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Let's Fall In Love For The Night

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It was four in the morning.

All Michelle could hear was the sound of her neighbor, blasting his music and throwing a gigantic party as if it was a Friday night.

You would think she'd be used to it by now. He always does this. He did it on Monday, Thursday, and now, today.

She has a chemistry exam at nine, so how the hell was she supposed to sleep? When she could hear him practically screaming through the walls? She could hear every tiny thing he says. Even when he was just talking in a normal voice (Which was rare.)

Michelle laid down, staring up at the ceiling. Every beat and every yell vibrated through her walls and floors. It’s only been a week, and she's already over it. Moving to New York was supposed to be fun, a new experience living on her own— This isn’t what she was expecting.

Well, she did understand that she lives in a studio in New York City.

The walls were as thin as ice, and so were the floors. Hearing every little detail was expected. Despite the size, she still struggles to pay for it, even though her bedroom is basically in her kitchen.

She had to say something, she could just let him disrupt her sleep (For the third time this week). So, she threw on her robe and slippers and marched out into her corridor.

The music from her neighbor’s apartment blasted so loud, she was confused at how no one else complained yet.

Michelle pounded her fists against the door. Over and over, for what felt like minutes. She didn’t leave, because there was no way in hell that she’d let him get away with this.

“Hello?! Hello?! Can anyone hear me?!” Michelle yelled through the door.


It’s about time.

A brown-haired boy with curls opened the door.

Michelle stared at him. Dead on stared. Her eyes were glued onto him.
She was mesmerized by him, although she didn’t want to be. She was mad at him, like super mad.

“Hello? Weren’t you just banging on my door?” The curly-haired boy asked, resting up against the door, staring right back at Michelle. He admired her back, watching her cheeks turned a deep shade of pink.

She snapped out of it, “Oh, uh, yes,” She paused, raising the tone of her voice, “Yes! You need to stop doing this! I have a chemistry exam in less than five hours, and, and I really need to go to sleep.”

He widened his eyes, “Calm down, neighbor, can’t a guy have some fun around here?”

She hated his attitude right from the start. How he acted like he was all that. Also by the number of girls in his apartment, yeah, he was definitely one that got around. It makes sense, though. He was gorgeous. Michelle was blown away by his abs, his muscles, his bouncy hair. Everything about her neighbor was perfect, except the fact that he was a total dickhead.

“Yeah, you can have fun. Just not at four in the morning!”

“I’m Peter. Peter Parker.” He said, disregarding her sentence, sticking his hand out. He cracked a smile, which made her heart melt.

“Michelle Jones, but I go by MJ.” She reluctantly said, shaking his hand.

It was soft, like a baby. Like he moisturizes it every hour. She didn’t wanna let go, but she did. Why? Cause this Peter Parker kid is an asshole.

“Can you please just turn it down a little? Just a little bit? I need to sleep.”

“Nope. Sorry, Michelle. Goodnight,” Peter said, chuckling after and shutting the door in her face. Michelle scoffed and walked back into her apartment, “It’s MJ, you fucking asshole.”

Thirty minutes passed and MJ was wide awake. Wide awake. For a different reason. A more disgusting reason.

The music was still blasting, but this time there was banging on the wall. From a bedframe. Peter was having sex and she could hear every single thing. From the moans of the girl to the mattress squeaking. She thought she was gonna throw up. Using her pillow, she tried to cover her ears to drown out the gross sounds.

It was five-thirty in the morning. Who in their right mind, has sex at five-thirty in the morning?!

The next thing you know, her phone buzzed.

‘Ready for the chem test today?!’

It was a text from Liz, her best friend.

MJ groaned and texted back, ‘My neighbor is having sex and I can hear everything. So no, I am far from ready!’

Liz was now calling her.

“Liz, I am freaking out!” She whispered into her phone, “He is going at it! My neighbor is either blasting porn, or having sex with someone, and I can hear them!”

“MJ, why are you whispering?!”

“If I can hear him, he can hear me!”

“Girl, knock on his door! Go!” MJ sighed, “Yeah, yeah. I need to tell him to stop, like immediately. Before I throw up!”

Liz laughed, “No, stupid! I mean, go have sex with him!”

MJ’s face dropped, “Liz! This isn't the time for jokes!”

“You haven’t had sex in like, three years, MJ. Go get ‘em! I’m sure he’s cute.”

Actually, she hasn’t had sex in two years. But, she figured she wasn’t really missing out on anything. All guys suck these days, and they weren't worth her time. Peter, as an example. He’s an asshole. Why would she want to have sex with an asshole, that will probably just forget about her later down the road?

“Liz, I have sex. Trust me. I do, and yes. He is very cute. But I have to tell him to stop, I don’t give a fuck if he’s in the middle of it. See you later.”

“But MJ-” She hung up abruptly, and marched outside, again. This time she was more than mad, she was furious. All she wanted was some peace and quiet, you know? Some nice, quality sleep.

“Peter! Open your goddamn door!” MJ knocked and knocked.

“Fuck, fuck! Oh my god, Peter, harder!” She heard through the door.

Her face cringed as she tried to cover her ears. Now, she was mad and disgusted.

“What the hell do you want now?” Peter said as he opened the door. A towel was wrapped around his waist and that was it. Just a towel. His abs were sculpted by the Gods, covered in a sheer layer of sweat. Not to mention his hair, that fell perfectly in his face.

“How are you even gonna ask me that?!” MJ said, and then looking back at the blonde-haired girl behind him.

“Michelle, everyone has sex. You have it, I have it. It’s normal.”

“Okay, but not loudly, at five-thirty in the morning!”

“Wait, take that back. You definitely don’t have sex.”

MJ scoffed at him, “Why does everyone keep saying that?! I do have sex!” She yelled.

“Jesus, Michelle. Let the entire apartment complex know while you’re at it. Plus, I knew that. I could hear you say it through the wall.” Peter said and laughed.

“You can hear me?!” She paused as she stared at him smiling at her, “This isn’t funny! Peter, I am a college student. I have exams and early classes. You cannot just fuck whenever you please!”

“It sounded good though, right? ”

“You idiot!” MJ shouted, walking away in complete disgust, “Goodbye, Michelle!” Peter called.

“How many times do I have to say that it’s MJ?!”

He stood there, leaning against his door. Watching her scurry into her apartment all angsty and mad. Cracking a smile at how cute she was. Peter was immediately attracted to Michelle from the second he laid eyes on her. He actually thought it was adorable, how her voice would get all high pitched when she would yell at him, and the fact that whenever they made eye contact, her face would turn as red as a stoplight.

Peter walked back into his apartment, and banged on the wall that their bedrooms shared, "Sweet dreams, Michelle!"

"It's MJ!" She called back as he smiled.

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Two weeks passed, and over this time, MJ avoided seeing Peter at all costs. So, she invited Liz over to take her mind off him. Even the thought of Peter and his cockiness made her blood boil.

“Liz, I need some serious help.”

“With what? Oh wait, don’t tell me. You’re neighbor?” Liz said in an unamused voice.

Michelle nodded her head as Liz scoffed, “Geez, do you like him or something? You always talk about him, like all the time.”

“No! It’s just that it's been two whole weeks, and every night, I just have that sound of the squeaking bed frame stuck in my head.”

“I mean, it’s not like it’s a bad sound.”

“It is definitely a bad sound when you’re sleep-deprived.”

Liz looked at Michelle with a smirk, “Can you like, hear him?”

“Yes, Liz. Obviously I can hear him. That’s literally why I’ve been complaining.”

She laughed at how that totally went over Michelle’s head, “No, dummy. Can you hear him like, moaning?”

Michelle’s face scrunched up in disgust, “Ugh, unfortunately.”

“Girl! So why are you complaining?! Didn’t you say he was like, totally hot? So put it together, MJ. He’s hot, you can hear him moaning, doesn't that mean—“

“Okay, okay, yes. I get that most girls would totally love this, but I’m different. I-”

Liz cut her off, “Yeah, you’re a total prude.”

MJ scoffed, “Not even! I’m not. I just have bigger things to focus on. Like school, exams, studying. Not sex, not boys, definitely not relationships. No matter how hard he makes me blush.”

“Aha! So you do like him! I knew it, so what the hell are you waiting for?! live a little bit, go have fun for once.” Liz exclaimed with a giant smile on her face. She loves to talk about boy drama and relationships. It was like we were freshmen in high school, "Take your mind off of school for once, and appreciate the fact that you have a hot neighbor. A hot neighbor that is addicted to sex. Michelle, this is like, great for you!"

“Peter Parker is a man-whore. I don’t want to be apart of that.”

Liz burst out into laughter, “I'm sorry, he's a what?!”

“He’s a man-whore. He fucks around with girls, moves on, and then he just forgets about them. If I ever get involved in a relationship, I want it to be real. Not just a one-night thing.”

“Wow, MJ. That’s pretty deep.”

MJ nodded her head in agreement.

It was 10:00 pm and she hasn’t even eaten anything. See what Peter does to her? He deprives her of sleeping, eating, and basically distracts her from focusing on anything that's not him.

“Do you want mac and cheese? It's late, and talking about Peter makes me like, super angry.” Michelle asked Liz, who didn’t respond to her.


MJ walked back into her room to find Liz laughing hysterically in the corner.

No. No. No.

Not again, not right now.

Just as she thought that maybe, just maybe, tonight would be quiet. That she could get the rest that she deserved.




Over and over like a broken record.

“Oh god, Peter, harder!” They heard the muffled yells through the wall.

“OMG!” Liz whispered to MJ, “You weren’t kidding! Help me, I’m dying!” She was laughing so hard, she was crying.

Michelle watched Liz die of laughter at the sound of Peter probably fucking some blonde-haired, Barbie looking girl.

She put her finger over her mouth to tell Liz to be quiet.

“You put up with this every night?!”

“Every... fucking... night.”

“We have to send a message, tell him that you are totally over his bullshit! Let’s play a prank.” Liz said as MJ’s eyes widened, “On Peter?! Like, like right now?! That's not the greatest idea, he'll get so mad.”

Liz nodded her head, "yes, exactly! He'll finally understand the anger you feel!"

“That’s so mean!”

“Now you wanna go all soft? It’ll be funny, MJ! Remember? Live a little bit!”

"Whatever," Michelle reluctantly agreed. Before Michelle could even ask what to do, Liz was already typing into her phone, “Shh,” She said as the Bluetooth speaker connected.

“Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?! Spongebob Squarepants! Absorbent and yellow and porous is he?! Spongebob Squarepants!” Blasted full volume through Michelle’s speaker.

MJ’s hand flew over her mouth to keep her from laughing. Both her and Liz were on her bed, laughing so hard they were almost crying.

“Peter, what the fuck?! Are there fucking kids next door?!” They heard the same girl's voice say.

“No, no! There are no kids! My neighbor is just a fucking asshole!” Peter shouted and banged on the wall hard. MJ’s eyes widened as she laughed harder and harder to the point where her stomach hurt.

Liz changed the Spongebob theme song to the sound of a baby crying on a loop.

“Liz, you’re so evil!” MJ whispered.

The hookup analyzed Peter saying that as if he was talking directly to Michelle, “Wait, does that mean they could hear us?! That’s fucking gross!” The girl’s voice shouted.

“You’re the one that was screaming my name so loud, that the entire world could hear it!” Peter shouted back.

Did Liz and MJ just cause Peter and his hookup to fight?

Yep. They did. They weren't even sorry about it.

“Fuck you, Peter! You’re the fucking asshole, not your neighbor! The sex wasn't even good!” Footsteps followed behind the sentence along with the hard slam of Peter’s door.

"Your moans disagree with that, bitch!" He shouted.

“I have to go, good luck, MJ!” Liz said, opening her bedroom window that led to the fire escape. (To avoid seeing the mad hookup marching out of Peter's apartment.)

“Bye, Liz! See you tomorrow!” MJ replied and waved.

Coincidentally, just as Liz left, there was a knock at the door. Not just any knock. An angry knock, a punch almost. A door knock that was so hard, Michelle thought he’d knock her whole door down.

“Michelle, open your goddamn door, now!”

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“Michelle! Open your goddamn door!” MJ huffed and walked over to the door, “What do you want?”

“Spongebob?! Really?! You fucking hate me, don’t you?” Peter asked and chuckled. His breath smelled like alcohol, MJ was shocked. He was super, super drunk.

Michelle continued to stare down because he was wearing just a towel— Again. It killed her not to look, so she stared at the ground. His abs were covered in a sheer layer of sweat.

So that’s what he looks like after sex.

Nope. Nope. Nope. Michelle stopped herself from thinking about that. She hates Peter, she hates him with a burning passion, and is actually happy to see him this angry.

She sighed, “I just met you, Peter. I can’t hate you, I just hate that way you act.”

“Well, Michelle, I’m sorry you feel that way. But, a man’s gotta do what a man's gotta do.”

MJ was so close to banging her head into her door, so she wouldn’t have to hear his cockiness. It made her sick, and very irritated.

“Fucking random girls at five in the morning isn’t something a man has to do! Goodnight, Peter.” MJ said, shutting her door, but having it stopped by Peter’s hand.

“I know you want me to be mad, so, solely for that reason, I’m not.”

Michelle has never wanted to punch anyone in the face so badly, but she knew he was drunk. So, she’s trying her absolute hardest to be a little lenient on him.

“I’m not gonna be angry, because I know that makes you feel satisfied, that you got your “revenge” on me, and the fact that I’m not mad probably makes your blood boil.” Peter said, giving himself that selfish, satisfactory smile.

His words made Michelle want to kill him. Murder him right then and there, burying the body in the nearest dumpster she could find. How can one person be such a dickhead?

“Peter, why the hell are such an asshole?!” “I’m not. You are. You and your bitchy little attitude. Thinking that you are just so much better than everyone else.” He chuckled, “You know what? I’m actually glad you stopped that, she was annoying anyways. Just like you.”

It was silent. Michelle knew he didn’t mean what he said, but also thought maybe he did.

They’ve only known each other for a month, is that really how people saw her? Bitchy and stuck up?

“Are you just gonna stand there? Or continue to piss me off even more? I mean, I’m used to it by now.” She said in an unamused, bland tone of voice.

“There’s something about you that I find cute. I don’t know what it is, but you’re different.”

“What is your point, Peter? Don’t you have another girl waiting for you or something? Don’t you have anything else to do instead of torturing the life out of me?”

“Michelle, do you want to have sex me?” Peter asked, looking MJ up and down. She gasped, her face dropping, “Excuse me, what did you just say?!”

“I said, do you want to have sex with me?” She scoffed in disbelief, “Why in the fucking world would you ask me that?! Just leave me alone already!”

“Because, Michelle. You keep staring at my abs, my lips, and not to mention my dick. You’re definitely looking there.” He chuckled, watching MJ go into complete shock.

“Do not flatter yourself, Peter Parker! I am not staring there, nor do I wanna have sex with you! I hate being in your presence half the time, let alone being in your bedroom. You’re drunk, just go home already.”

“Michelle, I am a very observant person.”

She sighed, “I don’t give a single fuck, Peter. Go home.”

“I see every little detail, I like to analyze things. Maybe too much. When we first met, you were practically drooling over me. It’s so obvious. Even right now. You’re not even mad at me, you’re just making me think that you are.” Peter ran his fingers through his hair, adjusting his towel. All while watching MJ, who was trying her hardest not to look.

“I was half asleep when I first met you. Why? Because you were having sex so loud, that I could hear it through my wall, you fucking man-whore!” She yelled.

“A man-whore? Never heard that one before!”

“Yes! You constantly fuck different girls left and right! Does that make you feel better about yourself?!”

“Yeah, actually, it does. Unlike you, I get action. I get attention. I spend my days having fun. Partying, fucking, drinking, and you? You do nothing but constantly complain about every little thing in your life! Have fun for once!”

“Unlike me?! Well, unlike you, I have some pride in myself. I have some dignity. I don’t use sex as a way to make myself feel like I’m worth something!”

Michelle and Peter were arguing like a married couple and they’ve only known each other for a month.

“You’re just jealous that people actually like me. You probably wished it was you, right? You probably wish it was you moaning my name loud enough that everyone can hear. Wishing that I would just take off this towel and fuck you right here, right?!” Peter laughed at his own, gross joke.

“You’re a disgusting motherfucker. Fuck you, Parker. Don’t you ever talk to me again!” She said, rushing back inside her apartment.

“It’s Peter, asshole,” He mocked her, as she stuck her middle finger up and slammed her door in his face.

A few days passed after that blood boiling conversation. It was so weird to her. First he told her he wasn’t mad, then he called her cute and talking about having sex with her, then they argued back and forth in each other’s faces.

Even thinking just about Peter, made her want to rip her hair out.

She sighed, asking herself why Peter had to be her neighbor and not some old grandma who knits in silence.

But then it hit her.

He was so drunk that his eyes weren’t able to focus on anything. Let alone being able to focus on a conversation.

He was like that because of her. Peter was so embarrassed and angry that he drank his problems away. Why? All because MJ pulled that stupid prank that Liz made her do. The more she thought about it, the more she felt bad.

She imagined herself in Peter’s shoes. If she was having sex with a guy, and all of the sudden someone did something so embarrassing like they did?

She’d feel so humiliated to the point she’d never want to have sex ever again.

Michelle finally made the decision that she was going to apologize to him in the morning.

All her life she’s been forgiving. Yes, she knows that she can be bitchy, but she also knows when she’s in the wrong, too.

As was laying on her bed, planning out her apology speech, she realized that she was laying down in silence.

Complete and utter silence.


Very, very odd.

It was 11:30 pm on a Friday night, and Peter Parker was quiet. No screaming, no bed frame, no music, no TV. So silent that you could hear a pin drop.

Michelle was actually kind of concerned.

She continued to put in her earbuds and closed her eyes.

This is what she’s been needing. Just quiet Michelle time.

Then of course, for some reason, she began to think about what Peter said that night.

Her mind began to think about how he asked if she wished it was her in the bedroom. Her, screaming his name.

To be quite honest, she would totally have sex with Peter.

Obviously, she wasn’t gonna tell him that. For like, again, reasons.

One thing Michelle hates more than Peter, is letting people get to her easily. She plays hard to get, she has a closed-book attitude for reasons. It’s part of who she is.

She hates getting attached to people because they end up leaving her in the end. Every relationship she's ever had, ended because of her. They cared about her too much. They didn’t want her to get hurt. They wanted to focus on what was best for her.

Everything ends because of her.

But, she didn't want to think about that now.

The dirty thoughts of Peter contaminated her mind.

His shiny, sculpted abs, his perfect and soft looking lips, what was underneath his… towel. The next thing you know Michelle’s hand was traveling down her body. Giving herself goosebumps as her fingers trickled down her stomach.

Closing her eyes tighter, she thought about the things he would do to her.

How he would run his hands all over every inch of her body, tangling his fingers in her curls. Her mind was filled with fantasies of him, just exploring her with his soft lips attached to her neck.

The more she thought of these things, the farther down her hand traveled.

Michelle paused at the waistband of her underwear.

She told herself she shouldn’t be doing this, but her hand disagreed, slipping into it anyways. She can’t do this over the boy she thought she hated. The boy she was mad at.

But it was too late.

She ran her finger over her heat for a moment, imagining that it was Peter’s, giving her chills that ran down her spine.

Michelle rubbed herself softly through the cotton fabric of her underwear. She shouldn’t be doing this, but she was, and there was no way in hell that she gonna stop herself.

Michelle moaned softly like a kitten as she pulled her hand up, slipping it into her panties. She gave herself some teasing motions before massaging her inner folds, she was already so wet at just the simple thought of him.

The thoughts of Peter being where her fingers were made her go insane.

She couldn’t believe she was doing this. She moaned a bit more at the thoughts and picked up her pace, adding some light pressure.

She had her other hand gripping the bed to ground herself. She fisted the fabric and pulled it up to her face. She wished it was him. MJ moaned, making it feel as if he was all around her.

“Oh my god, Peter.” Michelle moaned loudly, although she thought she said it softly due to her music blasting through her earbuds.

She rubbed herself harder and harder, swirling around her clit each time.

"Fuck, Peter, it feels so good," MJ let out before her breathing became rapid and labored, her eyes shut tight, her mind lost in her fantasies.

Thinking of all the thoughts of Peter, fucking her senseless and eating her out until she couldn’t take it anymore.

She was moaning so loud that she couldn’t even hear the knock on the door.

The next thing you know she was practically screaming Peter's name as she hit her climax. Her eyes bolted open when she finally heard the pounding knock at her door.

She was screwed.

MJ threw on an extra large t-shirt and walked towards the door. Her heart was beating out of her chest. She was thinking about the fact that she had earbuds in and the walls were thin. How could she be so dumb?

Peeking through the hole in her door, she saw it was Peter.

Her heart was racing for multiple reasons, and she knew this was about to get super awkward.

He saw her eyes creep through the peephole, causing him to knock harder.

“Michelle, I literally just saw you!” He shouted.

“No, you didn’t! I don’t want to talk to you right now, or ever!” She yelled back.

“Michelle! Just open the door for goodness sake. I came here to apologize.”

She creaked open the door slowly, peeping her head out. Peter Parker, apologizing? This is something she had to hear.

“The walls are thin,” Peter said with a smirk on his face.

MJ acted like she had no idea what he was talking about, and he played along with her. He heard everything.

Peter was practically pressed up against his wall, listening to every moan that came out of her mouth. Every whimper. Even the sound of his name.

“Michelle, I’m really fucking sorry. I was super drunk that night, I had absolutely no idea what I was saying,” He paused, making sure she was listening, “I know you probably think I’m a shitty person right now, and I am, but I don’t want to be an asshole to you anymore.”

MJ stood there and stared at him. For Peter Parker, the douchebag, annoying man-whore, it sounded pretty genuine.

“I understand if you never want to talk to me ever again, but could we start over?”

Michelle nodded her head and cracked a small smile, “Yeah, I’d like that.”

Peter was nice to her, for once. And not just because she was masturbating to the thought of him. He really does like her.

“I’m serious, MJ. I didn’t mean a single word I said that night.”

He called her MJ.

Not Michelle, but MJ.

Her eyes widened at the fact that he was actually serious. Peter has never, ever called her that.

“I’m sorry, too. I wasn’t the nicest person either. I’m sorry I played Spongebob during your sex.”

Peter stuck out his hand and laughed, “Friends?”

“Friends.” Michelle responded, shaking his soft hand like she did the night they met.

Peter stood there and just smiled at her. It was a sight they could stare at forever.

“Can I be honest with you for a second? Since we’re like, cool now?”

She chuckled, “I mean, I guess.”

“I’m infatuated with you and your personality.” Peter said, in his cocky voice. It was cute, so Michelle let it slide, “Oh, really?”

“Yes, actually. As much as I hate to admit it, that bitchy personality of yours is quite adorable. Guys really like it. You know, all hard to get and stubborn?”

“I don’t know if I should be thankful or offended.”

“If I were you, I’d be both.”

Yep. Asshole Peter came out in that one.

“No, but I was serious about what I said that night, I find you cute.”

She was liking this “part asshole,” and “part wholesome” Peter.

”Wow, Peter. I am just flattered. You? Find me cute? The bitch, the prude?” Michelle asked in a sarcastic tone, making Peter blush.

“You know, you aren’t too bad yourself. When you finally shut your mouth, I see why girls find you attractive.”

“Yeah, I could tell that you thought that.” He chuckled, doing that cute thing where he ran his fingers through his hair.

“Careful, before I take it back.”

“So, it’s been pretty quiet around here. Where’s your little lady friends? Did I scare them away?” Michelle asked, walking back inside to go fold her laundry.

Peter followed right behind her.

“I’ve been going to them now. I tell them that an old, virgin prude, who’s a total asshole— Lives next door to me. They expect a grandma, not a nineteen-year-old girl. So, they take me to their house.”

“Why does everyone say that?! I’m not a prude, or a virgin Peter,” Michelle said, annoyed that everyone, including Liz, kept saying that.

She turned around from her laundry basket and Peter wasn’t there.

“Peter?” She heard him laughing in her bedroom. What was up with everyone disappearing into her room?

Jesus, Michelle! What in the world were you planning on doing with these?!” Peter asked, holding up three pairs of lace thongs that were sitting openly on her chair.

“Hey! Peter, put those down! What are you doing going through my stuff?!” Michelle immediately said, snatching them out of his hands. (She was slightly embarrassed, but also kinda glad he found them.)

Asshole Peter was back, but for once she didn’t mind.

“Hmm, perhaps you aren’t such a goody-two-shoes. They were just sitting here, for everyone to see. At least put them away somewhere, geez.”

MJ lives alone. She has no family or friends that come over, so she leaves her stuff out in the open. Because it wasn’t like people were gonna see it. Guess it looks like she “forgot” to put those away.

“Peter Parker, do you ever, ever, think about anything besides sex?” She chuckled, “I’ve known you for a month, and sex is the only thing you talk about!” Michelle asked, still holding the pairs of thongs in her hand.

“Sex is enjoyable. It’s fun, exciting, rowdy. Something that, as I said before— But, will say nicer this time, something that you obviously do not engage in. I find it super interesting,” He paused, “It’s like reading a book.” MJ groaned, ”Please, I am begging you. Donot compare sex to an activity that I actually enjoy.”

Peter looked deep into Michelle’s soul, making heavy and intense eye contact, “Like, you never know what’s gonna happen. It’s unpredictable. One second it’s calm. You’re leaving trails of soft kisses down her neck, and the next second, boom!” Michelle’s eyes widened, “She’s screaming your name so loud, letting the entire world know who is making her feel so fucking good.”

Michelle was basically speechless. Peter was a douchebag. A dickhead. An asshole, but man. That boy had a way with words.

He could say the most stupidest shit like that, and it’d make her go crazy.

She had no idea how to respond. All she wanted to do was kiss him. But, she couldn’t do that. He probably doesn’t want her for that reason, because he has his types. Blonde white girls. Michelle has caramel skin with brown curls. Far from Peter’s standards. (She assumed)

“Tell me, Michelle. If I was to lift up your shirt, would I find you wearing one of these?” Peter asked as he signaled towards the thongs.

He was so close to her, she could feel him breathing against her neck. There was an insane amount of tension between them.

“I guess there’s only one way to find out.”

Peter crashed his soft lips against hers without even thinking. Michelle slipped her tongue into his mouth and moaned softly, causing him to groan along with her.

Her hands tangled into his curls just like in her dreams.

She pulled away fast, wanting to get her lips back on his as fast as possible, and whispered, “Fuck me already,” right into his ear. A lustful smirk took over his face.

He liked this side of Michelle.

And as expected, Peter Parker wasn’t one to waste time. Things escalated quickly.

Peter grabbed her thighs as she jumped into his arms, not breaking their kiss. He carried her next door to his apartment. (He knew MJ wasn’t one to own any condoms) and quickly threw Michelle down on his bed, towering over top of her. His lips moved down her jawline, down to her neck, leaving marks that she would definitely see tomorrow.

All the built up sexual tension from before was pouring out.

Michelle helped him take off her shirt, revealing the lace thongs she was wearing.

“There they are.” Peter said and chuckled.

“And there they are.” She repeated back to him.

He was admiring them, and how good they looked on her. How the orange color complemented her skin tone. Michelle had a smaller build, she was petite. Her butt wasn’t that big and her chest smaller compared to the other girls he was used to, but Peter actually preferred that.

“Touch me, Peter.” Michelle moaned, needing for his hands to be back on her.

And shit, he touched her alright.

He flipped her over, taking a strong grip on the thong and ripped it right off, causing Michelle to make the absolute sexiest noise that he’s ever heard.

“Look at you, so fucking wet.” Peter groaned, rubbing roughly against her folds. Peter was a natural at this.

She was making loud noises, until Peter put his hand over her mouth, using his free hand to slide two fingers inside her.

“Holy fuck, Peter!” She moaned, the noise muffling from behind his hand.

“You wanted me to be quiet, now it’s your turn.”

He didn’t take his time with her, either.

His fast and rough, curling his fingers in order to hit that spot he knew she wanted to feel. Michelle was shaking, and Peter was craving to hear her moan his name. He removed his hand, letting her make all the noise she wanted.

“Peter, oh my god!” He pulled his fingers out, just as she was about to climax. “Asshole.” Peter chuckled, taking off his shirt and jeans, “It’s about time.” Michelle muttered, wanting him back on her.

Once he was out of his clothes, he immediately grabbed her tiny hips and bent her over once more.

She heard him open the small foil packet, and less than a second later she could feel his dick sliding through her folds. She hasn’t felt that feeling in a long time.

“Fuck, Peter!” She moaned, feeling him stretch inside her.

He chuckled and inserted himself all the way into her. Picking up the pace, she struggled to stay up on her arms.

He thought it was funny how she complained that he was loud, when the entire apartment complex could probably hear her.

And he didn’t give a single fuck.

Peter could feel himself getting close, so he slipped two fingers down to her clit, using his other hand to grab a portion of her hair, making her arch her back.

Michelle gave out light sobs as the fingers working inside her moved faster. She fell down to her elbows, unable to keep herself stable.

“Come for me, Michelle. Scream my name like you did when you were alone, ” He muttered, as she realized what he said. She knew he heard her loud and clear, but she could care less now. 

She screamed his name.

“Peter, you feel… so good…” Michelle panted as both her and Peter hit their climax, slumping onto his bed.

It was silent and all you could hear was their rapid breaths.

“Sorry for calling you a prude.” Peter said, gazing at MJ, who looked absolutely perfect in his eyes.

“Don’t worry about it.”

She wanted to stay with him.

Be with him, be his.

Michelle wanted to be able to wake up, without having to worry that he will probably forget that this happened in the morning.

Chapter Text

The bright sun woke Michelle up, the light beaming onto her face. 


She never slept with her blinds open, she thought. Opening her eyes and yawning, she realized that her window wasn’t even by her bed. It was on the opposite side. Then she realized she wasn’t in her room.


Rolling over, her body hit something.


Another body.


Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. 


It couldn’t be. She had to be dreaming.


She was laying in bed with Peter Parker.


Slowly, all the memories from last night came back to her. The way he apologized, how asked her about her thongs, and how he carried her into his apartment. She smiled softly, at how much fun it was. She missed the feeling he gave her.


A feeling so good, she could see stars in her eyes.


But she knew what she had to do.


Michelle quietly rolled out of his bed, trying her hardest not to wake him. She spotted one of Peter’s shirts on his couch, so she walked over and slipped it on. (Apparently she came over here with no clothes, it all happened so fast.)


Walking back into her apartment, she crashed down on her couch.


Peter was right.


Sex was fun, exciting, and very rowdy. It was something she would want to do with Peter all the time. Every second of everyday.


But, she knew she was just one of his hookups. 


There was nothing special about what happened last night. He was sorry, she was sorry; They basically had makeup sex, right? Rough, thrilling, and very enjoyable, makeup sex.


Michelle wanted to think about it, remember the feeling, remember him telling her to scream his name, but she knew Peter would wake up and not think anything of it.


She figured he’ll just have another girl over to make his bed frame squeak tonight. For once, Michelle wasn’t looking forward to hearing it. Her mind was racing back and forth, thinking about what Peter will say the next time they meet.


She had to just forget about it, right?


Michelle got up to make breakfast, it was a Saturday morning, and all she needed was one relaxing morning-- Because clearly, it was a long night. 


Holy shit.


Does she tell Liz about this?


She’s definitely gonna ask what happened after the prank, right? How does she even tell her? WIll she even tell her? If Michelle told Liz, Liz would talk about it for the rest of her life. She didn’t feel like hearing about it. Why? Because she wanted to pretend it didn’t happen.


She didn’t want to get attached.


And surprisingly, Peter was doing the same thing.


As much as he didn’t want to admit it, he was addicted to Michelle.


He was addicted to her like she was a drug.


Hearing her scream his name so loud. The way his fingers ran perfectly through her hair. How her skin was soft and smooth like silk. Never in all of his life, has he had a hookup like this. It was more. 


Yeah. The  sex was great, but Michelle? Michelle wasn’t like the others.


She meant something to him.


He knew she was different from the moment he met her. There was something that made her stand out from the rest, in the best way ever. From the way she spoke. How she wasn’t afraid to say what was on her mind, and how she’s so focused on her goals.


Also, the way she was in bed. (Which was a bonus to Peter.)


He definitely underestimated her.


Thinking she was just some boring, rude girl with absolutely nothing to do on Friday nights. His goal was to make her feel the way he did. Having her feel so close to the edge, and not achieving it. Having her be quiet in the times she wanted to moan the loudest. 


But the thought of her, thinking that it didn’t mean anything, haunted him. Perhaps he caught Michelle in a mood. Maybe she was just horny, and needed to feel something. He figured she hasn’t had sex in a while, and was just using him.


Point being, they felt the same way, but didn’t want to admit it to each other.


They both thought it was just sad, meaningless sex. 


Until it happened a second time.


Sunday Night


Peter stared up at the ceiling debating whether he should get drunk or go to sleep.

He was tired, all he could think about was her. He thought about the way his name rolled off her tongue, the way her fingers held onto his hair. Even the way she would make her smart remarks afterwards.


Peter wanted to know everything there was to know about Michelle Jones. 


He was charmed by how she looked, how she acted.


Peter was starting to become obsessed with the thought of her.


Michelle and Peter avoided each other about two weeks, until he decided to knock on her door


“H-hey.” Michelle said softly, opening her door to Peter’s smile.


It was like she was nervous to see him again.


“Hi, Michelle.” 


“What do you need?” She asked him, opening the door all the way.


He stood there, in the hallway, looking at her XL size shirt. He thought to himself, “Was she even wearing anything under that?” and began to wonder if she was wearing one of those thongs he found in her room.


Peter’s intention was to just go over there, and get to know her. Ask about her day, her life. Not to have sex.


You see, when it comes to Peter Parker, he’s definitely a charmer. 


He’s good at seducing and flirting, and all that romantic stuff. But when it comes to having an actual conversation? Peter’s mind goes absolutely blank. He wasn’t one to get this attached to someone. Usually it’s a one and done situation (For his own good)

It was never this. Never going back to the person to actually get to know them. He wasn’t used to this, and didn’t realize how hard it was to even start a conversation.


Just like Michelle had said, does he ever talk about anything other then sex? And the truth was, no. He never gotten this close to one of his “hookups.” So he never really had to talk to anyone.


He was cool and confident in the sexual aspect. But the idea of talking (Like deep, meaningful conversation) with Michelle, who was an outstanding, bright and intelligent woman? Made him nervous as he’s ever been.


Peter couldn’t do it.


His mind was too focused on those goddamn thongs. His mind couldn’t focus on figuring out how to start an actual conversation.


“Michelle, do you wanna have sex?” 


He didn’t mean to say that, it just came out because his mind was panicking about what to say exactly.


But shit, he wasn’t gonna complain if she said yes.


“I would be stupid to say no.” 


She grabbed Peter by the collar of his shirt and pulled him into a kiss.


Michelle was getting more and more bold.


And in less than a few seconds, Peter carried her into his apartment and slammed the door.


Later That Night 


“Michelle Jones, I am absolutely infatuated with you.” Peter said in all seriousness, having it roll off his tongue naturally.


She chuckled, playing with the waves in his hair, “I question you sometimes, but you make me feel something,” He looked at her, “I could tell by the way you were screaming my name.”


Her hand bopped him in the back of his head, “No, loser. I mean like, feel  feelings .”


And there she witnessed, the Peter Parker, blushing. 


Michelle’s face dropped, “Is Peter Parker blushing? The man-whore, asshole, son-of-a-bitch, Peter Parker? Blushing?” Her smile made him turn an even darker shade of red.


“Hey, be nice, Michelle! Why don’t you, uh, tell me about yourself.” Peter said, all giddy, clearly embarrassed. 


“So,” She said, readjusting herself into his arms, “I moved here about two months ago, from a town in Rhode Island that I know you’ve never heard of.”


“City girl, huh?”


Michelle nodded, “Yeah. Definitely. New York City just makes me feel like I’m alive. Like, instead of doing the same shit everyday, I get to experience new things,” A smile took over her face, “I feel like I was made to be here.”


“With me?” He added.


“With you.” 


Michelle Jones has never in her life met someone like Peter.


Sure, he has some flaws, but flaws that can be fixed in her eyes. No one is perfect, she says. He’s full of life, he taught her how to have fun and relax. When she’s with him, she feels like a whole new person.


“You should’ve seen my parents reaction when I told them I was moving here. They were about to disown me for not being what they wanted me to be,” She sighed, “That’s what I hated. When I was little, I’d always say, ‘I wanna grow up to be this, or that!’ and then I’m hit with reality, and expected to follow what my parents choose for me.” 


“So what did you do to convince them?”


“Well, I got a scholarship. For art and design, it’s really nice.  I worked hard to get where I am now. The project that won me the scholarship took up my entire junior and senior year. But, I’m happy with my outcome.”


“Now tell me your story.” Michelle said, curious about the life of Peter Parker.


“I grew up in Queens. I’ve lived here all my life, with really no intention to leave.”


“Hmm, city boy?”


“City boy. I was pretty independent growing up, I know every inch of this damn city. Walking to school everyday, passing by every small corner deli you possibly think of.”


“Sounds fun to be able to just live by all that.”


“It was. It still is. I never really went out much in high school, though. I was part of the decathlon team. Practice and competitions 24/7. I was nerdy.”


Michelle’s eyes widened, “Are you serious? Me too! I was Captain, actually.”


Peter Parker was smart. Still is smart. Tony Stark taught him everything he needed to know about math, science, and how to get a girlfriend.


“Most of my life, I lived with my Aunt May, until she passed away. She’s kinda been there for me, ever since my parents, uh, died, too.”


Michelle’s face frowned, “Peter, I’m so sorry for your losses.”


He cracked a small smile, “I’m fine now. It was a while ago, I was only six. I barely remember them, but they were good people. My Aunt May immediately took me in, until she, uh, she died in a car accident last year.”


He was on the verge of tears. 


Michelle felt so bad, like she was prying or something. He didn’t seem uncomfortable, he just seemed very different. Very vulnerable.


“Peter,” Michelle said, gazing up at him. She swept the curl out of his face, “We don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.”


“It’s okay, MJ. I’m here now, with you.” 


Eventually, Michelle knew this side of Peter would come out. Every person has its vulnerable side. The side that they keep away. For Peter, it was his parents. His family issues. And the biggest thing, which was the same thing with MJ. 


Seeing the people he love get hurt. 


Just like MJ, everyone that he has ever loved has either died or left him. Which explains his personality. Closed off, rude to anyone that tries to be his friend. 


Especially, having sex random girls to make his life seem less miserable and interesting. 


“I’m glad you moved here. I’m sorry I was such a dick to you. I just have this thing where I, I have issues  meeting people that I know I’ll get attached to.”


“W-Why?” Michelle asked, hoping that his answer wasn’t too personal.


“Um, it’s just that everyone I get attached to, always ends up leaving. Or in my case, dying. I’m like a bad luck magnet.”


She realized that her and Peter have the same kind of issue. Nonetheless, she wanted to let him know that she wouldn’t ever let anything happen to him.


“Peter Parker, trust me. You are not a bad luck magnet, and I promise you that I’m not going anywhere. I’ll be here for you. Whenever you may need me,” He smiled and looked down at her. She seemed to have perfectly fit into his arms.


“Even your bed. I’m not leaving your bed, either.”


Peter gave her a kiss on the forehead before turning off his lamp.


They didn’t know what they were, or what they were gonna be. 


They were just happy to be in each other’s company. 

Chapter Text

Peter and Michelle spent every second of every day together. From after class, to eating dinners at each other’s houses. Michelle was surprised at how much of a gentleman Peter really was.


As the days went by, they continued to get more and more comfortable.


“Peter Parker, never in my life would I have expected you to be able to cook like this!” Michelle exclaimed, stuffing her mouth with the steak Peter made her.


“This… This is some five star shit.” She added, Peter laughing at her. 


“I’m glad you like it, I’ve never cooked for anyone, like, ever.” 


“You should be a chef!” 


“Note taken.”


They took care of each other. Peter would always snuggle her at night, make her bubble baths when she’s stressed.


They obviously loved each other, but didn’t know what they were.


And Liz was the first person MJ told about all of this.


“So are you guys like… a thing?” Liz asked, smiling while plopping down on MJ’s bed. 


“I honestly don’t even know. I think we are, but I don’t know what he thinks.”


MJ’s heart sunk at that fact. She loved Peter. She loved to see how much she changed him, from his attitude to his mood. 


He was so happy with her.


It was hard to think it went from her and Peter hated each other, to sleeping (In both ways) with each other every night. But, the thoughts of him just leaving her for someone else lingered in her mind.


“I think you guys are dating. He is like, so in love with you, MJ. It’s kinda obvious.”


Michelle sighed, “I guess. I’m just scared that I’m boring. That he’ll just stop liking me one day.”


“Do you love him?”


“Yeah. Yeah, I do. It’s just me being scared,” She paused, “Believe it or not, Peter is actually really romantic. And, he’s a really great chef!”


“See look at you, you guys are in love .” She exaggerated the “love” part. 


“I think you should make things official.” Liz said, MJ’s eyes widening.


“Really?! Isn’t that kinda awkward? I mean, what am I supposed to say? Like, ‘Oh, are we dating?’ He’s gonna stare at me like I’m an idiot!” Michelle rambled.


“Just confirm with him! There isn’t anything wrong with making sure you guys are getting somewhere. You’re clearly not just a hookup.”


“Yeah. You’re right. I’ll talk to him tonight.”


Later That Night


Michelle was set on her plan.


She was just gonna confirm, you know? Make sure that her and Peter are a thing. She planned out this entire speech that she rehearsed the second that Liz left. 


She was pacing. Not because she was scared, just that she was nervous that he’d look at her like she was stupid. She hates when people do that.


Then there was a knock on the door.


She opened it, smiling like an idiot, “Hey.”


“Hey, uh, Michelle. I actually came here to talk.”


Michelle’s heart sped up. No, no, no. She took deep breaths in and out.  Maybe it was about the same thing. She thought that to keep her from passing out.


“Yeah, I actually wanted to talk to you, too.”


“About the same thing?” He asked.


“Probably, you go first,” Michelle told Peter, rapidly tapping her thumbs together.


“Michelle, I don’t really know how to say this. Um,” There was a long paused, “I... I think we should break things off.”




Dead and dreadful silence filled the room.


What was she supposed to say to that? 


She invited him over to further things, not end it.


“M-Michelle?” Peter asked, breaking the tension.


“Uh, yeah. Right, uh,” She didn’t know how to respond. Her heart rate was through the roof.

She definitely couldn’t ask him now. She didn’t even know what to think. It was like she was just gonna pass out, right there in front of him.


The boy that made her delicious steak, warm bubble baths, and the softest touch that perfect for cuddles, wanted to end things. 


It wasn’t like she could say no. He obviously wasn’t in love with her. (So she thought)


“W-why?” She stuttered.


“I, I don’t know, actually.”


Michelle scoffed, “Peter, if you’re gonna break up with me, at least give me a damn reason!” 


Peter looked at her glistening eyes, “Uh, I just think that we’re getting too serious.”


He knew he shouldn’t have said that. But his mind was just as confused as Michelle’s.


Michelle’s eyebrows raised all the way up to the ceiling.


Too serious? ” She took a few breaths to calm herself before she was gonna slap him, “I, I thought that’s what we wanted.”


“It is, I mean, I did. I still wanna be friends though, MJ. I really, really, hope you understand.” 


Michelle hated the “friend” card, but she tried her best to understand— Even though she clearly didn’t.


Why is it that all of the sudden he wants to end things? She thought that they seemed happy together.


It’s been almost two full months, and never once did he complain.


But, Michelle being, Michelle, she couldn’t get mad at him. And, most importantly, she didn’t want him to see her cry.


Peter Parker would buy her flowers and chocolate, give her massages, and would do basically anything for her. He would cook for her and buy her bath bombs. He was good to her, romantic towards her, and Michelle thought she didn’t do that kind of stuff for him. 


“I, uh, I,” She gulped, holding back the tears that were stinging her waterline, “I understand, Peter.”


He gave her that small smile that made her heart break into millions of different pieces. She wanted to be mad at him so badly, but couldn’t bring herself to it.


She was just so confused, angry, and sad all at once. 


To break the awkward silence, he had to ask “What were you gonna ask me?” He asked it as if he didn’t want to leave.


“Nothing. Just, just forget about it.” 


Obviously, she couldn’t ask him what they were now.


She led him back to her front door, wanting to keep things short. His actions showed he didn’t want to leave, but his words said otherwise.


“Goodbye, Peter.” Michelle said in a shaky voice. 


“Wait! Michelle, just say it! What, what were you gonna ask me?” He asked, desperately wanting to know for some odd reason.


She sighed, “I was gonna ask what we were.”


Peter’s heart sunk to the floor as she said that.


”But, now I guess we’re nothing.


Peter didn’t respond back to her. He wanted to burst into tears as much as she did.


“I’ll, uh, see you around, Parker.” Michelle’s lips quivered as she immediately shut the door. 


She shut that damn door so fast, Peter didn’t even get a chance to say anything. She finally let all of her tears flow out. All the ones that were burning her eyes the entire time.


Never in her life has she felt so attached to someone. Michelle thought Peter was the one, her soulmate, the person she’d stay with forever.


But, she also knew she kind of signed up for this.


Peter Parker used to be what she called, a “man-whore,” he would fuck around with girls and then leave them the next morning. She felt dumb after remembering that. It’s a part of him to leave. He’s been doing it for who knows how long. For all Michelle knew, she wasn’t the first girl that was “more than just a hookup.”


Maybe she wasn’t good enough, maybe she was getting boring.

Just as she feared.


Sobbing, Michelle ran into her room and plunged deep into her covers. Crying her eyes out into the sheets and her pillows, so loud that Peter could probably hear it. 


She just didn’t understand why.


Why did Peter break things off so easily? Why wouldn’t he have tried to make things work? She thought he loved her.


Her eyes were red and puffy, and her breaths were staggering almost like she was hyperventilating.


She reached over to grab her phone to call Liz.


“MJ, oh my goodness! What’s wrong?!” Liz immediately exclaimed as soon as she heard her heart wrenching sobs over the phone.


“I was right, Liz! He did want to forget about me!” 

Chapter Text

Michelle wasn’t taking the “breakup” as well as she expected.


She had no motivation to do anything. Peter wasn’t there to run her warm bubble baths, cook her delicious dinner, and she had no one to cuddle with. Especially when she was watching movies, Michelle has never missed someone’s touch so badly.


And, as much as she hated to admit it, she even missed the sex.


Michelle was never really one to be interested in sex, but it was different with Peter. (At least she thought) She missed seeing his abs that were practically carved by the Gods, his hands tangling in her hair, and the smell of his cologne that still lingered in her sheets.


“I brought you the perfect post-breakup care package!” Liz exclaimed in her squeaky voice, even though it was obvious that MJ was feeling emotionless and tired.


She sat down on Michelle’s bed, spreading out all of the things she packed up for her. A DVD copy of The Bee Movie, face masks, nail polish, and her favorite Hagaan Daz coffee ice cream. Staring at the items on her bed, Michelle smiled for the first time in a few days.


Liz and Michelle put on the face masks and played The Bee Movie.


“I just don’t get it, Liz. Why did he end things so abruptly?”


“You were just too good for him, MJ.”


Michelle took a big bite (Yes, bite ) of her ice cream, “Nope. He just wanted to fuck other girls.”


Liz’s eyes widened, “MJ! Not true! Don’t tell yourself that.”


“I was boring old Michelle. He got tired of me! Literally, he was the most romantic person on earth, and I didn’t radiate the same thing back. Like, I get it.”


Liz felt sorry for her. She knew deep down that Michelle was just telling herself this to distract herself. She did this exact, “Boring Michelle” reasoning with her first boyfriend back in her sophomore year of high school. So, Liz knows when MJ’s lying to herself.


“MJ, listen. Maybe it was for a good reason, that’s why he’s keeping it so personal.” She paused, “But if he wanted to fuck random girls, let him! Because if that’s the case, he will never get to experience sex with the Michelle Jones ever again! He is out of his mind and it is his loss.” Liz exclaimed, turning up the volume on the TV, just to piss Peter off.


“You’re right. It’s his loss! Why am I even getting myself upset over it? I know for a fact that he misses the way I moaned his name!”


Liz’s eyebrows raised, “Ew, TMI!”




They laughed and had a good rest of the night. Peter, on the other hand, wasn’t doing so well.


The second he heard Michelle’s sobs through the wall, he headed out to the club he used to go to (Before Michelle), where he would find his hookups.


Peter walked in, getting that immediate stench of alcohol and weed. The blasting of the music, the crowds of people, he didn’t miss this.


He missed Michelle.


The entire night, Peter sat by himself. He observed the people dancing and taking shots. Girls would throw themselves onto him, but all he could think of was her. Michelle Jones. The more he thought of her, the more he drank. He needed to get her out of his mind, but he just couldn’t.


Now, why did he end things with her?


Last Month


“Oh my gosh, MJ! What the hell happened?!” Peter exclaimed, rushing towards the door to a bruised Michelle.


“I’m, I’m fine Peter. Just some stupid guy outside of campus. He catcalled me, I tried to run away, and then he, uh, hit me.”


Peter’s heart broke when he heard that. This is exactly what he was scared of. This is why he considered himself a bad luck magnet.


He loved Michelle. He loved her with all of his heart, and that was rare for someone like Peter. But then this happened to her. She got hurt. Seeing her eye swell, the dark bruise on her radiant cheekbones. He thought of all the other scenarios that could’ve happened.


Michelle was lucky that all he did was hit her.


But Peter thought of worse things, things like him shooting her instead. Kidnapping her, drugging her, all the bad things clouded his head. He couldn’t lose her, and he could have that night.


In Peter’s mind, the only option was to get unattached to her. Become friends, not that it really made a difference. He went with his theory, “Everyone I love ends up getting hurt. Or dying.” And if he got any closer to Michelle, something worse would’ve happened to her.


Present Day


Peter, drunk and alone (For once) returned home at four in the morning. He slumped down on his couch and swore that he heard crying. He figured that he was just really drunk and was hearing things. It got louder and he knew it was real, and that it was MJ.


He put in his earbuds and fell asleep on his couch. Peter couldn’t even sleep in his own bed because his sheets smelled of her Body Shop vanilla honey lotion. He was in love with that smell, just as he was in love with her.




This went on for months.


Well , a month and a half.


There would be days where they would see each other in the hallway, or will be unlocking their doors at the same time. It was just filled with awkward silence and avoided eye contact. He would stare at her when she wasn’t looking, and vice versa.


One night, Michelle couldn’t take it anymore.


She heard him having sex with another girl, Gwen Stacy. A girl that was in one of her morning classes. She was blonde and white. Just like she said, Peter’s type.


“Oh god, Peter! Fuck!” Michelle heard muffled through her wall.


She couldn’t listen to it. She couldn’t listen to it knowing that it used to be her saying that.


Getting up from her bed, she walked into her kitchen and took out the bottle of vodka. (She preferred it over other alcohols, it didn’t taste good, but it made her feel good.) Michelle walked back into her bedroom and sat down on the ground.


Instantly, she popped open the large bottle and started to chug away. The vodka burned her throat, followed by the disgusting after taste that tasted like rubbing alcohol. Nonetheless, she kept drinking it like it was water.


The “Harder, Peter!” and the, “Fuck, you feel so good!” comments continued for about three more minutes, until they just stopped. Like, completely stopped.


Who the fuck is Michelle?! Are you sleeping with other girls?!” Gwen’s voice shouted.


Michelle chuckled as she walked to her door to see the commotion that was about to go down.


Just like the prank that her and Liz pulled, the girl rushed out of Peter’s apartment, stopping when she spotted Michelle.


“You?! You stupid bitch! You’re such a slut, Michelle!” Gwen screamed in her face. MJ was so drunk it barely even phased her.


“Actually, my name is MJ. Michelle’s too boring.”


“I don’t give a fuck! You stupid whore!” She kept yelling, watching Michelle go unbothered.


“If I am such a bitch, such a whore!” MJ exaggerated, “Then go home! Why the hell are you still here?!” She laughed, “He obviously was thinking of me the whole time!”


Gwen scoffed and flipped off Michelle and Peter before exiting down the steps.


“Michelle, what the hell?!” Peter exclaimed, shocked by that response she gave Gwen.


“What the hell do you want?!”


“Michelle! What is wrong with you?”


“For goodness sake! It’s MJ. Michelle is apparently too boring for you. MJ is fun Michelle. Bold Michelle, fun Michelle, exciting Michelle! Maybe you’ll like her better.”


Peter could practically taste the alcohol on her breath.


“Michelle, you’re drunk. Go back home.”


“Oh how the tables have turned!” She exclaimed, referring back to her and Peter’s first fight— Where he was drunk and she was the sober one.


“I’m serious, I think you should get some rest.”


“Fuck what you think! You broke my heart! Obviously, I must’ve bored you enough to break up with me!”


Peter didn’t know what to do. He knew she was just drunk and she clearly wasn’t herself. He couldn’t bare to see her like this, knowing he caused it.


He grabbed her by the waist to pick her up, “Oh! You miss touching me?! Is that what it is?! You miss the way I moan your name? The way I scream when you-“


Peter cut her off, dragging her back into her apartment, back into her bed that she hasn’t slept on for weeks.


“Goodnight, Michelle.”


He wasn’t gonna argue with her. Put up an unnecessary fight. All he wanted to do was to go back home and sleep. Like this entire thing never even happened.


Michelle was out like a light. Peter quickly looked back to make sure she was comfortable, then left her apartment without looking again.


It killed him that he couldn’t be there with her, snuggling against her waist and her long legs wrapped around his. He wanted to go back to the way things were. Where he’d do all those romantic things, have endless sex with her but have it mean something, he missed it all.


But he couldn’t just walk up to her tomorrow.


He had an idea to get her back.


He needed to talk to the person that knows Michelle more than anyone else.


Liz Allen.




Early The Next Morning


“Ugh! What the hell do you want, man-whore?!” Liz exclaimed as soon as she heard Peter’s voice, “And how did you get my number?!”


“Michelle, when we were, uh, dating.”


“What could you possibly need?”


“I want her back.”


“Bye, Peter.”


“Wait! Please! Liz, I can explain everything, meet me at the coffee shop on 33rd street. Please.”


“Begging, huh? That must be something new for you. Okay. I’ll be there in thirty.” Liz reluctantly said, in hopes that Peter was serious.


Which he was.


Peter and Liz met at the coffee shop and he explained everything. From his parents being murdered, to his bad luck magnet theory, all leading up to why he felt the need to break things off with MJ.


“I understand, but still. You know I had to drag her out of bed two days after you ended things? She wouldn’t eat because of you.” Liz explained, which caused Peter to feel like shit.


“I know, I know, and that’s why I want her back. I was wrong, like really wrong. If you can think of anything that will help us get back together, Liz, please.”


Liz liked hearing him beg. She thought it was funny. But, she also felt bad for him. She understood where he was coming from after hearing his backstory.


“I have an idea. You won’t like it, she probably won’t like it, but it’ll work.”


“What is it?”


“A double date.”



Later That Afternoon- MJ’s Apartment


“A double date?!” Michelle exclaimed.


“Yes, a double date! With this cutie I found especially for you.” Liz said, showing her a photo of Brad Davis, a handsome looking boy.


“He’s cute, I guess.”


“Okay, well. Just try it out! Betty wanted to go with this one boy, but didn’t want it to be too awkward, and you, you need to find someone else— So boom! Double date!”


Michelle’s eyes widened and wondered how Liz was always so peppy.


“So basically, I’m accompanying Betty on her date with some random cute boy?” She asked Liz, who nodded her head.


“Right, that sounds so fun.” Michelle added in a sarcastic tone of voice.


“It’s not like you have anything better to do, MJ.”

She had a point. MJ was just gonna sulk the entire night.

“Whatever. How bad could it be?”

Chapter Text

It was Saturday evening, the day Michelle and Peter were supposed to go on their unexpected double date.


Michelle spent an hour getting ready. She straightened out her hair, put on her honey vanilla lotion (The one Peter loved), and wore a dress that brought out her skinny physique.


In all honesty, Michelle didn’t have any intention of having fun tonight. She knew she wouldn’t be interested in this boy because she was pretty much only interested in Peter.


Speaking of Peter, he on the other hand, got all fancy for this. 


Since he knew he was basically going with MJ. 


He wore the shirt that she enjoyed ripping off of him, a velvety suit he saved for special occasions, the cologne (That she desperately loved), and then gelled his hair into the curls that fell perfectly in his face.


“Have fun, MJ. Okay? You deserve it.” Liz told MJ before dropping her off at the restaurant. Michelle kind of questioned the “you deserve it” part. She slowly began to remember the “Drunk Boring Michelle” and “Peter Moaning The Wrong Name” situation. It made her feel so embarrassed just thinking about it. She could never face him ever again after that.


Michelle knew she was kind of an asshole when she was drunk, but she didn’t remember it being that bad.


“Thanks, Liz. I’ll try.” She said, giving her a slight smile.


“You must be Michelle!” A boy’s voice called from behind her. Michelle turned around to see this black-haired boy, who was quite handsome, actually. But, of course, nobody could compare to Peter. 


“Hi, uh, yeah. I am. You must be Brad?” She asked as he nodded his head with a big smile on his face, “Brad Davis. I must say, you are absolutely gorgeous, Michelle.”


Michelle was being awkward. Like super awkward. She didn’t like this. All she wanted to do was go back home and read her novel. (A romance novel, of course) There wasn’t a spark, or connection, like she had with Peter. She felt far from comfortable.


Giving Brad a “thank you” and a smile, she immediately rushed inside with him to look for Betty. She wanted this night to be over with.


Her eyes scanned the restaurant back and forth, looking for Betty’s pale skin and blonde hair. Scanning and scanning, her eyes laid on someone else.


It was Peter Parker.


“No. No, this can’t—” Michelle accidentally said out loud, “What’s the matter?” Brad asked.


“Oh, uh, nothing. I see Betty!” 


She was freaking out. Why was Betty on a date with Peter? She wasn’t even his type. Did Liz set this up? Why would she send her on a double date, knowing that Peter was apart of it? Michelle thought, as she walked closer to the table. 


Why did Betty get special dates like this? The closest thing Michelle and Peter had to a fancy date was getting sandwiches at the corner deli. But here he is with another girl, at a five star restaurant?


“Keep calm, Michelle.” She thought, taking deep breaths to hold back her anger. (Also her jealousy.)


Peter was wearing a maroon velvety-like suit, with the top of his shirt unbuttoned, revealing just enough to drive Michelle crazy. He looked so hot, and all she could do was stare at him like he was total eye candy.


“MJ? What are you doing here?!” Peter asked, acting surprised and startled as he laid eyes on her— Looking at her up and down.


“MJ? Who’s MJ?” Brad asked, confused at their sudden interaction.


“It’s just my, uh, nickname.” Michelle told him, sitting down next to Peter, leaving a very large gap. She didn’t even want to breathe next to him. 


Brad and Betty sat next to each other, to Michelle’s luck. 


Meaning she was totally stuck sitting next to him. 


“Oh, so you guys already know each other?” Betty asked. Michelle felt like she was getting interrogated and started to bounce her leg up and down.


“Yeah. We’re neighbors.” Peter said, slowly scooting closer and closer to Michelle. 


They picked up the menus, shocked at how the prices were through the roof. Both Peter and Michelle had no idea that Liz sent them to a five-star restaurant. Although, Liz was super rich. (This was probably like McDonalds to her.)


”You look nice, Betty. You’re blonde hair is beautiful, it compliments your eyes so well.” Peter said to Betty, who blushed so hard, you would’ve thought she was a damn stop sign.


Michelle glanced at him, getting more and more jealous. She looked at him, looked at how he ran his fingers through his hair, then back down at her menu as if she was trying to hide from him.


She couldn’t let Peter know she was jealous. 


”Uh, Brad, you have a nice smile.” Michelle said, immediately regretting it after. 


The tension was through the roof.


”Why thank you, Miss Jones,” Michelle’s face cringing a little, “Here comes the waiter, it’s about goddamn time.” He added. 


“Can I get the salmon? But instead of the broccoli, can I get asparagus? And easy on the lemon, I absolutely hate lemon! But I guess it brings out the bold flavor, right?” Brad told the waiter, who was just as annoyed as everyone else at the table. (Except for Betty, who was swooning over him.)


Peter’s hand crept towards Michelle’s thigh, touching it softly, “You look so hot tonight.” He softly whispered as Betty ordered, only loud enough to where only she could hear it.


Michelle’s breath hitched, “Peter, can you not see that I’m on a date?” She whispered to him. 


Peter chuckled, “It looks like they’re having more fun together. Brad is boring anyways.” He said, nodding towards Betty and Brad, who were looking at each other like they were soulmates.


“I want you back, Michelle.” He said, secretly rubbing up and down her thighs, sending chills down her spine.


“You avoid me for weeks, and now all of the sudden you want me?” Michelle chuckled and continued to scan the menu, “You’re funny.”


“Michelle, avoided you because I need time to think.”


“Oh, okay. So you had to break up with me in order to do that?”


“You don’t understand, I—”


“Can we not talk here? In front of them? It’s like, awkward having to whisper to you.” Michelle added, annoyed at almost everything (and everyone) now. 


She glanced over at Brad, who seemed so uninterested in anything that wasn’t Betty.


“Then let’s leave, we can go back to the apartments, just us.” Peter suggested. Michelle rolled her eyes, “Or maybe, you and your big ass ego can go get a table for two somewhere else.” She replied, causing Peter to scoff at her. 


He knew deep down that he missed this attitude of hers.


“Plus, I’m not just gonna leave Brad here. Unlike you, I have some common courtesy.” 


Peter didn’t respond, instead, he knocked over his drink, (Which happened to be a dark color) dripping and staining both his and Michelle’s clothes, “Peter! What the hell?! You stupid idiot, this dress was expensive!” Michelle exclaimed, the sudden outburst caused Betty and Brad to look at them. 


“Oh my goodness, Michelle! Go clean it before it stains!” Betty quickly said as she nodded towards the bathrooms.


“Yeah, Michelle. Let’s go clean up.” Peter said with a smug look on his face. She was disgusted at his cockiness, but found it sorta smart.  


Nonetheless, Michelle got up and followed him to the bathroom with no hesitation. She didn’t want to be this way. She needed to play hard to get back. That was one thing she hated, letting people get to her so damn easily.


As Michelle was about to go into the women’s restroom, Peter quickly pulled her into the big family one. 


“What are you trying to get at?! Why did you stain my dress?!” She immediately asked, with Peter slowly pressing her up against the cold tile wall, “God, you’re so irritating.” 


“You wanted to talk in privacy, so here we are. Talk.” He demanded in a deep tone of voice, which she found incredibly sexy. 


But no, she couldn’t think that. 


She was supposed to be angry and very, very agitated.


She sighed, “Why, Peter? Why the hell did you end things so quickly?” 


“I was in love with you. I still am, I think about you every second of every day,” He stared into her eyes, causing her to look down, avoiding the tension, “The last thing I want to see is you get hurt because of me. Everyone in my life is gone, and I’d hate to see you go, too.”


“Stop already with the sob stories, Peter. I was so happy with you and you broke my heart!” Michelle shouted. Peter’s fingers ran across the opening in her back, “I was scared. I didn’t want to lose you like I lost the rest. I miss you, Michelle.”


“How do I know you’re not lying to me?”


“If I didn’t miss you, would I have moaned your name instead of Gwen’s? And let’s not forget when you were drunk that night, who do you think helped you into your bed? Covered you? Made sure you were okay?” 


He had a point. 


Michelle thought she was an idiot for believing him. Was she just mesmerized by his hands roaming up and down her body? His hand slowly creeping up her dress? Did she just desperately want him back?


As he got closer to her, she smelled his cologne. The scent that was just so attractive to her. She couldn’t take it any damn longer. 


“Michelle, I promise, I’m not lying to you. I would never—”


“Jesus, Peter, just shut the fuck up already.” She demanded, crashing her lips onto his.


Bold Michelle.


Cutting him completely off, she attached her lips onto his, smiling at the feeling that she’s missed. Peter’s hands traveled further up her dress, toying at the waistband of her underwear. 


“Peter, we’re in a public place, like a very public place!”


“I could care less. It’s not like I’m ever coming back here.”


Michelle didn’t even waste time answering. She began to fidget with his pants, attempting to get them off as quick as possible. 


His hands found their way down MJ’s back to her butt, the other hand grasping a fistful of her hair. Peter, feeling so confident, knowing he had her back. He flipped her so she is now pressed against the cold wall. 


Their mouths played tug of war, fighting for dominance as if both of them were hungry for one another, and have been starved for years.


“I missed this, I missed you,” MJ says while he begins to peppered kisses down her slender body, he did it slowly— Making her wait in painful and needy tension.


Peter bent her over the sink and chuckled, inserting himself into her in a single thrust. They both let out moans as she mumbled, “Don’t take your fucking time, we’re gonna seem suspicious!”


And he most certainly didn’t.


“So demanding tonight, I love it,” He responded while picking up the pace. He held her hips and watched her struggle to stay up on her arms. The sounds that she was making sounded almost animalistic. A mix of moans and “Peter!” over and over.


Someone has to be hearing them.


But Peter didn’t give a single fuck. All he wanted was to make her feel good. That’s all that mattered to him.


He could feel himself getting close, so he slipped two fingers down to her clit, “I missed you so fucking much.” MJ moaned, “Y-you, ah! You broke up with me, dickhead!” 


Even though she totally just insulted him, he thought she sounded sexy.


“God, you sound so hot.”


“I’m gonna, I’m gonna—” Peter and Michelle both climaxed, feeling so much better knowing that they were together again.


The mix of their heavy breaths in the dead silent restroom. Michelle looked at Peter, “I can’t believe we just did that.”


“Promise you’ll never leave me like that again?”  Michelle mumbled to Peter, who was helping her zip up her dress back up, “I promise.”


“We should probably get back to them now.” Michelle said, Peter agreeing.


“Or… we could go back to my place.”


“Or we could do that, too.”