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"Weitz!" What-Why are you here!? Zapata drew her sidearm as soon as she's aware of the
shadow lurking outside of Reade's apartment building. Seeing who it is, she re-holsters the weapon, and
waits for his explanation.

The US Attorney, belches before responding. "Followed you."

"From the bar?-Weitz. You HAVE to get yourself under control. Ger some HELP...
but you can't be here: I'll call you an UBER-you shouldn't be driving."

Peering at the building through squinted eyes, he says, "Reade's place, isn't it? He made a fucking BUNDLE
at Smith Waterhouse, according to his file."

Ignoring the jibe, Zapata responds, "You know that it is."

"Going up to see him at THIS HOUR, huh? Luuuucky Man." He takes a swig from a flask, nearly losing his balance.

"OK, you need to go." Tasha speed dials UBER, and stays with him until it arrives. As he boards the car, He turns and
mutters, "Sorry about this, Tasha...really. Don't mention it, OK?"

Inside Reade's condo, she finds him reclining on the sectional sofa, watching a movie. Taking the bottle of beer from his
hand, she takes a swig, and recounts the evening's events, including Weitz following her home.

"What the fuck's up with him?"

She takes another swig of beer, handing him the bottle. 'EVERYONE wants to FUCK TASHA, while you're bull-shittin.'"


She pulls her sweater up and over her head, tosses it aside while straddling his lap."E'R''BODY,"she mutters throatily,
sealing her mouth against his.