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Don't Leave Me

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Craig walked in the streets at night, stars shining above, but the darkness coming to life below. The night seemed too pretty for all this dirtiness to be happening, but that's life. Life sucks. So when Life decided to make your life a living hell, make some shit happen to keep you floating. Craig looked forward at the woman walking in front of him wearing revealing clothes.

No, barely any clothes.

High heels that click the ground, long slender legs followed by a hot pink mini skirt. The small of her back was revealed until the pink mesh shirt covered the rest, the black bra visible through the shirt. Her strawberry blonde hair was still separated by two pigtails with two red bands, still holding onto her youth.

She was cute, hot if he allowed himself to think it. She grew up nicely under Craig's watchful eyes. When they ended up alone, he even trained her to be this, against his inner judgment. They came a long way from the beginning, but their attitude never change about it.

It wasn't a preferred life they wanted, but something was better than nothing. Craig has a job working as a housemaid, very little money to really depend on. Not to mention he had been caught stealing to sell stuff for more money, so he wasn't really crazy nor secure about it.

The main dough comes from Tricia and she knew it. Something about being a woman just has more options for them. Craig envies that. He stopped at a corner and watch Tricia mingle with the other women and occasional men. He was protective over Tricia, even if he doesn't act like it.

Every night she goes out, Craig tries to remember the vehicle, license plate, maybe a face if he has a good look at it. Sometimes Tricia would be gone up to three days, making him feeling lonely, sad, and filled with worry, but he doesn't communicate that though. To Tricia, he was a man with no feelings attached to her and Craig wanted that to stay that way.

She doesn't need to know how much he cares, how much he loves her. If she ever gets that chance to have something better, Craig wanted her to go for it with no hesitation. Just leave him behind because Craig felt that he was a lost cause to the way society is.

He can't fit in. He can have a shitty boss telling him off without a need to be rude or to simply punch him. He can't be around a few people without calling a few people out onto their bullshit, mostly because they can't handle that. His sister knows that about him and was obligated to him until she can realize she can leave too.

He wasn't going to hold her back. Craig watched a car pull up, a familiar car. A regular. Tricia walked up to it and talked to the regular, Clyde Donovan, before getting in. Craig wasn't worried about Clyde. Although dumb, he knew how to take care of a woman and pays well.

Clyde honks towards him before driving off, already knew Craig wasn't far behind. Craig waves before that feeling of loneliness start to set in. Craig growls to himself before he walks towards his place of living. He doesn't call it home, it never honestly is. It was abandon and no one pays it no mind.

Craig always fixed up the place so it was suitable for him and Tricia to sleep in. Craig sighed. He wished his life was better, or maybe wished he was better. He continued walking back to the crappy place he has to sleep in, wishing slightly he wouldn't wake up to a new hell.
Clyde was sleep after the night session they had, but Tricia was still up. She was drying her hair and looking out of the window. Part of her thinks it's not fair Craig is still out there while she gets to sleep in nice homes every now and then.

Then she would remember how bad Craig treats her. He always pushes her away, makes her do lewd things to him that resemble her customers, or just simply yells at her like it was her fault.

But he still was her brother.

Craig was the type to do his own crap when he wants to and you don't question it. To her, he was cold-hearted with his actions, but with a warm heart when he thinks she wasn't paying attention.

The way he looks after her and makes sure she was okay after he customers drop her off, the small moment like those is what makes her love him and brings her back. He rarely shows his emotions, never talks to her, always taking to harshes of life and making do with it.

Tricia was afraid for him and how he was taking everything. She closed the curtains. She'll try tomorrow to get to him, maybe have him open up to her. They were in this together after all. She climbed into bed with Clyde and turn off the bedside lamp. She was slightly hoping tomorrow a good day, but then again, that was wishful thinking.