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Fire Engine Misfire

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It was almost midnight when Ripley got an emergency text to go to Station 19. Robert Sullivan was unwell and needed to head home. Ripley came to replace him for the remainder of the shift.

Lucas had not told Vic he was at Station 19. He wanted to surprise her. Walking along the catwalk in the garage of the station, he looked down to see a tissue box on top of the hoses on the fire engine. Lucas smiles and thinks to himself, that cheeky wench must have planned this.

Lucas makes his way down to the truck, climbs to the top, and lays his back on the hoses. He closes his eyes and a little while later he starts to feel kisses, being peppered around his face. He opens his eyes and sees his beautiful Eggy.

“Hey Hubby.” Vic whispers, her eyes full of lust.

“Hey Eggy.” Lucas mumbles, his eyes darkening with need.

“It is my turn to get the treatment tonight.”

“Maybe? We are on work time and I give the orders.” Lucas warns her.

“Please Hubby.” Vic pouts.

“We are living dangerously being up here on the engine.”

“Dangerous is our middle name.” Vic mutters as she lies on her back.

Lucas moves above straddling her unbuckling her belt and unzip her trouser pants and pulling them down to her ankles. He looks at her in surprise, as she is not wearing her panties.

Vic smiles “Surprise.” Lucas unbuttons Vic shirt and sees no undershirt or bras. “Double surprise.”

“You wretched woman.” Lucas growls at Vic with hunger in his eyes.

Lucas places his tongue on her neck guiding it down her throat and guides it around both of Vic’s areolas and kissing each nipple. Lucas about to continue his decent down when the door to the garage opens with a bang as it slams against the wall.

Lucas and Vic freeze and hears a woman’s voice “You texted Ripley you were ill.”

“Yeah but it was Vic’s idea to get him to replace me.” A male voice said. Ripley looks at Vic and she gives him a smirk.

“Who’s that with Sullivan?” Lucas whispers.

“Sounds like Andy.” Vic whispers in surprise.

“Where shall we do our deed tonight?” Andy asks.

“What about on top of the fire engine.” Sullivan replies. Vic and Lucas give each other a nervous stare.

“We are about to be caught.” Ripley tells Vic quietly as she covers her scrunched up face with her hands.

“No! The fire truck we could do it on the ladder?” Andy says enticingly then utters “No I think I need resuscitation in the aid car,”

“I can certainly do that.” Robert responds.

“Then I can resuscitate your pecker.”

“It’s actually Mr Pecker.” Sullivan quips as Lucas and Vic stifle a snorted laugh. “What was that…Did you hear that?”


“It sounded like a snort, a laughing snort.” Sullivan says.

“I didn’t hear anything. Stop wasting time and resuscitate me already,” Andy impatiently tells Sullivan.

Vic and Lucas hear Sullivan groan then the back doors to the aid car slams shut.

“Do we continue our little tête-à-tête.” Ripley asks.

“Of course” Vic mutters as Ripley starts to move his tongue down Vic’s naval and was about to make it to Vic’s sweet spot when the door to garage open’s again. Making them freeze again.

A man’s voice says, “I know you want me bad Maya.”

“No Jack you want me bad.”

“Where do you want it Maya?”

“We did the aid car last week, the week before that the turn out room. What about on top of the fire engine?”

“It’s comfy up there with all those hoses.” Jack informs Maya.

Vic and Lucas shake their heads and Lucas whispers, “What kind of station is this.”

”A spicy one.” Vic retorts and Lucas spreads her legs and kisses Vic’s clit.

“No I feel the need to rev up your speed racer in the fire truck.” Maya tells Jack.

“Then I can suck the juice from your engine.” Jack informs Maya.

Vic and Lucas hear laughter and the fire truck’s door slamming.

“All we need now is for Travis and Miller to come in.” Vic giggles.

“I didn’t know Miller was into guys.” Lucas says baffled.

“He’s not I was being funny.” Vic pokes her tongue out and Lucas tickles her.

Vic and Lucas hear moans and groans coming from the aid car and the fire truck. “Shall we move our dalliance to my bunk, because all I want to hear is you groan when you come.”

“All I want is to hear you moan in ecstasy when you come.” Lucas stares into Vic's eyes as she kisses his nose.

“Let’s go.” Vic tells Lucas pulling up her pants and buttoning a couple of her shirt buttons. “Don’t forget the tissue box.” Vic whispers passing it to Lucas.

Vic and Lucas made it to Vic’s bunk-room where they restarted their union and only heard each other’s sweet cries of bliss when they climaxed.