naked?!

Jins eyes went wide when Yoongi gave the man a shorts like the whole thing was no big deal, while Jin felt like having a heart attack.

“Great now he knows. Let's bring the others, they're starving.” Yoongi said and wanted to go but was stopped by the stranger. Or not really stranger. Jin couldn't tell. This man couldn't be the wolf...could he? But he just saw how the wolf changed into this man. He still couldn't believe it.

“He’s still confused. We shouldn't bring them right no-” Namjoon was interrupted when three boys entered the dining area. They kind of looked familiar to Jin, but he's sure he never saw them before.

“Hey Hyung!” One of them said with a bright grin. And sat down right next to him. Those eyes...he saw them before. But never the person.
He sat there, mouth wide open and speechless. He heard a sight.

“Well...Hoseok, you can come too.” Namjoon shouted slightly and woke Jin up from his trance. Another man entered. Also a grin on his face. He sat down on the table, but gave Jin some space,not like the boy next to him.

“Umh...what?” Jin finally said and looked at Yoongi. He was the only “normal” person in this room. At least he thought he was.

“Jin, i know it's not easy right now. You must be in shock. But don't worry, i’ll explain everything.” The human that came out of Namjoon, or is Namjoon, began to explain.

“Oh come on! I want to eat now!” The boy next to Jin started to complain and pouted slightly. “Pleasseee!” Jin looked at him. He wanted an answer, not food. Well food was great, but no. Right now he wanted some answers!

“Were werewolves.” Yoongi finally said what was a mystery for so long. And Jin, he started to laugh. “Funny, very funny.” he laughed so hard he clapped his (healthy) leg, but when he realised that no one else was laughing he stopped.

“You were kidding right?” Jin looked at Yoongi, who just stood there with a monotonous face. His gaze wandered to the Namjoon-man. He just smiled slightly.

“I know, it sounds crazy. But you will understa-” and again he was interrupted. Again by one of the boys. This time the one with slightly bunny like teeth.

“I can show you!” The boy immediately started to undress himself and Jins eyes went wide open. What the hell was he doing now?!
But the question was soon out of his head when the boy did the exactly opposite of that what Namjoon did. His human body changed into a wolf, he got fur and paws and again there was the sound of cracking bones. After only a few seconds, there was no boy anymore.
Jin looked at the wolf. He knew him. One of the three kids.
His eyes rolled back and his vision went black.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Jin woke up with a groan. He had such a weird dream.
When he opened his eyes three pairs of eyes were above him and looked at him curiously.
He closed his eyes again. “what the…” he murmured. Maybe it wasn't a dream.

“He's awake!” a voice almost shouted and caused Jin to groan again. “Oh sorry” The voice said again and when Jin looked at the boy he grinned at him. Another one of them, the smallest helped him to sat in an upright position.
“I'm sorry, I didn't want you to faint.” The boy that changes into a wolf before was now back to be a human and looked at Jin. He regretted it, Jin could tell by the look in his eyes.
“I'm Jungkook by the way.” he said and smiled slightly, a bit shy.

“And I'm Taehyung!” The boy with the wide grin said and shook Jins hand a bit over enthusiastically. “u-umh...yes. It's a pleasure.” Jin said and looked at the last of the three.
“Jimin.” he said with a smile.

Namjoon entered the room and smiled when he saw Jin awake again. He went towards him and put a hand on his upper arm. “how are you feeling?” he asked and scanned Jin from top to bottom. To be honest, it was kind that he was asking, but the scanning gaze was a bit uncomfortable. Namjoon seemed to understand and looked back up. “Sorry.” he said. Jin just nodded slightly.

“It’s fine...and I’m fine too...yes.” Jin said and looked around. He was on a couch in a room that looked kind of like a living room. There was a fire place, a bookshelf, a couch and a couch table. Some other little accessoires were in it too. Jin looked back at Namjoon.
“ was not a dream?” Namjoon shook his head and smiled slightly. Jin sighed.

“Then...are all of you..?” Jin pointed around him to all of the men and they nodded. To be honest, it was exciting...kind of. Jin would have never imagined to meet people like this. His eyes meet the three boys and he smiled slightly.
“So you three are his Sons? The three wolves from this morning?” He asked curiously and got a “Yes” in unison.

“Wow!” Jins eyes started to sparkle in excitement. He looked at Yoongi. “How do you look like as wolf?” A head got in his way. It was Hoseok. He grinned bright and put an arm around Yoongi’s shoulder. “He looks ugly, you don’t wanna see that.”

“Shut up!” Yoongi chuntered and crossed his arms in front of his chest. “I was just kidding. You know that.” The taller one grinned and pressed a kiss on Yoongi’s cheek who looked disgusted by the gesture. Jin giggled slightly.

“Namjoon.” He looked at the man who was with him the whole time without Jin realising it. “Tell me more about you all.”

Chapter Text

Before Namjoon told Jin everything he thought Jin should know, they had a nice dinner together.
After that, all seven of them sat down in the living room. Jin on the couch together with Namjoon, Yoongi and Hoseok. The three Boys made themselves comfortable on a pile of fur and pillows they built on the ground in front of the couch.
Then Namjoon started to explain…

They were a small side pack of the big pack of Namjoons and Yoongis father. Namjoon was the leader, an Alpha. Yoongi and Hoseok were so called Betas, Taehyung was a Delta and Jimin and Jungkook were Omegas. What exactly that meant was a mystery to Jin, but he should understand soon.
Namjoon told him they were in the woods. The place they were in was some kind of a house and a cave at the same time. They wanted to live for both sides of them. The Human side and the wolf side, like Namjoons father taught them.
His pack was nearby but still far away enough for the six to have their privacy as there own pack.
A few of them had a job to earn some money to pay for water and electricity, but other than that, they were just fine by themself.
He also explained that Jimin, Jungkook and Taehyung weren't his real kids. But he kind of saw them a his. He had the responsibility for them and watched them grow up from a young age.
Yoongi was one of his brothers. He had three in total and one younger sister.

Actually, Jin didn't think that was all. There must be more than that. And it was, but he should experience that to. For now another topic came up. He himself.

“There's something about you too, Jin.” Namjoon said and looked at him with a stern look in his eyes. “Something about you, you don't know yet.” Jin furrowed his brows and looked at him questionably.

“What do you mean?” He looked around. Yoongi and Hoseok seemed to know what Namjoon meant too. The kids instead seemed like they had no clue.

“Come on! We'll leave!” Yoongis said and stood up. Hoseok followed immediately while the boys remained where they were. Yoongi looked at them. “Ahem!” Then they finally stood up and followed him outside. Jin heard them complain but Yoongi shut them up without any problems.
Jin then looked at Namjoon.

“What is it?” he looked at him with a big question mark in his eyes. Namjoon sighed slightly and took one of Jins hands in his both. Even though the man was nearly a complete stranger, Jin didn't mind the touch. He felt quiet nice in his company in generell. Weird…

“25 years before, a family lived with us in the wood. It was a special family with an important power. They were the guardians of the wood and it's creatures.” Namjoon looked into Jins questioning eyes while Jin was just more confused than before. Why did he tell him all of that? “This family died after being attacked by a pack that was after their power. But instead of getting it, everyone lost it. All these years we believed that no one will experience this power ever again.”

“Why are you telling me this?” Jin finally asked. His hand was still in Namjoon’s and his eyes were locked deep with his.
This was sad, interesting..but what does it have to do with him?

“We thought they were all dead, but you survived.” Namjoon said. “Jin, you're a wolf...and you're not just a normal wolf. You’re a Sanitatem!”

Jins eyes got wide and he looked at Namjoon with disbelief. He shook his head and leaned away from Namjoon, one hand on his head.
“You're lying!” he said. He couldn't believe that! It couldn't be true. How could he be a wolf all these years without knowing it?!

“I know, it must be hard now...but believe me...i felt it. I felt your power when i saved you.” Namjoon tried to explain but Jin shut him by lifting his hand. “No!” he said. “You must be lying! I can't be a Wolf!” If he could, he would've been gone in a second. Back into that room on the pillows and blankets. But he couldn't. Gladly Namjoon understood and left. “I'm sorry.”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

“And?” Yoongi and Hoseok were waiting in the Kitchen for Namjoon. The alpha just shook his head and sat down. Well he knew Jin wouldn't believe him immediately, so it was no surprise.

“I’ll show him!” Yoongi said and wanted to leave but was hold back by Hoseok. “We should give him some time to think about it. Maybe he’ll remember all by himself?”

“Yeah...give him time Yoongi. He needs it.” And even though they would show him what he can do, it would just frightening him more. Namjoon was sure about that. So they let him have his time for himself and stayed away from the living room. Instead they tried to calm down the three Maknaes. They were over excited to know what the elders were talking about. But Namjoon won't tell them before Jin was ready to talk about it too.
He knew that the three would give the Sanitatem no break from questions, if they find out.

“But we want to know!” Taehyung complained. “we should be part of all these meetings, and talks! And...all of this pack stuff!” the other two nodded heavily and Taehyung crossed his arms in front of his chest.

Namjoon sighed. “Later, not now. And now go! Father wants to see you three.” He said and waited for the Maknaes to leave. What they did after a few last complains. “Finally…” he breathed out.

“And now? Let's just think he remembers, maybe even find his wolf-side. What's then? If others find out, they’ll try to get him.” Yoongi sat down in front of Namjoon. Hoseok left before with the Maknaes to make sure they really met Namjoons father.

“I’ll protect him.” Namjoon said, confidently. He was sure about that and nobody could change his mind. Yoongi sighed. “If you do it, we all do it. You know that Namjoon.” The leader nodded. Of course he knew. His pack had a strong bound. Everyone was helping each other. No one had to do something on their own. “I know.” He smiled slightly and Yoongi did too.

“But again. We should show him. I still have a bit of his blood. It's enough to show him his power.” Yoongi looked at his alpha with a stern look on his face. This time Namjoon sighed. “I don't want to frightening him even more. He's already confused.” The elder rolled his eyes. “How long do you want to wait for him? Huh?” he said and crossed his arms in front of his chest. If the other packs find out, Jin must be prepared. He must be prepared to defent himself. Yoongi knew and Namjoon did so too.

“I know...I know. Just give him ‘til tomorrow. Just this one day. Okay?” Yoongi nodded and stood up. “I’ll check on Hoseok and the Maknaes.” he said and left. Namjoon smiled slightly, knowing the other was only going because of Hoseok. Not because of the Maknaes.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The next day Namjoon, Hoseok, Yoongi and Seokjin were in the living room. Yoongi hold the little bottle with the dark red substance in his hand. Jin was eyeing it cautiously but also a bit worried.

“What's that?” he asked after a while and pointed at the bottle. The substance looked like blood. Turned out, it was blood. “Your blood.” Yoongi said, blunt as always and Jins eyes opened wide.

“W-What?! Why do you have my blood?” he hid his body a little bit behind his arms. Now he really was afraid. Why the fuck do these men had his blood?!

“Jin, don't worry. It's not as creepy as you think!” Hoseok grinned at him but for Jin it made him just look more psycho than he seemed to him at that moment anyway.
Namjoon almost gave himself a facepalm.

“Yoongi used it to test your blood. He took it while he was taking care of your wounds. That's why we have it. And also to show you something.” He tried to explain without making Jin more scared than he already was. And Jin really calmed down a little. He raised his eyebrow. “To show me what?” he asked and looked from Namjoon to Yoongi.

“This!” Yoongi simply said and took a knife. Jin already flinched back and wanted to scream. He thought Yoongi would stab him, instead he let the knife glide through his own flesh and left a deep wound. He didn't even flinched doing that. Jins eyes widened.

“What should that show me?!” He almost screamed at him. Namjoon tried to calm him down by putting a hand on his shoulder.

“Just look.” Yoongi rolled his eyes and opened the bottle with Jins blood. He poured it over his arm and Jin could watch the wound heal in a matter of seconds. “W...What?” He blinked a few times. “!”

“You believe us now?” Yoongi asked and crossed his arms in front if his chest. He raised his eyebrow. Jin just sat there and couldn't stop staring at Yoongis arm. He needed a few seconds before he could answer. “I...i guess…” he breathed out. “But...but how? And why did i know nothing about it?” he asked frustrated and sighed.

“We don’t know. I’m sorry Jin.” Namjoon said and gently took Seokjin’s hand in his own. His thumb was drawing small circles on the back of his hand and he tried to calm him down by doing that. “Just try to let everything sink in first and we will think about the rest later. okay?” He spoke quietly, not to scare him or either stress him. The other one just nodded.

“I would like to lay down…” he mumbled feeling slightly dizzy. The last days were too much. Too much informations, too much questions, too much everything.
A few minutes later he was back in the room lying on the blankets and pillows. Namjoon was with him, he was holding his hand again and Jin welcomed that. It made him feel a lot better. Maybe that was causing him to lean closer and rest his head on the Alphas shoulder.
Namjoon didn't mind that, he actually enjoyed it. He knew he liked Jin from the first seconds on.

“You should sleep a bit…” Namjoon said after a few minutes of silence, but then he recognised that the other was already asleep. His lips slightly parted and his breath calm and steady. If Namjoon wasn't so distracted by the others appearance he would have recognised his slow breathing and would have known that he already was asleep.
He smiled slightly and gently brushed a strand of his hair of his forehead.

“Sleep little Sanitatem.”

Chapter Text

After a week Jin started to feel a lot better. He was finally able to walk on his own again. As far as you could call it “walking”. It was more like stumbling. Like a toddler who just learned to walk. But at least he didn’t need Namjoon to go to the toilet anymore.
But he didn’t just feel better physically, also mentally he started to feel more comfortable.
He was getting used to the fact that he must be a wolf and he actually started to feel excited about it.
He would love to know how it feels to be a strong wolf. But Yoongi said it could take a while before he would be able to change his form. He suspected that they have to wait for the next full moon to come.
Jin wasn't even surprised anymore that the moon actually had something to do with the wolves.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

“I need to go home…” Jin was sitting at the table with the rest of the pack. It was still early, but everyone was wide awake, except for Yoongi who's head almost fell into the food before.
It's been a while since he was home and he should check if everything's fine. Actually, he wouldn't mind staying longer, he already felt at home in this pack, it slowly but surely grew to be a family.
Namjoon, who sat next to Jin like always, nodded and smiled. “I know. You can go today if you want. But i will go with you.”

He realised that the pack wouldn't leave him alone outside. Not even for a few seconds. He understood that it was dangerous for him...but at least a minute for himself...was it really too much?

He just smiled slightly and nodded while he held back a sigh. “Of course.”
After that they ate together mostly in silence just for some comments and giggles from the three youngest.

After everyone had finished their meal Namjoon helped Jin back into their room. Yes, for Jin it was already their room. Actually it was Namjoons room. But he spend all his time in that room, from the beginning until now. It was his room now too. Even Namjoon said it once.

When they arrived in the room and Jin sat down on the pillows again, Namjoon kneeled in front of him.
"I know you want to have some time for yourself and you can have it in here, in our home. But i don't even want to tell you how dangerous it'll be for you to go through the forest on your own. I'll give you some space when we arrive at your flat. But i want to make sure you arrive there safely." He explained and took one of Seokjins hands in his own, gently letting his thumb stroke the back of his hand.
Jin just sighed and looked at their hands.

"I know...i understand that. It's just...i live alone at home. I'm not used to have that many people around me all of the time." It's not like he enjoyed being alone at home, but he got used to it after a while and now he just needed some time in silence where he could read a nice book.
The pack gave him some books they had lying around but he had really nice ones at home. Maybe he could bring some here with him?
He would definitely come back. He wanted to stay here, discover more of this world and about himself. Even thought he still couldn't believe that he could actually be a werewolf himself.

"That's totally fine." Namjoon smiled. "Just let me go with you until we're at your flat." He said and looked Jin in the eyes. And what should Jin do when he was looking at him with those beautiful eyes and this smile that showed his dimples. He sighed.
"Okay." He chuckled and looked down, not able to keep this eye contact.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Later Namjoon was in his wolf form and carried Seokjin on his back. They had a bag of clothes with them so Namjoon could put something on when they arrived at the city.
Seokjin looked around. It was the first time being outside the cave since the attack and he welcomed the view and fresh air.
And the sound of the nature. The singing birds, the leaves and branches on the ground that made little sounds when Namjoon walked on them. He closed his eyes and smiled while the wind blew through his hair.

Namjoon puffed slightly and looked at Jin from the corner of his eyes. The man looked down at him and gently ruffled the others fur on his head before he giggled.
"You're adorable when you're a wolf." He giggled and leaned down, his upper body laying flat on Namjoons back.
The wolf made a confused and slightly offended noise and Jin just laughed slightly.

"That was a compliment." He said and continued playing with the others fur. "Just your eyes, they're beautiful...and you're so fluffy." He explained with his thought slightly drifted somewhere else, so that he didn't realise what he said.
Namjoon just smiled on the inside and he puffed again.

They continued walking like that for a while until they were close enough to the city that Namjoon thought it was safe enough for him to change back and close enough for Jin to walk the rest.
He gently laid down, so Jin could easily get off his back.
He then changed back and Jin turned around for that, giving the other some privacy when he got dressed. But he couldn't help and needed to take a peek here and there. Namjoons body was just really appealing. Don't blame him for being curious.

When Namjoons was fully dressed in a simple jeans and a shirt they continued to walk towards to city. It took them a little longer now and Jin felt bad. Now he realised how slow he really was.
But it was gone as soon as he saw the building his flat was in. He was glad to finally be back and almost let his keys fall down, because he tried to get them out of his pocket as fast as possible.
Luckily he still had his keys. He had them in his jeans pockets when he went in the forest, along with his wallet. But his phone and book were gone with the bag they were in.

When they were finally inside Jin didn't feel as happy as he thought he would when coming back home.
No, he had a rather uncomfortable feeling seeing his empty flat and he sighed.
"I will just pack some stuff." He looked at Namjoon and smiled. "And then we can go back." Yes he wanted to go back already. This was not what he expected and it disappointed him.
Namjoon nodded and sat down in his tiny living room that also included his kitchen. Jin had a small flat. He was short on money and this tiny home was more than enough for a single person. But not having that much money also caused the flat to not be completely furnished. He had the most needed furniture but that was all. Maybe a tiny bit of decorations here and there when friends and family gave them to him as presents. For his birthday for example.

Maybe he should use his break between semesters in a good way and found out more about him being a so called Sanitatem. Yes!
He took a bag and put in some clothes and other essentials for everyday. He then looked at his laptop. Couldn't be bad bringing it along. If anything happens. And he could send his parents an email that they shouldn't worry about him.
He put the laptop in his bag and also some of his college documents, for when he got time to study a little. If he would be able to get something into his head anyway. Probably not.
He went back to Namjoon. He now looked at a picture Jin had placed on a shelf in his living room.

"Who are those people?" Namjoon asked and Jin walked over to him with a smile. "My parents." He explained and leaned slightly against the man who immediately put his arm around him to make him feel more comfortable. Jin smiled even more at that and closed his eyes. But he opened them again right away at Namjoons next words.

"No they aren't." He said and put the picture away. Jin leaned back and looked at Namjoon in shook. "How are you supposed to know that?!" He exclaimed and Namjoon gently took his hands and looked him in the eyes. Jin calmed down in an instant and wonder how the hell Namjoon did this all the time.

"I'm sorry, i shouldn't have said it like that." He tried to calm Jin down. "They can be your parents of course. But i don't think they're your biological parents." He said in a calm voice and Jin just looked him in the eyes, not able to say anything. He was shocked. He didn't understand. How should Namjoon know that these are not his real parents?!

"I...i don't understand." He said after a while and blinked a couple of times. He was sitting on the couch by now. Namjoon had slowly lead him towards it and placed him down. He didn't say anything the whole time and gave Jin enough time to let this sink in a little.

"I know it's hard. Sorry. I should have waited to tell you that. I'm so sorry Seokjin." He whispered so he wouldn't scare Jin. But Jin shook his head. "Tell me why you think they are not my parents!" Jin couldn't look at him and just looked down at his hands he was playing with on his lap nervously.
Did he even want to know? What if it was true, if Namjoon had a good reason to assume that?

He heard the wolf took a deep breath, not sure if he wanted to answer that or not, but he then opened his mouth.
"I knew your parents. It took me a while to realise but i had the feeling to know your smell from the beginning. It's because it is similar to your parents smell. They both were Sanitatems as well.
Occasionally they would visit my fathers pack. I was still pretty young at that time, but i had the chance to meet them and even experience their power once." Namjoon explained and Jin finally looked back at him.


"And where are they know?"


Namjoon hesitated before he finally answered Jin.



Chapter Text

Back with the rest of the pack Jin was glad that Jimin and Jungkook distracted him with questions about the city.
The whole way back Jin was quiet and deep in his thoughts. The new informations hit him deep inside and he didn't know what to think about it.
He should have known that his real parents were dead. Namjoon told him before that all Sanitatems died 25 years ago...except of him.
He didn't even know them but it still felt uncomfortable. They still were his real parents and he would never get a chance to meet them.

"Hyung?" Jimin asked and looked down. His voice was a little more quiet, almost a whisper.
"Do you want to go back home soon. I mean completely?" He was fiddling with the end of his shirt and still wouldn't dare to look at the older. Jungkook and Taehyung also got quiet and eyed the other with a hint of sadness but also curiosity in their eyes.

Jin smiled slightly and let his hand ran through Jimins hair. The boy closed his eyes and leaned towards the touch.
"I can't promise I won't go. But i promise: If I go, it won't be forever. You guys are a big part of my life now. I can't imagine my life without you." These words immediately calmed the three maknaes down and Jimin leaned against him while the other two smiled at him.
"We can't imagine a life without you either, Hyung." Taehyung said and grinned his box grin. It was so bright and heartwarming, Jin couldn't help but to grin along with him.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Later in the evening, after they all ate dinner together, Jin and Namjoon were back in their room.
Just like all the days before they laid down together on the pile of fur and blankets and pillows. The only difference: Namjoon was in his human form and his arms were around Seokjin,spooning him. They never talked about it, they simply did it.
Jin didn't mind that. He felt good when Namjoon was around, especially when he was holding him like that.
After a while he turned around and looked at the other before he looked at his own hands that were drawing circles on the others naked chest.
The Alpha never wore anything else than his underpants to sleep and Jin definitely had not a single problem with that.

"Namjoon…" He started to speak but didn't continue. He didn't know what he wanted to say. He just sighed. Namjoon didn't ask anything, instead he gave Jin the time he needed and simply took one of his hands and intertwined their fingers.
Jin smiled at that and and cuddled a little closer.

"Thank you…" he whispered.
This felt like a dream. He met a mythical creature, a werewolf, and fell in love with it.
Yes...he fell in love. He fell hard and he wondered if Namjoon could hear his fast beating heart.

"Why do you thank me? For what?" The wolf asked and eyed Jin curiously. He wouldn't know what he did that he deserved a Thank you. He just told the other that his parents were dead. Why should he thank him for that.

"For everything…" Jin turned around and finally looked into the alphas eyes and smiled slightly. "You saved my life, you always stayed by my side, helped me everyday, walked me around and you're honest. You told me about my parents even though you could've kept it a secret so you won't hurt me." He looked down at their hands and smiled, squeezing the others hand a little before Namjoon gently pulled their hands towards his lips and kissed the back of Jins hand.

"You deserved to know it. Of course i told you. And you know i'll always be there for you, no matter what." Namjoon deep voice was so calming and the butterflies in Jins stomach were going crazy. His heart was almost jumping out of his chest while he looked at the other with sparkling eyes.
Namjoon chuckled slightly and listened to Jins heartbeat. He placed his hand on the others cheek and let his thumb gently stroke the others cheekbone.
How could one person be so gorgeous, almost too perfect to be true?

Jins lips parted slightly while he now looked at Namjoon speechless. This was such in intimidating moment they shared and he never wanted it to end.
But then Namjoon just made everything ten times better, when he leaned forward and connected their lips into a sweet and gentle kiss. Jin immediately kissed him back and laid his hands flat against the others chest.
Now he really thought he would get an heart attack. This was amazing. This kiss was just such a simple one, but he never before felt something like that when he kissed someone.
His whole body was almost shivering because of how good it felt. It was like they had a special bond. Like they belonged to each other and Jins body knew it all along.
Even when Namjoon leaned back and looked at the Sanitatem he couldn't calm down.

"W-wow…" Was all he could stutter while he eyed the Alpha with his eyes wide open. He really was speechless and Namjoon seemed to feel the same. But he looked almost shocked and Jin immediately felt bad.
'"I-is something wrong?" He gulped. This look on Namjoons face didn't seem happy. But the other instantly shook his head.

"No! Gosh no. Everything is perfect. I'm just...this was amazing." He couldn't help it and kissed the Sanitatem again, this time longer and more passionately but still slow and lovingly. Jin almost melted in his arms, he was glad that they were already laying down, otherwise his legs would have gave up on him.
He couldn't even kiss the other back probably cause he was so overwhelmed by this feelings. How could he have such a strong reaction to another person?

"Jin…" Namjoon stayed close to the other, their noses touching, his eyes looking inside Jins brown orbs.

"Please be mine!"

Jin looked at him and nodded slightly before their lips touched each others again.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


After they fell asleep, their bodies as close as possible and legs intertwined, they woke up the next morning almost not being able of letting go of each others lips.
It costs them a good amount of time until they finally stood up and got ready to go down and eat with the rest of the pack.
Jins cheeks were getting red when Namjoon pulled him into a kiss before he could sit down, right in front of everybody else.
The maknaes and Hoseok immediately started to clap their hands and whistle while Yoongi quietly smiled at the two, like all of them knew this was going to happen.

"Finally, took you two long enough." Hoseok grinned and gave Namjoon and Jin some of the food.
"Long enough?" Jin blinked a few times. He knew the other for about half a month now. Normally he wouldn't start thinking about kissing before he knew someone for a month but this, Namjoon…., it was just different. He could feel that it was right, that they belonged to each other.

Hoseok just shook his head and grinned. "Forget that." It seemed like there was something Jin should know. But he would quickly forget about that.

"Good, eat well you all." Namjoon said and started to eat before the rest also started, always waiting before their Alpha ate his first bite.

"I thought we could try something today." Yoongi said after a while and took a sip of his drink. Jin curiously looked at him and waited for him to continue. "We could try and activate at least a small part of your wolf. B-" Jin didn't let him finish whatever he wanted to add and nodded.

"Yes! Yes!"
Namjoon chuckled at that and Yoongi cleared his throat. "But don't have too much hope. There's no guarantee that it'll work." Yoongi continued and took another bite of his food.

"Don't worry. I won't. I just finally want to try it." Jin said and smiled at the other while Namjoon placed his hand on the others tight and smiled at him. "I have no doubts you can do it."

And just a bit later all of them sat in the living room. Taehyung and Jimin being wolves and the rest in human form.
Jin was a little nervous that everyone was watching him. It stressed him out just a little bit…
No actually he was shaking. This could be very embarrassing.

Namjoon smiled at Jin; they both stood in the middle of the room. Yoongi and Hoseok sat on the couch, Hoseok had one arm around the smaller male. Jungkook sat on the armchair and the other two sat in front of the fireplace.

Namjoon took both of Jins hands in his and looked him in the eyes. "We start very simple. Maybe we can get you so far that you can do this." He closed his eyes but opened them right away. They looked just the way they do when Namjoon was in his wolf form. Yellow with a hint of orange. Jin smiled at him. He loved these eyes, just as much as he loved his dark brown orbs.

"Important is that you feel your inner wolf, realise he's there." Namjoon started but Yoongi continued.
"I figured out that your parents probably put a spell on you or something to keep your inner wolf concealed. So it can be a little hard to get him out after all these years."
Jin nodded at that and closed his eyes when Namjoon told him to.

"Now close your eyes and do what i tell you. Breath steadily and calm. Try to think about your inner wolf, try to feel him, to feel your instinct to let him out." He said and Jin nodded taking a deep breath before he tried to focus on the wolf inside him.
He didn't feel anything for some time but suddenly there was this strong power he felt, deep inside of him.
Namjoon had eyed him the whole time, just like the rest of the pack. They had all eyed him patiently and gave him all the time he needed.
The alpha smiled when he felt the change inside of Jin, he could even smell a hin of wolf on him.

"Now concentrate on your eyes, think about them turning." He mumbled and Jin nodded.
He smiled to himself. "I feel it…" he whispered and Namjoon felt proud of his Sanitatem.

"Okay. Open your eyes now." And when Jin did, he looked at the other with bright ice blue eyes.

"You did it!"

Chapter Text

"Okay. Open your eyes now." And when Jin did, he looked at the other with bright ice blue eyes.

"You did it!"




Since that day some time has passed and Jin often tried to activate some of his power on his own when he was alone in his room.
He was finally able to walk with almost no pain. Just when he moved too fast or put his foot down too hard it stung a little.
But even when the pain was gone he was still limping.
He knew that this might never go, that he might had to limp for the rest of his life.
He wasn't happy about it, who would be, but he was at least glad that the pain was almost gone.

Jin sighed to himself thinking about it and earned a questioning look from Namjoon. The Alpha was currently in his wolf appearance and Jin leaned against him while they were outside in the woods sitting in a glade.
Jin had some flowers in his hands he picked up while they walked around. Namjoon laid down after a while and Jin used the opportunity to use his soft fur to cuddle into it.
He smiled at his partner and let his hand ran through the dark black fur. Namjoon closed his eyes and placed his head on Jins lap. The other chuckled slightly and continued to spoil the other by petting him and stroking him. By know he knew exactly what the other liked and the Alpha seemed completely at peace enjoying every second of this.

"I should stop spoiling you that much." Jin giggled but didn't stop. The Wolf pant slightly and opened his eyes to look up at the other. He looked adorable like that.

"No you shouldn't." The voice of the alpha appeared in Jins head. Since a few days he was finally able to hear the others talk while being wolves.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Jin and the maknaes were currently in the living room talking and exchanging some stories, when Namjoon, Yoongi and Hoseok came back from hunting. The three were still in their wolf form and Namjoon immediately walked over to Jin and nuzzled his neck.
The other smiled and gently stroked the back of the others ears, before Namjoon let go of him and went back to Yoongi and Hoseok and out of the living room, when he heard Hoseok's voice ring in his ears.

"You should tell him." But Namjoon shook his head and Jin knit his eyebrows.
"No, not yet. It's too early." He heard Namjoons voice and Jin looked even more displeased.

Suddenly Taehyung started to laugh. "He can hear you!" He yelled and they heard the steps of the three wolves stop.
Jin was surprised that Taehyung knew, but he smiled at him and shook his head in amusement.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

They still haven't told him what they were talking about that day and he almost forgot about it. He figured out Namjoon would tell him someday when the Alpha thought he needed to know it.

Namjoon blew out some air, before he raised his head and yawned. He stood up and changed back into his human form, getting dressed in the clothes they brought with them in a bag. He then sat back down next to Jin and placed his arm around the other.
Jin smiled him and pecked his lips.

"It's nice to be out here like this. We should do that more often." Jin mumbled and placed his head against Namjoons shoulder closing his eyes. The other nodded and hummed in approvingly. "Definitely."

Jin sighed, he just felt good. This really felt more like a dream with each day that passed.
And now that he and Namjoon were actually together it was just amazing.
He lifted his head and smiled at the other, turning his body into Namjoons direction and placed his hand on the others cheek.
Namjoon smiled back and suddenly pulled Jin onto his lap so his legs were on either side of Namjoons body. The alpha laid his hands on the others waist and soon they were lost in a heated, passionate kiss with their hands roaming over each others bodies.
They never did more than that. They kissed and touched each other and until now it was all what they needed, but Jin was slowly getting desperately.
Why couldn't they be at home, in their room? He would have got rid of the others clothes in seconds. But here? In the forest? No.

A sigh left the Sanitatems lips when the other started to place kissed along his jawline down to his neck, slightly sucking and biting the skin until a nice and purple mark appeared on it.
"Mine.." he whispered into Jins ear and he felt so weak in the strong arms of his Alpha.
"You're my perfect Omega."

Jin pulled away at this and looked at the other with his eyes wide open. "Omega?" They never said anything about him being an Omega. He thought he has to wait until he changed for the first time.

Namjoon chuckled at that and gently let his hand ran over the others hip.
"I can smell it now. I can't remember when it started exactly, but there is this sweet hint of Omega in your scent." He explained and looked the other in the eyes. "It fits perfectly. You're such a caring and sweet person, honest and always ready to help even when you're the one who needs help." He chuckled slightly and kissed the others lips shortly.
Jin couldn't stop smiling.

"Sounds like being and Omega is a good thing?" He giggled and Namjoon noddes kissing the others neck again.
"Especially when you're my omega." He hummed and Jin giggled again.

"Only yours…" he smiled and placed his arms around the others neck, smiling at him when Namjoon looked back up and into his eyes. But suddenly the look in his eyes changed and he looked around. He knitted his brows, before he looked back at Jin.
"Let's go back home." He said and gently lifted Jin off his lap.
The other blinked in confusion.

"Why so suddenly?" He asked and stood up like the Alpha did. But he got no answer. Namjoon simply undressed himself, put the clothes back in the bag and changed into his wolf form.

"Come on." He said, his voice was soft but Jin knew he tried to cover up another feeling. Anger? Angst? He didn't know, but it was nothing good.
He didn't hesitate any longer and got on the others back.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Namjoon wouldn't tell him what changed his mood so suddenly.
As soon as they were back at home he was back to his good mood and even had a little playful fight with Taehyung who welcomed them in front of the cave.

Jin just sighed and watched them. What should he do. There must be something going on that Namjoon didn't want to tell him.
But someday he would ask him and would not give him the chance to avoid answering him.

While Jin watched Namjoon and Taehyung fight, Yoongi walked outside and stood next to him.

"Tonight's full moon." He said watching the alpha and his son. "It's time." Jin smiled at that and looked from Yoongi back to his partner.

"It is…"

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Later in the evening the pack made its way outside until they arrived at a clearing. Like almost everything in this forest it was beautiful and amazing to look at.
Nearly everyone of them was turned by that time, only Jin and Namjoon were still Human and Namjoon smiled at his partner.
He took both of Jins hands and kissed the back of them. They both had just an old pair of pants on that could rip when they turn. The alpha looked amazing in the light of the full moon that shined onto his shoulders and chest. He hoped he looked just as beautiful to his partner.
"You know what you have to do." Namjoon whispered and Jin nodded slightly with a smile on his lips. He was a bit nervous but his pack was with him.
Namjoon smiled and kissed the others lips before he took a few steps back.

Seokjin looked at him before he looked up at the moon. As soon as he did he felt this power inside of him. Not as deep hidden as it did when he first tried to change his eyes, but still hard to find inside of him.
He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.
He could do it! He knew it! The moon and his pack would give him the strength.
He smiled slightly and slowly felt this heat starting from his stomach spreading further and further until his whole body was filled with warmth.
He gasped when he suddenly felt his body changing, he could hear his own bones cracking. It wasn't comfortable to feel, but it didn't hurt as much as it sounded like.
He felt himself bending over until he was no longer on two legs but suddenly on four and when he looked down he saw paws covered in white fur. A beautiful pure white.
He gulped and looked up to see Namjoon looking at him with a proud smile on his lips.

"You did it." He said before he changed too. It was the perfect timing cause Jin felt himself stumbling when he tried to take his first steps towards Namjoon.
The alpha steadied him and licked the others white fur and Jin closed his eyes.

"I did it!" He smiled before he followed an urge that was inside of him from the first seconds he realised he made it.
He raised his head and let out a loud howl.
Namjoon followed him and so did the rest of the pack. It was an amazing feeling, Jin couldn't explain how perfect it felt, even if he tried.
He looked at the rest of the pack, his pack, and pant happily when he saw the proud look in all of their eyes.
He looked back at Namjoon and the other took a few steps back.

"Come. Start slowly." He said and Seokjin looked down at his paws before he slowly placed one of them forward. Then the next, and the next. It must have looked totally weird but he slowly made his way towards Namjoon. He could here Taehyung making an amused noise and he couldn't help but to laugh at himself.

"I'm trying okay!" He giggled and Namjoon gently nuzzled his cheek.

"You're doing amazing." He said and looked at his partner. "And you're so beautiful…" Namjoon really meant what he said. He never saw a wolf as beautiful as his Omega.

The joy inside of Jin was overwhelming. He never felt as good as he did right it that moment and he couldn't help but to suddenly jump onto his partner and tackle him onto the ground. Namjoon yelped in surprise before he turned them around and licked the others face.

"Hey! We want to play with Hyung too!" Jimin said suddenly and hopped towards them and then around them.
Namjoon chuckled and let go of him.
Jin needed two tries before he was back on his paws.

He looked around and just now realised how he could smell so many things. The amazing fresh smell of the forest was so much stronger now. And he could even made out all of the different things around him.
He walked towards a flower and smelled it, smiling inside.

When he looked back at the pack, he was confused to see them slightly worried.

"Guys? Is something wrong?"

Yoongi looked at him and hesitated slightly before he answered him.

"Jin, even now you're still limping."

Chapter Text

Since the day Jin turned for the first time he spend a lot of time being a wolf and getting used to it.
It bothered him slightly that he was still limping even as a wolf but he also got used to that.
It was easily covered by how strong and powerful he felt when being a wolf. He was fast, could see much better and smell so much. It was truly amazing.

He just came back from a little run with Jimin. It was slowly getting colder outside but the run warmed him up. He smiled and went into the cave stopping when he smelled something weird. It was somehow sweet but definitely not candy. He couldn't tell what it was.

"Jimin. What's that smell." He looked at the younger one who just looked at him without answering him. He seemed a bit unsure if he should tell him or not. "Jimin?"

"You don't know it yet...i...umh." he looked around before he looked back at Seokjin. "Jungkook's getting into heat." He explained but Jin didn't understand.

"Heat?" He tilted his head and looked at Jimin with a confused look in his eyes.

Suddenly Yoongi walked towards them and smirked. "Namjoon should tell him what heat is." He sounded amused and Jin really didn't know what he should think about this. What could 'Heat' be?

Yoongi just smirked like the biggest dumbass. "Just ask Namjoon when he's back." He said and walked back into the kitchen. Jimin also just disappeared as soon as he could and Jin stood there dumbfounded.
He sighed and walked towards his room where he changed back into his human form. He looked down at his leg, it still looked horrible. The scar was huge, it went all the way from his ankle up to his knee and above it. He sighed before he got dressed and laid down with a book to read until Namjoon comes back. He would ask him about this "heat" thing then.

When the alpha entered the room he was still in his wolf form and walked towards Jin who had a blanket thrown over him and was cuddled deep into it. Namjoon nuzzled his cheek before he changed back and got under the blanket without getting dressed. He wrapped his arms around his omega and kissed his neck. Jin smiled slightly and blushed a little. He closed the book and put it away before he turned around slightly and kissed the other. He wrapped his arms around Namjoons neck and the Alpha deepened the kiss slightly.
Jin would have loved to go a little further, but he still had this question lingering in his head so he ended the kiss. Namjoon took this opportunity and started to kiss the others neck again. Jin really needed to be strong, cause everything inside of him screamed to just forget about his question but he also wanted to know what was going on.

"Namjoon…" he mumbled and leaned his head to the side. "I...i have a question." He closed his eyes enjoying the kisses far too much.

"Ask…" Namjoon whispered and gently bit the soft skin of his omega who got goosebumps from it. But then Jin gently pushed him away.

"Gosh Namjoon, how should i talk to you when you do this." He whined with his cheeks red. He was embarrassed at how much he actually wanted to sleep with the other.

Namjoon just chuckled and kissed Jins cheek. "Okay, i'll stop." He said and leaned back slightly, pulling Jin onto his lap and placing his hands on the others hips.
Jin could feel that the other was...well pretty excited to continue what they started and almost forgot what the question was, but he shook his head and looked at Namjoon.

"What is heat?" He finally asked and Namjoon almost choked on his own spit. He even got a little red around his nose and Jin raised his eyebrow. "Hm? Is it that bad? It smelled pretty interesting, kinda sweet. Doesn't seem to be that bad."

"No!" Namjoon shook his head. "It's not bad. Not at all. But i think it will be shocking for you to be honest."

Jin rolled his eyes. "Come on. I've suddenly discovered to be a werewolf what should be that shocking to me now?" He crossed his arms in front of his chest and looked at Namjoon impatiently.

The alpha sighed. "Only Omegas get into heat. It's the time when they'll ready to get pregnant." Namjoon started to explained and Seokjin looked at him confused. Pregnant? Why should Jungkook have heat then? It didn't make sense.
"They'll give of a sweet scent that will get others, especially alphas, aroused and tell them that the omega is ready and willing." Namjoo bit his lip. "I don't know how an omega feels completely when he's in need. You have to ask Jungkook or Jimin if you want to know that. But all i can tell is that they want to f-.." he stopped himself. It was normal for him to talk about it, but telling it with such harsh words might scare Jin away. "All they want during that time is to sleep with someone. It's important for them to have their partner around during that time, or at least a person they trust. It could be dangerous if an Omega is alone during that time."

Jin blinked a couple of times while he listened to Namjoons words and his cheeks got bright red and his eyes wide. He looked down at Namjoons chest when he couldn't stand to look into his eyes anymore.
"That's...that's really...umh...interesting?" He didn't know what he should say. Would he get this too? Wait! No! He's a male! He shouldn't get it…?

"B-but why does Jungkook get into heat? He's a male. He can't get pregnant!" Jin looked back into Namjoons eyes and now, he was really shocked when he saw the look in Namjoons eyes. "No...Men can get pregnant?!" Namjoon nodded slightly.

At first Jin was quiet. He needed to let this sink in but suddenly he just threw his arms around Namjoon. "I can get pregnant! I can have kids!" He pressed his face into Namjoons neck.
He always wanted to have kids. But he would have had to adopt them or find a woman to carry a child for him and his partner. But he could carry the child himself. This was amazing!
For now he even forgot about how weird this heat thing was to him. He was just so happy.

Namjoon was confused at first but then he wrapped his arms around the others waist and smiled, kissing his hair. "'ll be able to carry a child." He whispered, hoping it'll be their pup.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Later in the evening, after Jin asked Namjoon more and more about heat, they went down to eat dinner with the rest of his pack. Jin was thinking about the new informations he got. He found out that Alphas have a so called 'Rut'. It happens when their Omega gets into heat, makes them aroused. It would fit to the omegas Heat that actually can last up to five days. He was still a little confused and a little embarrassed when he thought about himself getting into heat. Even thought he knew what it was, he still didn't know how it would be and it made him a little nervous.

They sat down and Jin realised that Jungkook and Taehyung weren't there. He looked at the others.
"Where are the two?" He asked and Yoongi smirked slightly.

"Taehyung's taking care of Jungkook." He answered the other and took a piece of their dinner. Jin blinked a few times.

"Taking care?" He tilted his head to the side and Yoongi wiggled his eyebrows. Then he understood. "Oh they have...oh…" He blushed at that. "But i thought they're brothers!"

"They're like brothers, but not biologically." Namjoon explained, amused by Jins reaction. The omega nodded slightly.

"Oh...okay." he mumbled and looked down at the food, trying not to think about the two doing it, when suddenly he hurt a loud moan that definitely belonged to Jungkook. He must probably be bright red by now. Would the others hear him too when he gets his heat?
Yoongi seemed more than amused by Jins discomfort and couldn't stop smirking. Until Hoseok pinched his cheek.

"You should stop smirking like that. You're just as needy as an omega in heat when i fuck you." He grinned at the other and now it was Yoongi's turn to turn bright red. Jimin and Namjoon burst out into laughter while Jin bit his lower lip and tried not to laugh about that.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


After they finished their dinner Namjoon and Jin went back up and got ready for bed. They laid down and Seokjin immediately cuddled close to his alpha, resting his head on Namjoons chest. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. It was amazing to smell the other. Since he was able to smell the difference between each person, he just loved to smell Namjoons strong and calming scent. Namjoon put his arm around his Omega and his free hand behind his head while he looked at the ceiling.

"Namjoon?" Jin almost whispered after a short while and sat back up, looking down at his partner. One hand to steady himself, the other on Namjoons chest.
The alpha looked up at him and raised his eyebrow.

"Hm? What is it?" He asked taking Jins hand on his chest in his own. Jin looked down at their hands and bit his lower lip. He hesitated slightly before he looked back into Namjoons eyes.

"When...when I'm in heat. Will you...take care of me?" He asked, his cheeks flushed. Namjoon smiled slightly and gently squeezed his hand.

"If you want me, of course i'll take care of you. I will always help you, no matter what." He said and gently kissed the back of Jins hand. The omega smiled and leaned down to kiss the others lips. He closed his eyes and Namjoon kissed him back, placing his hand on the others neck.

"Jin…" he whispered against the others lips before he leaned back slightly and looked him in the eyes. "I'm so glad i found you…" he gently stroked the others cheek with his thumb and Jin smiled at him.

"I'm glad too." He answered and closed his eyes, leaning his head against the others head.

"Really glad…" he whispered.

Chapter Text

When Jungkooks heat was finally over Jin asked the Maknae for a walk in the forest.
The younger looked exhausted but was in a very good mood. Jin didn't know what he should think about that.
When they arrived at the lake that was close to their camp they sat down near the water and Jungkook started to pick up some of the flowers around them.
Jin watched him doing so and stayed quiet for a while until he looked at the water.

"Can i ask you something Jungkook?" He asked and didn't dare to look back at the other who just continued to pick the flowers with a smile and nodded.

"Of course you can Hyung." He took a short glance at Jin before he continued and the other took a deep breath.

"Could you tell me something about heat?" He finally said and looked back at Jungkook who was now looking at him with a bright grin.

"Of course, what do you want to know?"

"Well...Namjoon told me something. Like...being horny all the time and that it can last up to 5 days. Oh and that Alphas can get into rut because of that. But...i don't know what exactly will happen to me when i'll get it someday." He explained looking back towards the water, watching the movement of the liquid.

Jungkook giggled slightly and started to pick up flowers again, making a beautiful bouquet. "Namjoon-hyung could have told you more about that. I guess he was just embarrassed to tell you more." He grinned at Jin. "To be honest. I was a little embarrassed and nervous at first too. But it's nothing bad. If you have a partner by your side it actually can be nice." He continued and put the bouquet aside and watched Jin creating a flower crown while he listened to Jungkook.

"What exactly happens when it starts." Jin asked after a short pause and skillfully intertwined the flowers to slowly form the crown.

Jungkook tilted his head and looked at the water. "You feel it first when your body starts to heat up. At first it's almost comfortably warm but it will get very hot and annoying after a while. feel empty and…" Jungkooks cheeks heated up and he fiddled with the hem of his shirt. "You just want to be know...with...with a…" he pointed at his crotch and Jin, even thought it sounded weird, couldn't help but to smile at the young omega. He was just too cute.
He thought Jungkook wouldn't get that embarrassed anymore but he still did.

Jungkook cleared his throat and continued. "Oh sometimes you can tell that your heat will come when you start to nest!" He smiled now and looked back at Jin.

"To nest?"

"Yes, it's mostly when you have a mate already. You crave the others scent and start to build yourself your comfortable nest. Some collect clothes of their mate, others just have this one spot they like to be in and cuddle with their partner." The younger smiled at that thought and Jin couldn't help but to smile too. It kinda sounds sweet. And the way Namjoon explained Alphas he could imagine that it would be something they love to see. He was already thinking about him cuddled up, surrounded by Namjoons amazing scent. It didn't sound bad.

"I don't know if Namjoon told you about that, but heat is the only time for a male Omega to get pregnant." Jungkook spoke again and tried to copy the way Seokjin was creating the flower crown. The older chuckled and helped him with it.

"He said an Omega would be ready to get pregnant. But not that it is the only time." Well it seemed like a positive think. They could have sex all time without worrying about him getting pregnant every time.
He still needed to find out how this whole thing worked. He was a medical student, he should know how human bodies work. Okay, the wolves aren't human, but it still didn't made sense to him.

"Now you know." Jungkook grinned and slightly poked out his tongue in concentration while he tried to recreate what Jin just showed him. He smiled bright when he made it right and showed it to Seokjin who smiled fondly at him.

"Very good Jungkook." He said and smiled at the Maknae of their pack.
He felt better, now that he knew some more about heat. But he could guess that he will only know what to expect when it happens.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Later that day Namjoon wanted Jin to meet his parents and their pack.
It would be wrong to say Jin wasn't nervous, he pretty sure was. He had no idea how Namjoons parent would react to him and he also never seen another pack before.
What if they don't like him? Think Namjoon deserves better? Maybe he's not handsome enough to be with their son?

But all his worries were unnecessary. Namjoons parents were beautiful people. They welcomed him with open arms.
Joongi, Namjoons father, was a very kind man and as far as Jin could tell he was pretty wise. But he also saw why he was the leader of the large pack. His appearance screamed dominance and authority.
His mother Minjun on the other hand was just such a sweetheart. She greeted Jin with a hug immediately and welcomed them in their home. The alpha and his mate had their own cave.

They all sat at the table in the dining area while Namjoon had to explain how they met.

"I heard it while i was out for a walk and when i saw what this bastard did i just couldn't walk away. I had to help him." Namjoon looked at Jin.
"I didn't know why, but i just needed to save him." Jin blushed slightly and looked down with a smile on his lips. When he thought about it. If not for Namjoons help, he would be dead by now. Killed by a wolf he didn't know.

Joongi nodded and shook his head.
"I can't believe there's someone out there who just attacks people. We've got strict rules here in the forest!" He said and his deep and powerful voice almost made Seokjin shiver. He smacked his hand on the table what made Seokjin flinche. He wasn't used to being around more than one Alpha. He was amazed by how much it affected him. But he guessed he would get used to it.

"He shouldn't be a problem anymore. I made sure that he wouldn't harm Jin or anybody else again." Namjoon tried to calm down his father and Minjun gently took Jins hand in both of hers.

"I'm glad Namjoon found you before anything bad happened." She sighed. "Too bad he still managed to hurt your leg that bad. You don't deserve this." Jin smiled at her. He felt so loved and comfortable already.

"Don't worry Minjun-ssi. I'm fine." He assured her and She nodded before She leaned back slightly, drinking some of her tea.


"There's something we need to tell you." Namjoon said after a while where they just chat a little and Joongin raised his eyebrow.
"What is it son?" He asked and tilted his head slightly.

Namjoon looked at Jin and took his hand. "Jin just found out about his identity." He gently squeezed Jins hand before he looked back at his parents. Both of them looked confused.

"He turned for the first time a few weeks ago after his power was suppressed for a long time."

"Why should someone suppress his power?" Minjun looked at Seokjin but well, he didn't know the answer either.

"We don't know why, but...maybe to make sure no one would find him." Namjoon answered and just confused his parents even more.

"For god's sake, Namjoon tell us!" Joongi finally had enough of it and Namjoon looked back at Jin who smiled and nodded.

"Seokjin is the last Sanitatem."

The look on the faces of Namjoons parents could have been funny if Jin wouldn't have been so nervous what they think of him now.
Something in their eyes felt wrong, or was he just imagine that?

Minjun was the first to react and stood up, walked around the table to pull Seokjin into a tight hug.
"Y'ou're Hyejins son…? I can't believe it…" her voice cracked slightly and Jin didn't know what to do, he just wrapped his arms around the Woman and closed his eyes. So she knew his parents too. Joongi probably too.

"Namjoon, are you sure?" Joongi didn't believe it and looked from his mate and Jin towards Namjoon.

"Father, just … don't you smell it. His scent. It's the scent of his parents!" Namjoon said and Joongi just looked at the Sanitatem for a while, before he shook his head. "I...can't believe it." But he didn't meant it. He believed it, he could smell it and also see it.

Minjun sniffled slightly before she pulled away slightly and placed her hand on Seokjins cheek.
"You look just like your mother. I thought it was just a coincidence."

Jin smiled at her and slightly leaned against the hand on his cheeks. It felt good and he closed his eyes.


The moment was interrupted by Namjoons father. "How many know about him?"

"Just my pack and you. No one else." Seokjin looked at Namjoon who answered his dad while Minjuns hand was on his back for comfort.

"Good, no one else should know about this. He's just a normal Omega like any other. It would be too dangerous for him if more find out about it." Namjoon nodded and agreed to his father's words.

"B-but why? What if they find out? Why should I be in danger?" Jin may sounded naive but he wanted to know for real.

"They could use you. Having you with them means power. Imagine a pack that wants to rule in this forrest. If they had you they could use you to heal their members in a war. They wouldn't get tired with your help…" Joongi stopped at that point when he saw the look in his mates eyes.

"That's enough!" She said and gently rubbed Seokjins back while she looked back at hin.

"Don't worry Seokjin. Whenever you need our help, we'll be there." She also looked at her son. "Our packs belong together. They'll fight together. So don't worry. Nothing's gonna happen!" Her mate nodded in agreement.

"You've got the promise of an Alpha." Joongi said and Jin smiled at them.

Chapter Text

" Hyung, could you show me how to make flower crowns. Jungkook showed me the one he made after you taught him how to do them. It was beautiful! " Jin was currently walking through the forest with the maknaes. They decided to have a little walk to get some fresh air, even though they definitely get enough of that each day anyway, and spend some time together. Jin grew especially fond of the three and they liked their Hyung equally as much. They often spend time together. 


" I could show you how to do them too! " Jungkook said before Jin could answer and the oldest chuckled slightly. 


" We all could just do them together. " Jin suggested and Jungkook and Jimin nodded happily. He then looked at Taehyung who seemed a little spaced out. 


" What are you thinking about? " He asked the delta who flinched slightly before he looked at Jin. The Sanitatem tilted his head. " Taehyung? What is it?


The other looked around and sniffled the air. " Don't you smell it?" He asked and turned around, squinting his eyes and looking into one direction. " Someone's here. Another wolf. " He said and the three Omegas stepped a little closer together.


" It's an Alpha! " Taehyung said and stepped in front of them getting ready to 'welcome' whoever was about to come. 


Jin could smell the Alpha too, now that he must be closer to them. It was a strong scent. Intimidating and dominant. Not comfortable like Namjoons. He was a little scared about what was about to come. 


Then a large wolf with dark fur and light legs appeared. His red eyes were more than intimidating and his scent hit Seokjin like a truck now. He felt his inner Omega wanting to bow down to show the Alpha his respect, but he wouldn't do it. He looked at Jungkook and Jimin next to him and they seemed to feel the same. On the other hand Taehyung seemed ready to fight the Alpha, if he did anything wrong. 


The Alpha seemed amused by Taehyung's posture and he just walked closer. The Delta growled and showed his teeth but the Alpha wasn't bothered the slightest. 


" Sweet. " He simply said with a deep voice and finally stopped only a few inches away from the group. 


" Who are you? And what are you doing in our territory? " Taehyung snapped and tried to hide the three omegas behind him. If he had known that some dumb Alpha had the courage to walk into their territory he wouldn't have suggested to go alone with the omegas. He just hoped this wouldn't end bad. 


" My name is Park Chanyeol. What a pleasure to meet you. " He said with a smirk and looked directly at Jin who took a step back. " Especially you, sanitatem.


Jin's eyes got wide when he heard the others words. The Alpha knew about him. How?! 


" What do you want from him?! " Taehyung made a step towards the Alpha, tried to daunt the Alpha, but he didn't seem intimidated the slightest. 


" Isn't that obvious? Taking what's mine? " He said with such certainty they could actually believe him if it wasn't such a huge bullshit. 


Jin didn't know how to react. He just stared at Chanyeol and did not move, while the Alpha had his eyes on him the whole time. Taehyung had enough of this. " He's not yours! " He growled and jumped onto the wolf, but he simply catched him and pushed him away. Taehyung landed on his side and whined when he hid the ground. 

Jin gasped and saw Jungkook ran over to the delta. He was glad that the Alpha didn't seem interested in him anymore. Instead he was looking back at Jin. 

The Sanitatem stood in front of Jimin. The other had nothing to do with this, he shouldn't be harmed. 


" Please just let us go. " Jimin whimpered from behind the other and looked at the Alpha who just shrugged. 


" Seriously, let us go! " Jin was finally able to say something. He tried to look and sound confident with his chest out and his snout high. But that was gone in a second when the alpha jumped towards them and growled. Jin flinched and made himself small immediately. The Alpha laughed at that and shook his head. 


" Don't worry. I won't hurt you. You're far too useful. I need you healthy. " The Alpha said and walked around the two with his eyes just on Jin. 


Taehyung wanted to stand up and help them, but Jungkook held him back. It was clear that the Alpha was far stronger than the Delta. Taehyung had no chance. 


" Useful and beautiful. " Chanyeol mumbled while he circled them. " I swear i'm gonna make you mine. " He was back in front of them, but this time a lot closer. Their noses were almost touching and Jin suppressed a gulp. 


" I...i don't want to be yours. " He whispered trying to keep up to the intense stare of the Alphas eyes. 


" Oh...but you will be. " He smirked, before he suddenly pushed Jin on the ground. The Alpha was on top of him and looked down at Seokjin, while pinning him onto the ground. Jin looked at him in horror and tried to get him off of him, but he was too weak. 


The alpha leaned down and started to nuzzled the Sanitatems neck covering Namjoons scent that was there before. 


" Stop that! " Jin really tried everything when finally Jimin pushed him off of him, before immediately taking a few steps back, being scared of what was about to come. But the Alpha only laughed and looked back at Jin, who was back on his paws. 

" Let's see if "your" alpha still wants you like this. Well it doesn't matter. 'Cause you'll be mine anyway. " He said before he disappeared behind all the trees. None of them followed him. They just stood there for a while, shocked by what happened before Jungkook finally said something. 


" We have to tell Namjoon! " But Jin shook his head. 


" No we...we shouldn't. " He walked towards Taehyung to check after him, but the delta seemed okay. " Namjoon would be furious if he finds out… " Taehyung just looked at him blankly, waiting for Jin to realise that he stunk like that Alpha and Namjoon would find out anyway. But Jin didn't think about that at the moment. " I'm sure those were just empty threats. "


" smell like the Alpha. Namjoon will find out anyway. " Jimin walked over to Jin and gently rubbed his nose on the others fur. Jin kept quiet on that and he simply started to walk back home. He will find another way. Namjoon shouldn't know about that. It may have just been an empty threat and Namjoon shouldn't be worried about him if nothings gonna happen. And Jin also didn't want Namjoon to do something stupid like looking for the unknown Alpha. 


But Jin didn't even get a chance to find an excuse for his smell, because as soon as he entered the cave Namjoon was in front of him, his eyes full of horror and he took Jins face into both hands, eyeing him from bottom to top. 

"What happened?!" 


" It's okay...don't worry. I'm fine. " Jin tried to calm him down but it seemed to do nothing. 


" There was this Alpha… " Jungkook started. The Maknaes still wanted to tell Namjoon. They wanted their Hyung to be safe and to have it like that, their Alpha needed to know. 


" He said Jin belonged to him. And that he will make him his someday. " Taehyung continued and ignored the look Jin gave him. 


Every muscle in Namjoons body was tensed when Jin looked back at him. 

"He won't get you, you know that. I will protect you." He said looking directly into Jins eyes and the other nodded. He knew it. He knew Namjoon would do anything to protect him, and that's why he didn't want to tell him. 


" But please...please promise me you won't do anything stupid. " He said only for Namjoon to hear and the Alpha nodded before he leaned closer and sniffled the other. Jin could tell how much he hated that he smelled like someone else and not Namjoon.


Yoongi and Hoseok suddenly appeared and the taller one gave Seokjin something to wear. The Omega thanked him, turned back and immediately got dressed. 


"It was him, am i right?" Seokjin blinked confused and looked at Yoongi. 


"Who?" But Yoongi didn't answer him. Instead Namjoon nodded. 


"It was the same wolf who attacked you…" he said and let his hand ran through his hair. He seemed distressed. Namjoon thought he killed him, honestly. He thought he would never be a problem again. 


"Jins blood must have healed him." Hoseok said and looked at Namjoon. Jin didn't know what to do or to say. The wolf he just met was the same wolf who almost killed him. He really was dangerous and he must knew what Jin was. 


"Fuck!" Namjoons fist suddenly hit the wall before he leaned his forehead against it. Jin bit his lower lip before he walked towards him. 


"Namjoon...please. Everything's gonna be fine. I'm here, i'll never be his!" He tried to calm him down but the Alpha shook his head. 


"I should have knew it. I should have known that your blood would heal him." 


"It doesn't matter now. He's alive and he wants Jin. But he won't get him. We all will protect him. You know that Namjoon." Hoseok said and Namjoon looked at his pack. Jin smiled slightly and took his hand in his. 


Yoongi was pretty quiet while the Maknaes nodded determined. 

Jin looked at him. The other looked to the side and seemed to think deeply. 

"Yoongi? Are you alright?" Jin asked and all eyes were on the beta. He looked at Namjoon. 


"There's one chance to make sure he will never make Jin his." He finally said and looked at Namjoon, his face stern. Namjoon and the rest seemed to understand immediately, but Jin just stood there dumbfounded. 


"What do you mean?" 


Jimin whispered reverently. "Mating." 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Later Namjoon and Seokjin were back in their room. Namjoon was busy covering the other Alphas scent by nuzzling his nose in Jins neck and kissing and licking his skin while Jin was still thinking about the mating thing. 


"It means that the Alpha bites the Omega. It'll bond them forever and known for anybody else. Another Alpha wouldn't dare to try and take a marked Omega." 


Yoongi had explained. It seemed like a really serious thing. Being bound forever is a long time. It seemed like some kind of marriage. But it was more than just a piece of paper. Apparently they will also feel the bond, it'll only help them to get even closer. It sounded good. Jin liked the idea...but was he ready to say forever? 


"Don't think too much about it. We don't have to do that…" Namjoon whispered after a while. His arms were around Jin, while he was spooning him. The Omega wasn't wearing a top, Namjoon insisted on him laying down shirtless so he had enough space to cover up the " disgusting" smell of the other Alpha. 


Jin leaned a little closer against the others chest. "It's not like i don't want to...I..I just don't think i want it now." He explained and closed his eyes. 


Namjoon pressed a gentle kiss onto his neck before he laid his head back. "We won't do it now. If we ever do it, we'll do it when you're ready." He said and his hand gently moved over Jins hip. The Omega smiled at that before he turned around and gently kissed Namjoons lips. 


"One day…" he whispered and smiled against the others lips. One day he wanted to be marked by the other. One day he wanted a bond with him that would last forever.


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