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Ok ko Oneshots

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“Is the blanket cave ready?!”
“Yes Fink”
“How about the snacks and the extra cheesy pizza?!”
“Yes Fink”
“And last, but not least, Alien Body Snatchers from Hell 3 and 4!”

Fink scurried from her room to the living room. A huge blanket fort in the middle decked out with snacks and pillows. Professor Venomous suggested that he and and his partner Razz Hare needed a break for once. Fink came up with the idea, much to Razz’s horror. Since she doesn’t handle scary movies well at all. Of course, no one knew this. She wanted to seem confident and unfazed. She slowly entered the living room, taking her sweet time. “C’mon Miss Boss! Before the pizza gets cold and gross, `` Fink growled at how slow she was moving. “Now I don’t know about you, honey, but cold pizza doesn’t sound very...appetizing.” Venomous shuddered slightly. Razz took a deep breath. “It’ll be fine. You’re fine. Don’t worry, `` Razz entered the cave with a pep in her step and snuggled close to Venomous. “About time”, Fink muttered before she felt a slight tug to her ear. “Don’t be rude Fink”Venomous warned lightly grabbing the remote to start the movie.

The movie had barely even started before Razz started to freak out. Shaking almost uncontrollably, she made a tiny whimper she thought no one could hear. But since Venomous had impeccable hearing, he was able to make out her tiny sound of distress. While Fink was too invested in the movie, he held Razz close to him and kissed her head. “If you were so terrified you could’ve just sat this one out dear”. “Yeah but, I didn’t wanna let Fink down”, she groaned and jumped at a loud bang from the movie. Venomous laughed quietly and held his partner closer as the movie droned on in the background.

By the time it ended, the sound of tiny snoring could be heard in the fort. The two adults slowly and quietly crawled out of the makeshift fort. Venomous scooped up the sleeping minion into his arms before taking her into the bedroom. Razz followed behind and tucked Fink in, the two of them both giving a quick and light kiss to her forehead.