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I'm so totally screwed.

I don't know how I got here.

I don't know what happened.

Wait, yes I do.


~ 4 hours ago ~

I'm Piper McLean. I really don't know what I was thinking, honest, but I did something. Because right now; I'm sucking my step-sister's face off. How should I tell you this? How about I start from the beginning?

~ 4 hours and 30 minutes ago ~

"ANNABETH!!" Piper screamed as she stomped over to her step-sister's room. She found, yet another, toy in her room. She knows her sister loves her boyfriend, but can they at least get at it somewhere else besides her room?

"What?" Annabeth, Piper's sister; a girl with long curly blonde hair and stormy grey eyes, came out of her room, leaning on her doorframe lazily. "I'm trying to study."

"You can sext Percy later, but keep your... activities... out of my room."  Piper held out the pink toy for her sister, carrying it with a tissue by the top, the side she hopes hasn't seen thatWait, recap, okay; Percy Jackson. Quarterback of the Football team, Varsity, Senior MVP for four years in a row, bad boy, trouble maker, and; most commonly known as; Annabeth Chase's boyfriend. Dating since 8th grade, just never broke up. Piper envied Annabeth, like many other girls in the school. She was pretty and could keep a boy. Sure, Piper was gorgeous, but she couldn't keep a man for her life. Alright, keep going.

Annabeth turned an impressive red, snatching her item out of her sister's hand. "I wasn't- I didn't- I actually was studying!" Annabeth spun around and slammed her door.

"I was studying," Piper mocked, leaving towards the kitchen. "Ugh, I need to talk to Hazel."

Hazel Levesque. Small girl, African American with cinnamon brown curls and molten gold eyes, Sophomore. Dating Frank Zhang, Linebacker, for 2 years now. That brings us to the next person, Frank Zhang. Chinese immigrant, came here when he was two years old, joined the middle school football team and kept playing all through high school. Best friends with Jason Grace; Piper's ex who she caught cheating on her with the Right Moves For Youth (RMFY) captain, Reyna Allerano. Also brother to Thalia Grace; Annabeth's best friend, MIT freshman and co-captain of the Robotics Club, additionally run by Leo Valdez.

Suddenly, Piper's phone rang. She picked it up to see the caller was Hazel. The Cherokee grinned and answered. "Hey Hazel!"

"Hi Piper!" came a voice on the other end of the phone.

"Whaddya need?" Piper asked, concerned. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, yeah, it's just..." Hazel trailed off.


"Do you- Does it hurt?" Hazel's voice sounded timid. Well, more so than usual.

"Hazel, I thought I told you, periods don't hurt. And haven't you already had yours?" Piper tilted her head. 

"No," Hazel whispered into the phone. "I mean does it hurt?"

"Oh. Oh. Oooh, yess!" Piper did a little jig around the kitchen. "Mm m mmmm. Mm m mmmm."


"Sorry. Um, it'll hurt a little bit the first tome but you'll be too overwhelmed with pleasure to even know it. Now why are you calling me when you could be having the time of your life right now? Go get your prince!" Piper urged.

"Piper-" Hazel started.

"Bye Hazel~" Piper made a point of hanging up. She hummed as she grabbed a glass and poured herself some OJ. "You turn oranges to orange juice. Into there then spit it out of you. Your body is imperfectly perfect, everyone wants what the other one's working. No orange juice." She sang lightly.

"You like Melanie Martinez?" a voice startled her from the doorway.

"Yeah, of course." Piper turned to her older step-sister. "Why?"

"What's your favorite song?" Annabeth asked.

"Lunchbox Friends." Piper smiled. She never really had a good relationship with Annabeth, but she did have a short temper.

"Ah, a K-12 fan." Annabeth laughed. "Yeah, I'm going to have to go with Crybaby."

"'course you do," Piper smiled. "Bye Annabeth."

As Piper walked out, Annabeth wondered something. Was Piper always that pretty?