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Who Said Three Was A Crowd?

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Jerry was giddy that he had finally talked Dean into coming with him to the Curtis home on one of his "dates" with Tony Curtis. Jerry loved Dean, but Tony loved Jerry so Jerry would go and visit with Tony any weekend that Janet was away.

"You'll really like Tony, Dean! He's a lot of fun!" Jerry was saying as they went in the door, Jerry had a key so they went right on in.

"He's a swell guy, I've met him before you know?" Dean asked. They walked into the living room and Jerry put his key down on the coffee table.

"Not like this you haven't," Tony smiled, coming down the stairs in a very fine looking tux.

"What's so different about now?" Dean asked, puzzled about why Tony had on such a nice suit if they were staying in.

"You're gonna play our game with us!" Jerry grinned.

"Game?" Dean inquired, raising a brow.

"Yes, I'm the prince and Jerry is usually my servant. But I guess I'll have two servants today, lucky me," Tony smiled and looked Dean up and down.

"I don't play games like that, I'm nobody's servant!" Dean said, crossing his arms.

"Oh come on, Paul, it's fun! Just try it!" Jerry said.

Tony took a step forward and kissed Dean. It took him by surprise since he was usually the one who did the kissing in his relationships, but he didn't pull away, he let Tony kiss him because he was damn good at it.

"Oh..." Dean said when Tony pulled away.

"Come on up to my room. I'm in the mood for a change of clothes," Tony smiled.

"Oh yes, your royal highness!" Jerry said. Falling in behind Tony as they went up the stairs.

"Yeah your royal high-ass," Dean muttered as went on behind Jerry.

"Oh this one will be fun to break in," Tony smiled.

They went up to Tony's room and Jerry took Tony's coat off of him and started on his bowtie, but Tony started making out with him and Jerry melted into his arms. Dean was leaning against the wall watching, a part of him knew he shouldn't be but he couldn't look away. Tony ran his hands down Jerry's back in the way that Dean knew made him moan, the sound of it made Dean start feeling hot all over.

Jerry took a ragged breath when Tony let him have one and leaned on him a few moments before continuing with his shirt buttons. He pulled the shirt out of Tony's pants and laid it across a chair nearby.

"Very good, Joseph," Tony said in an English accent.

"Thank you, your highness!" Jerry said.

"Now, Paul, come and do my trousers," Tony said.

"You expect me to take your pants off for ya?" Dean asked.

"I not only expect it, I order it!" Tony said.

Dean gave him a bemused look but came over and unfastened his belt for him anyway. He did the button and zipper and down they went; Tony stepped out of them and Dean put them in the chair with his shirt. Jerry took off the shoes and socks and Tony bid him start on his own clothes.

"Paul, get on your knees," Tony said.

Dean did as he was told right away this time, he wasn't one for games but he just might get into this one.

"Now take off my pants and give me service," Tony said.

"I already took off his pants?" Dean looked at Jerry.

"His undies," Jerry told. He got on the bed behind Tony and waited.

"Oh.." Dean pulled Tony's boxers down and looked at his hardness, which was staring him in the face.

"Well? Don't make me have to beat you, boy!" Tony said.

Dean smiled and put his mouth around Tony's cock and took him in as far as he could. Tony raked his hands through Dean's curls and moaned. Dean worked his mouth up and down and swirled his tounge around the tip, he wasn't used to doing this either but he knew how. Soon though Tony lightly pushed him away.

"Gotta give Jerry a turn," he said, accent dropping as he panted for breath.

Jerry and Dean traded places and Jerry took over, bringing Tony to his breaking point and he came in Jerry's mouth.

Dean watched from the bed, thinking he could get used to this.