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This Wolf Is Mine

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I like carnivores.

Just like how Legosi had a fetish for herbivores, Louis was coming to accept that he might feel the same way about carnivores. They were silly creatures ultimately, obsessed with lust. They lusted after food, after money, after power in all its various forms. Yet something about this simpleness attracted Louis. Perhaps it was because he had always strived for it himself or because he liked how these silly drives of theirs let him read them like the open cadavers on steel counters in the Back Alley market. Whatever it was, he liked it. He would even go so far as to say that he was drawn into it in ways that would make others label him as suicidal if they knew.

A deer alone with a group of lions! Is he serving himself up on a golden platter? He could only imagine what they would whisper. This attraction had left him with one hoof less than he'd been born with but he still couldn't say that he was over his morbid fascination. In fact, he could say the only thing he learned from the experience is that wolves were his favorite kind of carnivore. One wolf in particular, that was.

He glanced over at the desk that Legosi had used to occupy in the classroom and felt the same dull frustration he'd felt every day since the wolf had dropped out of the school. It just wasn't interesting anymore. Sure there were still other large carnivores and weird stalkers and things of that ilk roaming about the school but Louis knew from the moment he saw what Legosi was capable of that he needed to have him near and the feeling hadn't faded since.

The teacher finished giving out assignments and the rest of the students got up from their desks and began to file out of the room. Louis lingered behind in the classroom, slowly putting away his papers and organizing his pens in the tiny pouches in his backpack. After he was sure that everything was in order and that nobody else was stalling around in the room he walked over to the now perpetually empty desk that Legosi used to sit in. It was in the back of the room since the wolf had been tall even before his fierce training program and the smaller animals got seating priority.

There were still some gray strands of fur scattered on the windowsill. It was difficult to get rid of that kind of coarse fur, it seemed to cling to everything it touched. He had to actively fight the urge to brush some of it into his palm and keep it forever as a reminder of the carnivore who had showed him that not everything was black and white. Not every herbivore was prey, and not every carnivore was a killer.

"You miss him too, huh?" Louis almost started when he heard the voice but his nerves of steel didn't quite allow it. He looked up to see the youthful, energetic face of the dog known as Jack. The only reason he remembered is because the dog was one of the only students to consistently get higher scores than him in class. He'd also been one of the dogs Legosi had been in a pack with in the past and Louis recognized that he wasn't the only one missing the strange gray wolf who had graced the halls for a short period of time.

"I was merely looking out the window. It's a nice day don't you think? Great for an excursion," Louis lied easily and not a little dramatically, gesturing towards the glass. Jack gave him a lopsided kind of smile that showed that he'd put up with the lie for now.

"You look at his desk a lot, just like I do. So I just assumed that maybe you missed him too." Jack walked over to him and rested his elbow on the windowsill. Louis realized that this dog had an unusual feeling about him as well; he was almost like a herbivore in his mannerisms. He supposed that dogs had mostly had the "beast" bred out of them throughout the years. It made sense that he was friends with Legosi.

"The school is a bit duller without his strange meddling," Louis mused, leaning up against the windowsill as well. Jack's face betrayed nothing but his tail did wag a bit. It was so easy to read dog's emotions that it was hardly fair. That being said, Louis had always been envious of the bonds that students of the canine kind shared. They seemed to group for friendship unlike how herbivores huddled in groups out of fear. Power in numbers and all of that.

"Do you still keep in touch with him then?" Louis asked, trying to keep the overwhelming curiosity from changing his voice. Jack's smile grew a little wider if that was possible and he pulled his backpack off the floor and pulled out a pad of paper.

"He has an apartment now! It's small and honestly kind of gross but it's kind of like, well, it's like Legosi. If that makes sense." The dog handed him the paper with an address written sloppily on it. All the letters looked wobbly and childish but it fit somehow. Louis took the paper with a polite smile and folded it into a neat square before tucking it into his jacket. "Thank you, Jack. I might as well swing by later now that I know where our mutual friend is hiding out."

"I think he'd like that." Jack's voice was outwardly happy but it sounded like there was something sad a few layers in. Something small and empty. Louis glanced over at him and saw the dog staring out at the red sunset fading behind the back of the school. Suddenly there was a tired kind of look about him. 

"You're not afraid of everyone, are you?"
"I can't say I know what you're trying to get at here."
Jack laughed a little quietly, "yeah. I was being vague because I don't know how to say this." Louis stayed silent and waited for him to continue.
"You aren't scared of what might happen to you if you spend time with a carnivore or what people might say. You aren't scared to be friends with a wolf. You probably wouldn't care about an interspecies relationship. Even if it was between a carnivore and herbivore. That's the kind of feeling I get."

Louis thought about his fiancé and Haru and everything he'd given up along the way to be perfect for everyone. How afraid he'd been of looking weak or anything less than perfect for every single pair of eyes at the school. Yet this pup thought that he was brave. The thought almost made him laugh.
"I'm not afraid of Legosi." He decided to say and turned on his hoof to leave.
"I know. Just please take care of him. He's my best friend," the dog said in a way that had an edge of pleading to it. Dogs were such emotional creatures, ruled by loyalty and compassion. He put his hand on Jack's head and rubbed it in a gesture that was both somewhat rude and comforting at the same time.

"Nothing will happen to your friend. He still owes me for my leg."



The apartment was as "small and honestly kind of gross" as Jack had warned but it did have a certain charm to it. All of that charm belonged of course to the wolf sitting in front of him nervously trying to pour them tea with his oversized paws. The tea was being humorously uncooperative and kept splashing onto the table. It got to the point where Louis decided to take pity on his tragically proportioned friend and guide his hand to steady the pot.

"Is it every day that you get so unlucky with drinks? I thought you worked at a dining establishment now."
Legosi's fur seemed to heat up and he mumbled, "I just do the deliveries."
"That's still quite respectable. I think I'll have to order something sometime just to lure you to my place so you can experience the nice living again."
Legosi's smile widened into something more full and genuine and he said, "I can visit whenever you'd like me to. Oh, just not during my working hours. I can write them down for you if you wan-"
"I would." Louis said as he put down the teapot and brought his cup up to his lips partially to hide the smile that threatened to form on his face as well. The wolf grabbed a pen from off the floor and wrote his schedule on one of the napkins on the tabletop. "Thank you," Louis said and he couldn't help but notice how his voice was softer when he said it to his wolf friend.

He cleared his throat and looked back across the table at said wolf friend. Legosi was looking a lot broader now then he had even a mere three weeks ago and Louis felt a slight pang of jealousy at how quickly carnivores were able to gain and pack on muscle. He also felt something else about that but he wouldn't linger on it while he was in the company of a friend.

"How are things going with Haru?" He asked conversationally, leaning back in the chair, as he watched his friend fumble with his teacup and nearly smash the poor thing. "U-uh, well it's good but we uhm. Well, she just seems a lot more experienced with relationships so I feel a bit shy sometimes."
"That may be true but she actually truly loves you."
"I just hope that I'm enough for her." Legosi smiled in a secret, happy way at that and it made something in Louis's heart feel like it was twisting up but he kept his face the same. It was his fault for bringing the topic up after all.
"I can assure you that you're far more than enough. In fact I almost envy her. You've really become a fine young wolf faster than I could have ever imagined."

Legosi looked up at him with wide, surprised eyes and seemed at a loss for what to say so Louis continued, "you know, I happen to know what Haru likes. I'd be willing to help you with your springtime inter-species relationship."
"You would?" Legosi's ears perked up so quickly that it was a bit laughable. Even his tail whacked against the front of his bed where it had room.
"Yes, I suppose it's my duty as your upperclassman to assist you with your first romance and I'm not so bitter about it that I would keep you from pleasuring our mutual friend." That comment made Legosi look to the side with obvious embarrassment and Louis for once was grateful that his and Haru's relationship had ended because it allowed him to see faces like this. It was true that he and Haru had been compatible and worked well together but it had hardly held anything near to the amount of love that Legosi supplied for her all on his own. It was quite obvious that Legosi was too insecure to make the first move however and that would never progress the relationship to where it needed to be.

"I've decided that the lessons start now. Come over here and get on your knees so you aren't towering over me like some kind of cliche fairytale villain."

Legosi did as he was told with the kind of obedience most canines possessed and looked at him with an excited kind of curiosity from where he was hunched. Like this Louis could see how the wolf's muscles tensed under his shirt and the sight alone almost made him reconsider the idea but it was too late for that. He'd faced worse than this but somehow his heart pounding desperately in his ribcage hadn't gotten the message yet.

"You have a good body." He said and he wasn't sure why he said it and the look Legosi gave him said that his friend didn't know why either so Louis quickly scrambled for the words to save it. "I mean that Haru is definitely attracted to you. Stop giving me that look. You don't have anything to worry about on the appearance front so it's probably your confidence and technique that's holding things up between the two of you. The confidence should be simple enough as now you're aware of your looks and I've quite literally seen you take on multiple grown lions."

Louis got off his chair and knelt onto the ground in front of Legosi, lifting the wolf's chin up towards him. "So let's see how you kiss."

He felt Legosi swallow under his fingers and his eyes widen. Louis wasn't sure himself where he'd found the courage to attempt what he was doing but he figured he'd done enough unethical things in his life that stealing a kiss from a taken friend was quite low on that list. Besides, it was for a good cause. Yeah right. Legosi seemed to be having hangups on the idea but at the same time his pupils were dilated to the edges of his eyes and Louis couldn't recall a time his tail had wagged faster.

"Don't tell me you're excited to kiss me?" Louis smirked and before Legosi had the time to object, Louis kissed him. Their mouths clashed together and Louis had never felt something so hurried and painful and beautiful all at the same time. He felt the drag of Legosi's rough tongue against his and half feared for his safety before he remembered that all of the wolf's teeth were fake now and the replicas surely did a lot less damage than the real deal. The thought gave him confidence and he pushed into the kiss, all but shoving Legosi against the table as their kiss deepened and he slid into the wolf's lap. They pulled away panting and not just a bit bruised.

"If you don't kiss her like you mean it she might leave you for someone who will," Louis taunted into the wolf's ear, just close enough for it to run a shiver down his friend's body.

"I mean it every time."

"Then act like it. If you can't show your lover how much they drive you wild without hurting them then what's the point? Might as well mate with your own species if you can't satisfy her." The teasing was cruel even for Louis but it seemed to spur Legosi in the right way. The wolf let out a low growl and this time it was Louis's turn to shiver. He was likely less than half of the wolf's body mass and he really felt that now that he was on top of him, hands looking dwarfed on the chest in front of him.

"Take that back," Legosi demanded in the lowest voice he'd ever heard.
"Make me." Louis grinned, slightly breathless and re-discovering his carnivore fetish again one second at a time.

Suddenly he was on his back, head hitting the floor before he'd even seen Legosi move. His antlers scratched the floorboards and he winced as he felt the heavy pressure of an entire wolf bear down on him. The air rushed out of his body and he had to breathe shallowly, resisting the instinct to kick out. He felt every curve of Legosi against him and in his light-headed state he could even admit to himself that he loved it. He even let out a sound that he was sure they both heard because the weight lifted off his chest and Legosi looked down at him worriedly. "Did I hurt you?"

"Idiot. That wasn't a pained sound." That was half the truth at least. "I'm glad you've decided to show your assertive side. That kind of confidence could drive anyone crazy." His voice dropped and Louis cupped his hand over the front of Legosi's pants. "Now what are you going to do with it?"

He almost felt Legosi's incision and internally commended his valiance but that kind of loyalty really didn't help fulfil Louis' now rising want. He let his fingers slide up slowly and then brought them down just as firmly and oh, that was quite the reaction. He smirked and looked up at Legosi only to be pushed back onto the ground for his efforts. Legosi's snout settled right next to his ear and he could hear each labored and panted breath.

"What are you doing." The wolf said in a low way that could only be described as a growl. If it were any other carnivore that had him in this position Louis was certain he'd be devoured.

"I'm sure that should be obvious by now or do you really need me to walk you through the rest?"

"I've never done the rest."

"Ah, so you do need to be walked through it. I suppose I have no choice." Louis tried to get back up but his arms were still being held down by the sheer weight of the animal on top of him. He was about to mention it when he noticed that Legosi was looking at him in such an intense way that it almost made him reconsider.

"You're so beautiful." Legosi said and it felt so random and out of place and Louis cracked a grin. "Yeah, you're a real piece of work yourself. Now let me up-"

"No I mean it. You're so delicate I feel like if I move wrong I could crush you."

"With that kind of mentality you'll never get anywhere with an animal even smaller than me. Just because you're huge doesn't mean I'm going to break at nothing. Now get over your lumbering body and let me touch you."

That seemed to get a reaction out of the wolf because he quickly pulled back and Louis sat up, massaging his wrists. "You sure know how to pin someone down. I'll give you that."

"Sor-" Before Legosi could finish, Louis grabbed his collar and pulled him forward so that their mouths crashed together again. Maybe Legosi was getting the hang of it because his fangs didn't bump against Louis and it felt warmer somehow. Louis pressed his hand against the wolf's chest before dragging it back down. He felt bumps from where muscle had suddenly appeared on Legosi's once lean body and he tamped down the need to squeeze them and give them the knowledge that yes, they were amazing. The situation almost made him delirious with how dangerous it was but at the same time he was somehow the one dictating how it should go. His hand reached the front of the wolf's pants again and he wasted no time in sliding his hand inside this time. He was unprepared by the size and he tried his best not to let any of that show on his face. It was huge in his palm and when he tentatively grabbed it Legosi let out a soft whine and all but collapsed against him. Virgin. Louis smirked, moving his hand up and down slowly. He wanted to savor this moment while he still had it because he probably would never have the chance to indulge his perversion safely like this ever again.

After a few strokes Legosi had started shaking, his entire body tense and vibrating against Louis. His panted breaths were so close to Louis' ear that it sent warm shivers down his spine and his own lower body was all but straining against the admittedly tight pants he'd worn for the visit. His grip tightened slightly with the additional force he had to use to keep himself upright and just like that Legosi made a wounded sort of whine and Louis felt something wet drip over his curled fist.

"That soon? Don't you two at least do handies since it's the one thing that's relatively safe?" The silence that followed and the harsh panting was a definitive no. Louis chuckled and made an attempt to stand up only to be stopped again by Legosi putting a big paw on his wrist.

"Teach me how to do you." The words were muffled and somewhat dazed but there was also a firmness behind them that Louis couldn't brush off. He hesitated for a second and then finally stood up, walking over to the chair. He sat down purposefully, crossing one leg over the other and motioned for Legosi to sit in front of him. Like an obedient dog Legosi shuffled to sit at his feet. The overwhelming sense of power Louis felt in that moment almost threatened to send him over the edge but he refused to let this experience slip him by just like that.

"I'd like to keep what I have in order down there, so no claws or teeth allowed." Legosi whined—probably without even realizing it—and looked up at him with big eyes.

"Don't give me that look, you can still do the same thing. Just use your tongue." The confused look Legosi gave him almost made him burst out laughing but his nerves prevented him from even smiling.

He uncrossed his legs and motioned to his zipper, "open it."

Being commanded seemed to be more the wolf's style because he kneeled between Louis' legs without hesitation and pulled the zipper down with his large paw. The tiny piece of metal looked like a cheap toy imitation of a zipper compared to the wolf's threateningly long claws. Still, somehow Legosi managed to pull it down, revealing just how much the whole situation had gotten to Louis. He looked a little surprised at how hard the deer was and Louis was somewhat proud of his pokerface.

"Are you just going to drool over it or are you going to put that tongue to some use?" Louis asked sardonically while he pushed his hand into the thick gray fur at the top of the wolf's head. Legosi pushed his nose against the outside of Louis' briefs and he supposed that was a good enough answer. He reached down and slowly pulled down one side of the cloth to reveal the center of both of their attention. Louis noted with some pride that the wolf was indeed drooling onto the wooden floor.

Legosi seemed to be enraptured for a moment before he stuck out his tongue and tentatively ran it up Louis' length. The thing about wolf tongues was that they were long and coarse and warm and so big that it could wrap around the entirety of Louis' member and he had to clamp his hands around the armrests even at the first achingly good slide of it. He couldn't entirely hide the pleased groan that escaped his mouth and he saw Legosi's ears perk up at the sound.

"Fuck," he mumbled as Legosi kept running his tongue up and down—sometimes even slightly around—his length. It was unlike anything he'd ever felt before and even the inexperience in the motions did nothing to lessen the pleasure it was giving him. He didn't think anything could top this, in fact.

"Legosi..." he rasped, voice tense with pleasure, and the wolf responded with a possessive kind of growl and lapped at him even more enthusiastically. It was embarrassing that he was already so close, that his hand was clenching in his friend's fur so desperately like he was a clueless teenager again.

The tension just kept building and the sounds he was making were getting louder much to his disappointment and to what looked like Legosi's pleasure. The wolf pushed open his legs wider and brought his mouth closer to Louis, so much so that he could feel the damp drag of the wolf's nose against his stomach. It was the feeling of Legosi's claws digging into his thighs—tiny pinpricks of scorchingly hot pain—that sent him over the edge and he came with a poorly repressed moan.

The room swam before his eyes and he only barely registered how his release painted Legosi's snout and stuck to his fur in an obscene way. In his hand were a few tufts of gray fur.

"Not bad," was all that he could manage as he sunk boneless into the cushion. 

Legosi wiped a paw over his face but it really did nothing to clean him. Despite this he looked as happy as Louis had ever seen him, tail still diligently whacking the floorboards with a steady thump thump.

"Just do that and you won't have any trouble with Haru. Girls and guys are in many ways the same down there with that kind of tongue." He straightened his tie and tried to get his breathing under control. His legs were still so drained of energy that he didn't even try to get up.

"You think so?"
"I know so."

Legosi beamed up at him and it was then that Louis made up his mind.

He decided that he wouldn't let anyone else have this wolf.

This wolf is mine.