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... he surprises you ..

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You are in Med-Bay for a burn from your sparking Communications Console, the damage was sustained when a group of rebels from the last planet The Enterprise tried to help, kidnapped Captain James Tiberius Kirk and fired upon The Enterprise, causing an overload in the ship's shields and frying out circuits all over the ship.. Your Communications Console started smoking and shooting electrical sparks..

The Entertprise was rendered incapable of Warp for a handful of hours, giving the rebels that kidnapped The Captain plenty of time for a headstart..

The Enterprise went into pursuit and caught up to the rebels, the rebels are now in The Brig, you have been sent to Med-Bay under the orders of First Officer Spock and The Captain..


On a Bio-Bed in Med-Bay currently being scanned is an infant.. The baby is barely old enough to sit up by himself and he is not happy..

The infant keeps making grabby hands at Nurse Christine Chapel with babbling sobs of "Ma ma ma ma ma.." as Doctor McCoy repeatedly tries to scan the agitated baby with apparently the same results as McCoy keeps muttering.. "I can't believe it.. It's Jim..."..

Christine looks at the blue eyed, curly blond haired, chubby red faced, crying infant as if she had never even seen a baby before let alone held one to give them comfort..

You aren't particularly fond of Kirk..

Yeah.. You're getting there..

But he still has a ways to go before the lack luster shine of that first impression fades the rest of the way..

To you, he's mostly still "A Dumb Hick that only has sex with farm animals" with a small side of "Guy who gets randomly lucky enough to keep saving everyone's asses a lot.."

You give respect to his Rank and his ever strengthening friendship with your boyfriend, but he's still too brash and brazen to really be someone you yourself would consider being actually friends with.. Maybe "Frienemy" will be about as close as a fully grown Kirk can get..

But this..

This in front of you is a helpless baby..

And .. Okay ..

It is Kirk..

McCoy confirms so much with his confused and shocked demeanor..

And maybe "Infant Kirk" has his adult self's mind and memories, but you don't think he's faking for sympathy points, you know McCoy is probably Kirk's closest friend and the complete and utter fear the baby seems to have of the doctor can't be faked, much to McCoy's dismay, the baby recoils from the doctor, sobbing and babbling for his "Mama" reaching for Christine and while you wouldn't put it past a fully grown Kirk, you doubt it's to try to trick Nurse Chapel into picking him up so he can cop a feel, because Kirk wouldn't flinch from his best friend if he had the mind and memories of his fully grown self..

But Nurse Chapel stands frozen, she clearly doesn't have any idea what to do in this situation.. Maybe if it wasn't The Captain she might react differently, but as of now, the nurse is at a loss for what to do..

You know of Kirk's mother.. It's hard not to.. She's famous in her own right.. You've seen her from a distance right after The Enterprise made it home from fighting The Narada.. Blonde hair.. Blue eyes..

Babies younger than one still don't do so good with object permanence and facial recognition.. Especially if the rumors you've heard about Winona Kirk's mostly absentee parenting during James Tiberius Kirk's infancy have any truth to them..

It's easy to connect the dots..

Chapel looks enough like the baby's mother for the baby to think she's his "Mama"..

And Chapel isn't going to be doing anything to attempt to comfort the upset infant any time soon because she doesn't seem to understand what is needed of her..

It wouldn't be fair to her or the baby to ask her to try, either..


Burn forgotten.. It honestly can be tended to later, anyway..

You slide off of the Bio-Bed and wedge yourself between the mean scary doctor terrifying the poor baby who definitely does not recognize his adult self's best friend and you pick the baby up..

The baby automatically turns trying to leap out of your grip, tiny arms outstretched towards Chapel with open hands, fingers spread as the baby strains to grab and plaintive cries of "Ma ma ma ma ma ma" .. You saddle the baby on your hip, his tiny body conforms to yours, he's still trying to twist towards Chapel, but you hike him higher and use your free hand to cup his head and bring his face into the crook of your neck while getting your other arm under his rear to support him, the arm supporting him curls up, cooking around him so you can also support his side and keep him from twisting towards Chapel..


And then you wisk the baby into what is the CMO's Office and you take a seat in the good doctor's worn out desk chair ..

And you rock the baby..

His cries ramp up for a bit and he looks wildly, desperately around the room .. Searching..

But neither Nurse Chapel or Winona Kirk are in here..

Eventually the baby's squalling tapers off to hiccuped crying as he tiredly burries his blotchy red face in your shoulder with his little back heaving and shuddering and his heart racing against your palm and against your chest.. You can feel it from both sides and a bit from the side where your arm curls up to support the infant's side..

The baby rubs at his eyes and he still babbles for "Ma ma ma ma ma ma" but his sobs have calmed ..

The next thing you know, the baby snuffles into your neck and you realize that at some point he has fallen asleep, a tired plea of "Ma ma.. Ma ma.." still falling exhaustedly from his lips as he starts, rouses, babbles then sleepily rubs his eyes and curls into you.. On repeat until he finally settles into real sleep..

You are finally able to stand, you rock and sway to keep from waking the baby..

Then you exit the office and come face to face with Doctor McCoy who has his TriCorder at the ready.. You carefully maneuver the baby so that the doctor can get the scans he needs without the baby waking up and working himself into another fuss.. Christine Chapel has had the good sense to make herself busy elsewhere, where the baby won't see her if he does wake up..

The doctor is baffled.. The baby is one hundred percent, definitely James Tiberius Kirk.. A person that you know for a fact is fully grown.. Maybe not the most mature .. But an adult, nonetheless..

You're just as baffled as the doctor.. But your shared embafflement will do nothing to actually reverse whatever it was that caused ... this ..

And someone needs to tell Spock.. You have no idea how much Spock knows.. Hell, he might, probably does, know more than you.. After all, the baby arrived after you had been here about five minutes.. The Medical Team had put the baby on the nearest Bio-Bed and Uhura had just so happened to be on the bed directly across the room.. She doesn't think Doctor McCoy was even aware she was there as he was fully absorbed by the sudden appearance of a baby that just so happened to be the exact same person as his fully grown best friend..

And there were so many questions.. All unanswered..

The baby could be a clone.. It would make sense..

But then that would mean that Captain Kirk was still missing..


The rebels that had taken The Captain were from a Race of people with vast technological advances.. It is also possible that this IS NOT a clone and is somehow the original James T. Kirk and he has been De-Aged.. How would that even work and WHY would the rebels do it?.. But also why would they clone Captain Kirk?.. Why did they even follow The Enterprise and kidnap The Captain in the first place?

There were several unknowns and each unanswered question just brought with it even more things to ask..

Either way.. It does not matter if the baby is a clone or the original copy. What matters is that the child you hold is an INFANT and he needs someone..

Someone who will hold him and give him comfort..

Someone who has at least some kind of an idea of how to handle taking care of a baby..

The issue isn't going to resolve itself today or tonight.. And probably not tomorrow or even this week, either..

The baby needs a caregiver..

The doctor would seem like the most natural choice.. He is a doctor after all and he is The Captain's best friend and from what you've heard he is also a parent so he should have an idea of how to care for a baby.. But the baby is clearly terrified of the man.. Could that resolve itself over time?.. Maybe.. But you have no idea what chancing it might do to the infant's psyche or how it will affect The Captain if.. when .. the doctor manages to find a way to bring the fully grown Kirk back.. There's also still a chance the baby is a clone and you don't want to risk messing up the development of someone that could eventually grow into their own person completely separate from the Jame T. Kirk you know..

You can't picture the baby with really anyone else trying to care for him..

You don't know if he would react to just any male in the same way he reacts to Doctor McCoy.. But you don't want to risk it.. The baby might not be used to a male presence or perhaps the rebels did something to the infant to cause him to be afraid of men.. The baby doesn't seem hurt and the doctor's scans confirm the baby isn't exactly harmed, but he is slightly malnurished and it is possible that the rebels did something to frighten him and make him afraid of a male presence..

You don't know a lot of women on the ship that would be willing to babysit their Captain, even in this form.. Or anyone who would babysit, period, even if they didn't know the baby was possibly their Captain and thought he was just any baby..

You aren't that fond of Jim as an adult.. You've had your differences for sure..

But this is a baby..

And he needs someone..

That someone might as well be you..