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Love in the air at the hospital

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When Xie Nanxiang have meet Hé Kāixīn it's was at the hospital.
He was one of his patient and then he discover that he was also one doctor more like a psy.
So sometimes it's happen that they see a lot each other.
It's true he was attractive and hot, and had a little a crush on him.

He thought he had dream about that but no Hé Kāixīn have proposed him to have dinner with him.

"For tell you thanks for have heal me and stuff like that" but Hé Kāixīn had other motivation because he have also one crush on Xie Nanxiang  so he hoped that maybe he and Xie Nanxiang could be something.

They talk about lots of stuff during dinner it's was fun and they were both charming for the other, it's was rare that Xie Nanxiang had a night off so he try to enjoy it.

This date because it's was a date it's was the first one before other who will come when their planning will be better.
Because one of the plan of He Haixing was to court him and woo him before invite him home and maybe more.
Because he really wanted him.

Xie Nanxiang wouldn't stop thinking about him, specially when He Haixing was here for taking lunch with him because he have said one day that he didn't always eat all the time so Hé Kāixīn have told him

"I will bring you lunch everyday, so you can be healthy" He said with a smile.

After one of their date Xie Nanxiang have finally told at He Haixing "I kinda like you a lot, I would like to be with you if you want, I know that our schedule can be complicated but I want to be with you, I have a crush on you since the beginning and I don't know how to really date since you are the first..."

He Haixing kiss him and tell him "Since I have met you, one of my wish was to woo you by having lunch with you then also the dinner night we have that I have considered at date"

This night Xie Nanxiang was not going at his home but was with He Haixing where they have made love, where He Haixing have tried to help a lot of Xie Nanxiang for be in confiance.

After this, their relationship really begun even if they were more of less dating for months.