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You could’ve had a bad WITCH.

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The storm outside was a downpour. The windows shook with each boom of thunder. Yet there in that room the air seemed to hum with electricity.

“Does she know my Lord, does she know who she is.” The man stepped closer to the center of the room. His long blonde hair nearly white against his black cloak.

“She does.” The figure seated hissed out. “Nagini has come to her, she has disclosed the truth.”

“Why don’t we bring her here then my Lord, to you, to us?” Another man asked stepping forward. More portly than the others.

“Because of the prophesy Nott, the snake must grow in the den, as it has been foretold. We have hidden her away in the muggle world for 11 years, we’ve kept her from those who would have used her for her power, and from that old kook who would have made her disappear. She has a role to play, and cannot do it from the inside yet.” The figure stood. His milk white skin shining in the fire light.

He paced in front of the fire his black cloak whisking about his ankles like smoke.

“Those of us who have children in school, do you wish them to seek her out my Lord? My own son will be starting school this fall as well.” The white haired man asked.

“No Lucius, she will draw out those dear to our cause automatically, the younger ones may not see it right away, but the elders will. She will be brimming with raw power, but she cannot be coddled or favored. She understands her role.” He answered.

Lightning flashed outside and the room was illuminated. The rows of dark figures in robes have one last nod before disappearing in a cloud of dark smoke.



She laid there in the grass in the back of her property. Owning land just because was a rarity but she was lucky enough to be adopted into an upper class family. Adopted. That still seemed foreign to her. She hadn’t known until last year when she met a snake in the grass.

She had always been different. Able to do things science and logic couldn’t explain. At first she thought it was her imagination that the garden snakes would scatter when she asked them to, but when the large snake approached her to say hello she realized she had a unique gift.

Every day since she would escape out to the grounds and speak with her new friend Nagini. The snake told her all about who she was and where she came from, and what it meant that she was a witch, and had powers. She tried to act surprised when an older witch came by on her 11th birthday to inform her parents of her abilities. Her ‘parents’ had lied to her for 11 years, they knew she was adopted but never told her. Nagini suggested she keep that knowledge to herself until she needed it. And she would.

Laying her head back on to the snake she sighed.

“What’s wrong little love?” The snake hissed as it snuggled closer into her neck.

“I leave tomorrow for Hogwarts. What if I don’t get sorted into Gryffindor like I’m supposed to? My father will be so disappointed in me.” She whined.

The snake rubbed her face against the girls curls. “Don’t you worry little love, you will be fine. Your father knows you will make us all proud. And I will be there with you too, remember I’ll be in the forest anytime you need me I can come to you. Remember to just grasp the necklace your father sent you, and I’ll be there.”

“Thank you Nagini. I’m so glad I have you.” She curled into the snake.

“And I you, Hermione.”