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fated goodbye

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You lived the skeleton brothers for a couple of years, you really got to know them and at one point you even started to crush on them.


One day you were in the library picking out a book or two to give you inspiration for a paper you were writing for the past week, the mansion started to shake, causing the selves to shake and fall.


On top of you


You didn't move fast enough.

Your arm was crushed.

You were on the ground unconscious.

And no one came to check on you….

You did manage to wake up, and when your eyes fluttered open seeing the shelf on top of your right arm, you well panicked and cried all while trying to pull your arm out. It didn't work well since you were on your belly and the top of the shelf inches away from your face.


Ok okay, This is bad. Papyrus isn't in the house and Sans probably isn't either. Well… probably you couldn't really tell.


“Okay okay…. You can do this!”

You sucked in your breath and tried to redirect your focus away from the arm and tried to fish out your phone from your pocket with your other non-crushed hand. Your Phone did not suffer much as your arm did. Sure it had a fuck ton of cracks but it didn't cut you. You moved the phone over the flat surface on the back of the shelf to look at it. You press the home button and your face lit up with open when it worked properly.


Oh, thank god it was working!


But your smile was quickly wiped off when you saw the time….


3 HOURS! For a whole whopping 3 hours, you were here with a crushed arm Which by the way hurt, even more, when you thought about it. You hiss as your foot repeatedly hit the ground in pain.


“Ah- ahhh shittTTT!”


You managed you hold onto your phone as you cried in pain.


You took deep breaths and refocused on the phone, You pressed into your contacts and called Sans.





He didn't pick up. You grit your teeth

“Sans you lazy ass!”


You called again.


And again…


And… again…


You grumbled and decided to call Papyrus.


He didn't pick up either.


“What the hell!”


It's been spent 30 minutes trying to call the skeleton brothers and they both didn't pick up.


You took a deep inhale and exhale and decided to call the devil herself




You pressed call and you swear you could cry from happiness when she picked up and quickly put it on speaker


“Heya Punk! What's up?”


“H-heya undyneeee”


“Dude you okay? Your voice sounded like you were crying or dying, DID THOSE BONEHEADS DO SOMETHING???”


“N-no! Don't worry but uh did you get the earthquake earlier?”


“Yeah! It was hella WEAK!”


You rose a brow


“Really? It hit me hard here… and uh... “


“Uh what??? Come on man spit it out!”


“MYARMGOTCRUSHED! And I've been here for like 4 hours Undyne! I need HELP”






And the call ended…


Until you heard someone kicking the front door down with Undyne screaming your name and then died down


After a long while, Sans burst through the doors of the Library with Undyne




and well.. 8 more Skeletons that looked like Sans and Papyrus


A stated at you on the ground making you feel uncomfortable


In sucked in a breath to say something aloud to your sans



“Well about fucking time you numb nuts.”


That earned a few chuckles


Undyne let out a war cry which startled everyone, running over to lift up the heavy Book self from your arm.


You yelped when a few books hit your already crushed arm and pulled it out to let Undyne drop it.


Sans- Well your Sans ran over to you and grimaced as he looked over at your arm.


Your Arm was horrifying, pieces of bone sticking out from the black and purple flesh that was swollen horribly.


Undyne hissed at your wound and dialed 911 for an ambulance as she screamed at the Skeletons to get out of the way.



You were put into a ambulance and told Sans and Undyne they didn't have to come with.


As Undyne waved you off she quickly turned to the house and stomped on the skeletons as they turned to her.


Undyne looked at the skeletons and looked at two who gave her weird and angry looks.



The multiple Sans in the room spoke up


“wah’d yuh wan fish sticks?!”
“shut up undick.”

Maybe a few looks were thrown at a Sans who was just ...Taller and Bigger than well Sans himself! There was a cracked hole in his skull but luckily didn't reach his eye sockets. But his sharp wide grin, Large Red glowing eye light, and blood-stained shirt made him look… Terrifying


His Papyrus was taller than you average Papy, at least a foot taller making him 8ft tall. Just a few inches taller than Asgore. His right socket was slightly smaller than the other and his teeth are crooked, sharp, and weirdly coated with blood at its tips. He was hunched back meaning his actual height is wayyy different. His amour wasn't as white and the black cloth that covers his visible bones was torn in some places.


It made Undynes fins droop to see someone that looks like her Friends hurt like this made her upset and angry wanting to kick whoever's ass that did this to them. But she didn't want to look weak so she scoffed



“I meant MY bonehead!”


Sans raised his hand. Undyne gave him a hard death stare which made his grin tighten and start to sweat magic.


Undyne crossed her arms and turned her body to face Sans





Undyne Growled, “CARE TO EXPLAIN?!”


Sans flinched. Some of the others leaned in wanting to know as well


“well uh… explain what?”


“The fact why their so many yous and Papyrus’s around!”


“um…” He fidgeted in his spot “ was working on a machine that was supposed to bring back my dad and uh accidentally brought them here instead?”


Undyne rose a questioning brow at him as she tapped her foot on the ground. Sans sunk into his Jacket while Undyne stared at him.


“And with Y/N?”


Sans eye lights blew out

“I-i didn't know she was home…”




Sans's head went up and pulled out his phone to see the tons missed calls. His permanent grin faltered and he felt so guilty.
Gosh looking at the state of your arm how the hell was he supposed to make that up to you?