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Makoto woke up the next day with a heavy heart.

Yesterday was a rather eventful day. They had found Sayaka’s body in his room, Junko was impaled by spears, and Leon was pelted with baseballs.

Three deaths in the span of twenty-four hours.

The despair of that left a heavy feeling on Makoto’s shoulders. He rubbed his neck and rose from the mattress. As he stretched, he thought about what he could do during the day. But all that came to him were the corpses of his classmates.

He shook his head before staring at the clock.

9:59 AM. He had slept through the morning announcement.

Everyone else might have been having breakfast, suspecting the worse to have happened to him. Suspecting that someone had killed him in his sleep. Or maybe that he himself did the deadly deed.

Another head shake.

This school was making him think the worst of his peers and it had only been a week, maybe less. He wasn’t really keeping track of the days. All he was focused on was not dying and the state of his family.

He just hoped they were alright.

Makoto let out a heavy sigh before going to his bathroom to wash up. He jiggled the handle and pushed just like he had done since getting this room but the door wouldn’t budge. He frowned and repeated what he did, tightening his grip as he went through the steps.

It didn’t work.

“What is going on?” he said to himself just before hearing a certain bear spring into existence.

“Hello Lucky Student~!” Monokuma chimed, prancing over to the teen. “Having some issues with your door again~?”

Makoto gritted his teeth. “’s not budging…”

“Well if you were awake earlier, I made an announcement on that! All of the school’s bathrooms are not working at the moment.”

He blinked.

“Which reminds me~!”

The bear disappeared and reappeared on the screen in the room. His message was then broadcasted through the whole school.

“Goooood morning students! Please pardon this interruption with whatever it is that you are doing!” he twirled in his swivel chair. “But your beloved headmaster would like you all to head to the gymnasium post haste! And everyone who doesn’t get there in the next two minutes will lose all of their toes! Thank you!”

Monokuma returned to Makoto’s room, his grin growing.

“You better hurry to the gym Lucky Boyo~! You’re not exempted from this punishment and I’d hate for you to be called Toe-Less by your peers~!”

The teen rolled his eyes and nodded before he rushed to the gymnasium.


The remaining twelve students were standing in the gym. All of their faces were contorted to show various states of exhaustion and urgency. As Makoto stood, he could feel the urge to urinate coming to him at full force.

He bit his lip.

“When is this fucking bear gonna get here?!” Mondo Owada exclaimed through gritted teeth and clenched fists.

“The better question is when can we use the bathroom?!” Yasuhiro Hagakure wailed, squeezing his legs together. “I gotta go man!”

Celestia Ludenberg nodded once, gently nipping at her lip. “I couldn’t take my shower. And I could drink my tea bladder preventing me.”

“I-If this bear doesn’t hurry it up…!” Toko Fukawa groaned, positioning herself away from her classmates.


The students stared at the stage as Monokuma sprung into existence in front of them. He chimed and twirled on the spot.

“I’m here~! Thank you all for coming~!”

“Good morning Headmaster.” Kiyotaka Ishimaru stated with the lowest bow he can manage with a full bladder.

“When can we use the bathroom?!” Hiro asked, his voice sounding panicked.

The bear nodded in acknowledgement. “I know you all are just dying to relieve yourselves and this somewhat ties into how the rest of your school lives are going to go.”

The students looked at each other in confusion.

Just what was Monokuma planning this time? They were supposed to stay in this school for the rest of their lives so does this mean that this was what they were going to work with for the rest of their days?

As Makoto’s mind began to wander, their headmaster pulled something out from who knows where. He along with his peers looked at it and their eyes widened in disbelief.

“P-please tell me...y-you’re joking right?” Toko asked.

“This…” Aoi Asahina shook her head. “You can’t be serious!”

“He’s serious.” Kyoko Kirigiri stated firmly, her body seemingly collected but her eyes wide like everyone else.

“I am serious~!” Monokuma chimed, waving the item he was holding high above his head.”For the rest of your lives, you’re going to be wearing one of these bad boys!”

Makoto bit his lip, his legs shaking as his bladder throbbed. His eyes stated fixed on the item in the bear’s metal paws.

A diaper.