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Tasha Zapata has so much on her mind these days: Reade has been suspended because of his
narcotics addiction, her FEMALE best friend, Patterson, is in crisis, and now the FUCKING
BUREAU DIRECTOR is on site, asking to see her.

Smoothing down her suit jacket and slacks, she knocks, and hears him call "enter!"

Matthew Weitz holds up a his index finger, indicating that she should wait a moment, then
points to a chair. Once he turns his attention to her, she says "You asked to see me, Director?"

"Indeed I did, Agent Zapata. I was interested to see for myself this Agent who's blazing a path through
the Bureau ranks-from NYPD, to FBI recruit, to Agent, to Special Agent...if you keep this up, there's
no predicting how far you might rise, if you decide to remain with the Bureau. With the proper guidance, all
the way to the top, possibly." He stands and walks around the left side his desk, and Zapata recoils, leaning back
in her chair, eyes open wide.

"DIRECTOR-what that fuck is THAT!!?

"What?" Feigning innocence, Weitz looks down at the large bulge straining the material in front of his trousers."

Zapata jumps to her feet, backs up a few steps. "That INAPPROPRIATE ERECTION you have there-
are you SHITTING ME!!?

"Oh, no attention to that...that happens a lot around here-target rich environment, as we used to say in the Marines."

"If this is why you wanted to see me, I think that this meeting is OVER. However, I'm willing to keep this between us...with some

"Conditions...what conditions?"

"RE-INSTATE Reade once his suspension is over, for starters. Full back pay and benefits. Wipe his record. My life is kind of a mess these
days, and if something from that splashes back on the Bureau, that would need to be...handled, as well."

"And I'd do that...WHY?"

Before he can react, she whips out her phone and snaps pictures of his erection, the office decor, and herself.

As she's leaving his office, Weitz calls out, 'Well-played, Zapata."