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Code 10-29; Subject Wanted.

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“9-1-1. What is your emergency?”

The gasp ripped from her throat as she desperately tried to muffle the sound. “My shop, they’re destroying my shop” she whispered urgently to the 9-1-1 dispatcher, jolting at the sound of the glass shattering.

“What’s your name?” the kind voice of the dispatcher asked, her fingers moving rapidly over the keyboard.

“Rey. Rey Jackson” she murmured, squeezing her eyes closed at the laughter from below. “Please hurry, I live here. I live upstairs in the apartment. It won’t be long, they’ll find the door to the stairs”.

“Alright Rey, I’m Rose. I’ve got your address brought up already. You’re at 105 S Main Street, correct?”

Another crash had Rey biting her lip as she pressed further back into the closet. “Yes” she breathed out. “Please hurry”.

“Stay on the line with me Rey, are you hidden? Safe?”

“Yes, in my closet. Behind the clothes” she whispered, her voice shaking as the sounds got louder.

“Alright Rey, stay with me. I’m here. I have officers en route to your location; they should be there quickly. I need to ask so that I can notify my officers; Rey what is your designation?”

The shattering of glass filled the space, Rey curling deeper into the closet with a shudder. “Omega, suppressed” she murmured.

“Alright, stay on the line Rey” Rose responded. “I’m going to alert the officers”.

Rey listened as Rose spoke. “Officers, be advised. Caller is female, Omega and suppressed. Currently located in upper floor apartment.” Her mind wandered back to the noise of the destruction happening downstairs, her heart breaking a little at every crash. She’d spent years building up her savings to open her shop. Every piece in the shop lovingly restored by her hands and skill. Growing up with next to nothing, she learned quickly how to find the treasure in anything. Her first find had been an old sideboard and she’d spent nearly a month on repairing it. A passerby had watched her polishing the wood and offered cash for the piece. It hadn’t taken long for her to find a passion in restoring pieces and for months had scrimped and saved to build her business. The sound of wood splintering brought her back to the moment.

“Ooh, lookey what we have here boys! We hit the jackpot up here” one of the intruders laughed out, his voice high and nasal.

“Do you smell that? That’s Omega smell boys! We found ourselves a little Omega nest up here” another voice chimed in.

“Rey? Rey? Are you still on the line? The officers are in range. Stay quiet for me Rey” Rose urged, her voice calm and collected. In the background she once again spoke with dispatch. “Intruders have entered the apartment, caller is in imminent danger”.

Hidden in the dark of the closet, she dragged a heavy blanket over her struggling to keep silent. She trembled violently in the dark, the voice in her ear working to keep her calm. The crashing below her had ripped her from a sound sleep, she hadn’t even thought to get dressed before hiding in her closet. She could hear Rose speaking to her, trying to soothe the tension as she reassured her that the police were coming. In an instant, everything changed. Rey shrieked as the blanket was ripped off, tossed into the corner of the closet. The phone fell from her hand as rough hands dragged her from the floor to yank her into her bedroom.

“Well, well, well. Look what I found...”.

Falling to the floor, Rey scrambled back against the bed from the floor where she fell, the breath sobbing from her lips. Her eyes raced over his face frantically before glancing around the room, desperate for anything to use to protect herself. “Get...get back” she stuttered out, her voice shaky at best.

Standing over her, the cocky Alpha reeked, his scent turning her stomach. “You ain’t in any position to tell me what to do” he smirked out as his eyes travelled over her body. Clothed only in a camisole and shorts, the Alpha leered at her exposed skin.

Her hand moved behind her, feeling around under the bed. She felt the round edge of her ancient Mag light, her fingers curling around the heavy metal handle. She inched it out, keeping her eyes on his face. “The police are on the way, 9-1-1 is on the phone. She can hear you”. Her voice strengthened as the heavy weight of the flashlight filled her hand, the comfort of having a weapon filling her. She watched his face pale, his eyes glancing back and forth.

“Bullshit” he spat out, his lips curled in a snarl. With a feral sound, he reached down to snatch her up.

Rey swung wildly, the flashlight striking her assailant across his head with a sickening crunch. She shot to her feet, darting across the room as he fell to the floor. The sirens were growing louder, their lights bold and bright against her windows. Keeping her eyes on the man crumpled on the floor behind her, she dashed through her door and straight into the hands of another Alpha. The high-pitched laugh sent a shudder through her as she struggled against his tight grip.

“Get off me” she ordered, fighting against his bruising grip. Her head whipped around at the sudden movement near the door, relief flooding her at the sight of the two officers entering the space.


“Dispatch, be advised. Caller is female, Omega and suppressed. Currently located in upper floor apartment.”

“10-4 Dispatch, Unit 738 on the way”.

With a practiced hand, Officer Kylo Ren whipped the sleek police cruiser around the corner with just the faintest squeal of tire. “How much you wanna bet it’s those idiots again with the First Order?” he growled out to his partner as she listened to dispatch.

Sitting next to him, his partner Gwen Phasma shot a glance his way. “I wouldn’t waste my money on a bet like that. Since Snoke took over the First Order, newbies have to complete a B&E to get in”. Kylo and Gwen had been partners now for nearly five years, an unusual pairing considering they shared the same designation as an Alpha. “These idiots have hit nearly every shop on in Olde Towne. Now they’re hitting apartments?”

Kylo listened with half an ear as he navigated the darkened streets. “No, that address is on Shop Keeper. Most of the owners have a little apartment above their shop, probably some little old guy and his wife”. His brow cocked as Gwen held up a hand.

“Intruders have entered the apartment, caller is in imminent danger”.

“Kylo hurry” she urged.

Kylo squealed to a stop in front of the shop glancing to the large window at the front, Treasures by Rey as he leapt from the cruiser. Behind him, a second cruiser jerked to a stop. Kylo quickly took the lead, nodding to his fellow officers. “Gwen and I will cover the front and work up to the apartment, secure the entrances – we don’t know how many there are”.

Kylo and Gwen both pulled their weapons, moving through the shop quietly. They swept the area quickly, stepping carefully over the broken wood and shattered glass. He lifted his hand, listening carefully to the movements above him. Turning to Gwen, he signaled to the door way nearly hidden in the rear of the shop.

As they climbed the stairs slowly, Gwen reminded Kylo. “The Vic is Omega, suppressed – tread carefully in case she has a Mate”.

A crash sounded from the apartment and the sounds of running feet. Kylo jerked his head towards the doors sprinting up the stairs two at a time with Gwen directly behind him. Bursting through the open door, he came to a stop at the sight of the now panicked intruder who jerked Rey back against him using her as a shield a knife in his hand against her side.

“Police! Back away from the girl” he ordered, his voice clear and demanding.

Kylo heard Gwen behind him, her voice low as she spoke to dispatch and the other officers on scene. His eyes swept the scene quickly; taking in the destruction of the door and the terrified female trembling against the intruder. “Phasma – the intruder can be identified as Armitage Hux, aka Hux. We’ve had him before. C’mon now Hux, you know how this is gonna go. Let her go and we take you in with no incident” Kylo ordered, his gun trained on Hux.

Gwen relayed the information to dispatch before turning her attention back to the scene. “You’re Rey right?” she asked, her voice gentle.

Kylo watched her nod, noting the tremor in her hands. She was trembling wildly, clad only in her camisole and sleep shorts. Her scent was overwhelming in the space, the spice of the cinnamon and the calming scent of bergamot surrounding him in her space. Her fear and anxiety was causing her scent to spike rapidly. Her eyes locked on his and for a moment he lost himself in her gaze. The light dusting of freckles across her nose and the rich brown of her eyes; it was only when her mouth parted with a gasp that he drew his gaze away from her perfectly pink lips.

Hux yanked his arm up under her chin to drag her back up against him, lifting her to her toes. “Back up, back up and let me walk” he stuttered out, his voice panicked. He dragged her backwards across the apartment, his eyes darting back and forth around the space. He pushed the long edge of the blade against her side drawing a gasp from her.

Kylo felt the growl building low in his chest as his Alpha responded to the distress of the Omega in front of him. Her throat was exposed to him with Hux dragging her head up in the crook of his elbow and he could see the bruises forming on her arms where she’d been man handled. “Not happening Hux” he growled out, never taking his eyes from them. Muttering to himself in a panic, Hux swung his gaze wildly around the room as he walked them backwards.

Rey felt the pressure from the blade at her side ease, Hux’s hand keeping it against her camisole. She glanced down at their feet briefly before lifting her eyes to the giant Alpha in front of her. With her eyes on his, she slowly moved her arm from her side showing him the heavy flashlight still in her grip.

Kylo felt the clench of his jaw as he realized the tiny Omega wasn’t completely helpless, the oversized Mag-Lite in her hand. He caught sight of Gwen moving closer as the worked to back Hux into a corner. “You’re doing well Omega” he praised. “Stay calm for me and this will be over soon”.

‘Alpha is pleased. Good Omega’, Rey felt her inner Omega preening at his praise.

Gwen glanced to Kylo in surprise as he addressed Rey with her designation, her eyes flitting between the two. “C’mon Hux, let her go so we can end this now. We’ll take you in, you’ll call Snoke and you’ll be back out harassing people in no time” she said, her gun also trained on Hux.

Rey stood motionless against Hux, her focus on the Alpha in front of her. His face was striking in its intensity. She studied his features, his strong aquiline nose and plush lips. She nearly smiled as her eyes moved over the marks dotting his face. His scent filled her senses, calming her and at the same time something else, something darker. He spoke again, his Alpha voice growing deeper as he ordered Hux to release her. His voice rippled across her senses, raising goosebumps over her arms. Calmed now and ready to be away from the offending Alpha holding her, she waited until Hux was focused on the police before swiftly raising her arm and cracking the flashlight against arm around her neck. Rey felt him jerk in surprise before he shoved her away from him, dropping to the floor in screaming agony. She stumbled away from him, dropping the flashlight as she braced for the fall that would never come.

Kylo felt like he was watching in slow motion as Rey swung the flashlight. The crack was deafening as Hux cried out like an injured animal and in horror he watched the knife against her side rip through the thin camisole as he shoved Rey away from him, the blade slicing across her stomach and ribs. He nearly leapt across the space to scoop her up into his arms and as Gwen hurried across the room to place Hux in handcuffs, he moved quickly to the couch.

“Bus! We need a bus! Gwen!” he barked out.

“You shouldn’t have done that Omega, You should’ve let me handle it” he growled. His voice softer now as he cupped her face gently before lying her on the couch glancing around the room.

Rey trembled violently now as the adrenaline wore off, her hand dropping to her burning side. She pressed her palm to her side and hissed at the pain before raising it up to look in curiosity at the blood staining her skin. “I’m sorry Alpha. I didn’t even feel that” she murmured as her eyes fluttered closed.

Kylo felt the panic bubble as Gwen spoke with Dispatch ordering the ambulance, his fingers pushing the torn camisole away to press his hand against her side to slow the bleeding. “How far out?” he ground out, his eyes never leaving Rey’s face.

Gwen snatched dishtowels from the kitchen before answering, shoving them into his hands. “A couple minutes, tops” she replied.

Behind them, Hux thrashed about the space shouting obscenities and demanding medical attention. “The bitch broke my arm! I’m pressing charges”.

Kylo growled deep in his throat, the rage building. “Shut him up, get him outta here, or I swear I’m gonna knock him out”.

“What is wrong with you Kylo?” she whispered urgently, leaning down. “You’re addressing her by designation, you’re acting like she belongs to you. What are you doing?”

Kylo kept his eyes on Rey’s face, pale and unmoving. “It’s got to be her scent. I thought she reported as suppressed”.

Gwen leaned in closer, ignoring his growl. “I don’t scent anything but suppressants. What the hell are you smelling?”

Kylo shot a surprised glance up to her, raising his voice over Hux in the background. “You can’t scent her? Not at all?”

Gwen shook her head as she turned back to Hux to drag him up to his feet. She shouted down to the officers below, as she walked Hux to the door. “Need an evidence bag up here!” she called out, glancing behind her to her partner still kneeling next to the couch. “And another perp, he’s cuffed and out”.

The sirens grew shrill as the ambulance squealed to a stop in front of the building, their red and blue lights flashing against the windows. The EMT’s moved quickly through the space, their bags and stretchers taking up a great deal of the small space.

“Officer, you need to let us see to her” the lead EMT asked, pushing past Kylo to check her vitals.

“You don’t touch” came the growled response, the larger man springing to his feet to block their access. “You don’t touch my Omega”.

Gwen dashed across the room, snagging Kylo by the arm. “Kylo! Stop now, let them do their jobs” she ordered, her voice low and urgent as she pulled him away. “Kylo, if you want to help let them help her. You need to help me process the scene. And...and you should know that there is a detective on the way”.

“You treat her gently” he grumbled out to the EMT, stepping out of their way to begin their work. “What do you mean a detective is coming?” he asked Gwen.

Gwen pulled him across the room, tugging on latex gloves before shaking open an evidence bag. She crouched down to lift the blood-stained knife to drop it in the bag, before sealing it off. “There is a detective from the organized crimes group coming in. He is looking to break this Snoke thing and...” she broke off at his curse.

“Fuck” he muttered, his hand scrubbing over his face. “That means Ben...”. In an instant his focus was shifted as the EMT’s loaded Rey onto the stretcher and he hurried over to her side. “How is she?”

The EMT glanced up to Kylo briefly, turning back to his patient. “The laceration is deep, she needs to have multiple stitches and probably antibiotics just for safety. She’s got scrapes and bruises, probably from being manhandled. We’ll probably keep her overnight just to be safe and make sure that she didn’t lose too much blood”.

Kylo studied her pale face for a moment, before turning toward the footsteps behind him. “Detective Solo” he muttered, turning his attention back to the clipboard Gwen handed him as they logged the evidence from the scene.

“Officer Ren. This is the victim? Rey Jackson, shop owner and apartment occupant. These First Order idiots are stepping things up from B&E to assault. How is she?” Detective Solo asked, looking down at her on the stretcher.

“Why’re you here Ben?” Kylo asked, watching Gwen take a step back from the pair.

“Why wouldn’t I be here Kylo? This is my job” he replied.

“Cut the shit little brother, you’re checking up on my work” Kylo growled.

“That’s bullshit big brother and you know it. I didn’t even know that you were the responding officer. I’m here because the First Order is escalating and I need to get this shit handled. You’re the only one who thinks it’s about you”.

Kylo opened his mouth to answer when he noticed Rey stirring and he moved to the stretcher across from Ben. “It’s alright Omega” he crooned, his fingers brushing her hair away from her face.

Rey opened her eyes with a faint smile, her hand lifting to rest against Ben’s face. “Alpha” she murmured, her hand sliding from his face as her eyes drifted closed once more.

Two identical pair of whiskey colored eyes met, one enraged and the other shocked.