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Lasting Impact

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Leonardo kissed her softly, hands cupping her adorable cheeks and holding her close. His fingers dropped to her clothes, slipping each button out of its hole, unfastening every tie, and finally letting her clothes fall away with a soft hum.

His clothes dragged a little rough against her skin but the sweet smell of his cigarillo filled her senses and made her head spin. She slid her arms around his neck, stretching up on her tip toes.

Saya flushed when Leonardo’s hands slid down to her ass, holding her securely against him. He chuckled softly when she drew back with a soft gasp. “Is that so embarrassing, cara mia?”

“N - no, it was just a surprise!” she objected, cheeks puffing up with indignation, and he smiled.

His hand smacked lightly across the swell of her ass, inciting another gasp that trailed off into a moan loud enough to surprise even her. Leonardo grinned. “So you like when I spank here too?”

Saya flushed, unable to think of any previous time he’d spanked her - not until the sharp, surprisingly pleasurable smack he’d given her clit came screaming back into her mind. “We- well, that is… maybe?”

She felt suddenly shy, but he pulled her over to the bed and sat down heavily. Saya found herself tugged across his lap before a warm hand settled on her ass, rubbing gently. “Just relax, cara mia, let me take care of you, alright?”

The smack sounded loud in the quiet of Leonardo’s room, exploding like the heat from his palm. The sting faded to an ache and she shivered while his fingers stroked idly over the reddening skin. “Beautiful, cara mia.”

Saya trembled at the soft praise, burying into her arms in a vain attempt to hide the embarrassment she felt. He smacked again, a flurry of them across her ass, reddening the skin and warming it beneath his hands, warming her.

His fingers slid between her legs, groaning softly when he found her wet and wanting. “You’re enjoying this a lot, huh?” His voice whispered, soft and teasing, but she squirmed across his lap, widening her legs at the same times. “Naughty girl.”

Leonardo eased a finger into her, knowing she was more than ready, knowing it wouldn’t be enough to satisfy her. Not even a little.

Saya whined so sweetly, hips rocking back and he didn’t attempt to stop her. But it would cost her soon enough. He teased a second finger against her pussy, slipping it in for a brief moment, just long enough to satisfy her, to feel the pull of her body before he took his hand back.

Leonardo languidly licked his fingers clean, groaning softly and humming before he gave her a sharp smack for the whine that had escaped her. “Be patient, cara mia. Good things come to those who wait.” He grinned, though she wouldn’t be able to see it, and ruffled her hair before delivering unexpected smacks to the swell of her ass. A moment’s pause, then he tipped her forward and turned the tops of her thighs red, enjoying the sharply breathless sounds it pulled from her.

“Red really does suit you.” His fingers slipped to her pussy again, sinking two fingers deep inside her with no resistance and a loud moan from his precious Saya.

“Pl - please, daddy?” she moaned desperately, legs shaking when he curled his fingers forward and rubbed somewhere that made her nerves sing with pleasure. “Ah-!” Saya gasped, heat curling low and warm in her stomach.

But Leonardo’s fingers left her before she could fall over that joyful edge and she whimpered in disappointment. His chuckle sounded fond and soft above her before the sharp sting of his hand laid a flurry of smacks over her still warm skin.

The pleasure built quickly with each smack and she pushed her ass higher into the air, shuddering when that encouraged him to smack harder. “D-Daddy-!” It hurt, stung, but she arched her back and moaned.

“What do you want, cara mia?” He didn’t let up, his smacks differing in strength, pace and position. More fun to keep her on her toes as to where the painful pleasure would strike next.

“M - more-” She found herself begging not to come but for the sting of his hand. Leo obliged with a harder smack that had her wetter than ever. “Please, daddy, more?”

She squealed when he flipped her over. Saya blinked quickly up at the ceiling, the position not quite so comfortable but she didn’t care when he pushed her legs wide and tapped at her clit.

Soft, but she moaned all the same, body jolting in surprise. That rumble of laughter again and his face filled her vision. “Still want more, cara mia?”

Saya nodded quickly, shuddering in anticipation as two fingers settled on her clit. Leonardo resumed his smacking, her body jolting and jumping at every touch. Pleasure shot through her each time after the sharp pain subsided, keeping her juices flowing.

The smacks sounded wetter and wetter as her body coated his fingers and she rocked up into the quick taps, feeling her pleasure build with each one. “Ah - ah can I?” she asked, aching to be good, desperate, thighs shaking as she tried to hold back her pleasure.

“Yes, you can, cara mia.” A couple more smacks put her over and she came from the stinging touch alone, body trembling all the while as he continued to smack her clit through her orgasm.

She gasped and shuddered, eyes squeezed shut in embarrassed pleasure, her body slowly relaxing. Leonardo sucked his fingers clean again, a twinkle in his eye when she finally met his gaze. “Glad you enjoyed yourself, cara mia~”

Saya flushed and twisted to bury her face in his stomach. Leonardo laughed softly, stroking his warm hand through her hair. She settled her arms around his waist, trying to recover from her the heavy heat of her embarrassment. Leonardo seemed content to let her do just that.

“It… It felt really good,” Saya finally managed to confess, words muffled in his stomach, and Leonardo smiled down at his cute little cara mia.

“Then anytime you want, all you have to do is be a good girl and ask me.”

Saya flushed but nodded quickly. “I’ll try.” She nuzzled into him, glancing up at him before her mouth dropped to the obvious bulge in his trousers. She kissed softly, nuzzling into him. “Would you like some help, Daddy?”

“You only have to ask if you want something, cara mia.”

Her cheeks went as red as her ass had been and she swallowed her nerves. “May I suck your cock, Daddy?”

“Well as my cara mia asked so nicely.”