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Prince of the Moon

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    Sometimes, sitting alone in a serene, quiet place was awfully dull. Yoongi rested his head on his bedazzled arm, laced with ink and transparent cloth. Bracelets of gold and dark sapphires clinked together as he took in a breath. His silver eyes drifted to the world in front of him, colored bright and blue and white. After eons and eons of being isolated, stuck in the cold and silence of the moon, staring at the same world every minute, the sight got boring. No matter how beautiful something is, if you look at it for every second of your life, it gets dull. 

The world in front of Yoongi changed slowly. Over millennia, the world slowly got more blue, the landmasses moving like the sluggish movement of the moon around it. Unlike the world, Yoongi’s home never changed. He would push a rock, draw in the dust, and it would stay there forever. Often times, he wished he could catch a glimpse of the things on the globe of blue and green. To see how it was. Was it as lonely and silent as the place Yoongi called home?

Perhaps it was full of noise and things that looked like him. Yoongi never made sound, like the place he dwelled in. Did it sing and dance to a song that he had never heard? Years and years had gone by, marked only by the growth of Yoongi’s metallic pewter hair. Did the world before him mark the years with marks in the ground, or knots in their hair, or piles of rocks? Was there anyone down there to even mark the passing time? Yoongi could walk around his home in three rotations’ time without stop. The world before him was massive, with strange swirls of white twisting around it. Perhaps they were a threat.

Yoongi flicked a pebble, watching as it skid away before stopping abruptly. He had thought and questioned the same things almost every moment his eyes were open. Lonely as it was up in his home, it was a good place to think. Or perhaps he did not know enough to make that conclusion. The latter was most likely true. 

Behind him, an ever-burning globe of hot fire raged. It hurt his delicate eyes to look at the angry world, so he hardly faced it. The globe looked so small, but deep down he knew it was bigger than he could ever imagine. Yoongi did not know how, but the way it flickered and burned told him so. Like the other dots of lights surrounding him, it was far and twinkling with an anger that Yoongi could not understand. Sometimes, he felt as he was too young.

He sat upright, stretching before resting himself back onto the dusty gravel. Yoongi watched the swirls of white curling around the globe for a few moments before taking an interest in the tiny rocks and pebbles under his fingers. Sleepily, he made small piles of rocks before knocking them down. He sighed softly, breath making a little cloud. Perhaps I should go take another nap, Yoongi thought plainly, piling dust into his palms to dump back onto the ground.

Tiring of playing in the dust, he turned to look over his shoulder at the angry globe. Recently, a faint, glowing thing had been coming towards Yoongi’s home at a slow pace, twinkling like the dots in the black sky. He did not think much of it. Many things that glowed at come to attack the world before him when it was void of color and many things had blown craters in his home as he grew. Yoongi faintly remembered getting hit by one of the celestial bodies when he was much younger, but it brought no feelings of fear or anger to look at the glowing object. It was hardly frightening or concerning. Sometimes it was nice to look at. At that time, it was considerably closer than it had been before. It seemed to jerk and move as Yoongi did but in a much more aggressive way. He stared at it, squinting because of its strong luster, then shrugged and turned away. 

So what if it hits my home? Yoongi thought, maybe something interesting will finally happen. He felt a strange motion where his mouth was before it quickly disappeared. Even though Yoongi found humor in his thoughts, he knew he did not truly believe them. Living in the quiet, grey world for so long had made him quite affectionate towards it. A strangely fond memory Yoongi had was when a crater had been blown on the dark side of him home, so he had spent days trying to refill the void with the grey dust around his feet. After a while, Yoongi realized his efforts were futile and gave up. It was entertaining to throw some handfuls of dust into the crater, though. 

Yoongi took to drawing crude images of the colorful globe before him when he heard a sharp sound pierce the silence. He jerked his head around, alarmed. Albeit slowly, Yoongi pushed himself off the comfortable spot he had been laying in and turned to look in the direction of the celestial body. It seemed much closer than it had been mere moments before when he took to playing in the dust. The light hurt his sensitive eyes and made all the metallic accessories on his body shine. Yoongi smoothed the front of his dark navy robes nervously. His long, golden necklaces clinked together, echoing faintly across the pale land. What is happening? Yoongi thought frantically. There was really nothing he could do about the situation, but perhaps throwing rocks at the object would make him feel better.

In the few moments it took Yoongi to bend down and pick up a reasonably sized stone, the body of light was almost at his feet. He let out a high sound of surprise, frightening himself in the process. Two odd, metallic figures were tied to the front of the even shinier thing, bucking around and making strange sounds. Yoongi stumbled backward, falling and bringing his legs closer to his upper body. The thing rattled as something moved inside it, making the two figures before it rise and buck more. 

A being that had limbs that resembled Yoongi’s limbs left the thing, draped in bright fabrics laced with gold and platinum. A crown of pure gold and diamond sat atop its head, proud and arrogant all on its own. Yoongi stared up at the being in awe and wonder, scarcely remembering why he had been so afraid in the first place. Its face was sharp and its hair was a soft yellow. The being looked down at him and its face contorted. It opened its mouth, forming words out loud that scared him. “Oh my goodness! Who are you? Are you all right?” The two figures behind it made loud squeals. 

Yoongi parted his lips to try and imitate what the being said, but no sound left him. He didn’t know how the being did it so effortlessly. “Are you sick?” it asked worriedly, taking a step closer. Yoongi flinched away, glancing back at the world behind him. He wondered if it could see what was happening. The being rushed over to him, crouching down and placing a hand on his shoulder. He let out a squeak, making his eyes go wide. Yoongi quickly covered his mouth with his hand, thoroughly embarrassed. The being raised a brow, squeezing his shoulder. “Do… do you know what I’m saying?” it asked slowly. Yoongi blinked, unsure of how to confirm or deny what the being was saying. He went with nodding his head up and down, hoping that the being would understand. 

“Oh, all right then. You, um, cannot talk, correct?” Yoongi nodded again. “Hm. Well- My name is Jung Hoseok- you can just call me Hobi. What are you doing here- oh, right. I forgot you can’t talk. Well- I’m sure you can read and write, right?” the being- Hoseok- babbled. Yoongi stared at him, tilting his head to the side in confusion.  What is ‘reading’? he thought, wanting to ask. Hoseok furrowed its brow, lost in thought for a moment. “You… you don’t know what I’m talking about, do you?” Yoongi did not move at all. The being pursed its lips, looking around his home.

“Are you here all alone?” Hoseok asked. Yoongi nodded. “Oh, that’s awful.” He didn’t appreciate the tone of Hoseok’s voice. Yoongi’s face puckered up and he folded his arms defensively. The being made a strange noise. “Did I offend you? Sorry. It just seems so… dark,” Hoseok rubbed his bare arms and made a weird face, “and cold. Don’t you feel it?” Once again, Yoongi’s mind was plagued with questions, except they weren’t about the blue globe behind him. What is ‘cold’? What is ‘offend’? How does it know these words? What are those things behind it? He narrowed his eyes at the two raging figures.

Slowly, Yoongi raised an arm and pointed at the two. Hoseok looked over at the figures, face lighting up with excitement. The being looked back at him, showing all his ivory teeth. “Oh, those two? Those are my coronians. Aren’t they lovely? The smaller one is named Mickey and the other- she has a slightly more blue mane- is named Solar,” it explained. At the call of their names, Mickey and Solar stopped bucking and shrieking in favor of standing calmly. Yoongi blinked. 

Hoseok suddenly stood, pulling him up with it. The being looked over his robes, tapping his chin. “You have very dark clothing. How? There isn’t anything here to make it. Perhaps it was given to you. The Gold Forest has plenty of fronters to get thread from, but the darkest color they can produce is bronze,” Hoseok rambled, spinning Yoongi around to look at his backside. “Goodness, why do you have a corset on, as well? And not under your robes! My sister made me wear one because it would ‘make me look better during a race’. It was awful. Does it not hurt?” Yoongi didn’t have the faintest idea of what the being was on about, but it made him feel a little distraught from his tone. Was there something wrong?

It grabbed one of his golden necklaces, examining the charm at the end. It was a disc of glossy obsidian, surrounded by a thin line of silver. Yoongi looked down at it, then back up at Hoseok. The being had once again furrowed his brow and pursed his lips, as if he did not know what he was looking at. It is obsidian, Yoongi thought, is it not obvious? There is nothing like it. Hoseok was still staring at the charm before he reached up and pushed its arm down. The coronians were bucking and squealing again. Hoseok looked at his face. Before, Yoongi had not noticed, but the being was taller than him by a few good pebbles. “Uh, anyway, are you waiting for someone?” Hoseok asked, placing its other hand on his shoulder. Yoongi just stared at the being, confused as to what it meant. Why would he be waiting for anyone? There was no one else, as far as Yoongi knew. He could barely remember seeing a tall being when he was far younger and smaller and that was it. Yoongi simply stared at the being before him, not sure how to explain anything at all. 

“I guess that is a no. Are you sure you’re all right?” Hoseok inquired, tone laced with concern. Yoongi nodded, gazing at the shining, golden crown atop the being’s head. He realized that he still had a stone in his grasp and quickly dropped it. A dull thud echoed through his home, making the coronians buck wildly. Hoseok removed a hand from Yoongi’s shoulder and scratched the nape of his neck. 

“So… you’re here all alone, correct?” Yoongi nodded. “And there’s no one coming to get you?” Yoongi nodded again. Hoseok sucked in a breath, looking around. “Uhm… why- why don’t you come back to the Oasis?” it asked, staring off at the blue and white globe. Yoongi blinked. What is Oasis? Is it the angry world far away? he thought inquisitively. Although he was deeply attached to the home that he had grown up in, curiosity got the best of him. Yoongi found himself nodding before he could even think it through. Hoseok’s mouth pulled back to reveal all its teeth again and squeezed his shoulder. The being gripped Yoongi’s hand in an oddly friendly manner, leading him towards the big thing.

Yoongi hesitated, taking a step back as they got closer. Hoseok gave him a look, before a wave of understanding came over its expression. “That’s a chariot. I suppose you don’t know what that is? Some others that live in the more rural areas of the Oasis don’t know what they are, either,” it explained, pointing at the oddly shaped thing. He hummed in response. From afar, it was hard to look at, but up close it was very beautiful. Like Hoseok’s crown, it had intricate carvings of circles and beings and strange things with long faces crying out. The two coronians were standing patiently, snorting and swatting their flaming tails. 

“Come on then,” Hoseok urged, “let’s go.” Yoongi looked skeptically at the chariot. This looks unsafe, he thought. After thinking about it for a few more moments, he shrugged to himself and stepped onto the platform. The being got on with him, pushing him over before grabbing some ropes that Yoongi had not noticed before. Hoseok jerked the ropes very violently, startling Yoongi, and the two coronians reared up and started to move. They shot forward, shrieking, stomping hard onto the dusty ground of Yoongi’s home. He let out a tiny cry of dismay, unhappy to see prints pressed so deeply into the pale ground. Mickey and Solar jerked to the side as the being yanked at the ropes, promptly pulling the chariot off the surface of his home. Being thrown around so violently made Yoongi topple over, but Hoseok caught him with one hand. 

As he stood upright again, he turned to look back at his home. Yoongi was alarmed to see that they had moved so far in so little time, making his home look smaller by the minute. His home was a small, pale grey globe, scarred with craters that ran deep. Compared to the lively world it orbited around, it looked like a tiny stone. He watched it grow smaller, feeling as he was betraying someone he did not know. Hoseok was shouting something at the coronians, who grumbled in distaste and started galloping faster. Heat was radiating off the two coronians, making Yoongi wince. The being glanced over at him, offering him another strange gesture of the mouth. “So!” Hoseok said cheerfully. “It takes about five hyras time to get to Syn, so we’ll stop by Venturis and Hermes on the way. Is that alright with you?” Yoongi just stared at him. What? he thought, What is that? Hoseok waited for a reply before seeming to remember that he didn’t know how to make noise with his mouth.

“Oh, uh, right. I apologize. I-I forgot. Venturis is the planet before Gaea.” Seeing the look on Yoongi’s face made him ramble more. “Right! Um- Gaea is the planet that your- uh- home orbits. Gaea is developing a bit slower than Venturis and Hermes- but that’s fine! Anyway- I’m friends with a Venan and a Herese, so we’ll have somewhere to stay. You don’t know what that is,” the being concluded. Yoongi nodded, still not understanding what it was talking about. Was a Venan a coronian? Or was it a being? 

He had so many questions and it frustrated him that he was incapable of asking them. In his home, it was easy and calm because there was nothing to question. Where did that crater come from? It was a meteor from two-thousand rotations ago. Why was this pile of rocks still there? Simply, there was nothing to move it. Yoongi knew everything about the pale globe he lived on and nothing that was not on the surface of it. Hoseok had gone silent, occasionally jerking the ropes to keep Mickey and Solar on course. 

After a while of standing silence with the being, Yoongi began to feel tired. Usually, he was not on his feet for long, so he was not used to the effort. It was a tad embarrassing, but Yoongi didn’t think Hoseok had noticed. His eyes felt heavy. Perhaps the being would not mind if I napped for a moment, he thought tiredly.

And with that, Yoongi nodded off, unaware that he had laid his head on Hoseok’s shoulder.