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Shadows Running From the Sun (Like Planets and Stars)

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Losers Club 2.0

[19:24] Mike So I saw the new Mummy movie.

[19:25] Audra Michael, honey, no. Why?

[19:25] Mike It was the Mummy.

[19:25] Mike But not even Tom Cruise could save the franchise.

[19:25] Patty Was Rachel Weiss your favorite character?

[19:26] Mike Undoubtedly.

[19:26] Richie Rachel Weiss is a character in it???

[19:26] Patty She’s not the character, she just plays one of the main ones in the original.

[19:26] Richie i want to see this movie.

[19:27] Richie i saw her once in a grocery store--she’s a handsome woman.

[19:27] Eddie You’ve been to a grocery store?

[19:27] Richie shot through the heart, eds, and you’re to blame.

[19:28] Bev Eddie gives love a bad name.

[19:28] Stan That song came out in 1986.

[19:29] Patty I remember when that song came out.

[19:29] Bev I remember blasting that song whenever it played on KXZW 98.1

[19:29] Richie kxzw 98.1, Bangor’s number one radio station for oldies AND the newest hits.

[19:30] Eddie Sunday Service Mass starts at 6 AM.

[19:30] Stan Followed by three hours of gospel music.

[19:30] Audra Wait, all on the same station?

[19:31] Mike Yes.

[19:31] Mike It was the only station that wasn’t just static when we were all out in the sticks.

[19:31] Patty This is even sadder than the giant spider alien.

[19:31] Stan

[19:32] Eddie Rich just asked Siri if you can be in love with two people at once.

[19:32] Bill Hahahahaha.

[19:32] Bev What did Siri say?

[19:33] Eddie ‘Rich Tozier, you’re not getting any tonight.’

[19:33] Mike Siri said that? I can’t even figure out how to turn her on.

[19:33] Mike Wait, I didn’t mean it like that.

[19:34] Richie it takes a delicate touch, Mikey lolol

[19:34] Richie but i’ll ttyl. gotta get back into eds’ good graces.

[19:35] Audra ‘ttyl’.

[19:35] Audra How am I the only one in touch with society?

Can you pick up dinner on your way home?

Our oven might have just… imploded?

I don’t think that’s quite correct, but it’s all I have right now.


Never mind - I’ll call you.

Do you think it’s too banal?

No, I think it’s sweet.

And she always sends us those videos, so it’s not like she doesn’t enjoy the thought.

I know, I know, I’m just…


Hahahahaha, yeah.

It’ll be fine, honey, don’t worry.

Hello, Audra, nice to suddenly know you’ve become a part of this chat.

She was reading over my shoulder and I decided that it was easier to just add her.

You’re still in Florida?

I’m in between movies.

But seriously, Ben, she won’t say no.

Go get her, buddy.

You can do it, Ben!

Richie “Trash Raccoon” Tozier ✔ @thefakerichietozier if my eleven-year-old self could have even fathomed this pic @billdenbrough58 [billmiami.png] he would have died.

Ben Hanscom 🏠 ✔ @benhanscomdesign @thefakerichietozier @billdenbrough58 hahahaha. Me too.

Eddie Kaspbrak @eddiek @benhanscomdesign @billdenbrough58 @thefakerichietozier Me too.

Beverly Marsh ✔ @marshfashions @eddiek @benhanscomdesign @billdenbrough58 @thefakerichietozier Me too.

𝆱♢laura♢𝆲 @sflauracalibitch @billdenbrough58 i want your friends jeeeezus

Stanley Uris @stantheman @marshfashions @eddiek @benhanscomdesign @billdenbrough58 @thefakerichietozier Me too.

I… Am a Librarian @mikehanlon @stantheman @marshfashions @eddiek @benhanscomdesign @thefakerichietozier @billdenbrough58 Me too.

Richie “Trash Raccoon” Tozier ✔ @thefakerichietozier @billdenbrough apparently you were very charming as a kid, Big Bill. good for you.

Audra Phillips Denbrough ✔ @audraaaden @billdenbrough58 @thefakerichietozier so what happened to him?

da bo dee da bo di @andorianblue @audraaaden will u be my mom?

Bill Denbrough ✔ @billdenbrough58 Due to personal circumstances I am going on a social media hiatus. All book updates can be received by joining my mailing list at

Losers Club 2.0

[22:34] Audra Bitch started stuttering.

[22:34] Ben Did you mean Bill?

[22:35] Audra No.

[22:35] Eddie Hey, Rich - how does it feel knowing that every single one of our friends is funnier than you?

[22:35] Bill Did all of you actually have crushes on me, or were you just fucking with me on twitter?

[22:35] Richie you were our charismatic leader, Bill, of course we were all a little in love with you.

[22:36] Stan For once, I agree with Richie.

[22:36] Richie remember when you agreed with me that drinking before our french final was a good idea?

[22:37] Stan It was something I wish the repression had kept, yes.

[22:37] Bev Oh, like Eddies grandpa outfits.

[22:37] Bev Don’t worry, richie, I got your back.

[22:38] Richie thanks, Bev.

[22:38] Eddie :(

[22:39] Audra The one picture I’ve seen made Eddie look like a gay GAP model.

[22:39] Bev So like all GAP models?

[22:40] Richie it was BOTH. it was either the grandpa outfits or the short shorts--there was no in-between.

[22:40] Eddie :( :( :(

[22:41] Mike It’s been six minutes and Bill is still staring into nothing.

[22:41] Audra He started stuttering about the responsibility.

[22:42] Bev About being the recipient of six childhood crushes?

[22:42] Audra The man does have an ego on him.

[22:42] Richie if it helps, Bill, my crush was dropped quick.

[22:42] Richie went to eds’ house for the first time and saw his mom.

[22:43] Bev Was it the shorts?

[22:43] Richie no, it was because he yelled at me so hard that he had to take a puff from his fucking inhaler before proceeding to continue his tirade.

[22:43] Eddie You had a crush on me after that? Gross.

[22:44] Richie :(

[22:44] Bill I have not been stuttering, Audra is a liar.

[22:44] Mike He was stuttering, I heard it.

[22:45] Bill Mike is also a fucking liar.

[22:46] Stan I don’t know, Mike doesn’t seem like a liar to me.

[22:46] Ben I trust Mike a lot more than I trust Bill.

[22:46] Bev I agree.

[22:47] Audra I agree as well.

[22:48] Bill How do you leave a group chat?

Do you think any of them still have a crush on me?

William, why are you like this?

But I don’t think so, no.



Do you WANT someone to still have a crush on you?

Audra, you’re my WIFE.

I hope it’s Mike.

Come upstairs, I want to talk to you.

Hold on, I’ll tell Mike to be quick.

You’re just watching Hogan’s Heroes re-runs.

Mike likes Richard Dawson.

Stop seducing Mike and come upstairs.

This is the real reason we’ve never had children, Auds.

You’re enough of one as it is.


TMZ ✔ @TMZ @marshfashions engaged to @benhanscomdesign? New pic has rumors running rampant.

Richie “Trash Raccoon” Tozier ✔ @thefakerichietozier @marshfashions can i be your maid of honor?

Beverly Marsh ✔ @marshfashions Only if you promise to wear a dress, @thefakerichietozier.

Richie “Trash Raccoon” Tozier ✔ @thefakerichietozier @marshfashions only if you design it, toots. #notthefirsttime #atleastyouhaveamannequinnow #istillhavescars

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🐢turtle cult🐢 @tozierfan10101 if the internet doesnt get a pic of @thefakerichietozier in a dress STAT i will perish

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F A S H I O N B A B Y @bradsmith420 @benhanscomdesign is a total hottie and i’m super jelly of @marshfashions

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TMZ ✔ @TMZ engagement between @marshfashions and @benhanscomdesign CONFIRMED. 25 SEPTEMBER, 2017.

Eddie Kaspbrak @eddiek @tozierfan10101 @snohomishjen Just a warning - he looks like an idiot. [richandbev94.jpg].

Richie “Trash Raccoon” Tozier ✔ @thefakerichietozier @eddiek okay, for this? i might break up with you.

🐢turtle cult🐢 @tozierfan10101 @eddiek omgf sdkskskskskdk

who killed laura? @snohomishjen @eddiek AHHHHHHHHHHHH

Audra Phillips Denbrough ✔ @audraaaden @eddiek @thefakerichietozier why would any1 have a crush on @billdenbrough58 when they could have had THAT?

Bill Denbrough ✔ @billdenbrough58 @audraaaden ‘[A]ny1’.

Audra Phillips Denbrough ✔ @audraaaden @billdenbrough58 aren’t you on a twitter hiatus, William? Doesn’t that mean I shouldn’t have to see you here?

Bill Denbrough ✔ @billdenbrough58 I had to witness you type out ‘any1’ with my own two eyes, @audraaaden.

prostitution 💄 whore @stealingkimshouse witness her @billdenbrough58

the lone gay-ger @drkensington ¿¿¿does @thefakerichietozier dye his hair???

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Jack-in-the-Box Jesus @emilyyyyp @billdenbrough58 W I T N E S S H E R

Stanley Uris @stantheman @drkensington Yes.

Losers Club 2.0

[13:52] Patty Congratulations!!!! Stan and I will skype you when he gets home!!

[13:52] Bev Thank you!!!!! We should all have a big skype chat!!

[13:53] Richie Woooo, this is going to be the sickest wedding ever!!!!

[13:53] Bev So excited you properly capitalized the beginning of your sentence.

[13:53] Richie i have had a best man speech prepared since we were all thirteen.

[13:54] Richie i just knew that some of us were going to get married to each other.

[13:54] Richie it’s basically a mad lib though, so there’s plenty of room for nkotb references.

[13:55] Bev There will be only one speech at my wedding and it will be yours, Richie.

[13:55] Richie Perfect.

[13:56] Eddie Please take this inane conversation somewhere else.

[13:56] Bev Shouldn’t you be working?

[13:56] Richie shouldn’t you be at work, Eds?

[13:56] Eddie Bill, save me, I’m being ganged up on.

[13:57] Audra Bill can’t save you now.

[13:57] Eddie :(

[13:58] Mike I can’t believe you actually killed Bill.

[13:58] Bill I can.

[13:58] Audra hahahahaha

[13:59] Richie that’s ominous.

I am so happy for you, Bev.

You deserve this so much.

Thanks, eddie.

And you’ll take my call when I start freaking the fuck out at three in the morning?

Yeah, I’ll just tell Rich that I’m expecting a call from my secret lover.

So he doesn’t wake up and try to bother us.

This conversation is really funny considering youre gonna be next.


See if I take your fucking call now, honey.

Richie “Trash Raccoon” Tozier ✔ @thefakerichietozier link to my petition to give @eddiek a verified @twitter checkmark.

Richie “Trash Raccoon” Tozier ✔ @thefakerichietozier i mean look how cute @eddiek is @twitter. [eds104.png]

Eddie Kaspbrak @eddiek Jesus Christ, Rich.

@thefakerichietozier replied to @eddiek

did you accidentally not dm me, babe?

@eddiek replied to @thefakerichietozier


𝆱♢laura♢𝆲 @sflauracalibitch @tozierfan10101 how many pics has richie taken that new pic he posted is labelled !)$

🐢turtle cult🐢 @tozierfan10101 @sflauracalibitch dude were you trying to capslock numbers

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I am going to sue you.

sue me??




babe i love you, please unlock the door.