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Rewind: Reversing History

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Chapter 67

Kitsune woke up from what seemed like the deepest sleep she’d had in years. Waking up in the Senju compound wasn’t a surprise. Between its location and all of its protections, it didn’t surprise Kitsune that the compound hadn’t been touched by Kurama’s attacks.

Locating Tsunade proved to be impossible, instead she found her Iwa friend instead sitting at the kitchen table of the Senju Main House. She looked around, mind and eyes still a little blurry from just waking up. She couldn’t really even sense what was going on.

Kitsune frowned at her lack of range….and realized her chakra was also cut off to a degree that wouldn’t stop her henge.

So standing there in the kitchen, lifting a shirt she was suspicious about it belonging to Orochimaru and her red haori, one of Jiraiya’s, she looked for the seals placed on her body.

She was about to strip from her shirt when Takeshi snorted. 

“She put it on your back so you couldn’t remove it.” The Brunette informed the sleepy looking frustrated woman.

Kitsune looked up, met his gaze, blinked and opened her mouth. “Huh.” She grunted and straightened out her clothes. “Are you my babysitter then?” Kitsune yawned all while hunting for food and coffee. She knew why she was exhausted, but she knew she also owed people answers. 

“Yes. The Senjus have been gracious enough to host me and many others that are hotel-less or homeless on the senju grounds.” Takeshi took a sip of his own coffee as he watched his fellow Jounin practically blindly make her own coffee with a splash of creamer and sugar. “I was also informed that as a personal guest of the Clan head, I’d get the duty to make sure you didn’t do something stupid again.”

Kitsune let out a snerk and sat down with her bagel and coffee. “Well, I do have a tendency to jump right back into shit despite my prior injuries-” Kitsune paused before frowning as her mind started to really come online and realize she did not have any of her Blood Clone memories. “How long has it been since the attack?”

“Yours or Konohas?” Takeshi grumbled into his own mug.

Kitsune flicked her wrist. “Irrelevant, they happened on the same day.” Takeshi made a noise of protest. Those Two hours between, were the longest of his life.

“Three days. You’ve been asleep the entire time.”

The Ravenette hummed even as she ate and drank. “Not surprising. Between the chakra extraction, instant healing, then jinchuriki seal, I'm surprised I didn't pass out sooner.”

“Your Uzumaki genes at work?” Takeshi murmured, Gray eyes sharp.

Kitsune just kept her own closed as she finished eating her small meal. Honestly she wasn’t entirely hungry, more tired than anything, but knowing she needed the energy.

“That and other things.” She sighed, setting down her empty mug. “Have you been informed of anyone’s movements?”

Takeshi shook his head, standing to take their dishes. “No. The Hokage is trusting in our friendship for me to keep my nose clean and head down instead of running to Iwa and letting Oonoki think Konoha was weak.”

Kitsune raised a brow. “Not even a single ANBU on you?”

Takeshi shrugged. “Not that I've been able to detect, but I'm not a sensor.”

Letting out a sigh, Kitsune stood and stretched. “Well, I guess that means I need to see if Sakumo has a moment or needs to take a break. I’ll get cleaned and dressed then we can go bother the probably stressed man.” Hands on her head she left her friend in the kitchen to do as spoken.

Thirty minutes later Kitsune was dressed in leggings, a clean tank top, Jiraiya’s Haori once more for the comforting scent of Ink, oil, and Toad. Instead of throwing her long locks up into a tail, she loosely braided them down one side and met Takeshi at the front door. 

She saw the man shifting awkwardly and just rolled her eyes. Slipping her arm into his elbow, she rested her head on his shoulder and shut her eyes.

“Hokage Tower, please.” She hummed, earning a snort.

“I cannot teleport.”

“No, but I'm still tired. Being mostly blocked from my chakra that’s already feeling weak and heavy just makes me more tired. I can barely keep my eyes open.” Kitsune looked up and met his gaze. “Will you guide me to the tower?”

Takeshi’s Gray eyes softened as he placed his other hand over her forearm to keep her in place. “Of course,” he whispered.

Kitsune smiled and returned to her earlier relaxed position even as Takeshi led the way. She didn’t point out how his pointer and middle fingers were resting over her pulse point. Just because she didn’t have access to her expanded range, didn’t mean she couldn’t read the people close to her physically.

Takeshi was still terrified from her ‘death’.

Kitsune wouldn’t tease him about it. So, knowing he was probably taking a longer way to avoid difficult paths, Takeshi and Kitsune eventually made it to the Hokage Tower.

Cerulean eyes peeled open to see it was a hub of activity. Many eyes flicked to Kitsune and Takeshi, but quickly returned to their errands, tasks, duties, or whatnot. Kitsune didn’t have the mental capacity to care.

The ravenette didn’t even notice she’d partially dozed until a sharp knocking woke her. She jumped and Takeshi’s hand gripped hers firmer.

Enter.” Sakumo’s tired voice called from the other side of the doors. It showed how tired Kitsune was when she realized they weren't in the Hokage’s office, but in a room that brought memories back from the war. It was the War Council Hall.

Blue eyes blinked as she lifted her head up and looked around.

“Why the fuck are we in here?” She grumbled and everything and everyone stopped moving.

Kitsune then Realized the Full Clan Council and even a few Civilian Council Members were standing or sitting around the very busy room. Sakumo and Hiruzen with Dragon and Shikaku leading the Chaos.

She recognized a few ANBU Captain masks around along with many notable Jounin, Minato included.

“Kitsune!” Minato brightened.

“You’re awake.” Sakumo’s tone was of complete relief.

“Standing and Moving Yes. Awake and Aware….That’s debatable.” She grunted but didn’t fight it when Sakumo moved quickly to pull her into a hug. Kitsune melted into the scent of Wild, Ozone, and ink. Tension Kitsune didn’t realize she’d held, flowed away, Sakumo’s own tension releasing as he held his practical little sister in his arms.

“So I hear I've been asleep for Three days.” She sighed as Sakumo finally let her go minutes later.

“Yes. Three stressful days.” Sakumo looked her up and down. “Have you-”

“How is Konoha recovering?” She dodged the question about her health.

“Slowly.” Sakumo didn’t fight her yet about her health. “Anyone that could be rescued that hadn’t escaped have been found and are tended to depending on their state when found.”

Kitsune wrinkled her nose with a tiny hiss. “How many are still MIA?”

“A dozen.” Inuzuka Tsume called from where she was standing with a few of the Tracking ANBU teams. 

“We know we are no longer at the Rescue stage, but in the recovery stage.” Shikaku sighed, shaking his head. “The Death Toll is only thirty so far. Which for the size of the damage, is a fucking miracle.”

“How bad is the damage?” Kitsune frowned, her head already starting to pound with a headache.

“Seventy-five percent of Konoha has been damaged. Fifty-eight percent of that was complete destruction.” Aburame Shibi monotone reading the numbers from the survey crews.

Kitsune felt her face drain of color and her knees weaken. Takeshi took a step forward and caught her before she fell. Sakumo also had a hand on her other side.

“Easy.” Takeshi whispered even as the Hokage frowned at his sister/advisor/friend.

“Maybe you should return to rest-” Sakumo started before Kitsune twitched and glared at him. The Hokage couldn’t help but feel humor for the first time in four days. “Right, How could I forget you are too stubborn to do such simple things.” He sighed, chuckling.

Kitsune just rolled her eyes. “Thanks for the Updates, but Sakumo, you and I need to talk. You heard I was attacked on my return to Konoha?”

Sakumo twitched, violently, all humor gone. “ Yes. ” His voice was glacial.

“What you didn’t get was my report on the information I got out of it.”

The Hokage narrowed his eyes. He did need her report but there was still so much to do-

Kitsune proved herself as Sakumo’s closest advisor as she saw the debate in his eyes.

“Really?” Kitsune Groaned. “Delegate Sakumo! You have the Sandaime, the Clan Council, Dragon, and your successor. Put their asses to work. You Need to hear what I almost died to learn.”

Many people twitched at that uncomfortable knowledge.

“Hiruzen.” Sakumo called without looking away from Kitsune. “You are in Charge. Minato, you are next in charge. Learn from the Sandaime until I return. Let’s go, Kitsune.”

The office door shut behind the trio momentarily as they headed up the next floor for the Hokage’s office. Sakumo only stopping to grab a passing Jounin.

“Get me the Sannins. Tell them Kitsune is awake and their presence is required immediately in my office. Now.”

“Hai!” The young jounin squeaked and dashed away. 


Safe in the Hokage’s office, Kitsune groaned and belly flopped onto the man’s couch. Sakumo just watched her before sighing and moving her feet to sit as well. Lifting them up and replacing them on his thighs. His hand firm around her ankle, feeling her warmth, her pulse.

Takeshi shifted before he spluttered when Kitsune pulled him down to sit near the other end of the couch near her head. But when she released his hand, she didn’t let it go far so that her friend could also feel her strong pulse.

“You should still be sleeping.” Sakumo broke the silence.

Kitsune grunted. “Seals.”

The Hokage sighed, got up, activated the seals, and rested against his desk. He’d need to drop the barrier when the Sannin arrived anyways.

“Where is Minashi?” Kitsune asked without lifting her head.

“Being mother-henned by Kushina, Mariko, and Sukitama. She gave them a very nasty scare when she continued to have mini seizures before the attack.” The Hatake answered ignoring the Iwa Jounin that had his eyes bouncing between them both.

Kitsune groaned louder. She just knows those memories are going to fucking suck.

There was a kick against the door, and before they would break, Sakumo dropped the barrier allowing the Senju Sannins in.

Orochimaru was the one to shut the doors as Jiraiya was holding back a furious and heavily pregnant Tsunade.

“You can’t punch her Hime. You are still recovering from keeping Minashi stable-”

“I don’t give two fucks. I need to remind Kitsune that she cannot leave us!” Tsunade yowled trying to escape.

Kitsune slowly rose from the couch and approached the violently pregnant Senju who was moments away from cracking and balling her eyes out. Anger. Anger was better than tears. 

The younger woman just sighed and instead slipped into Tsunade’s range and hugged her. The Senju froze and all her anger washed away as Kitsune’s hand pressed on her belly. The only person outside her husbands that were allowed to do such a thing.

“How is my Godson?” Kitsune hummed. “Keeping Minashi stable didn’t hurt him right?”

Tsunade’s remaining resolve crumbled as the tears came and fell. She buried her face into her best friend’s neck and shuttered.

“I can’t lose anyone else. You can’t leave us.” The blonde whispered hoarsely.

“You know I'll do whatever it takes to protect everyone.” Kitsune hummed back. “One day, if that means my life, you know I'll pay it.”

Tsunade’s grip tightened but slowly let Kitsune go to run a weak scan on her. Orochimaru and Jiraiya both made protesting noises since she’d already put herself at risk during the attack. Tsunade ignored them and continued the scan.

“You are still on the edges of Chakra exhaustion. However your coils finally seem to be healing and the chest wound feels better. Less scar tissue around the organs damaged. There is still scarring around your heart which had taken the brunt of the damage. Your companion’s chakra is still surrounding it so I can only guess he’s trying to be as delicate as possible to repair the previous botched job.”

Kitsune didn’t hear the snarl she was expecting from Kurama and sent him a mental prod. The only thing she got back was a tired swat to leave him to his focused work. Shrugging, she left her best friend be, knowing he was probably just as exhausted if not more, than herself.

“So, other than checking on you, why are we here?” Jiraiya inquired while pulling Tsunade to take a seat. Kitsune chose to collapse in a chair this time, as the Sannin took most of the couch and Takeshi had taken another chair.

“Kitsune said she gained information during her near death experience.” Sakumo sighed and rubbed his eyes. “First, i’d like your report on how the fuck Zetsu got a hold of half of Kurama-san.”

All eyes moved to the two Jounin in question.

Kitsune let out another sigh. She’d been doing that a lot since she woke up. The Kunoichi started off her report with the positives that had come from the diplomatic end of the mission, remarking that they could review it further another day. She then told her allies of the zombie duo. Their faces turned grim as she talked about how both had been defeated, but then Zetsu had surprised her by attaching to Hidan.

“I knew…I knew that pest could do that…but I thought it was only with Uchiha.” She sighed. “He’d only even been seen with First Obito, we assumed Madara the first time, and then when we lost Sasuke, he’d tried attaching to him to get his eyes. The only thing that prevented Zetsu from getting Sasuke’s eyes was the suicide seal he made me put on him shortly before i finished Naruto’s seal.”

Sakumo and the Sannin jolted. “Sasuke Died? You didn’t tell us that.” And the Hokage then realized that the Uchiha brother was the one person they hadn’t heard about all these years. “Why haven’t you told us this before?”

Kitsune looked at them. “I could hardly talk about Naruto after his death let alone think about him. Naruto and I saw Sasuke as a brother. I’d already lost Hinata and Boruto only six months before the Seal was complete. Sasuke died only two months later. His sacrifice gave the Alliance the time we needed to strengthen the barriers and finish the seal. Do you think I could talk about him or Hinata and Boruto any easier than it was talking about my twin? My sanity stayed in tact only by my own stubbornness, the promise with Naruto to fix everything, Sakura still being alive, and my Mate’s own presence at my side.” She practically bit out.

The silence was awkward until Kitsune sighed and rubbed her eyes with her thumb and forefinger. 

“I’m sorry. I’m tired and a bit cranky. I don’t like thinking about my past family, let alone speak about them.”

“Inoichi.” Sakumo stated evenly.

Kitsune nodded. “That’s already on the schedule….I think Kurama might benefit from it too. Whatever Genjutsu Zetsu put his other half under seems to have affected this half of him as well.”

Sakumo frowned worried even as the Ravenette finally smirked when Kurama roared that he didn’t need to be seen by some puny excuse for a quack mind doctor.

Orochimaru flung a kunai at his fellow Ravenette seeing that smirk signaling her needling her internal companion. Kitsune just snatched it between two fingers. Blue eyes turned to narrowed gold.

“Please do not antagonize the bijuu who just crushed the village. We do not need him to have a valid excuse to willingly attack.”

“Kurama would never.” Kitsune huffed out. Sakumo cleared his throat loudly and both friends glanced at their Hokage sheepish and contrite.

“Zetsu can attach to Anyone then?” Sakumo clarified.

Kitsune scrunched up her nose. “No, I think only those that are willing or too weak to resist.”

“Does the Information you gained explain just what that thing is?” Jiraiya questioned, frowning.

The time traveler nodded. “Yes, I also learned what his end goal is and just who is able to stop him.”

Everyone sat up, even Takeshi;however confused the Jounin was, he was realizing just how big this was.

“Zetsu is the Living Will of Otsutsuki Kaguya, the originator of Chakra, Mother of the Rikudo Sennin. Who by the way is still sort of alive spiritually but living between life and death as he waits to gift his reincarnated Sons with the Chakra needed to seal Kaguya away into the moon once more.”

This announcement was met with five blank stares.

Kitsune just raised a brow at Sakumo. “Apparently the Rikudo Sennin can only talk to his reincarnated Children when we are on the brink of life and death.”

Silence once more, well, not counting Kurama’s tired but amused snort within her head.

“You…are the Reincarnation of one of the Rikudo Sennin’s kids?” Takeshi asked on an exhale.

Kitsune nodded and then lifted her right arm, pushing back the haori sleeve to bare her skin. Focusing on the feeling she briefly remembered she called up the Tool gifted to her.

Shinjitsu Mamoru .” Kitsune hummed.

Upon bare skin, a thick black winding line appeared. In her palm rested the half moon of the staff. It flowed down her wrist to wrap around her forearm and up until the shakujo’s other end was revealed upon her bicep where the ringed end was mimicking the sun with all nine rings spread out like sun rays.

“You did say the Sage had three kids.” Orochimaru hummed as he leaned forward to see the tattoo. “Did he say who your siblings are?”

Kitsune’s face turned wistful. “Is it really that hard to figure out?”

“Naruto and Sasuke.” Sakumo stated before anyone else could answer. “If you and Naruto saw Sasuke as a brother that would be the only answer seeing as he was the Last Uchiha. Naruto as the Prophecy child and you as the Protector of the Prophecy child just fills in the holes.”

Kitsune nodded. “Correct. We are Indra, Ashura, and Kamera, the Children of the Sage. Uchiha, Senju, and Uzumaki. Only together can we stop Zetsu and if Kaguya is somehow summoned down to Earth, only we will have the strength and chakra together to seal her away once more.”

A heavy pressure of silence descended upon the room as the Senju and Hatake ruminated on just how much they still had to do in preparation for the future.

“Time-travel.” Everyone whipped their heads to the outlier of their group. Kitsune raised a brow at Takeshi. “It’s the only thing that explains it. Your true features look like Namikaze, being half Uzumaki, a jinchuriki, knowing what you do, the ‘destroyed’ village you showed me was of a future destroyed Konoha. Your determination to make peace between the nations. If this enemy, Zetsu, if it’s master is practically a Goddess of Chakra, of course you’d need the Nations at peace together so we would even stand a chance.”

In a flicker of Chakra the Part of the Blood Henge disappeared to reveal Golden blonde locks and six whiskers.

“Still as brilliant as ever, Takeshi. Yes, I am a time traveler. Let me formally introduce myself.” The Blonde stood up and bowed to her friend. “I am Rokudaime Hokage Uzumaki Minashi, Daughter of the Yondaime hokage Namikaze Minato, Jinchuriki of the Yin Chakra of the Kyuubi no Kitsune Kurama, Leading Commander of the Allied Shinobi Forces.” Blue eyes sparkled as she smirked at the dropped jaw of her friend. “Pleasure to formally meet you Kuramochi Takeshi.”

The Brunette just stared and stared until Jiraiya snapped his fingers in front of the man’s face. Takeshi jerked before covering his face with a groan.

“Are you an Adult or Child?”

Minashi bristled. “Excuse you, but I am Fourteen physically now and well into my thirties mentally. I am no child.”

That just caused the man to snort and shake his head. “Doesn’t matter.” Takeshi now understood why Kitsune never returned his advances. Not only did her heart still belong to whoever her ‘mate’ had been, but their physical age difference was too great for anything to come of it.

“Children.” Sakumo called dryly, gaining the attention of the two staring Jounin. “If we could get back on topic.”

Minashi nodded and sat back down even as Tsunade finally spoke up since her previous tantrum.

“So what are you supposed to do until your ‘brothers’ are of age to fight back?”

Minashi tilted her head and smiled softly. “What I’ve been doing. Creating a world where they can grow up without the painful loneliness my brothers did. Making sure they are strong enough to face the coming threat. Shinjitsu Mamoru is a tool that will aid in sealing Zetsu away. It can pin him down, but the pest is going to be even more cautious after recent events. Not to mention he somehow still had an Uchiha puppet to work with. No doubt Madara is probably going to kick it soon since they didn’t get their hands on Obito to take his place-” Minashi stopped when she saw Tsunade and Sakumo’s faces turn grim.

The blonde sat up sharply. “Obito is safe right? Riku-sensei would have told me if he wasn’t-”

“Uchiha Obito is still unconscious.” Tsunade reported.

“Kakashi, Kenji, Ryouta, and Rin reported finding the attacker fighting Obito before he did something with his Mangekyou to Obito.” Sakumo reported. “Not even Kagami has been able to figure out what has been done to the kid.”

Minashi frowned as she looked at her hands and willed her brain to comb for any clues to what could have happened. 

“Zetsu and Madara Cannot get a hold of Obito.” Minashi said firmly, looking up. “He is the only person alive compatible to naturally manifest the Rinnegan.” Blue eyes looked up and Takeshi jerked back startled at the look there. It was so many things wrapped in one single look. Hard, Cold, fierce, deadly, determined. The brunette could see how she’d been the Commander of an army and Kage.

“Kashi will forgive me if there is no choice but to kill the boy.” She said firmly. 

“Your Kashi may forgive you, but My son may not.” Sakumo said firmly. “Let alone your teammate Kenji. You know he sees Obito as a little brother.”

Minashi stood with her KI flickering and posture threatening. “I do not take killing as the answer Sakumo. You know this. However, Obito is a threat you do not understand. Right now he has the good heart of a loyal Konoha shinobi. But if that heart has been changed to bring about the Infinite Tsukuyomi once more and resurrect the Juubi to control, I will not hesitate to cut him down. Obito under Zetsu and Madara’s control killed my parents, killed the Uchiha clan with Itachi, and recreated Akatsuki to be a terrorist organization that killed Thousands for their so called peace .” Minashi spat. “He hasn’t shown it off, but Obito is a genius in his own right and has the potential to be as strong as Madara himself. Only Sasuke will be stronger being Indra’s reincarnation.”

“Minashi, you cannot just give up on Obito when we have no viable proof to condemn him.” Sakumo barked firmly.

“I trust in Obito to fight whatever Zetsu has attempted to do to him, Sakumo.” Minashi grit out fists balled. “But should he fail, I will not let him become a threat. I’d rather his friends remember him as Obito and not see Tobi come to life once more. Kashi never forgave himself for having to watch his best friend die twice! Not to mention the trauma of practically being forced to kill off his own team with his own hands!”

Sakumo jerked away hurt as Minashi’s eyes watered.

“I don’t WANT to kill obito, but if he’s been compromised and there is no other way found to keep him on our side-” Minashi swallowed “I will not let anyone else take that burden to end him. I am the Protector of the Future Generations. If…if one life taken will save thousands more, i will take it and the burden of it with me.”

Silence encompassed the room once more.

“Then we better figure out what Zetsu and his puppet did so you don’t have to carry any further burdens.” Jiraiya called and slowly started to smirk at Minashi. “We are your allies for a reason Minashi. Rely on us to support you as you have saved and supported us.”

Minashi’s shoulders dropped. “Un.” She smiled back softly.

“It would be wise then to discuss this with Kazou-dono.” orochimaru imparted head tilting contemplatively. “If Your teammates saw the controlled Uchiha’s Mangekyou, Kazou should be able to identify who it is, right? They can’t have that many who’ve awakened the fourth stage of the dojutsu.”

“I’ll have that investigated.” Sakumo nodded, making a note on a scroll at his side.

“Should we also take this opportunity to bring Kazou in on Minashi’s status?” Tsunade asked, twitching from a rather hard kick to her ribs.

“No.” Sakumo answered before Minashi could, even if her answer would be the same. “It is already bad enough with how many people are in the know. Especially with two being non-Konoha shinobi.”

Minashi sniffed offended as she retook her seat. “Rasa Adores me and knows I could kick his ass from Kiri and back. He still hasn’t reached Gaara’s strength and stamina.”

“And Him?” Sakumo said looking dead on at the stone faced Takeshi.

The Blonde just shrugged. “I trust Takeshi. He knows what is at stake and how dangerous the threat is. Sure, it’s way sooner than I planned to tell him, but it will work out this way.”

The Hokage just raised a silver brow at the Iwa Jounin.

Takeshi stood up and met the Hokage’s gaze before bowing shallowly in respect. “I swear on my life that I will not betray Uzumaki Minashi’s trust.” He rose back up to meet the Hokage’s steady gaze. “I am unable to swear Loyalty to Konoha due to my Loyalty to my homeland, but I swear my Loyalty to keeping the Peace so that we will not have to live the life Kitsun-Minashi-san had to live.”

Grunting Sakumo nodded. “Your oath is acknowledged and witnessed. Let’s get you caught up on everything. Maybe your outside eyes can shine light on anything we’ve missed.”

“I would be honored to help.” Takeshi said with a relieved sigh, retaking his seat.

“Good.” Sakumo returned his gaze to minashi. “Anything else to report?”

“No. That was the gist of the attack. Everything else you know from Takeshi’s report. I do have an inquiry.” The Hokage waved and Minashi’s face turned to a grimace. “When will I be able to pop my Blood Clone? If Nee-san is being as clingy as you say, I’m going to have to put it off, but I almost need it to pop, especially after the Extraction. I’m too weak right now and will need time to recover. I might as well do it all in one sitting.”

The four shinobi in the know grimaced. Takeshi just blinked as his brain processed that information.

“The Kid?” He asked, looking at his friend. Minashi nodded. 

“Yep. Something i had the Niidaime and my father’s help in creating before I jumped back. It’s basically a living clone of myself. Depending on if it’s playing Kitsune or Minashi, the strength level varies to whichever level that alias is at. As ‘Kitsune’ even in my Blood Henge, I cannot get stronger as it was set to the strength I had when I left my time. If the Blood Clone is formed as Minashi, it only has the strength I have accumulated up to that point in this time.”

“It’s also chakra and telepathically bonded to her.” Tsunade reported glaring at said creator. “So, when Kitsune was on her deathbed, the Clone began to also ‘die’ as the links holding it to this world thinned and stretched. It was only by the grace of us feeding it’s ‘core’ chakra that the Blood Clone didn’t explode in a show of blood and smoke right in front of Minashi’s brother and sister.”

Said blonde just grimaced as Takeshi’s head whipped around to her once more.

“Namikaze doesn’t know?”

“Fuck no.” Minashi hissed. “The last thing Minato needs to know is what a shitty life Naruto and I lived because he died the first time around after turning us into jinchuriki.”

The Jounin raised a brow but let it go. He’d…get the rest of his answers later.

“Minato has always assumed Kitsune and Minashi were connected.” Sakumo interrupted everyone’s thoughts. He crossed his arms while thinking of how this could be played out. “It’s a common rumor that people think your Kitsune persona is the same redhead you showed at Danzo’s trial. We could always go that route. An Uzumaki that was on the run with Uzumaki Kenta and Namikaze Seina. Instead of staying on the run full time with them, you did what Kenta-san didn’t. You went to Konoha, became a secret ANBU and worked personally for the Hokage so that you could get justice for Uzushio. No one knows your exact age nor your linage. Which is convenient for us.”

“Sure, but how are we going to play with my Uzumaki linage then as Kitsune?”

“Act your mental age.” The Hokage answered easily. “Do you know how many people knew about Kushina’s jinchuriki ritual when she was a kid?”

Minashi twitched hard. “Why…do you ask?”

“We need an excuse more than Kenta Uzumaki finding the residual chakra from the Ginkaku and Kinkaku brothers and sealing it into his children.”

“Uzumaki are known for their vitality and residence.” Tsunade reminded her fellow blonde. “Mito-oba took the Kyuubi in when she was an adult. It’s not too far-fetched to assume another repeated the task.”

“You once said Minato linked yours and Naruto’s seals.” Jiraiya continued aiding to build the background. “Why not have something similar between ‘Kitsune’ and ‘Minashi’? Everyone knows you were attacked. Many are already whispering about how Kitsune and her apprentice were down practically at the same time.”

“The Shinobi Council is aware Minashi raised the alarms.” Orochimaru informed her. “Many have only whispered inquiries on how she knew, but Sakumo has shut most of it down to focus on rescues.”

Minashi grunted as her brain worked the problem as quickly as her allies were building the resolution. “Shikaro did state that ‘Kitsune’s’ stepping into the light was too close to Minashi’s arrival. What is ‘Kitsune’ going to be to her then?”

“Godmother.” Tsunade answered easily. “Kenta left her to you knowing you would keep her safe in Konoha. Even if he didn’t want to return.”

“Raised in the Shadows it wouldn’t be too surprising for an average Kunoichi with your type of Will to get justice and then shift to protect your precious people, to become as strong as you are.” Sakumo stated evenly. “It would explain Hiruzen’s closeness to you, having practically raised you in secrecy since Uzu’s fall. Keeping your status as a partial jinchuriki from Danzo’s hands.”

“That’s fine and dandy, but where would I have gotten Kurama’s chakra? It was Known across Uzushio that all of it went from Mito to Kushina. Thus why the ritual was done on Uzushio and Kushina then escorted directly to Konoha.”

“Yes, but Do any of the Uzumaki here truly know that?” Orochimaru inquired. 

“Orochimaru has a point.” Sakumo hummed. “Sukitama-san was only a civilian and has been in Konoha since she married her husband. She wouldn’t have had the clearance to know anything of the mainfamily movements. Mariko-san would have been a teen and you can guess how likely she would have been informed of such an S-ranked movement.”

Minashi sighed and tilted her head back. Letting herself fall into her mindscape, she moved first to her napping friend. The thinnest of his ribs showing make her chest ache. Stepping up to the sleeping fox, she kissed his nose, earning a cracked open red eye and then a fond huff.

Smiling Minashi started heading for a certain memory tree. She needed to review the lessons she was given by her Great Grandmother. She found the beautiful amethyst weeping willow tree in no time. Standing under its branches, she began touching the petals, searching and searching for the memory that had more than just sealing lessons.

Minashi lost track of time as she listened once more to the wisdom of her reanimated ancestor as Miku Uzumaki spoke of Uzushio’s history. She found what she was looking for when Miku-oba reviewed Her Anue’s life as a jinchuriki and Kushina’s own status as a jinchuriki.

Takeshi frowned when Minashi-san stopped speaking even as the Sannin and Hokage continued to throw theories around. Reaching forward, Takeshi poked Minashi’s cheek, but the blonde didn’t respond.

“Don’t bother.” Jiraiya snorted. The Iwa shinobi raised an inquisitive brow at the man.

“She’s in her mindscape.” Sakumo answered. “Probably searching for an answer that will be as close to the truth in history as possible for her to use.”

“The Yamanakas drool every time they talk about her mindscape.” Orochimaru scoffed. “Apparently during the Fourth War, Minashi and Naruto shared theirs and Kurama-san’s chakra with the entire Shinobi Allied force. This sharing of Chakra not only allowed the Force to see glimpses of the trials the twins endured, but allowed Minashi and Naruto to also collect and hold onto their memories as well.”

Takeshi’s mind stopped, stuttered and restarted. “You’re telling me she has the memories of tens of thousands of people in her head and isn’t driven insane with Multiple personalities?”

The four others nodded.

“They are stored as trees within her mind.” Sakumo huffed, bragging a bit about his sister/friend/ward. “Keeping them separate from her own memories has allowed her to keep them from affecting her.”

“Minashi’s a genius in her own right as well.” Orochimaru hummed with pride. “She’s also very special. Thus, she’ll be back from her mindscape soon and have an answer for us.”

“So she doesn’t actively look through the memories?” Takeshi inquired.

Sakumo snorted. “No. She once said it was like invading that person’s personal things. Only when needed does she ‘peek’ to seek answers to possible problems.”

“Do remember that much has changed since Minashi arrived ten years ago.” Jiraiya aimed at the Iwa Jounin. “Proof is all four of us in the room before you.”

Takeshi raised an inquiring brow. Sakumo pointed to his own face. “Dead when my son was six. Suicide to repay for a botched mission.” The Jounin blanched at the Hokage. He looked at the Senjus.

Orochimaru grimaced. “Drive to human experimentation and insanity from betrayal by Danzo and a Missing Nin.”

Jiraiya shifted. “Rarely in Konoha and running around as SpyMaster. Technically I still am, but I have ways to run it from here.”

Tsunade sighed. “Gambling depressed drunk that was not a missing nin only by sentimentality of the reinstated Sandaime at the time.”

“I can only guess that you were either killed in the Third War, or shortly after.” Sakumo said while shrugging at the Jounin. “Ripple effect and everything.”

“Ah!” Minashi jolted, sitting upright sharply. “Elders!” She cheered brightly even as Five sets of gazes were on her sharply.

“What?” Tsunade frowned.

“Uzushio being such a small nation wasn’t run the same as everywhere else.” Minashi pulled her legs up, a brightness in her gaze that hadn’t been there before. “Sure, they still had a daimyo, but Uzushio was still mostly run by the Shinobi Branch of the Clan. Ashina being in charge of the Shinobi side of things while his brother-in-law Arashi Uzumaki ran the Civilian Branch Clans. The Shinobi side being run by the Main family had Mito-oba and her younger siblings running as ‘elders’ after Ashina passed away. Mito being in Konoha meant that the Clan Head duties were passed to Miho, the second born.”

“For a public standpoint to the other Nations, Ashina had made his position as Clan Head as uzukage. Miho, then became the Niidaime Uzukage. Uzumakis never really followed that title the same as they did the Clan Head title. They kept to their traditions. Thus Miho’s siblings became her advisors and ‘elders’. Arashi Uzumaki was in a similar position, but instead of his siblings taking the roles, it was the different branch lines that each had an ‘elder’ representing them.”

“When it came to Kurama’s resealing within Kushina, status didn’t matter to the Seal Masters. Those who had the skill and knowledge to aid in the transfer were there to keep the bijuu from escaping. What wasn’t known was that the Branch family elders were greedy to experiment with the Kyuubi’s chakra. Miho shut them down fast and had the elders replaced before they could do harm.”

“That’s not mentioning that before Iwa, Kumo, and Kiri attacked, Uzu was distracted with the tension between the Shinobi and Civilian branches. Arashi wanted Miho removed as Clan Head despite her being his own niece. He thought her actions against his council of elders was too rash.” Minashi took a breath and looked at her audience.

“What if we say that the actions weren’t rash, because the Branch councilmen had succeeded in stealing some of the kyuubi’s chakra? Miho could have secretly ordered her baby brother that already held some of the kyuubi’s chakra to find another candidate to hold more seeing as he was too old to have more added.”

“Thus ‘Kitsune’ or his youngest daughter was made into a partial jinchuriki. It would also explain my closeness to Kenta and his wife. Kitsune’s closeness to Minashi.”

“So you’d be playing as your own aunt.” Sakumo hummed. “It’s workable.”

“Don’t forget that people are aware you too were a twin.” Orochimaru stated sleek brow raised.

Minashi waved him off. “Expected. Namika Uzumaki was a twin. Kenta was the only Non-twin child she bore.”

“How do you know all that?” Tsunade asked, frowning.

The younger blonde shrugged. “I summoned Miku-oba before finishing the Seal. Since she was my blood Great-grandmother, it wasn’t hard to do. I had a spare white zetsu to sacrifice, and had watched Orochimaru use the Edo Tensai enough to do it on my own by then.”

“And you got away with it?” Orochimaru asked doubtfully. “I thought you didn’t call any Uzumaki’s back since the DNA wouldn’t have been viable.”

Minashi shrugged. “Only Kashi found out since I had been hiding her at our place. I think Tobirama knew since he was a sensor, but he never ratted me out. Just helped me in the lessons Oba-san imparted on me.”

“Back on task, and we’ll talk about that in detail later. For now, do you have names we can use?” Sakumo asked pulling out notes to have the information added to the Uzumaki Family tree.

“Nagisa and Namiyo Uzumaki.” Minashi hummed. “They didn’t actually exist, but it’s the family line that works best.”

“Good.” Sakumo hummed and Minashi stiffened when she realized she somehow suddenly walked into Sakumo’s trap as the hatake smiled innocently at her. “Kitsune then will return to the Mask designation that it is instead of an alias. In her place Nagisa will reveal herself and actually socialize with her family and friends.”

Dead silence. A heart beat passed as Minashi started to glare and sulk at Sakumo who’s grin just widened.

Jiraiya cracked first, turning to bury his head in Orochimaru’s shoulder and snicker. Tsunade let out an impressed whistle. Orochimaru grinned at his friend’s sprung trap.

“Sakumo!” Minashi jumped up with a startled shout/whine.

The Hokage just continued to smile innocently.

“NO!” The blonde tried again.

Sakumo just continued to smile.

“You can’t make me!” Minashi pouted crossing her arms. Sakumo’s brow twitched.

“Eh….” He drawled slowly, smile turning delightfully wolfish sending shivers down Minashi’s spine. “If you didn’t want to take orders then you should have taken the hokage’s hate, Jounin Nagisa Uzumaki.”

Minashi pouted deeper even as she molded her Blood Henge seal to add a second setting and let it take over. Blonde bleed blood red, Cerulean stayed the same, despite her henge at the trial giving herself red eyes.

“Good.” Sakumo beamed pleased. “Now, Jounin Nagisa, you and your apprentice will be placed on medical leave for the next week to two weeks depending on Tsunade’s judgment of your health. Especially since recent information has revealed why young Minashi had seizures.” He wagged a finger at her like she was a naughty child. “You’ve learned your lesson to never experimentally link jinchuriki seals now, haven’t you?”

Minashi’s right eye twitched. “Hai-” She bit out.

“Splendid.” He clapped. “Minashi will be summoned to be admitted into the Hospital for further evaluations and physical health checks with Jiraiya as the Lead Seal Master to observe the damage done. We will figure out how best to handle your continued Jinchuriki status later in relation to the new Status of Naruto’s own state as a jinchuriki.”

“A bit of advice?” Takeshi drawled dryly. “Do not let ‘Nagisa’ remain as a jinchuriki. If it leaks that Konoha has ‘three’ jinchuriki, never mind that ‘Minashi’ and ‘Nagisa’ are sharing a seal, you will have war at your front steps once more. Not to mention your Seal Masters will be set for kidnapping or execution for successfully finding a way to split the bijuu between containers.”

“Guy’s got a point.” Jiraiya frowned. “Nagisa has lost her Kyuubi, Minashi has kept her own, but because their seals were experimentally connected, she suffered aftershocks of the extraction. Thus their telepathic bond allowed Nagisa to pass a message to her ‘niece’ about her attack and the threat to Konoha.”

Sakumo nodded. “Good enough for now. I’ll inform Shikaku and Shikaro of the updated story. We’ll reveal it to the Shinobi council when things have finally calmed down. Our next concerns will be rebuilding before the other Nations decide to think we’re weak enough to attack. Until then,” he looked at the now lone redhead. “Nagisa, report to the Hospital. Additionally, you are officially ordered to use your Kitsune Henge for Mission use only.”

The redhead sighed but nodded. “Hai, hokage-sama.”

Sakumo glanced at Takeshi. “I will schedule a meeting with you and Nagisa to finalize the treaty with Iwa. I thank you for your patience so far and request for more of it as konoha gets back on our feet.”

Takeshi hummed. “I will need an excuse to send to my Tsuchikage.”

Sakumo just raised a brow. “Simple enough. Nagisa was attacked, you stayed out of concern as a close friend to make sure she made a full recovery.”

Takeshi nodded. “And…I am allowed to report her new identity?”

“With her near death experience, it is logical that you would have witnessed her true looks.” The Hokage hummed. “I will leave that up to your own judgment. It will not harm Kitsune to be outed as a surviving Uzumaki. I only request you keep her familia relations a continued secret.”

“Done.” Takeshi nodded and stood with the others. “I will return to my quarters then and send word to my Kage that my stay will be extended until my friend recovers.”

“You hanging around Kitsune turned Nagisa will also keep the vultures off of her.” Tsunade huffed amused. “Especially if they think you are attempting to court her.”

Takeshi twitched. “Something I obviously cannot do.”

“Nope, but the cover story works.” The Blonde waved back smirking. “Come troublesome Uzumaki, time to get you admitted for a nice long recovery.”

Nagisa stood with a sigh and stopped to grab Takeshi's hand. He twitched but met her gaze steadily.

“I warned you.” She whispered sadly. Takeshi hummed.

“You did.”

“I hope we can still be friends. It’s…been nice to be spoiled again.”

The Brunette’s lips twitched. “You aren’t going to let this be a wedge between our friendship, are you?”

The redhead smirked. “Of course not. You’re still one of the good ones, Takeshi. While I can't be a significant other to you…I wouldn’t mind having more people to call family. It’s just shifting that love from romantic to familia.”

Takeshi chuckled fondly. “I’ll do my best. Knowing you are physically fourteen is a big help to ward most things off.”

Nagisa snickered and squeezed his hand before joining the Sannin at the door.

“Ready for your introduction to Konoha?” Tsunade smirked as the barrier dropped.

“It’s…been a long time coming.” Nagisa sighed just as the other two Senju opened the doors.

Arm in arm with Tsunade, the newly named Nagisa Uzumaki, aka ANBU Captain Kitsune, walked out of the Hokage’s office. Takeshi departed for the Senju compound, and Orochimaru left for his post commanding part of the forces during the cleanup.

Nagisa ignored the looks she was getting and focused on looking ahead. She could already hear the curious whispers, as people knew it had been Kitsune who’d been in a meeting with the Hokage.

“Nagisa.” Said Hokage called from the other end of the Hall from where he’d headed back for the War room.

Said redhead paused and looked back to him a red brow raised.

“If I catch you attempting anything but paperwork before Tsunade has released you, I will stick you with the Tora mission for a year straight.”

Nagisa just stared at him before a sly smirk lifted her bow lips. “Sure, then you’ll be the one explaining to the Daimyo’s wife why her cat was eaten by a fox. Riku-sensei would love to chase and eat the Bakeneko again since he has a beef with the Bakeneko Clan Head.”

Sakumo stared before glaring. “Do not feed your summons with other intelligent creatures.” He scolded.

Nagisa cackled. “Don’t assign the Tora mission to me then. My foxes love a good hunt with prey that deserve it. Ja ne!” she snickered as she pulled the snickering Tsunade and Jiraiya with her through the rest of the slack jawed Tower.

It would be gossiped like fire over the following days. Their Fox Sage Kitsune had dropped her henge. Uzumaki Nagisa had been revealed. Additionally, Tora was a Bakeneko much to the despair of every shinobi that had ever run the Tora mission!