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Korean Age

EDITED: Korea is the only country I believe that uses their age system. People's age advances on New Year's and they are considered one on the day they are born. 

Jin was on December 4th, 1992 and he was considered one.

He turned two on New Year's day, 1993. 

He is Yoongi's hyung because on March 9th, 1993 Yoongi was born and one year old but Jin was already two years old.



  • Kim Seokjin Dec 4, 1992
  • Min Yoongi March 9, 1993
  • Kim Namjoon September 12, 1994
  • Jung Hoseok February 18, 1994
  • Park Jimin October 13, 1995
  • Kim Taehyung December 30, 1995
  • Jeon Jungkook September 1, 1997
  • BTS June 13, 2013


Hyung vs. Chingu/Friend  


Chingu 친구 - 'friend' who is the same age

Hyung 형 - 'brother' who is older, as said by a male

Dongsaeng 동생 - younger male or female


Jimin is NOT Taehyung's hyung. They are the same age, i.e. born in the same year. They are 'friends', not hyung and dongsaeng. Also, Hoseok is not Namjoon's hyung. 

Age is really important in Korean society. I've seen a few things that said it's one of the first questions Koreans will ask each other when meeting because how formally you should speak to the other person will depend on whether someone is older/younger or the same age. It's a bit hard for us English speakers because we don't really have formal vs. informal speech. I mean besides 'sir' and 'maam' but few people use those, right? 

Namjoon calling people 'sir' and 'maam' in English has got to be the cutest thing ever. I'm guessing it's his translation for showing respect for people that are older than him in a language that has no word for that. It's so damn adorable.   

But yeah, this is a much bigger concept than I will be covering. Please find a resource written by a Korean for actual information. For the purpose of fics, here's the hyung/dongsaeng/chingu breakdown:

  • Jin '92 - everyone's hyung
  • Yoongi '93- Jin's dongsaeng, no one's chingu, everyone else's hyung
  • Hoseok '94 - Jin and Yoongi's donsaeng, Namjoon's chingu, Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook's hyung
  • Namjoon '94 - Jin and Yoongi's donsaeng, Hoseok's chingu, Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook's hyung
  • Jimin '95 -  Jin, Yoongi, Hoseok, and Namjoon's dongsaeng, Taehyung's chingu and Jungkook's hyung
  • Taehyung '95 - Jin, Yoongi, Hoseok, and Namjoon's dongsaeng, Jimin's chingu and Jungkook's hyung
  • Jungkook '97 - everyone's dongsaeng


Metric System

Ugh! Why America? Why do you force us to learn our stupid system when the rest of the world uses metric! And now because I've grown up in the US, the metric system is strange and unintuitive. So annoying. Anyways, like most places (all places except the US?) Korea uses the metric system:

Distance is in Kilometers NOT Miles

Seoul is 325 km from Busan, about a 3-hour train ride, unless there's zombies. 

Height is in Centimeters NOT Feet/Inches

Namjoon is 181 cm not 5'11"

Weight is in Kg NOT Lb

Yoongi weighs 59 kg which is 130 lbs! Damn, kitty.

Temperature is in Celsius NOT Fahrenheit

Freezing is at 0°, like the first day of snow. Hot summer day at 30°. Body temp is 37°. Fahrenheit is even spelled stupid. 


Food and Eating

Korean's use chopsticks! Like all the time. 

~ insert pic of Jin eating a goddamn hotdog with chopsticks ~

I'm just saying if they're eating in a fic, chopsticks before forks.

I learned to cook Japanese food almost exclusively with chopsticks. I'm pretty sure I've seen the boys cook with chopsticks too. Cooking chopsticks are bigger btw, almost twice the size of regular chopsticks. 

Also, Western food and Korean food staples are really different. Breakfast is not pancakes, eggs, and bacon in Korea. But...having said that, I don't know much about Korean food, especially the stuff I haven't tried. I tend to pick really boring things in my fic like ramen, kimchi fried rice, omurice, black bean noodles, and tofu soup.

* will add more later, bc damn I'm ignorant about this. Not eating meat is also a barrier to my learning :/



I'm guilty! I need to correct my fics for this one. Oopsie. If you're using won, then remember:

$1 = ₩1000

Which I think means that in won, I'm a millionaire. Fuck yeah! Moving to Korea...

Haha, actually it just means inflation was a bitch for Korea. 

* want to add stuff about luxury prices of stuff that might come up *ahem glaring issues in my Suga Babies fic 



Man, this one is hard to keep track of, right? I felt like a stalker trying to look this up and really it's fic so it doesn't matter who you put in a room with who. It's all imagination land, anyways! But for those (guilty!) who want to a little accurate about silly things like these, here are the roommates over the years. This is probably inaccurate, but also too creepy to research well.

pre-debut to 2015

Everyone in one room (and sometimes including a manager?) on four bunk beds. 


Room: Jimin, Hoseok, and Taehyung. Jimin and Tae on one bunk bed, Hoseok on his own bed.

Room: Jin and Yoongi

Room: Namjoon and Jungkook


Room: Jimin and Hoseok

Room: Jin and Yoongi (and Odeng and Eomuk - RIP)

Room: Namjoon and Taehyung

Golden Closest: Jungkook


Everyone has their own room except Hoseok and Jimin who share the 'master' bedroom. Master, teehee.


Prompts/Drinking Games 

I made a thing!


I made this site on github, the code is open source and very basic, but these are just some fun randomizers I use to come up with fic ideas and drinking games, etc. If you have any suggestions hit me up on twitter at alittleharder39. It's just a little fun. Please don't repost too widely, I didn't put any SEO on it because I don't want fic-related stuff to get widely spread (my twitter is BTS blocked), but for ao3 and 18+ twitter, it's just a little tool you might find useful. 

You have to try the pairing of fate! It's so fun. :)



Another tip for ppl who want to use the Korean '-ah on the ends of names (nickname used by friends) e.g. Jimin-ah, is -ah is added if the name ends in a consonant and -yah is used if the name ends in a vowel. So Jin would call Yoongi "Yoongi-yah".

This applies to all stem words added to the end of other words - care has to be taken with vowels and consonants.
-씨 (pronounced shi) is used on the end of a name as a sign of respect for new ppl or if they are a "higher" position than you but they aren't a teacher, doctor, CEO etc (which all have their own special word e.g. 선생님 (seonsangnim) = teacher) (from Amberger_with_fries)



*Need help with this one, and I will add more as I go. Please suggest.


  • Jinnie


  • Yoongi-yah (not -ah, man I have so much to correct 😭)


  • Hobi


  • Joon-ah
  • Namjoonie


  • Chim Chim - Tony called him this on American Hustle Life
  • Mochi or Mang gae ddeok 
  • Diminie - baby talk version TOO CUTE 


  • Tae Tae
  • Vante


  • Kookie

Common Korean Names

Found this super useful:


Interjections/Human speech sounds

As I write I want to capture those little speech interjections, like 'hmm' or 'oh', and I still get conflicted about how they should be spelled and which ones to avoid.

I found this list, but I think it's pretty out-dated. 

I kind of want to create a list of my own. 

Like what is the one for surprise that sounds like 'ewww' but looks like 'oooo'? example: 'Oooo, Jimin's in trouble!' 

Romanized Korean Words

Kai bai bo - rock paper scissors (but literally 'scissors, a rock, a hand' acc. to the internet bc I don't know any Korean :/ )