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The couple of childhood friends had married young: Rudy wanted to prove how serious he was about her, and Latina saw no reason why not.

While his family wholeheartedly supported the engagement, Latina's father had reluctantly approved of his daughter living together with some other man. After moving out, poor Dale must have cried twice than during the wedding, or thrice than when she relied the news of Rudy's proposal. Everytime, Latina would promise she'd visit him whenever possible.

In their time together married, Rudy had learned many things about Latina, and Latina about Rudy. The most important one right now was that Latina was a light sleeper. When they'd cuddle, she'd be the first one to fall asleep in the other's embrace. Even half asleep, she'd grab Rudy by the arm with a grip of steel, and not let go until the morning. On the plus side, he could watch his wife peacefully sleeping all he wanted, and as soon as her hand relaxed he knew she was coming back to the land of the awake.

On the occassions he had a rough day at work, the roles would reverse, and Latina would hold Rudy to sleep. The young man objected at first, as if the feelings of embarrassment from being near the girl he liked as a kid were coming back, but eventually gave in, he knew better than to object to the stubborn Latina. Putting those feelings aside, he would let Latina cradle his head against her chest. The downside of such immense bliss was the age-old how do you leave bed for work after that?