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Bridge to the Future: World Beyblade tournament!

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"So! Let's decide the pair for the first battle!!" The narrator said with excitement. "It's Kaito Unabara vs Captain Arrow!"

Kaito looked at the screen with an ambitious smile.

"You can do it, Nii-chan!" Eito said and waved his fist in the air. "Do your best!!"

"I will! For the team!"

Kaito said and got on the track.

"Hey, Arrow..."

Captain Arrow turned to face Genjuro. "Hm?"

"Do your best, ok?..."

"Ehm, yeah... Of course..." Arrow said somewhat weirded out by his move. He and Kamegaki rarely talk.

He got on the track and was ready to face Kaito. He started with confidence. "3!"



"Gooo shoot!"

"Let's go, Revizer!" Kaito waved his hand and Revizer crashed with Wyvern.

"Wyvern, Tornado attack!"

The Bey created a tornado. Kaito kind of struggled with it, but eventually endured it.

"Hey, Arrow! You are strong, but not so much so that you can beat me!" Kaito crossed his arms with pride.

"Eh, you think so! Wyvern!" Arrow commanded his Bey to attack Revizer.

"No so fast! Revizer!"
Eventually Kaito used his special move and Wyvern went stadium out.

"Aaah!? How the-..." Arrow was surprised. He kneeled down exhausted.

"Heh! Count a victory for the WBBA team!" Kaito grabbed his Bey satisfied.
At the evening, the WBBA team, except Sakyo and Takanosuke and BTF, except Genjuro and Arrow, went to Bull Burger to chill.

"Your battle was amazing, Nii-chan!" Eito said happily.

"Oh, yeah! I had fun today!"

"Hm! Live it as long as you can, WBBA team, because we're going to be the national champions!" Kira ambitiously said.

"Having dreams is great, Kira!" Kaito boldly answered.

Kira smiled.

"Wow, let's find a table for 10 now..." Zero shaked his head troubled. "Hey, Benkei! Do you have any big tables?! Like, very big?!"

"Eh?! How much big!"

"For ten?!"

"Eeeeeeh??! Forget it, half on the bar, half on a table! My restaurant is not made for family reunions!"


"I mean, it's not that big, you idiot! Kyoya-san would get it immediately!... Bwaaaah! I miss him so much!" Benkei monologued.

Kira cringed a bit, but ignored it. "Eh, I'm going to sit on the bar... Hey, mister... Eh, I'd like a latte coffee please..."

"Coffee?! Where do you think you are?! In any fancy cafeteria?! This is Bull Burger, the most legendary burger rest-"

"Enough of it, Benkei! The customer is always right! Can't you just bring him a damn coffee?!" Zero said irritated. He wasn't in the mood for fights now.

"Alright, alright! A latte coffe! Right away, sir!"

Kira sat on a seat at the bar and waited for his coffee quietly. Yoshio shyly and discreetly sat next to him."

"Ehm... I'd like to order a burger, please..." He said to Benkei.

He smiled. "Ooh, finally, a customer that knows what to get! A big one, right?! I can see you are a big, muscular guy!"

"Eh, I guess..." Yoshio said shyly. He didn't want to admit that he was veey hungry.

Then, their orders were served. Kira sipped from his mug and sighed satisfied with the beverage's warmth.

Yoshio started eating quite roughly.

"Ahem!" Baihu said mischievously. "Don't eat so fast, you'll feel bloated lateeer~"

Yoshio stopped to look at him, and then he noticed Kira, who had put his hand in front of his mouth to hide his smile.

"Eeh! Yeah, you're probably right, Xiao...." He blushed like a tomato and Kira let a small muffled laugh.

Yoshio felt embarrassed, but it wasn't like Kira was mocking him. He actually had found all the situation cute...
Out, near the port, it was quiet. Captain Arrow was sitting on a bench, quite disappointed with the day's outcome. He just wanted to sit in a quiet place and think it over.


Arrow heard a voice from the background and tilted his head. "Eh?"

"You fought well today..." It was Genjuro. He sat beside him on the bench.

"But I lost..."

"It isn't important... What counts is your performance. It was great..."

"It is important, Genjuro! I just made it a bit more difficult for us to win the world tournament representation!... Since we left DNA, I have come to realise the truth... I'm useless... And a poser... And-"

"Whoah, whoah, whoah! Shut up! You're not useless, ok! You just need to work a bit harder, that's all. Sure, the Garcias filled our brain with lies and fake ambitions, and made us a little hot-headed, but that doesn't mean that the truth is that we are no good bladers! Just please, don't think like that!"

"Genjuro..." Arrow looked at him in the eyes, slightly surprised to what he heard.

Genjuro pat his back and gave him a warm smile full of hope. "Hey, don't give up. Ok?"

"Arrow nodded and smiled back, as he felt the warmth of Genjuro's palm slowly fading fading.

Silence for a while.

"Eh, why aren't you with the others?..." Arrow asked.

Genjuro shrugged. "Eh, I just didn't feel like it... I wanted to stay alone..."

He obviously lied. But Arrow was kind of naïve to get it.

"Oh... Ok, then. I'll leave..."

"No, don't. I have changed my mind..."

"Oh, ok..."

Silence again. They both eased back on the bench and observed the starry sky.

"Look at the sea... Isn't it beautiful under the Moonlight?..."

"Oh, yeah... Such a calming view..."

Genjuro threw a small rock in the sea and looked at the ripples he created.


"Oooouch!!! Who in the Flying Dutchman's ship threw a rock on my poor head?!"

They heard an annoyed voice coming from the sea.

"Wh- who's there?!" Genjuro shouted completely weirded out.

Then a bunch of sea weed jumped out of the water. It turned out it was a boy in sea weed.

"It's me! Kikura Gen! And you just ruined my calm underwater evening! Thank goodness it wasn't any plastic! But still! How dare you throw rocks! There are living beings under the water!! You could have killed me!!" Kikura Gen daid while constantly squirming and posing dramatically.

"Oh, no... Why this now!" Genjuro exclaimed annoyed. "Can you maybe leave us alone??"

"Oh, no, you're not getting away with it!!" Kikura Gen got his launcher and Kraken.

"Oh, I see... You wanna be in trouble!" Genjuro got Genbull too and was ready to launch.

"3, 2, 1!!"

"Go shoot!!"

The battle started. Genbull crushed with Kraken several times.

But with little effort, Genjuro used his special move and knocked Kraken out.

"Enough, leave now!" He fiercely said as he got his Bey in his hand. It was an attempt to scare him, and it was successful, as Kikura Gen splashed in the water in a rush.

"What a weirdo!" Genjuro said, as the watched him swimming away from them.

"He's funny though!" Arrow smiled amused, revealing his sharp teeth.

Genjuro smiled too. Arrow has such a cute smile. But he wished to see his eyes.

He got closer to him, and without warning, he gently removed his mask.

The shorter boy was very surprised by his move and immediately blushed, as some fluffy blue-black bangs fell on his face.

"Y- you have green eyes..." Genjuro blushed too, surprised and amazed.

"Y- yeah, I know..." Arrow's eyes narrowed and brightened while he smiled.

"They are so beautiful... Why you wear that thing though?" Genjuro asked. It sounded a bit like a complaint.

"Oooh, it's because I want to look menacing!" Arrow's mood completely changed, as he straightened his shoulders and raised his head proudly. "Now, please, gimme back!" He grabbed his mask and wore it back quickly.

"Aww... Well, let's go to the others now, shall we?"


Aroow seemed to feel better now. Genjuro was satisfied with that.

They left the port and headed towards the city.

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"Hey, fellow bladers, and welcome back to the Zero-G stadium! Today's battle is Genjuro Kamegaki vs. Shinobu Hiryuin! Let's remember that it is 1 win for the WBBA team so far!" The narrator happily announced. "Hoo! This is going to be an interesting match!!"

Genjuro glimpsed the rival team saying good luck and stuff to Shinobu and he felt his adrenaline rush when he saw the grey-haired guy getting prepared for their fight. Finally he could show that his training outside of DNA paid off.

"Genjuro!! You can do it!" Arrow told him and touched his shoulder.

Genjuro only smiled war and nodded to him.

He wasn't overconfident about this battle, because he knew Shinobu is one of the best bladers.

He stepped on the stage.

"3, 2, 1! Go shoot!!"

They launched their Beys and the stadium started spinning slightly.

"Go, Genbull!!" Genjuro waved his hand to command his Bey. It crashed with Salamander.

Shinobu did the same. The crashes became more intense. The stadium moved more violently.

"Go Salamader! Special move! Phantom Fire Shot!"

Salamander ostensibly multiplied itself. Genjuro's forehead sweated as he concentrated on the Salamander copies.

He got an idea. He went to the center and pretended that he was about to lose, so that Shinobu would use his other special move to beat him, and then he'd use Spinning Shell Smash, like he did with Ren the first time they battled.

Well, Shinobu is not an idiot and he wouldn't be fooled by it. "I have understood your plan, Kamegaki!"

"Ah, shoot..."

Genjuro considered it better. He decided to use his special move before it was too late. He found his chance when Salamander lost some stamina and stopped multiplying itself.

"Now, Genbull! Special move! Spinning Shell Smash!!"

Genbull rushed with force to Salamander and made it go stadium out.

"Whoah! Genjuro Kamegaki is the winner!! Amazing match, ladies and gentlemen!!"

"Oh, no... I don't believe it!" Shinobu said and collapsed.

Genjuro grabbed his Bey and panted exhausted. Then smiled. "I... I did it!!"

He raised his hands in the air and waved to the crowd.

"Heeeey! You did great!!" Arrow shouted and then gave him a loud whistle.

He tilted his head to face his team with a wide smile. Eveeyone was cheering for him.
"You saw him, guys!? You saw him?! The battle was spectacular! What tactics, man!!" Arrow cheered for Genjuro excited as they entered Bull Burger.

Genjuro was silently looking at him, smiling brightly.

"Hi, Benkei!" Zero said. "I hope you have room for 12 of us today!"

"Aaargh, why you have to be so many!!" Benkei exclaimed annoyed.

"Aah, the more the better!" Zero gave him a wide smile and sat on a table, waiting for his friends.

Kira sat on a small table for two, and looked at Yoshio with an inviting smile.

The big man blushed and sat opposite the side of the table of Kira's.

He mostly looked down embarrassed, but occasionally peeked at him sipping his coffe.

Kira did the same, but only at the times that Yoshio looked away, so he wouldn't be noticed.
The next day, the Bey Stadium had some technical problems, so there wouldn't be a battle that day.

"Good day, bladers! I'm sorry to announce that today there can't be a battle, due to technical problems. But! We can announce the battle for tomorrow! It tirns out it's Ren Kurenai vs Yoshio Iwayama! Wow, I can't wait for it!"
"Aw, man! I can't believe it! At least we got to know the next battle! Whoo, Ren, I think you've got him!" Zero said as they walked out of the stadium.

"Hoo, yeah! I'm so excited for tomorrow guys!" Ren punched the air.

At the other side of the stadium, there were some random bladers who were discussing while training.

"Man, you heard about those two bladers who were in love?!"

"No, dude? Why?"

"They were both men, dude!"

"Ew, the most disgusting thing I've heard today!"

"I know right!?"

Yoshio happened to hear their conversation and felt so awful in his own skin. He left from there as quickly as possible.
Yoshio was sitting on a bench in the park. It was already dark outside.

He felt so alone and drown in his thoughts, it was overwhelming.

Suddenly he heard some light footsteps on the grass out of nowhere. And then he heard a high-pitched voice. "Yoshio! Is that you?"

He tilted his head to see who was calling him. "Ren?... How come?"

"Everyone is looking for you! Where have you been?!" She put her hands on her waist as she scolded him.

"Sorry... I just wanted to have some alone time to consider some things..."

"Oh... Ok..."

"Hey, Ren..."


Do you think that two men in love are disgusting?..."

"Eeh?! Absolutely no! This is actually very cute! Love is cute in any form, actually!! What has gotten into you now?!"

"It's just... I'm... This kind of man..." Yoshio admitted, slightly embarrassed.

"Eh... I have noticed!" Ren said with confidence.

"What?! Really??"

"Yep. It's Kira, right?"

"Am I so obvious?..."

"I haven't seen anything more obvious actually!"

"Oh, man... I'm so awkward..."

"Haha, no! Everyone has been in love at least once in their life..."

"Yeah, right... Do you think Kira-sama would love me back?..."

"Well... Why not?... You should try to see somehow!" Ren smiled to encourage him.

"Ah... I hope you're right!..."

Ren gave him a wide smile and thumbs up. Yoshio smiled a bit too. He felt relieved that he talked with someone.

"Don't tell anyone, ok..."

"Of course, Yoshio! Ah, and don't forget! We fight tomorrow! I wish you good luck, because you'll need it!" She winked.

Yoshio smiled as he saw her leaving with confidence.

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"Hello, fellow bladers, and welcome back to our Arena! I assume you're all waiting for the huge battle that is going to take place today! Ren Kurenai vs Yoshio Iwayama!!" The narrator said and the crowd cheered.

Ren was looking at Yoshio with a very confident smile. Her team encouraged her and she went on stage.

Yoshio was very nervous. Not because of the battle, but because Kira was there.

"Yoshio, big guy! You can do it!" Spike shouted.

"Hell yeah, Yosh!" Genjuro too.

The reat of the team was chanting his name.

But Kira was silent and restrained. This worried him a lot. Kira was never like that before a team member's fight.

Well, it was probably because he has high expectations of him.

Yoshio didn't realise that he was staring at Kira for 2 solid minutes, until he gave him a confident nod as a reassurance.

He got on stage too and took his launcher.

Ren got hers too.

"3, 2, 1! Go shoot!"

"Go, Phoenix!!" Ren commanded with excitement.

Phoenix was pushing Golem easily.

Yoshio wasn't really concentrated on the battle. He was constantly thinking of Kira's thoughts on him, considering his reactions again and again in his brain.

"Hoho, Yoshiii! Do something, I'm bored!" Ren shouted.

"What is he doing?!" Kira shouted irritated. "Where is his mind wandering now!"

He hadn't seen Yoshio like that before. He was always concentrated like a robot on his battles. Since they left DNA many things have changed on them...

"Go, Phoenix!! Crash him~!"

Phoenix made Golem almost go stadium out.

"Yoshio, focus!" He heard a voice from the background. It was Kira, who was shouting at the top of his lungs, passionately.

Yoshio got the message. Kira really wanted him to win. And that was his aim.

"Go, Golem! With full force!! Special move! Demolition Hammer!!"

And it happened! Golem knocked Phoenix out of the stadium!

"A- amazing!! And we all thought that Iwayama had fallen asleep, haha! Great win for the BTF, and now they are 2-1!" The narrator explained.

"No way!! I almost have gotten it!! Aaaw!" Ren said disappointed. But part of her was also happy for her new friend.

"Wow, man! What was that today, you fooled us all!" Genjuro chuckled and hit his muscular arm.

"Hey, tricks are my speciality, Yoshio!" Baihu teased him.

The others cheered him as well.

The corner of his eye catched Kira in the background having a big, honest smile on his painted lips.

He approached and pat Yoshio's chest. "Bravo, Yoshio." He only said, and Yoshio tried to hold back his tears. He made Kira-sama proud, didn't he?
The next day there was another battle.

"Sakyo Kurayami vs Karura! Brace yourselves everyone!"

"Hey, Sakyo! I believe in you!!" Takanosuke shouted at him. He seemed to ignore him, but they both knew he wasn't actually. It was gheir way of communicating.

Karura too got his cheers from the team and got on stage with Sakyo.

"3, 2, 1! Go shoot!"

Sakyo had heard that Karura and Garudas aren't the easiest opponents, so he was prepared.

Karura commanded Garudas and some strong fire explosions were created, knocking Dragoon hard.

But Sakyo wouldn't give up so easily. Some explosions would never stop him.


To his command, Dragoon cut through the explosion and with it's left rotation, stunned Garudas and sent it out of the stadium.

Sakyo stoically grabbed his Bey and returned to his team.

Karura shook his head in disappointment, but he knew, it was Sakyo Kurayami anyway. To beat that guy, anyone would need the hardest of the trainings. And that's what he is going to achieve one day, when he's ready.
That evening, Kira garhered the team to discuss the issue seriously.

"Listen up, BTF! At this point we are 2-2 and there are only 3 battles left!! And we have to win all of them, understand?!" Kira said firmly. "And of course congratulations to the winners, guys. And even the ones who lost, you tried well. That's how I want my team!" He smiled satisfied.

"And you are the leader we want to have..." Yoshio said and looked in his eyes.

Kira did the same and smiled.

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"Hello, fellow bladers! Welcome back to our stadium! The match is decided! It's Eito Unabara vs Spike Bourne!"

"Go, lil' bro! You've hot him!"

"Yeah, Nii-chan! That's the spirit!"

Eito got on stage with confidence and grabbed his launcher.

"Heya, Spike! You can do it!" Baihu shouted happily.

"I will do my best, little guy!" He said and went on stage.

"3, 2, 1! Go shoot!"

"And the battle has started!"

Zirago hit Oroja with mania, as Spike was very obsessed and fired up, as he always is.

"Hell yeah, Zirago!! We've got him!"

"Let's go, Oroja!"

Spike attacked like a maniac as usually, but he didn't consider that Oroja is a stamina Bey, and would eventually weaken him.

That's why Eito was calm.

He tried to calm down too, but it was too late. Oroja knocked Zirago out of the stadium.

"Yeah! We did it, Oroja!" Eito happily said as he grabbed his Bey.

Spike accepted his loss. He has to change his fighting style, he figured.

Kira was kind of troubled, but encouraged him anyway, as a good leader should. "It's ok, alright? You did your best. Next time, because we'll sure have one!"
The next day came, it was a heartbeat away from the finals!

"Today we have the semi final battle! And it's Takanosuke Shishiya vs Baihu Xiao!"

Takanosuke smiled to hearing the news. "Hey, Sakyo! Watch me, ok?" He happily said and went on the stage.

Sakyo gave him a small smile.

"Hey, kid! You've got him, right?" Genjuro said to Baihu.

"Of course, Genji! What are we, children?" Baihu playfully said and winked. The others chuckled.

Except Kira. He is the only one who cinsidered that the final and deciding match was between him and Zero...

Both bladers were ready to launch and the crowd started counting down. "3, 2, 1!"

"Go shoot!"

"Go, Byakko!" Baihu was very excited for the match. He was very confident that he'd win.

He had the mood and energy to fight. Finally, he could feel like a child now that he left the filthy DNA.

"Yeeeeehaaaw!! I'm loving it!!" He said while Byakko crashed with Gryph.

Takanosuke was excited too. "Let's do it, Gryph!"

"Hey, Shishiya!! You fight well!"

"You too, Xiao! But enough with small talk! Gryph!"

Takanosuke's Bey almost kicked Byakko out.

But Baihu wasn't stressed. He knew what to do.

Byakko went back to the center of the stadium with full force and Baihu used his special move.

This resulted in Takanosuke's loss.

"Oh, yeah! The White tiger did it again!!" He said, proud and happy for himself.

"Oh, no... It can't be..." Takanosuke was very sad about his outcome. Be knew that now the two teams were 3-3, and only the final match could decide the winner.

"I'm sorry guys..." He said when he returned to the team.

"It's ok, Takanosuke! Zero can do it, we believe in him!" Ren said.

"You fought well anyway..." Sakyo admitted.

Takanosuke's eyes immediately brightened when he heard that.

The BTF team was celebrating Baihu's win.

"Beware of our little warrior!!" Yoshio said and raised him on his shoulders.

Baihu was proudly sitting up there and was waving at the crowd who cheered for him.

"Alright, alright! We are almost there! Tomorrow is the final battle! Zero Kurogane vs Kira Hayama!! Who is going to give the gift to his team? We'll know tomorrow!" The narrator said with excitement and suspense.

Kira was the most stressed in the team. He really wanted to make it real and go to the world tournament. And the chances were 50/50.

"Kira-sama, you are worried about tomorrow, right?" Yoshio said when they were left alone in the back.

"A little, yeah..."

"Don't be. I'm sure for you. I believe in nothing but you. Always."

Kira smiled to his words. "Thank you... I do believe in you too..."

Yoshio felt even better to hearing him. That's what I live for, Kira-sama...

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So... I'm the last one... The one that will determine the future of the team... Let's see what I can do... Let's see if my hard training paid off... Let's prove to my self that I need no DNA or any supervisor!!

"Waaaaaaarg! Go, Bahamut!" Kira launched powerfully.

He commanded Bahamut to smash some training walls. Three in a row. Kira never felt fitter. He smiled with confidence.

"Let's do it, Bahamut! Crash five more!"

Bahamut crashed even more heavy walls and it's stamina remained almost untouched.

"That's not enough!" Kira grabbed his Bey, not very satisfied with his performance. He felt that something was missing. "Not enough to win against Zero..."

Then, he got an idea. He went to Bull Burger to find Benkei.

"Hey, Benkei! Do you have some time, ehm, six hours maybe?" He casually said.

"Eh, don't you see that I have work?!" Benkei said visibly irritated.

"I just needed your help for a bit..." Kira gave him a puppy eye look.

"Your filthy tricks don't work on me, Hayama!"

"Aw, come on!... I heard you like to train bladers..."

"Train?! You said 'train'!? Ohoho, yeah! Finally! Alrighty then! You got me! Who am I training?!"


Benkei's face quickly changed from happy and excited to shocked. "Y- you?!... Are you sure?..."

"Are you questioning me?" Kira crossed his arms.

"Ehm, I mean, you're already strong!"

"Not enough to beat Zero and get my team a ticket for the world tournament!"

"Oh... Ehm, ok, I'll see what I can do..."

"I have something in mind. I heard you have a wrecking ball?"
"You ready, Hayama?" Benkei shouted from his wrecking ball bulldozer.

"Bring it on, Ben!"

Benkei gave him a thumbs up and released the giant metallic ball.

"Go shoot!" Kira launched Bahamut with all his power. "Go and smash it!!"

Kira trained very hard for hours. Bahamut was crashing on the ball until it was heavily damaged.

"Hey, Kira! I think it's fine now! You're very good!" Benkei shouted at the end.

"Not yet, give me a sec!"

"No more secs! The wrecking ball is almost wrecked itself!"

"Aaargh, fine! Fine..." Kira said, obviously stressed.

"It's ok, eh! You're doing pretty well, you don't have to worry! You and Zero are on the same level!"

"But I need to be better..."
"Hey, Yoshi, where's Kira?" Captain Arrow asked.

Yoshio shrugged. "He's been training the whole day..."

"Oh... Ehm, ok... I hust wanted to ask him if he'd like to join us for a meal at Benkei's... The others will be there too..." Arrow explained.

"Yeah, we decided that this would be our last meeting before we'd know the winner team. And probably before one team leaves to the USA for the first international battle..." Genjuro continued.

"Oh... Yeah, I'd like to join you! But, Kira-sama.... I'll go and talk to him!" Yoshio said and rushed to Kira's house.

"Kira-sama! Where are you?" Yoshio shouted when he arrived.

"Basement!" He heard Kira's voice.

He rushed in the basement. There he saw Kira still training himself with walls and obstacles and everything he could.

He seemed exhausted, but very proud to admit it anyway.


"What now, don't you see I have work!"

"You've been training for the whole day! It's enough, you have to rest! You're already the best, no one doubts it!" Yoshio said with nerve.

Bahamut stopped spinning due to Kira's lack of focus, and Kira became furious.

"You see now?! You made me lose my concentration!" He turned and scolded him.

Yoshio didn't lose his patience. He spepped towards Kira, grabbed his shoulders and looked straight in his eye.

"Don't tire yourself aimlessly... You're already a great blader... You don't need to worry that much... Listen to me..."

Kira looked down. "But..."

"But what? Don't you believe in yourself, Kira-sama?..."

"It's not that, it's..."

"Allow me to tell you what it is. You're trying to be mathematically perfect, is that not it?"

"Kind of..." Kira admitted.

"But, that's wrong... The only thing you need to beat Zero tomorrow, except your skill, is your Bey spirit! And your connection to us, your friends!"

"Yeah... That was the thing Zero told me too..."

"You see?"

"Yeah... You're probably right... I have to loosen up a bit..."

"And relax..."


Without thinking it too much, Yoshio pulled Kira for a tight hug. Kira was kind of surprised but he returned it. As he clung to Yoshio, he felt his muscles relaxing and his tension leaving him.

"Ah... Don't we go to Bull Burger now to find the others?..." Yoshio awkwardly said as they pulled off.

"Oh, yeah! I'm quite hungry now! All this training exhausted me..."
"There they are!!" Spike said when he saw Kira and Yoshio entering Bull Burger.

"Finally, I had started worrying about him..." Benkei admitted.

"Hey, Kira! Are you ready for tomorrow?!" Zero said excited.

"Yessir! And I'm going to beat you for sure!"

"Oh, yeah! Believe it if it makes you happy, but I'm not guaranteeing it!"

"As you wish, Zero! As you wish..."
"Hello and welcome to the Zero-G Arena of Metal Bey City! And this is the final battle of the National Tournament, the way to the International tournament, again after 8 years! The two finalists are the fierce and ambitious Zero Kurogane, and the eccentric and very strong Kira Hayama!! I'm very excited for this one! I guess you too! Well, let's not talk further, let's leave it there!"

"Hey, Kira! Good luck, because you'll need it!" Zero said.

"Don't be that cocky, Zero... You'll fall down abruptly!"

"3, 2, 1! Go shoot!"

Bahamut and Ifrit crashed together and sent adrenaline rushes to everyone in the stadium.

The crashes were strong and made the arena move violently.

Sometimes the one was topping the other, but they were mostly equal in the match.

"Here's our chance, Ifrit!! Let's go!"

"Harder, Bahamut!"

Zero was fighting strongly and stubbornly. Kira was very stressed. Especially when Zero used his special move. "Irfit! Special move! Burning Uppercut!"

Bahamut lost a bit of stamina and Kira felt like it was the end. He felt his forehead sweating and his body slightly trembling. He wasn't arrogant like he used to be. And it's the first time he clearly fears an opponent, he figured.

I have to do it for the team! We deserve to go forward! I will quit as a leader if I fail!

He remembered what was the right thing to do. Think of his friends, fight like a friend, not like just a rival, and feel the spirit.

He gathered all of his strength and fought back.

"Bahamut! Gladiator Demolition!!"

Bahamut went to the center of the arena and slowly started gathering the purple aura around it, until it created an explosion, capable of shaking the stadium well.

Zero almost lost his balance.

And yes. Kira couldn't believe in his eyes.

"Kira Hayama and Gladiator Bahamut are the winners!! The BTF team wins the qualification for the International tournament!! Congratulations, guys!!"

"I... I... I really did it!!! I DID IT!!" Kira yelled.

"Kira-sama!! I always believed in you!!" Yoshio yelled at the top of his lungs. He had teared up.

Genjuro gave him his loudest whistle, while the others were cheering up like crazies.

Kira rushed to hug them. He fell on Yoshio's arms. He also let a tear of relief fall on his cheeck.

"You did it..." Yoshio said again.

Zero seemed very disappointed, but congratulated Kira and his team anyway, so did the others.

"Hey, Kira! It was a hell of a match! I really enjoyed it! Congratulations for your qualification! We're going to watch you on TV!"

"Thank you a lot, Zero... Keep fighting!" Kira offered him his fist.

"Sure, I will! All of us!"

"Glad to hear that!"

Then, Kira and his team started waving at the crowd who was cheering for them. It was an unforgettable moment.
"Wow, Yoshio... Can you believe that we ARE in the World Beyblade Tournament?!" Kira said while he was preparing his luggage with Yoshio.

"I do. Because I knew you'd do this!" He said while he put some clothes in his suitcase.

"The USA await us!"

"I'm looking forward to it... Hey, Kira-sama?..."


Then, Yoshio leaned down and kissed him softly on the lips. Kira was surprised, but loved it anyway. He kissed back, while cupping his cheecks at the same time.

They broke the jiss for some air and then they kissed again, this time even more passionately.

"Stay here tonight... Ok?..." Kira whispered while panting after their kiss.

"Of course I will!... I love you, Kira-sama... Since the first day I met you, you stung my heart... You made it beat all for you..."

Kira gave him a genuine smile and kissed his forehead. "I never felt more grateful before you came in my life... And sorry for the DNA days... I'm disgusted with my self for these..."

"This is past, Kira-sama... And I never minded... It wasn't your fault anyway... I always knew that you were an angel deep inside..."

"You're saying too much now... Heh... Anyway... I love you too... A lot, Yoshio..."

Now they both were on cloud nine. All they needed was each other. Anything more would be unnecessary...