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Lazarus Green Eyes

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This isn’t Clockwork’s first form.

The shifting of baby, to man, to old geezer and back to baby isn’t Clockwork’s first form.


Pretty much no one knows this, but he’s not even a ghost.

He was a primordial being who chose the form in an image that reflects all stages of man. The only other being that knows this are other primordial beings.

But he’s not even the first true primordial being. That honor goes to his Mother.

She is Dimension, Space, and Time.

She existed before the Big Bang. She existed before untold Big Bangs. She creates universes just as easily as she destroys them.

She’s not evil, but she also not benevolent. She just is. A true apathetic being that no being knows about.


They are her multiple great grandchildren who all have no clue of her.

She has no weakness. She has no enemies.

Someone destroys the Universe?

A gentle caress into the void creates hundreds more Universes.

Someone breaks the timestream? She doesn’t even give it a side eye as the Dimension collapse and untold trillions upon trillions of lives cease to be.

Point is, Clockwork is not a Ghost of Time. He’s limited to a form of a ghost in this Dimension and Universe. He’s not everywhere. Not like his Mother.

He can See that this Universe will not Be very soon. He knows that he will wake up and be a God of Time in a different Universe and Dimension.

Usually he’s fine with that. But this time, in this life, he found himself growing incredibly fond of a certain halfa and his clone. Of all the lives he lived, they were the only two who ever visited him for no other purpose but pleasure. Over the several years since the boy visited him, he became like a son Clockwork never had. His clone, visited right after him once she came into her sires life became like a daughter to him.

Both were spunky and oh so full of life despite the half-life status.

And he doesn’t want them to cease existing.

So he turned to his Mother and softly called out for her, Mother?

A presence saturated the very air of his lair. My Son

I beg a request from Son to Mother.

The presence waited patiently.

The two Halfa’s, He began hesitantly. He never asked anything of his Mother but continued I wish for them to continue to Be.

The silence would have been stifling for anyone else, suffocating under her presence.

But...She knew.

Clockwork smiled and hit the button on his staff.


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”Danny…? Where are we?”

“I got no clue, Dani. Afterlife?”

“I sure as heck don’t see the pearly gates! It’s all white! Look over there. White. Even there, white! Oh wait-!....Nope. White like everything else.”

“....Are you done? Wait- Ow! Easy on the legs cuz!”

“I brought you both here.”

“Clockwork!” “Big C!”

“Hello young ones.”

“So why are we here? I was trying to study for the history test! Finally had time to do it as well.”

“And I was in the middle of sneaking into the Russian Museum Tour.”

“I am dying. The Universe is erasing itself.”

“.....!!!!?” “Wait- WHAT?!

“I cannot see into the timestream anymore. The universe is going to cease to Be. Please-! Listen to me before you speak again. Even with time being paused, I do not have time to explain everything. You…both are my children. Not by blood, but I have adopted you as such. You both are true once in a life time marvel. To be both life and death Daniel, and death and life Danielle. Daniel, you were Life who discovered Death. Danielle, you were Death who discovered Life. You will never see the afterlife as you should have if you were normal humans. Yes, even as a clone. Vlad is human, he would have gone to the afterlife. But that point is moot now since even afterlife is part of the Universe.”

“...So...what’s going to happen? Danny and I are going to….die?”

“No, Daughter. I have begged a request from Mother. She will make sure that you will continue to exist. Live in another Universe.”

“But what about everyone else?! Mom, dad! Jazz, Sam, and Tuck?!”

“Mother will not care for them. She is interested in you both. Like I said. You will never know the afterlife.”

“WHY?!” “Danny!”

“Both of you, in due time, will be Gods of Life and Death. But it won’t be until a long while. For now. You are my Son and Daughter and you will Live!"


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As soon as time resumed both Danny and Dani suddenly dropped lifelessly to the ground. Maddie would have heard a loud thump upstairs late evening and when she went upstairs to investigate, she would see her son on the floor by the bed surrounded by history notes. She would find that her son was dead with no obvious cause.

She would scream, demanding for him to wake up, shake him bodily before giving up and weeping, clutching his cooling body to herself. Jazz would come home an hour later to a silent gloomy house and see her mom catatonic, clutching her dead son. Jazz would fall to the ground in disbelief right next to the doorway, chanting denials. Jack would have never found out nor would Sam and Tucker.

At the same time at the Peterhof Grand Palace early morning, a large crowd would see a random dark haired girl drop dead like a puppet with its strings cut loose. One tourist would rush to her, check for a pulse and found none. He would have immediately started CPR and demand in accented Russian where her parents are and to call for an ambulance.

The ambulance would reach them in 20 minutes, during which the entire time the tourist would not give up, only switch to another person who had a CPR license. Another half an hour as the paramedics hooked her up to an AED, shocked her and find no results. They also hooked her to IV, loaded her to the bed of the paramedic vehicle and drove away with it’s loud siren wailing away. It was with a more somber mood as the tour continued with its Museum Tour.

1 hour after the girl collapsed, the doctors proclaimed her dead at 9 am.

At 12:05am Pacific Time and 9:05 Russian Time everything ceased.


In another Universe, deep inside the Alaskan mountain ranges one small geyser suddenly erupted from a dry ground, first with clear hot water then it flushed out into glowing green water. Then it stopped. Then again, another geyser erupted 15 feet away from the first, spewing out hot water then glowing green water.

The waters seeped back into the ground or it evaporated, leaving no clue that there was any activity there. The only thing that hints something other than a normal part of the landscape are two steaming holes barely bigger than an adult fist in the ground that glowed green. And it stayed that way for nearly 13 years.


You are my Son and Daughter and you will Live! “TIME IN”

Danny violently twisted, gagging as he felt water in his lungs. He grabbed his throat in panic and tried to swim up in the green world, so green, no other color and so bright. He tried to swim up but was immediately hit with a rock wall.

He was disoriented and in complete panic, but he did see a sliver of darkness shimmering through the ceiling. In panic he tried to call up his ghost power to phase through the wall, punch, anything!

He punched through, not realizing that the rocks sprayed out with green waters like a bomb had gone off from the ground. All he cared about was getting out of the water and breathing dry air again. He coughed and puked the green water, distantly thinking that it looked like purified ectoplasm, just a lot thinner, with the same viscosity as actual H2O.

He collapsed on the ground panting, worshipping the relative dryness and closed his eyes.

Only to startle away when the ground 15 feet away from him exploded outward in a shower of sediment shrapnels and glowing spray of water that would have looked beautiful if he hadn’t already developed an immediate aversion to the memory of the color, associating it to near drowning.

A naked and bald little girl crawled out, coughing and wheezing after she puked out her own water. He relaxed back into the ground, just too tired from the exertion from the panic to punching through several feet of rock and dirt to do much else.

He saw her collapsed face first into the ground and went lax. He spied her breathing in the dim light and deemed her okay for now. He fell asleep.


When he next woke, he felt a lot more rejuvenated under the early sunlight, or what little can spear through the thick tree trunks of the pine forest. The rays of sunlight feels like prickles of comfort on his body, which he realized, was naked.

With weak shaking arms, he picked himself up and crawled towards a large patch of sunlight and collapsed, breathing heavily, the rejuvenated feeling he had already gone. He felt so weak, like a newborn baby. He falls asleep again.


When he woke for the third and final time that day, it was mid-afternoon, the sun shining full blast on him. Strangely, he didn’t feel sunburnt like he would have usually been if he slept under the sun for hours. He felt stronger.

He felt a presence of another body near him and saw it was that bald naked girl. He slowly army crawled to the nearest rock to lean his back on it and to create distance and a barrier from the girl because he didn’t know her and it felt creepy to look at naked girls while they are unconscious.

He didn’t get a good look at her face last night, or was it last night? He couldn’t tell. But he thinks she’s a preteen, maybe thirteen years old at the most.

Finally he took stock of himself and frowned, still feeling weak. This was worse when he was bedridden at the hospital for a week due to meningitis and he tried to walk for the first time as soon as he was discharged. He looked at his arm and then he finally saw it.

He hands, they look a lot younger than they should be. His forearms and arm looks like they have a little bit of baby fat on the twig-like appendages. When he turned 17 years old, he had some muscles developing pretty nicely due to his ghost fighting, he was finally starting to get body hair, he was starting to fill out with his dad’s genes taking over.

Obviously he loves his mom, but he didn’t want to be slim with a delicate feature.

With apprenhension he looked down between his legs and felt lightheaded in mix of dread and relief. Relief because, yeah, he’s still male.

Hey, strange things happened to him all the time!

But dread because he has no hair.

He touched his own head and felt it bald, nice a smooth with not a single imperfection like a pimple scar. He bet it’s lighting up like a beacon under the sun.

He sighed despairingly and dropped his head into his hands because he figured it out that he woke up being younger. He has no idea how old, but ugh!

After a few minutes of brooding about his own state, his thoughts turned darker as he remembered the last words Clockwork said to them, that their family is gone, their whole universe is gone.

Wait. Them?

He shot his head up from his hands and nearly fell over to his sides due to muscle weakness and lack of fine coordination. Although the muscle weakness is slowly going away. He stilled as he heard shuffling as another body, the girl, woke up and tried to crawl to the rock to do the same as him, sit up with her back being supported.

Nervous, he licked his lips, “Dani?”

There was a pause as the girl froze behind the rock, “Who are you?! And don’t come out or I’ll throw rocks at ya!”

Right. No puberty yet, so his voice hadn’t even dropped. Cheeseballs.

Danny resolutely ignored the fact that he just mentally swore like Plasmius, “It’s me Dani, Danny.”

There was a pause.

Then a snort, “You sound like a girl.” Which left Danny indigidant, flushing in embarrassment because he lost his deeper voice as soon as he hit 16 years old. Then he heard a mournful noise, “My girls! Oh this is so stupid, I have to go through puberty again?!” Had him burst out laughing with tears streaming down his face, glad that he doesn’t have to suffer alone.

“Well, don’t touch your head if you missed your girls.” He called out gleefully. He missed his own hair, but he can’t wait to see what kind of a reaction hers will be. Has she become more vain since getting a more feminine figure?

The wail that sent the birds in near vicinity flapping away in flurries of scattered feathers answered that, yes, yes she has, “WHAT HAPPENED TO MY HAIR?!”

“Sorry Dani, but I can’t answer you. If he were here-” Clockwork would give us a riddle that would and would not answer our question he tried to finish but his mind blanked.

Utterly blanked, his mouth open like he was on pause, with mounting terror he realized that he couldn’t remember what he was going to say. He croaked.

“Danny…?” Dani tentatively called out, hearing him abruptly get cut off before tripping at the croak to see him around the rock. She crawled towards him grabbed his hands and jerked it towards herself so she can grab his face and look at him with frantic worry, “Danny what?!”

“I can’t-” remember He started but stopped, this time thinking of his past.

There. His memories flowed through his mind and he sighed in sheer relief, almost knocking his head to hers since she could not hold up his weight for long.

He tried to test a tentative theory he just developed, “Remember something.” He told her.

Irritation crossed her face, “What do you want me to remember? The fact that I almost drowned in green water? Or the fact I crawled out of the ground like a mudskipper? Or the fact that-” Clockwork was dying, or the rest of our family might as well be dead! He watched in concerned fascination as her face froze, eyes going completely blank like there was not one thought going through her head. Then she panicked.

He grabbed her hand and tettered before he righted himself before he fell to the ground in an embarrassing display of loving the dirt, “Alright, don’t speak it, think about it.”

Finally the scary blankness cleared and she nearly sobbed in relief and pitched towards him to hug, uncaring that they are both naked as the day they were born which was incidentally that same very early in the morning.

They didn’t say anything else after. Not only was it not necessary, but they were unable to speak about their past life. All they could do was stew silently in thought, taking comfort in each other’s arms. He’s 17 years old, yet he felt like a kid who needs his parents. It’s only been half a day since he last saw them, but he missed them terribly, feeling tears streaking down his dirt covered face. He felt tremors as Dani also cried silently, interrupted with sniffles and hitching breath.

He lasted longer in staying awake but with the dipping sun behind the tall trees, he felt his strength waning and shakily scooted himself down to lay flat on the ground, getting ready to sleep on his side. He felt Dani’s back to his back and felt her hiccuping sigh.

He fell asleep for the final time that day.


Pam Bakers nee Anderson is a born and bred Alaskan lady, roughing it in the wild with her father since childhood. She knew how to hunt deer, cook some mean venison, preserve food, and cut wood.

Her husband, Joe Jonathon Bakers was a city slicker when they first met 30 years ago in Metropolis, the City of the Future. He was pursuing his MD in Gotham University and was taking his spring break to be closer to his family and she was pursuing her Archeology degree in Metropolis State U. They were so different, she was small but rough and tough, he was big, almost broad like a football player but quiet and gentle.

When she asked if he ever played sports during one of their dates, he replied, “Yes, I played football during my 4 year college. I got in during my scholarship but my calling was Medical.” And she fell a little bit more in love.

Soon, when she got her PhD in Native Archeology with masters in Geology, Primatology, Anthropology, and Physics- Hey, she may be down to Earth dirt brat, but she absolutely loves to learn new things- she proposed to JoJo and he accepted.

For a while, it was pure marital bliss. She traveled to new dig sites, he followed to heal for the needy, and everything was absolutely perfect.

Then they tried to settle down and have a kid or two.

Only, it didn’t work out. It took them a few years but they finally gave up on trying on their own and went to the OB/GYN to get checked out. Jojo was fine, but Pam?

The doctors diagnosed her with having Premature Ovarian Failure (POF) or Ovarian Dysfunction (OD). That about crushed her and she slumped into deep depression.

It went on for several months before her husband, bless his soul, told her that, “Kids or no kids, you are my light and heart. I love you more than anything.” She fell more in love with him that day and became a sappy idiot to make up for her depression. He waved her worries away and told her, “Let me take care of you.”

30 years later, in their late fifties, they find themselves in their remote Alaskan home, the nearest hospital is almost 2 hours away. Nearest major city is 3 hours away.

Luckily, Jojo learned how to be self sufficient with her and moved in with her in her home state. It was rough in the beginning, his origin of his city life being so painfully clear she had to do most of the work herself. But he caught on to the off-the-grid living quickly and thrived. He worked in Alaska by opening his own little clinic an hour drive away from their isolated home and he was happy to provide his service there.

Occasionally they get random visits from their neighbors, nearest one lives 4 miles away, for health checks. Or getting medication in an emergency during the winter months. Getting sick in the off-the-grid life can mean a death sentence, especially for a person who lives alone like Ben who lives 10 miles away.

Today they are day 8 into their 3 weeks long hiking expedition into the Alaskan mountain range. This was for her to do a little more dig expedition into the more remote areas of Alaska for fun before the late summer and early fall season ends and the first blizzard falls with perpetual darkness that lasts for months.

She tightened the strap of her horse’s saddle, double and triple checking that all of her camping and dig gear are packed. It wouldn’t do for things to fall off unnoticed while they hiked uphill. They would have to hike a lot more carefully from here on out, she heard explosion of rocks breaking and tumbling down early in the morning, long before the sun even thought to show his face. Avalanches of snow is common. Avalanches of rocks are just as common. She turned to her husband, “You have everything packed dear?”

He kicked down the little smoke house they built the night before to smoke the salmon they caught in the stream and gave her a toothy grin, “Yes Pammy. I just needed to dismantle this and we are all set to go,” and walked over to her, giving her a quick peck on the lips before going to his own horse.

They traveled on horseback for the rest of the day until the sun starts dipping below the treeline. Then they traveled a little more to find a flatter ground to pitch their tent. While her husband pitches the tent with well practiced hands, she went off to set a small game trap. She traveled another 20 minutes before she stumbled onto a site that looked like two individual bombs went off, shards of rocks everywhere and dried mud that showed something crawled out of the holes.

She took off her machete and stalked to where the track trailed went around a large boulder and stopped short.

Because there were two bald naked children cuddling back to back in front of her.

She dropped her knife and frantically tried to get her satellite phone to call for a helicopter medevac because there are children in the remote wilderness, days away from any road and civilization! But she stopped short when the girl woke from the sound of the falling knife but quickly fell asleep again.

Her eyes were glowing green in the growing darkness off the sky. She would have thought she was imagining things but no, she was damn sure that the little girl’s eyes glowed bright green.

She picked up the phone and switched it to short range walkie talkie, “Jojo. Jojo, come in.” She quietly spoke to the device. She took one more look at the children and deemed them thoroughly asleep before she walked closer to the holes in the ground and inspected them. It’s empty and completely dry despite the evidence of liquid in the surrounding area.

“Pammy?” The voice rumbled.

“I need you to bring the horses and a couple blankets to my location.” She told him the direction and waited.


It took all four of them 5 days to reach back to the Bakers’ little home. During the entire time the two children were silent and sullen, clinging to each other for comfort whenever they were not riding with the adults on horseback.

Pam and Joe both agreed to avoid taking them to the hospital because 1) the children absolutely flipped when the word hospital was mentioned, and 2) Pam and Joe both doubt that they are human so bringing them to the hospital was just begging to catch the attention of the government. SciFi movies played a small part of the decision that government attention is just an all around a bad idea. No matter that the Justice League had been formed some years ago due to alien threat. Or was an interdimensional threat?

The children were still incredibly weak but they were gaining strength rapidly everyday. They seem to perk up more under the sunlight then wane as the sun’s rays disappear.

And yes, both of their eyes glowed green. Even in the dark. Even the children were startled by it when they first looked at each other the next morning by day break after she and her husband first saw them based on their startled yelps in the tent when they woke. First day they were stiff and seemed terrified of her and her husband, despite multiple assurances that they are safe.

It wasn’t until they loudly announced that they would not go to the hospital but instead just go straight to their cabin did they relax a bit.


When they finally arrived at their cabin, the children immediately took the guest bedroom and locked themselves inside, only opening the door for too loose clothes, her t shirt and a rope to hold it in place.

Pam and Jojo exchanged pained looks.


When winter finally arrived, the children already got a small closet worth of winter clothing jackets and clothing, but to her and Jojo’s surprise, they don’t seem to be affected by the cold as much as they should have been. Like they were impervious to the chilling bite in the air even with the fire going.

They still slept longer during winter though.


It wasn’t until the start of spring when the sun finally showed his face again did the children come with energy, “Hey Pam! Can we go to the city and look at the sites?” Dani asked that morning, eagerly eating some venison stew and toasted wheat bread with mulberry preserve.

The boy avoided the toast and only ate the stew, but he looked at her with semi pleading eyes. They’re both going stir crazy being stuck inside the cabin for nearly 4 months.

Joe tightened his lips to hold back a chuckle, the two children turning their puppy eyed looks with vengeance. Their snow white hair soft and fuzzy completing the adorable look.

She had no chance.

“Alright! Dress warm even if you can’t feel the cold.” In response they gave her a No duh Look. But they scarfed down the food and hurriedly ran towards their shared room. Pam sighed, thankful to have found them because they became her children that she always wanted when she was younger even when their reception to them were a little frosty at first, pun intended.

She also felt okay to show them to the community at large because their eerie glow of their eyes dimmed to clear bottle green eyes with no hint of other colors. It was beautiful unlike her normal hazel green eyes and her husband’s teal.


Dani was in a conundrum. They were constantly feeling weak but slowly getting better and stronger as the days went by. It’s not like her time where she was about to turn into ectoplasm goo at the slightest hint of overexertion, or the time when she fell ill with a flu in Berlin and stayed in an abandoned motel. This is more like she never used her muscles before and she had to learn how to use it all over again. The worst was when there was no sun for 3 months, she and her brother Danny, yes, her brother, not cousin anymore, were constantly sleeping almost 20 hours a day. Only awake to eat, drink, answer the call of nature, and talk with their host for a bit. Rinse and repeat.

They were both incredibly kind couple even if Pam has a bit of a gruffness in a lumberjack way.

Back to her problem. Her hair finally grew out in soft white curls barely reaching past her ear, the cowlick stubbornly refusing to be tamed at the back of her head. Danny has the same problem, soft white tresses with a stubborn cowlick at the back of his head.

They both tried to see if they could reverse their ghost state but they were unable to feel even the tiniest fizz of their power. They tried to go intangible, invisible, or even hover. The three most basic ghost powers and it was completely out of reach like a dream that slipped from their minds as soon as they woke. They both had a proportional strength of a 5 year old but they were both 12 years old. Well, physically 12. Technically they would only be a few months old at this point.

Pam and Jojo figured they might as well roll with it they said, “Wonderwoman was created out of clay.”


“An Amazonian Princess from the fabled Greek Mythology.”

“Oh?” Danny and Dani exchanged confused looks then shrugged.

Jojo check their teeth to make sure, and they still had their baby teeth, the second molar to be exact. The siblings both picked the day they were found by the Bakers to be their birthday, so they both chose October 31st.

They both shared an amused look after the shock passed, never answering their host’s confused inquiring faces.

Not like they could. They, for some reason, could not verbally speak about their past before their rude awakening from the green water and violent earth birthing. Anything after that event, they could freely speak.


Nothing eventful happened on their first outing to Wasilla. Nor the next few.

When going to the city got boring, they begged for an even longer outing to a bigger city.

So they booked a trip to Anchorage to stay for the weekend, there something interesting happened. Rusted chains broke and sharp metal pipes and spears near the docks fell on them. Danny and Dani immediately pushed Pam and Joe out of the way, surprising them with a sudden burst of more than adult human strength and the pipes and sharp bladed weapons of the blades landed on the crouching children.

Immediately Pam and Joe ran back to them and covered them from prying eyes from pale sailors profusely stammering out apologies and asking if the children were okay. The children only chirped that they were fine, not even a scratch.

And they were right. There lighter clothing were torn up, but their skins remain unblemished except for the stain of rust. Luckily they were wearing a cute beanie so their noticeably white hair were covered, but their weekend vacation was cut short.

They never showed their face in Anchorage again.

It may be the biggest city in Alaska, but it’s still small enough that pretty much everyone knows everyone their.

As the summer month drew on with its 24 hour a day sun, both of the children grew rapidly in strength. Soon, much to Pam and Joe’s poor heart, they found the kids lifting heavy things like a bag of flour almost their size, then to couches to fetch some balls or yoyo that rolled under there, then to lifting the snowmobile to help with replacing the tracks.

At least the little monsters seems to be finding sheer delight in performing superhuman feats right in front of them.


When the summer month ended and the sun started to disappear for longer and longer time, Dani spoke up, “Mom, can we travel? I don’t want to stay in the dark again.”

Pam and Joe looked at each other. It’s safer to stay off the grid where the kids can be, well ...superkids without scrutiny, but they have noticed the correlation of the sun giving them strength.

They theorized that they are still far too young to go months without the sun. It’s a risk to go into a busy metropolitan city where anyone can accidentally see them do superhuman feats, but something they are willing to do for them.

“Okay. How does Metropolis sound?” Joe answered. The apartment his parents left him when they died was still under his name and coincidentally the tenants that were renting were about to move out soon.

Both Danny and Dani beamed, relieved to not suffer from constant weakness and cabin fever. Soon, weeks before the sun could set for the final time, they celebrated their first birthday in this new life by saying goodbye to the little cabin in the woods.

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Before Pam and Jojo officially moved out of their Alaskan home, they rigged up paperwork to officially claim Dani and Danny as their kids. It was surprisingly a little easy since Jojo was very much well loved by the community and the small courthouse of Wasilla. The judge and CPS questioned the two, with the two vehemently claiming the Bakers as their parents, they literally have no one else.

They hit a bit of a snag when both Dani and Danny seem to have sudden verbal communication when asked about their past, but police database search of their looks and age for missing children turned up empty. They also have no records on file.

Normally, this would have concerned the feds, but Jojo is so well loved that they managed to speed the adoption process along. They demanded that the twins get vaccinated, but Jojo calmly assured that they will get vaccinated. If he could actually pierce their skins.

He kept that part to himself. He’ll have to falsify documents.

Thinking back to when he first met them, he could see why they would be terrified of hospitals or doctor visits. They certainly weren’t humans.

He wasn’t even certain on which working theory he and Pam were stewing in could be the most plausible. Pam thinks that they were born from the dirt in a Wonder Woman-esque way.

He thinks that they were actually aliens buried underground. And the trauma was just too much so they repressed the memories. It would explain how they already know how to speak and know certain knowledge. But anything before they were found on that fateful day in the mountains remain blank.

When he confronted Pammy with those facts, she just shrugged and said, “Magic.”

“Magic can’t be the answer to everything!”

“Magic doesn’t follow the rules of physics, so who’s to say that magic doesn’t just give them premade information?”

“If you weren’t married to me, I could have sworn you would have married Wonder Woman instead.”

“Who said that I won’t, dear?” Which prompted a deep, belly shaking laugh catching the attention of the twins, now known as Dani and Danny Bakers, “What’s going on?”

“Your mom is going to leave me for Wonder Woman.” He cheered, utterly delighted to be able to say the word that marks them as family. If felt really good. Dani, the little brat, only had this to say: “Think she can teach me Ancient Greek?”

“I’m more interested in seeing Martian Manhunter.” Danny piped in, reading an article about the Justice League that he swiped from the grocery store rack, prompting Pam to go back in to actually pay for the damn thing.

Which Pam smacked him on the upside of the head for his little harmless thievery. Hey, he was bored! He hadn’t had any electronics in almost a year now and he missed it! Dani was only suffering from her boredom because she couldn’t travel without her flight ability.

After they were official as a family, the courthouse only told them that they need to receive education.

He figured that they will start getting their education when they moved to Metropolis.


That was over a month ago. And barely a week into staying in Metropolis, Pam and Joe strongly considered just packing a bag and travel the world. Pam is still very much a respected archaeologist. They have that thought because they were currently stuck in a very dicey situation where there was a giant robot and an incapacitated Superman right next to a gloating villain in armored suit who was holding a glowing green rock.

And Danny, his wonderful oh so stupid son tried to be a hero by picking up a cinder block and threw it with startling precision at his head. It landed with a loud clang.

Everything paused as the villain, unknown to everyone but Superman is Lex Luther, slowly turned around, “....What?” The tone was bland, like he couldn’t believe that he was interrupted from his gloating.

“Hey you giant Fruit Loop! Some of us were trying to have a life here! Go be a creepy super villain somewhere else where we don’t have to listen to your villain monologue. As a matter of fact, you sound depressingly lonely, you need a cat.” Danny, in his short 13 year old frame, stood defiantly. His bottle green eyes glared under the beanie that covered his head.

Pam and Jojo just about had a heart attack, along with an ill Superman because the kid is ballsy!

Superman’s eyes widened when a little girl, also in a beanie, threw an even larger cement block at Luther who dodged it and faced them, stalking towards them with indigent anger that mere children were mocking him! They didn’t even look scared!

With the proximity of the Kryptonite leaving, strength started to return and he backed away to gather some more strength.

But then he saw the children blanching, paling and dropping to the floor. They moaned in agony that got progressively louder with every step Luther took towards them.

He stopped in confusion, looking at the rock, then at the writhing kids. Then something clicked as he chuckled in dark delight, “Oh my. Is that what I think it is?!” And picked the boy up buy the neck, despite the screaming of an elder couple that cuddled the girl closer to them. The boy passed out by then, pale pallor twisted in a pained grimace.

Something clicked for Superman as well, but he pushed the surprise away because Kryptonite with Kryptonian children is bound to be worse than with adult kryptonians. He stood up enough to blast Luther’s back with laser beam and sighed in relief when backup finally arrived with a form of Flash and they were able to take down the giant robot and Luther. Which turned out to be an actual robot. Luther was never in the field to begin with.

Good news that there were not too many casualties. Bad news that Luther caught wind of the kids who may or may not be Kryptonians.

Another bad news is that they little family disappeared like ghosts in the wind.

He needs to call for Batman and then give his wife and son a hug. He never wants his son to be anywhere near that accursed green rock. Seeing their little faces in pain and sickly didn’t settle well for him.


Well, that certainly didn’t go as planned.

They honestly thought that they had a fighting chance with their super strength and invulnerability that being brought down by a simple rock was more than a little humbling. It was scary and embarrassing. Ecto-ranium exist here, who would've thunk?

“Stupid rock.” Danny grumbled, grumpy as he was still feeling ill. He crossed his arms under the blanket that covered his form. He found himself acting more and more like a kid his body presently is, and to be honest? It was weird but he learned to embrace it.

From the other side of the closet, Dani gave him a glare that would have been fierce if she wasn’t just as sick herself, also bundled up in a blanket. If the Bakers still had their bubble wraps when they moved in, they certainly would have already wrapped them up with it.

Their new parents absolutely flipped and skipped the fear and anger and barreled right into overprotective parent mode. There was a flurry of noises as they repacked whatever than can on an extremely short notice, loudly announcing that they are going on a digging expedition tour.

Bruce raised a brow at Clark, a silent question of Why are you here?

Clark sighed, rubbing the back of his head, “Okay, so we may or may not have two young kryptonian kids running around.”

Bruce blinked then sighed, “Okay. What makes you say that?”

“Well, they threw cinder blocks from a considerable distance away and beamed Luther-bot on the head. They were scrawny little things, about yay high.” Clack indicated his hand a little lower than his rib cage, “And when the bot turned to them with the Kryptonite, they dropped like stones in pain.”

“When and where did you see them?” Bruce asked, walking inside the manor to the clock, and then went inside to the cave. “Earlier today in Metropolis, next to an old diner off of 6th street.” Clark followed.

They got a couple of kids to find.

Chapter Text

Danny wanted to cry.

He seriously wanted to stop running and cuddle to the ground, sobbing, because for Clockwork’s sake this is entirely too ridiculous!

“THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT DANNY!” Dani shrieked furiously, the cotton shawl hiding her white hair doing absolutely nothing for the fierce green glow visible even in the bright daylight, Pam humorously clutching her almost too large frame on her back like a demented version of a clown riding a kiddie tricycle.

“NOT NOW DANI!” He roared back, his voice cracking, since of course puberty had to make it’s appearance when he physically turns thirteen years old. Danny was also covered in a cotton shawl, his own eyes glowing like two miniature green suns, carrying his other half of the parent duo on his own back, instead of a clown, it’s more like a show bear riding a tricycle.

“YOU TWO ARE SO GROUNDED!” Pam hysterically screamed, clutching to Dani for her dear life as a team of assassins chased them with its ever glowing Lazarus waters in their little glass vials, which somehow glows more intensely the closer they reach to the twins, their own eyes glowing brighter in turn.

Jojo only prayed under his breath, hoping that they all make it out of this situation alive. He’s taking away Danny’s phone and Dani’s History books and giving them dry Physic books to read instead. Or the Twilight saga.


10 days ago

“Okay kids,” Jojo started while Pam continued to pack in a rush, not caring about folding nicely, “Where’s the first stop you would like to go?”

The sullen twins just sat on the couch in front of him, having been pulled from the closet where they took refuge from the crazy whirlwind that became of their parents. They shrugged, really not in the mood to speak. Joe sighed and snatched a roll of the world map from his wife’s arm as she passed by him, dumping them in a side bag along with other documents in leaflet forms or rolled into protective tubing.

“Let try this again,” He spread the world map and taped it to the wall, then found a dart from a discarded dartboard game, “Who wants to try this? Blindly throw a dart to the wall and that’s the first place we’ll go.” Joe hoped that their strengths are not back to normal again, it wouldn’t do for the dart to go through the wall and nail someone next door.

On second thought, he took off the map and re-taped it on a wall were it’s facing a construction zone.

“Better hurry kids, we really got to go before anyone starts knocking on our door.” Pam breathlessly added as she passed by them again.

“Fine. Give it here.” Danny sighed, holding out his hand, which Joe placed the dart. Danny gave a brief look at the map on the wall to make sure he’ll aim correctly, then covered his eyes with his nondominant hand. Then lightly threw the dart at the map.

Based on the loud thunk that resounded, the Danny still had some super strength juice left despite feeling sick.

Pam passed by Joe carrying jackets and muttered under breath to him, “em>Idiot

Joe only sighed.

He looked at the map and clapped his hands, “Looks like our first stop is Nanda Parbat!”


5 days ago

A lone guard knelt in front of Ra’s al Ghul in supplication, waiting for the given permission to speak.

Ra’s took a long sip from his wine, looking at old historical text for a good 10 minutes. Luckily the guard knew not to fidget or speak for doing so would be seen as undisciplined and nothing good would come from that. Finally Ra’s waved his hands in a Yes, go ahead.

The guard swallowed the sigh and stood at attention, “I bring news from the Lazarus Pit.”

Curiosity piqued, he set the wine down and prowled towards the guard, “Go on.”

“The waters started to pulse again in a rhythm of a heart beat again.”

Ra’s paused at that, now very interested. Nearly fourteen years ago, the water bubbled and flashed impossibly bright, nearly blinding the assassin guards that were on duty that day on one cold January. Then it behaved oddly when two months after that the waters glowed brighter and dulled rapidly in a beat similar to a heart beat, only it was going much too fast to be an adult heart beat. The pulse gradually slowed down in it’s beat, still going faster than an adult human heart until it finally dulled to a flat steady glow as it was before the phenomena started. That happened on the last day of October, 13 years ago.

Then it behaved like normal Lazarus waters ever since.

Until now that is.

“What is the rate?” He hummed, walking back to the window that showed the vast open desert.

“60 to 65 pulse per minute.” Ra’s stroked his facial hair, thinking hard on what it could mean. Some of the theories he has are a little too fantastical so he did not voice them aloud. Instead he turned to the guard, “Keep an eye on the phenomena. Record any variations. I will be going to the nearest town. Anything else to report?”

“It is believed that the water has been glowing brighter in small increments a few days ago but it wasn’t until today did that water really brighten enough to be noticeable during shift change.” The guard answered, stoney faced and staring straight ahead.

The more fantastical theory solidified itself just a bit more in his mind, “I will go into the nearest town.” Ra’s repeated, leaving the room with a billowing swish of his green cloak.

Before he went to town, he visited the pit and saw for himself that the water has indeed brightened. He had brought a little glass vial, gathered a small sampled of the water, and stoppered it with a small cork.

Ra’s then wrapped the neck of the vial with a thin leather cord and fashioned himself a necklace, placing the glowing body under his shirt.

As the next few days, more and more assassins of Nanda Parbat roamed the streets of any and all near towns within a few hundred mile radius from the Lazarus Pit. Only a few of the higher ranking assassins carried their own corked vial of the water, which they all watched closely as it grew brighter and brighter.

It wasn’t until one assassin walked past a family of four, all covered in clothing appropriate for hot desert days and miserably cold nights, did the glow on that particular assassin’s vial suddenly drop in strength.

It also didn’t help that the two younger kids seemed to simultaneously shiver and the taller girl, looking awkward limbed as puberty suddenly seems to catch her, hissed at the smaller sibling and yanked his shawl to cover his eyes. The other also yanked the girls shawl down to cover her eyes.

But it was too late, he saw the glow of their eyes, the exact same shade as the glow of the Lazarus waters.

Discretely he signaled another in his group to get Ra’s. He hadn’t told any of his assassins what he suspected, only told them to alert him immediately if they found anything that affects the water or vice versa.

He didn’t get to his position as a high level assassin by being dumb, but even an idiot could see the connection.

He discreetly followed them a couple blocks, realizing that the two kids were getting more and more spooked, suddenly grabbing their parents hands and leading them to a more crowded market, much to the parent’s confusion even with their own shawl on.

He never allowed himself to let his eyes stray away from the kids. He had the feeling that if he did and ended up losing them, Ra’s would have his hide.


He closed in on them and noticed them shivering again like a chill went down their spines even with the sun beating down on them.

Suddenly the kids booked it with the parents hands clenched in a vice grip, the adults letting out twin yelps in surprise.

The assassin swore and chased after them.

At least more of his brothers were able to help keep an eye on them as the kids grew more and more desperate to lose their growing number of tails. The chase, unknowing to the family of four, lead them out of the town into a more dangerous cliff-side where a fall could mean being skewered on sharp rocks at the bottom.

Effectively, they were running into a dead end.

As soon as they burst into the open desert, the kids, in an unexpected move to all of the assassins chasing them, threw their parents over their backs and sprinted the hell out of dodge. The family members started screaming at each other. The assassins had to use almost all of their speed training to keep up.

Ra’s al Ghul should be meeting them at their dead end. At least the hard part of finding the source of the Lazarus water phenomena is over. Now the easy part in catching them is coming right up.



Ra’s almost had to laugh. Of course! Two little 13 year olds! It seems like the Lazarus Pit literally birthed them! Oh he wondered what their bodies are like? Are they immortal? Do they naturally produce the water so famously known as the Fountain of Youth?

Are they impervious to death? Do they immediately heal from any serious injuries? What kind of heirs could they be? What kind of heirs could they produce with the Demon’s blood? So many possibilities and they are right there in front of him, “I had wondered why the Lazarus water had been behaving strangely as of late.” He drawled to the cornered family of four. Their backs were facing the cliff, to which the two adults eyed nervously. Steadily the visible skin on the two children’s face started getting glowing streaks, like their very blood in the veins and arteries started to glow in response to the close proximity to the various vials filled with the Pit’s water.

The female scoffed bitterly, “Great. Another megalomaniac.” The older woman on her gangly back nervously eyed the girl like she was debating giving her a smack.

“Oh don’t be afraid. You and your family will be welcomed into my palace. You just need to tell me about your connection to the Lazarus waters.” The Demon Head purred, walking towards them with utmost confidence that he has them. Whether they came willingly or not is not of importance.

The boy shook his head, taking a step backwards. The whimpers from the adult male on the kids back told them all how much he did not like that. The kid snarked, “Nope. Nah uh. Sorry, no can do. You know, stranger danger and all?”

Ra’s twitched his finger and a tranq flew towards the boy. He yelped and instinctively threw himself backwards which was a massively bad idea and they screamed as they fell. The two females left on the cliff with the group of assassins cried out their names.

Curious thing, though, there was never an impact of bodies hitting the ground. The two females stared dumbly down to the cliff floor. Ra’s wanted to check for himself but he needed to secure the female. Hopefully in her distracted state she wouldn’t dodge the tranq dart.

But of course, the female heard the sharp compress of air and suicidally jumped over the cliff.

Turns out they could fly. Ra’s would have groaned and slapped his face in irritation if he wasn’t above it. Now he has a couple of kids to hunt.

Chapter Text

Ever since the twins discovered the ability to fly, they abused the new power without a hint of shame. So much so that they would absolutely not touch the ground when they are safely away from prying eyes inside their home of the day. Dani especially was ecstatic to be able to fly, because then she would have the ability to travel to wherever she wanted to again.

It was actually Dani that dictated where to go with demands that they- and Danny groaned at this- should carry their parents to each new major destinations. “Apparently,” Pam spoke to Jojo one quiet evening, now located in Egypt, “we have a wanderlust daughter.”

Danny however was perfectly content to stay in one place a little while longer, never having the travel bug itch which Dani frequently suffers from.

But he never complained after the incident in Nanda Parbat. Dani has good instincts on when to move. Somehow, without meaning to, they were hunted by several interested parties. Assassins, egomaniac CEO, and well-intentioned superheroes.

It also helped the little family of four that it became so much more easier to disappear without paper trial. All they needed to do was to fly semi low in the cover of darkness and viola, they illegally cross the border to another country. Easy peasy.

Much to the frustration to all of the interested parties involved.


Clark is back in the cave again. Bruce resisted the urge to sigh in frustration. Oracle however had no reservation and sighed loudly when Clark asked for updates on finding the possible Kryptonian twins, “Superman, we’re trying our best here. We managed to locate them in Nanda Parbat but then they disappeared without a trace.”

Clark frowned, “Nanda Parbat? But isn’t that-”

“Home of Ra’s al Ghul? Yes, it is.” Bruce interrupted, bringing up another screen that showed a grainy video that was from a small grocery store’s security feed in Nanda Parbat. It was a little hard to see due to the poor quality.

Immediately there was clacking on fingers on keyboard from the Oracle symbol and the poor pixelated feed cleared up, “That’s the best I can clean it up, but approximately 3 days ago, the Baker’s arrived in Nanda Parbat. 5 days previously there were subtle increase in patrolling assassins hidden among the general populace. This video was taken yesterday, the small town closest to Ra’s compound, approximately 50 miles south to it. If you would look here-”

The feed paused to show two scrawny kids, one suddenly taller than the other Clark noticed, leading their parents somewhere. But there was something odd about the black and white video.

“Partial facial scan shows the closest results on the two kids. But I noticed something off.” There was a couple more clicks and the screen widen to zoom in on the kids face, whatever skin was visible seemed lighter and their eyes glowed like cats eyes in the dark on the screen, “Recognized anything in Kryptonian biology?” She asked.

Clark shook his head, “No, but it could be that they are starting to tap into the heat vision?”

“Maybe,” Bruce answered, clicking something to resume the video which showed one assassin suddenly homing in on them and followed them off screen like a bloodhound with a scent, “They were feeling threatened if they suspected that they were being followed. Did you ever gained abilities over time or did you know that you had the abilities your whole life?”

“I discovered them by trial and error. I was raised as a human, so I thought I was human.” He answered, now frowning distantly, like he just remembered something, “I need to check something out. I’ll be right back with what I find.” And suddenly, with a burst of wind, Clark- Superman- disappeared.

The Oracle symbol blinked to reveal Barbara Gordon as she looked at Bruce with a raised brow like she’s asking Any thoughts?

Bruce only shook his head as he prepared himself to visit Ra’s in Nanda Parbat, only to pause as he had a second thought. He dialed on the computer to call someone.

“Need something B?” Red Robin’s voice sounded out in the cave.

“I need you back to the cave, we’re going to go investigate in Nanda Parbat.”

“Oh joy. Back to the creep who has my spleen in a jar.” Red deadpanned. Barb ducked her head to hide the growing smile on her lip and Bruce just sighed again, grimacing at the unpleasant reminder that his son lost a freaking organ.

“Just….come to the cave. I’ll update you on the specs.”


It’s been a while since he asked the AI in the Fortress of Solitude. There were some questions that he needed answered, “Where there any history of Albino or Leucistic Kryptonians?” He asked to the open air. The sub-zero temperature not bothering him in the slightest.

“There were only five albino Krytonians in recorded history.” A female voiced replied, toneless and mechanical.

“What happened to them.”

“Four were culled at birth. One was sent off world right after birth with authorities sending missile drones to destroy it.”

Clark’s face fell. Well, that ...was barbaric, “Why were they killed?” He asked, getting more upset.

“Krytonian ruling bodies deemed Albinism a genetic defect, a mistake in the gene which shall never be allowed to grow in any capacity.” The computer intoned with not one hint of remorse.

He took a deep breath, upset that there were Kryptonian babies that never discovered life. He clenched his fist tightly but relaxed when a thought crossed his mind.


“The one that was sent off-world. Was it destroyed?”


“So it’s possible that it might have gotten away?” He asked, a spark of hope growing in his chest.

“Unconfirmed.” It’s not a yes, but it’s also not a no. It’s a possibility. He had one more question, “When was the albino sent off-world?”

“34 years before the destruction of Krypton.”

‘A definite possibility.’ Clark thought, and reasoned that it might be entirely possible that the Albino had landed on Earth just like he did and was hidden amongst the humans for so long without showing any unusual superpowers because they might not have the necessary skin cells to absorb the yellow sunlight.

They might have grown up without every believing that they were nothing but human, gotten married, and had kids.

“Batman,” Clark brought out his JL comm, “I have some additional information I need to share with you once you are done in Nanda Parbat.”

There was silence then a grunt. Another voice interjected, “What he means is he’ll be there.” Red Robin translated in the same tone as he would talking about the weather.

Superman smiled, “I’m starting to understand the Bat language. Thank you Red Robin.”

There was a distinct silence that sounds like reproach and Red replied defensively, “It wouldn’t hurt to use words B-” The comm cut off from there, much to Clark’s amusement.

Chapter Text

Dani is glaring at him. Again.

And somehow it WAS his fault. He’s not sure how, but he must have developed an absurd amount of bad luck in terms of trouble finding him of all things. Dani knew life as a nomad in their previous life, so she knew how to stay out of trouble. Even seems to develop a preternatural sense of when danger was starting to come after them.

Danny? Well, Danny somehow stumbles into danger without meaning to. Or it just finds him as mentioned earlier.

“Okay, you can stop glaring at me any day now.” Danny snarked at his sister, all four of them covered in soot from the explosion of several canon rounds from several tanks.


How was this their life? Thanks Clockwork Danny thought dryly, not knowing that Chronos suddenly smirked out of nowhere, prompting the other Olympian Gods to ask him what was funny. He would only smile vaguely at them and speak in riddles, causing the others to quickly give up their brief interest in Chronos and wander away, drinking more wine.

“I’ll stop glaring when Mom and Dad’s burns are healed.” Dani shot back. Geeze. Puberty is not being kind to her. He didn’t say anything on that topic out loud because Dani would find a way to be extra annoying teenager or eviscerate him.

Maybe both.

“Honey, it’s only a minor burn. Not even second degree burns.” Joe rumbled as he and his wife Pam both cleaned themselves up with left over rags of their poor surviving travel bags by the river. Joe looked like he had a nice long round of sleeping under the sun at the beach with how red he looked. The only thing that would shatter that notion was that he was covered in soot and his eyebrows were singed off.

“The main point is we got out of this situation with all of our limbs intact. And-” Pam continued, wringing the excess water off the fabric and pointed at them with a huge smile, “You also discovered another power out of it! My little Kryptonian kids!” She gushed, walking up to them and flinging her arms around them into a big hug.

Jojo snorted in amusement, “So now you’re going with my theory?”

“Oh hush.” Pam waved him off, looking at her kids who both had confused looks on their face, “What’s with the faces?”

“Kryptonian?” Danny asked, basking in the hug. Dani only hugged Pam harder.

Pam blinked, “You didn’t read that in the article you stole that I had to go back and pay for?” Danny flushed, “I was only interested in the Martian. I didn’t look too closely at Superman.”

Joe suddenly guffawed from the riverbanks, “Danny! Superman is an alien. Kryptonian.”

“Seriously?!” Both the twins yelped, “But he looked human! Martian looked like an alien!” Danny protested.

Joe laughed and teased, “You both have super strength, can fly, and now shoot laser from your eyes. Although, why it’s green is not something I can fathom.”

Both twins winced at the memory of how everything went down last night.


Dani suddenly twitched and with well practiced ease, she turned her pleading eyes to Pam who was waist deep in her digging excavation for an ancient jewelry or pottery from the Mesymoptamia time. Already they had quite a few that were donated to local museums and other sold to research science.

Joe was several miles off site to help heal the locals who couldn’t afford to go to the hospital and Danny is with him since they couldn’t relax without knowing for sure that each of their parents were safe. They were sure that they were actively being hunted. The assassin was the first guess, but they feel like there were more interested parties chasing them.

The point it, their parents are fragile while they are tough.

Not that the twins ever told their parents that to their faces. Pam would get huffy while Joe would just frown at them that felt worse.

Pam felt the eye on her back and sighed, “Time to move again?”

Dani nodded and shut her old hand-me down laptop that shows her online school course.

Ever since Nanda Parbat, the adults kind of just….went along with Dani’s wander lust because it keeps them out of trouble somehow.

“Alright, but we’re going to let your brother choose a place this time.” And gave Dani the Look when Dani opened her mouth to protest but she closed her mouth with a click.

Finally Dani rolled her eyes, “Fine. He can’t choose a place that is bad 100 percent of the time.”

Pam smiled, dusting her hand off, “Atta girl.” She unhooked the radio phone and called for Joe, “Joe, the travel bug bit Dani again, it’s time to pack up and leave.” She ignored the loud groan from Danny and listened to Joe’s reply, “You got it honey.”

Pam ended the call and walked off to speak to the locals, letting them know that it was fun working with them but they best be leaving.


Under the cover of the night, the quiet of an easy and uneventful crossing into the land of Bialya was shattered when the ground sparked and the sky suddenly exploded right off to their side. Danny suddenly swung Joe off of his own back and Dani grabbed on to the suddenly flailing man. Dani was suddenly responsible with holding onto both adults and Danny put himself as a meat shield to protect them, smaller bullets flying right at them

There was another explosion that was much closer and both Pam and Joe yelped at the concussive blast getting to them.

This made Danny incredibly angry.

Unknown to himself or the rest of the family who were behind him, his eyes glowed brilliantly green in the dark, where some terrorists down on the ground hesitated at seeing the glow. It didn’t stop them for too long, shouting in their languages to shoot down the interlopers.

Another tank round hit Danny right at his chest and it exploded in a shower of flame.

Before the flame snuffed out completely, twin beams shot out and hit the tank that fired the last shot, where it was bisected and exploded in a shower of shrapnel and warped metal.

The flame and smoke died down to show Danny thrusting his hands out several times much to his own growing frustration and to the terrorist- those that have night vision scopes- confusion. Finally Danny snarled and focused on the last feeling he had and found his vision going green but he could still see clearly where he was aiming.

Another round of twin lasers shot straight from his eyes and hit another tank.

Seeing that, he shouted to Dani, “Get them out of here! I’ll catch up. I’ll keep their attention on me.”

Dani didn’t argue, their parents are more precious and needed to be out of danger now.


Hours later and a few washes later, Danny mourned at the lost of his favorite shirt. It was completely obliterated from the bullets and a few tank ammo rounds. He was also carrying half of the travel bags while the incident happened, so they would need to go to the nearest public market to buy more clothing and essentials.


“I got a another hit, B.” Barbara pinged on Bruce’s phone. He was in the middle of a meeting with Wayne Enterprise and was incredibly glad for the distraction. A quick glance at the phone showed him the text message, “Sorry gentlemen, I need to go. Family emergency.” He smiled, completely plastic and unrepentant. The other Board Members glowered at him as he speed walked out of the room, really wishing that he wasn’t such an airhead who was flighty as hell. At least Tim Drake-Wayne was a much better CEO despite being younger than most of their children and grandchildren.

Placing the call on speaker as he drove back home, he spoke, “What do you got.”

“There is a Youtube video that was uploaded but suddenly taken down 20 minutes later. The source of the take down was Luther’s LexCorp. I managed to save the video before that happened though.” Barb answered without preamble.

Stopping at the stop light, Bruce looked at the holographic display showing a night vision video, likely from a high tech binoculars, and showed two figures in the sky carrying a larger person on their backs. The sky became chaotic with bullets flying and tank rounds exploding. Suddenly white beams shot out from the smoke and the tank was destroyed.

The male, thrust his hands out several times before snarling and shooting laser beams out of his eyes again.

The female flew off with both adults and the male proceeded to wreck more havoc and damages.

The video was barely a minute long, but it was very informative, “Where was this located?” Bruce asked as the traffic moved again.

“Bialya, 1 hour ago.”

Bruce grunted.

Barb couldn’t help but add in dryly, “You’re welcome.

Bruce only hung up.
He couldn’t help but think back on the meeting with Ra’s he and Red Robin had about a month ago and the meeting he had with Superman right after.


Ra’s was frustratingly vague. Only taunting them, “You’re both Detective, Detectives. I’m sure you can find out why I hold interest in them when metas and aliens never did before.”

But there was one creepy information he parted with Red that made him shiver in disgust and Batman subtly moving to place his body between them as a barrier, “You will be my heir, and you may produce an heir with the female. Rest assure, you both will be in my possession.”

Before they left, Red muttered under his breath, “What a serious creep.”

The meeting with Superman was much more informative.

“I consulted with the database in the Fortress of Solitude and find that they may be children or grandchildren of an albino Kryptonian that escaped 35 years before its destruction. I couldn’t find out if the baby was a male or female since the baby wasn’t registered. But I did find out the family name!” Clark word vomited the second both Batman and Red Robin got out of the Batplane.

Red Robin got visibly excited, “So you may have a connection to them! What are their family name?”

“If they come from this baby, then they would be of House of Vide.” Clark smiled, the excitement radiating off of Tim affecting him as well. Hey! He’s got more Kryptonian on this planet!

Bruce opened up their case file and added in the information, “What does it mean?”

Clark produced a sketch that looked similar to his famous symbol on his own chest, but instead of the ‘S’ with the meaning or Hope, it looked like a stylized “P” within the diamond. “The symbol mean Phantom. Or Ghost. Or….” Clark looked like he was struggling to find the equivalent, “...More like escape. Or hard to catch. It could also mean Luck.”

Tim grabbed the paper and studied the symbol more closely, “They certainly seem like they’re really good escape artist. They evade capture so far and even kept staying several steps ahead of B here.” Tim pointed backwards to Bruce who frown in displeasure at the fact.

Tim hummed, “....Phantom is a good name for them. Phantom twins.” He tested on his tongue, liking how it rolled off. The name sounds cool to the boot! “There’s already too many Supers as it is.”

Privately Clark would love for them to wear his symbol, but at the same time he didn’t want to take away their family symbol.


Bruce smiled to himself as he drove into the driveway. He can admit that they are incredibly good at being uncatchable so far. But he’s worried that one of these days their luck is going to run out soon and they would come across something they couldn’t escape from. They are young Kryptonians and they have the interest of Lex Luther and Ra’s al Ghul. Not a good combination of bad guys to have vested interest in them.

Walking into the cave, thanking Alfred’s welcome with his special blend of calming tea, he contacted his second eldest wayward child, “Hood.”

“What B.” Came an irritated and groggy reply, “Kind of busy here.” the unsaid Busy being asleep you Dipshit rang loud.

He ignored that, “Are you still in the Middle Eastern Country?” He is but he thought he might as well be a little more nicer to his prickly second son. Or attempt to. He didn’t want any more blow ups.

“What is it to you?” Jason sighed.

“Can you see if you can track two Kryptonian kids before someone else gets to them? I feel that Lex Luther is going to try to get them again.” Bruce answered.

Jason’s tone perked up in interest, “Kryptonian kids? They’re not clones?”

“They are completely unrelated to Superman. So they have no relation to any of the clones. They are albino, or leucistic. White hair and green eyes. One is a boy and another is a girl. Red Robin gave them their code name Phantom Twins due to the translation of their family name.”

Jason cackled, “Oh man, Biz is gonna be excited to see them.”

Suddenly Bruce wasn’t sure if this was a good idea. But he already started this, he has to commit fully, “Just…..don’t do too much property damage.”

“No promises B!” And with that cheery note, the comm cut off.

Chapter Text

Lex Luthor is feeling like he’s nearing at the end of his ropes. He thought a couple of inexperienced kids who are Supers would be easy to find.

A digging around digitally for their identity actually took work because they don’t have a digital trail. The parents, however, was easy to find. Lex thanked whatever higher powers existed for having the forethought of a live recording from his robot. Take a snapshot of the recording and plug their faces into the database with facial recognition software running.

Not too long after, there was a hit on the two adults. Pam and Joe Bakers. Pam Bakers nee Anderson Graduated from Metrocity U, a born Alaskan. Married to Joe Bakers, Physician from Gotham U. Both moved to Metrocity a mere few days before his encounter with the kids.

The only information he received with his indirect digging was that Pam and Joe had recently adopted two kids with no past.

No matter how much it frustrated him to not get more information, he can understand the caution in keeping information mum.

The problem was that they went to Nanda Parbat, according to the flight purchase Pam made. After that they went off the grid, practically disappeared from the digital world.

Until they showed up on YouTube downloaded from a raving terrorist from Bialya about a Superkid absolutely thrashing their artillery tanks and tanking armor piercing tank rounds like nothing. Lex practically salivated when he saw the short clip. It was the next best image of the kids he had since his own recording. And it was interesting, the kids have light hair. It was unknown if it was blond or white due to the night vision video being of monochrome colors, mainly green, but still.

He went back to his original video for the thousandth time and enhanced the image of the glaring little faces as much as he could. And found little tufts of white hair peeking out from under the beanies.

So, it looks like they have white hair. Albino? Leucistics? All that could be figured out once he has them in his hands. The female would definitely be a prize to help with making more stable clones.

Back to the original point. Lex is nearing the end of his patience and he needed those Kryptonian kids in his possession now. And he knows exactly who can help him with that.

Lex straightened his back from the screen, which was unnecessarily glued close to, and adjusted his suit to meet his exact level of presentation. He opened up his computer and sent out an encrypted video call.

Or two. Simultaneously.

Deathstroke and Deadshot both winked into the screen at the same time, with Slade crossing his arms over his chest and leaning back against the seat, and Floyd leaning forward to rest his elbows on the table, the armor piercing ammo dancing along his fingers.

“Gentlemen. I have a proposition for you both. Complete this contract and 1 billion dollars will be awarded to both of you equally. Failure is not an option.” Lex started smoothly without any preamble.

That caused both mercenaries to freeze, Floyd’s ammo dropping from his fingers with a loud clang.

Deathstroke’s only eye narrowed in response, “We’re listening.” and Deadshot straighten his back, the previous lackluster greeting suddenly gaining the professional air around him.

Lex smiled. It wasn’t a nice one.


They made a stop in Kuwait because they needed to buy more things that was lost when they were being shot at by tank rounds. Meaning, they lost their laptops that would help them with their schooling and they needed laptops with an anti tracking feature.

The highly illegal version.

And where better to get it than in a beautiful city rich enough to have a seedy underbelly?

Pam hated the fact that she would have to trade a few priceless dig finds to get them, but the kids were worth it. It also helps that Dani knows how to haggle with prices, like she was meant for the traveling and the free spirit life. Then she sold more priceless artifacts to museums of Kuwait, receiving more cash in turn. Turns out they didn’t care who she was and her desire for anonymity.

Pam and Joe also took the opportunity to buy black hair dye, the temporary ones, and blue eye contacts to help them blend into the crowd better and look like one uniformed family. It was nice to be in civilization again, Pam and Joe agreed with each other, so they decided to treat this as a mini vacation.

When the kids were presented the hair dye and the contacts when they stayed in a moderate hotel they looked bemused, “We’re gonna look like Superman with the black hair and blue eyes.” We’ll look like our old selves. They would never be able to say.

Joe gave a slow blink while Pam crackled before shooing the kids to start dying their hair.

Soon a little family of four, all with black hair and blue eyes were enjoying themselves at the beach of Kuwait.

Dani, for some reason, was feeling uneasy in the crowd where before she was perfectly fine to being in the middle of. Danny was feeling a bit agitated.The longer they remained at the beach, the more concerned the elder Bakers grew for their twins, “Kids, is there something wrong?”

Dani shook her head and frowned, looking intently at the vast expanse of the sea while Danny sighed harshly, scratching his head roughly, “I don’t know. I’m just having this…..feeling that something will go wrong, but I can’t tell what.”

There was a distant sound of helicopter whirling.

Then, only heard by the twins, was a distant rumbling, all powerful and encompassing, “Do you hear that?!” Dani asked in a hushed tone. “Yeah.” Danny replied.

“Hear what?” Pam asked, “The helicopter?” she continued and turned around to see the tiny little machine in the distance above the skyline of the city.

“No.” Both answered, Dani pointed to the sea, “The noise came from there.” She replied monotoned, the silent shit remained unsaid.

“Honey, I don’t hear-” Whatever Joe was going to say was cut off when a sudden earthquake hit the city, the largest in the cities recorded history at 6.2 magnitude and everything devolved into chaos.

Immediately the twins noticed the beautiful Kuwait towers they toured at earlier was crumbling, the heavy bulbous center was cracking off from the tower and leaning dangerously towards a screaming crowd. Without delay Danny shot forward, uncaring that he could potentially blow his cover. It was lucky that they had their hair dyed and got blue contacts in.

Danny caught the falling piece of the building with a grunt and floated above the terrified crowd. Some had their phones out and were recording. Danny gave a strained smile at that and tossed the building to the side. Turning back to the crowd and stared at them, “Seriously guys?! Find cover!”

He looked at the city and felt a little queasy at how much the buildings swayed. He really hoped that they hold up. He’s not sure if he can catch those buildings and not to mention the potential casualties that would inevitably result.

His heart dropped to the ground he was floating off of when he heard a sharp snap from a particularly thin building.

It teetered.

With pounding heart he flew faster than he ever had in his life and slammed himself at the sturdiest part of the building to stop it from falling to the running pedestrian panicking below. Some stupidly decided to record him holding a freaking building from falling on them and making human pancakes.

Danny grunted in strain, face turning more green when his blood rushed to his face. His arms trembled from the fear that he wouldn’t be able to hold the building up for long and the screams of people slamming into the window inside the building he was holding was not reassuring.

Suddenly the building became a lot easier to hold up when Dani joined in on him, “You okay bro?” Danny sighed in relief, “Much better now that you’re here.” At least the earthquake is over for now. The aftershocks will come but they couldn’t think of that for now.

He thought quickly, “Okay sis. You need to move yourself away from me, I’ll move the opposite direction. We can’t focus too much pressure on a small area, we need to distribute the pressure evenly or else we’ll just punch through this building as it falls on us.”

She nodded and floated away from him, still keeping the building up. The terrified civilians with their faces squished against the window that became their new floor followed their movement with their eyes, holding their breath and hoping that these two kids would save them. When they found themselves in position to Danny’s liking, they slowly lifted the building upward to a straighter position.

When they were just about to be at the precipice of straightening the building all the way, Danny turned to his sister, “Okay, now fly to the other side. Keep it stable so it won’t fall to far to the opposite side."

Dani nodded and slowly eased off of the building, making sure that Danny is stable. Seeing that he could hold his own, she flew to the opposite side and hollered, “I’m ready!” He slowly added more flight power along with his super strength to push the building upright. “Steady!” There was more resistance to his push and he slowed down more, “Almost! Okay, I got it!” Dani called out.

He floated backwards away from the building and looked at the large cracks around the building with a frown, not liking the fact that the building is clearly unstable and can fall at any moment. Dani floated back to him, “The other two are safe for now where we left them. But we need to hurry.”

Danny shook his head, “We can’t let this be.” He ignored the tentative cheering and tears of joy from the civilian inside the unstable building. He spied an empty building surrounded by scaffolding and had a brilliant idea, “Dani, bring any and all metal you can find on that building. Bigger the beam, the better!”

So people were cheering loudly when they saw two kids doing an emergency patch job on a building, one holding up metal beams and the other using laser eyes that were curiously green to melt the metal around the cracks.

More helicopters joined the first one, this time they were news anchors hovering over the kids which made them uneasy but ultimately ignored them in favor of completing the job. While they soldered the beams to the cracks, civilians poured out of the condemned building like ants out of an ant hill.

Danny and Dani flew back to look at their shoddy but effective handywork and beamed at each other, giving each other a high five.

Their brief joy was soon dashed when they, for some reason, heard water receding. They floated around the building with some trepidation, fearing what they would see. No one else seemed to notice anything wrong at first, but the news copter took a hint and the cameraman faced the camera towards where the twins were staring at with pale faces.

The twins looked at each other, “Aw crud.”


A tsunami. Of course. That’s what the first noise they heard was from. It came from the earthquake hitting the seafloor, at an even larger magnitude than the one that hit the city. The news would later record that the magnitude was a 7.1 on the Richter Scale and it caused a large tsunami to head towards Kuwait. Over 3 million people are in the city right now and there really isn’t much of higher ground to get to other than the buildings which Danny would not take much stock in due to structural damage.

The tsunami is a large one.

Dani started breathing faster at the incoming panic attack. She never did the hero business before. That was Danny. All she ever did was travel and keeping out of danger and trouble. The weight of all the innocent civilians that will die from this natural disaster was almost too much for her to bear.

She felt cold.

Her breathing came out faster in pants, not realizing that the cold feeling was not just from fear but also from new powers developing. Danny noticed though, “Dani! That’s it! Ice breath! We got to freeze the tsunami before it hits the mainland!” Danny laughed, a tinge of hysteria barely noticeable. He started breathing faster and deeper himself, praying to see the puff of cold air becomes visible.

He cheered when he saw white air expelled from his mouth. Dani took control of her breath, feeling more centered now that her brother is taking the lead in the superheroing aspect of their lives, “We don’t have much time, but we need to blow deep and fast. Coldest air that you can do!” Danny ordered, “Aim at the moving waters! Now go! I’ll go left, you go right!”

Both shot towards the beach and to the crowds amazement, blew out icy breaths stopping the tsunami’s track, the results towering over them like eerie white blue claws trying to cut them down but frozen in its place instead.

They parted from the middle to build the sharp icy walls, the closest of it reaching mainland but non reaching to the buildings themselves. The sudden intense use of their new powers left them feeling drained, and they felt elated that they were able to save the citizens of Kuwait. They basked in the loud thundering cheer of the thankful citizens and the occasional tourist that they didn’t pay attention that one helicopter was not a news helicopter. It was black and unmarked.

They didn’t notice it when they turned to face their running parents, smiles on their faces to fly down to greet their cheering and proud, if stressed, looks.

They didn’t notice the sound of compressed muzzle firing a tranquilizer dart made specifically for Kryptonian biology.

But Dani certain noticed the sudden sharp sting on her upper back and she yelped, arching backwards to try to get the offending dart off. But she couldn’t reach it as she was hit with an immediate dizzy spell and encroaching darkness at the edge of her vision. She lost awareness too quickly to realize that she was falling like a rock towards the slush filled water nor hear her brother cry out for her.

Dani hit the cold water and soon another body hit the water right after her.


“I got them both.” Deadshot spoke to the mike and Deadstroke nodded. They switched so Deadshot is now flying the machine and Deathstroke rappelled down the rope and dove into the freezing cold water to grab both unconscious teens. They ignored the suddenly upset crowd and they particularly ignored the duo screams of an angry and fearful parents.

When Deathstroke surfaced again, he grabbed the rope and yanked twice, hooking it to his belt for security. The helicopter pulled up and secured in one arm, two dripping wet unconscious teens were taken away from the hysterical parents.