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Hot Cocoa

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James stared at the cup in front of him. He got goosebumps everytime he realised how abhorrent even the idea of acting on his deepest hidden fantasies was.
"Fuck it." he dropped the little pill into the softly steaming cocoa in front of him, swirled the liquid a couple of times and picked it up from the kitchen countertop.

"Buckyyy... What are you doing?" whined a tiny voice from down the hall as Bucky was making his way back to his little brothers room. "I'm here, you little turd. You should be thankfull, that I'm still willing to put up with babying you all the time." he grumbled, trying not to fixiate on the feeling of his organs making loopings inside of his stomach.

Bucky and Peter always where close, closer than most brothers probably...or just in a different way. The older one still brought his little brother to bed almost every night. They either watched something on Netflix, talked until one of them fell asleep (Peter, most of the time.) or Peter begged Bucky to read a book to him, for old times sake.

Tonight, they talked about the movie they saw today and while Peter was rambling about how he didn't want to be 'that guy' but liked the book 'IT' better than the movie, Bucky fixiated on the amount of cocoa lessening in his Cup.

There was only a small puddle of brown liquid left when a light blush started forming on the younger boys cheeks. There was no going back now, Bucky tried to calm himself down, while placing one hand casually on Peters calf. "Okay Petey, I need to get some sleep now too, have a good night alright?" he said, standing up and fleeing to the door a little too fast. Peter didn't seem to notice, only following him with his eyes and mumbling a small "Good night, Buck...".

Ten minutes later, Bucky stared into the darkness of his room, picking at a thread from his bedsheet. Maybe, it wouldn't work. Maybe he would not co- His door opened and a narrow light cone fell over his covered feet. Just as suddenly as it was opened, the door closed again and almost silent steps crossed the wooden floor, before a lithe body snaked itself under Buckys blanket.

"Peter? What are you doing?" trying to sound sleepy, even though he knew his younger sibling wouldn't remember any of this in the morning, he turned onto his back. "I- don't...I don't know, Buck...hel-help me I...mhhh..." Peters Hands found the front of Buckys shirt while he started humping his hip like a needy puppy. Bucky could feel his brothers cock through his boxers rubbing over his side, Peters laboured breath ghosting over his neck. Growing hotter by the second, he placed one hand on the small of peters back, pulling him completely on top of his hips.

A deep moan broke from his throat at the feeling of his perfect little Peter grinding his cock over his own. "I'll give you what you need, babyboy, trust me okay? I got you. Just lemme take these o-" he almost changed his mind at the sound of Peter nearly sobbing when he lifted the boy off of him for a second. Shedding his boxers, he rolled over onto the boy, instantly being embraced by two lean legs. "B-buck you feel so good p-please don't leave me...ever..."

"I'm always with you babyboy..." Peter felt like there was a fire burning under his skin when Bucky started to let his hands explore his body. The elder one started to place kisses all over the slender chest under him, slowly making is way down between Peters legs. Arching his back, trying to get even closer to his brothers touch, Peter let go of the blanket under him and grabbed his knees from behind. Exposing his ass to Bucky, the stream of quiet pleas started to flow from his mouth again. "Please...Please Bucky it's tingling...I don't know what to- I need you..." Bucky hummed, not able to contain a feral grin at the helplessness of his little baby. After a few seconds he gave in and went from stroking Peters tights to spreading his cheeks, instantly licking over the small hole. Peters next moan came straight out of a cheesy porn movie, one of his hands shooting to his big brothers longer hair, desperate to get him to do it again.

Bucky started eating him out properly, swirling his tongue, pushing in as deep as he could and what seemed to be Peters favourite, gently biting the skin around his pucker. "More...more please..." the younger one begged with a wrecked voice, spreading his legs wider than Bucky though was possible to the boy. "Oh I will...I'm gonna wreck your little boy-pussy like you need it, Hm?" he got onto his knees and grabbed the small body by the legs, pinning him to the mattress. "Tell me how bad you need me babyboy..." he taunted, letting his cock slide over the spit-covered asshole. "I need your cock in me please... D-daddy I need you to fuck me so bad..." Peter didn't even notice saying the word, in contradiction to the man above him, who almost spilled all over his stomach at the sound of it. A growl left his throat. "God, Daddy's gonna give it to his needy little boy now, relax for me okay?" Bucky kept whispering praises into his baby brothers ear while slowly sliding past the tight ring, soaking up the desperate whimpers coming from the shaking boy.

He gave Peter a moment to adjust, determined not to hurt him more than he had to. While he started to softly rock his hips, he cupped the side of Peters beautiful face and kissed him gently. The younger one clung to his broad shoulders, soaking up every bit of attention he could get from his big brother. Feeling the vice grip around his cock loosening, Bucky let his thrusts become harder. Soon Peter was not able to concentrate on the kiss anymore, his eyes rolling back into his skull, mouth falling open. Every time the mans dick slammed into him, he was thrown a little bit higher into the sky, loosing more and more of his already clouded mind. His whole body was tingling, oversensitive from the drugs cursing through his veins. And even though he was scared at first about what was happening to his body, he felt save in his brothers arms, hearing him growl into his ear, being able to cling to his back. He had no control over his body anymore but it was perfect with Bucky holding him while completely wrecking him at the same time.

"Daddy...Daddy...M' gonna cum...yes yes...please... I ca- I can't- Oh god..." his whole body tensed, milking the dick inside of him perfectly while shooting his release all over himself. Bucky grabbed onto Peters hips hard enough to bruise, moving him in synch with his last few thrusts until burying himself balls deep inside of him, shooting his cum deep inside of his babys ass.