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ikea trips and lacy gifts

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“And I love when you make me come back to back

And my legs are shaking, nobody does it like that

Swear you know my body, you don't need a map

Just give it to me harder, I can take it, yeah”


“What about this one? I think the color would fit perfectly with our grey hardwood floor. Or maybe the white one? The yellow one is nice, too, what do you think?”

There were a lot of things Jimin was saying. Things about colors, lamps in weird forms, flowers in different shades and other shit Jeongguk didn’t really care about. Well, he does care. It’s for their new home at the end of the day. The first apartment Jimin and him are sharing since they moved from Busan to Seoul a while ago. But Jeongguk would feel like home anywhere on this goddamn planet as long as Jimin was by his side, so he doesn’t really care if their new carpet was pink or yellow.

The only thing Jeongguk thinks about is how beautiful Jimin would look naked and spread out on all fours on the silk sheets he was currently holding in his hands. It really wasn’t about colors, but Jeongguk is bored and whenever he is bored he thinks about Jimin. This leads to thoughts of Jimin being naked, which was counterproductive from time to time (especially when they are in public). Jeongguk really doesn’t want to get hard in the middle of the bedding section of IKEA. 

Jimin and Jeongguk are going on four years with being together and one year ago they decided to move in together. Well, Jeongguk kind of yelled about his wishes of Jimin and him living together that night instead of asking him calmly. There was a valid explanation for this.

He was nervous.

Jeongguk had arranged a whole ass dinner at a fancy restaurant in Busan, ordered Jimin’s favorite food, his favorite flowers and tried to make it not too obvious that something was going on. But when Jeongguk drove to Jimin’s home right after work to pick his boyfriend up, he walked in to a sick Jimin, which kind of ruined his whole plan. He was looking at him with big puppy eyes and made grabby hands to show Jeongguk to come to bed with him, which he immediately did after getting rid of his jeans. Jeongguk kissed Jimin’s forehead and the elder closed his eyes to enjoy the small gesture. Jeongguk caressed Jimin’s cheek, not even caring about the fact that he could get him sick, too. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was, how the universe moved for them to bring them together exactly three years ago. Even with puffy eyes and a red nose, Jimin was the most beautiful man Jeongguk had ever seen.

“I’m sorry for ruining our date night, I don’t know why I got sick,” Jimin sniffed and Jeongguk just laughed. How could any human being be so adorable?

“Don’t apologize, it’s not your fault. We’ll go another day when you’re feeling better,” Jeongguk whispered against Jimin’s cheek and pulled him closer into his arms. In moments like this, Jeongguk was the happiest man alive. Holding Jimin close, when it was just the two of them, safe in their own little world.

“Why are you shaking? Are you okay?”

Jeongguk didn’t even notice he was, but now that Jimin looked up to him, his eyes full of concern, he felt himself shaking like a leaf in the wind. Of course Jeongguk was nervous, but he really tried to calm himself down which apparently didn’t work. Jimin being sick didn’t change the fact that he planned to ask him something important tonight.

“Well, I just.. I wanted to..,” he began and couldn’t even look Jimin in the eyes. Why was he such a coward? They were both adults, both working great jobs and there was no doubt that they love each other, so why would Jimin say No to moving in with Jeongguk? But Jimin liked his current apartment and he always scolded Jeongguk for being so messy. Maybe they would fight a lot about the interior or Jeongguk’s clothes all over the floor? What if Jimin wanted to stay in Busan forever? It’s where they both grew up, where their parents live, where Jimin has his current job.

“You wanted what? Is everything alright? Is it your job?” Jimin moved a little to look Jeongguk straight in the face. He knew his boyfriend better than anyone else and right now he knew that something was wrong.

“D-Do you want to break up with–”

“No! Jimin, no!” Jeongguk screamed full of panic, Jimin looking at him in shock by the sudden raise of his voice, “I wanted to ask if you move in with me! I mean, not here, but in Seoul! I would never break up with you! Why would you say that, hyung? Move in with me! I mean, would you? You don’t have to! I’m just... just asking, you know?” Jeongguk didn’t even realize the way he screamed at Jimin and the moment he noticed his whole face became hot like fire.

Well done, Jeon Jeongguk, that’s exactly how 27 year old men handle situations like that, he scolded himself internally. If someone heard them they might think they had a fight. That wasn’t really how Jeongguk wanted things to go.

He stared at Jimin, scared, since he didn’t say a word so far. Jimin just looked at Jeongguk with big eyes and Jeongguk wasn’t sure what his current expression meant. He fucked it up, didn’t he?

All of a sudden, Jimin began to laugh. His eyes formed to crescents and his loud laugh echoed through the whole bedroom. A small cough interrupted Jimin’s laughter and after what felt like minutes he finally got to breathe again to answer Jeongguk.

“You scared me! Every other person would ask their boyfriend in a normal way to move in with them, you screamed at me like I did something wrong!” Jimin laughed and Jeongguk’s eyes finally found Jimin’s, his whole face still on fire from the embarrassment. “Of course I want to move in with you. No matter where, no matter when. You know wherever you are is home, Jeonggukie.”

Well, that was one year ago. Jeongguk was so happy about Jimin giving in so easily, they immediately started looking for an apartment and moved in as soon as possible. But with Jeongguk’s and Jimin’s new jobs they had a lot to do and barely had time for their apartment. 

And maybe because Jeongguk always had good excuses why they really can’t go to IKEA today.

Who even likes that shit? You go there with the thought of buying a shelf or something and leave with anything from candles to pillows, but not the shelf. Jimin was exactly like that. Buying hundreds of scented candles and thousands of different frames. They don’t even match! Why do they need all those different frames? Jeongguk really didn’t understand. Interior design was a mystery to him, but if he’d let Jimin go all by himself he knew he’d buy the whole store and they could never breathe inside their apartment again due to all the scented candles. 

So when Jimin and Jeongguk finally had a week off and there was no escaping Jimin’s puppy eyes, that’s how they ended up at IKEA on a rainy monday morning. 8am, to be exact. That’s absolutely not how Jeongguk expected his first day off after weeks. He thought his boyfriend would wake him with his lips around his cock or his ass on his face, but instead he has to–

“I’m talking to you,” Jimin slaps Jeongguk onto the chest which makes the younger jump since he was so deep in his thoughts. “I’m sorry, what?”

Jimin just rolls his eyes and decides to choose the color by himself. He knows Jeongguk doesn’t really care since it was Jimin who loved to decorate their apartment but he wants to hear his opinion, too. It was hard enough to get Jeongguk out of bed and escape his boyfriend’s attempts to have morning sex, but Jimin somehow managed. Their old bed was weak anyways, Jimin wasn’t sure how many more nights of Jeongguk fucking him into the mattress their bed would survive. And he doesn’t want any of them to get hurt. So maybe that’s also something why Jimin wanted to go to IKEA. They need a new bed, and maybe, if Jeongguk behaves, he’ll get a nice reward for dealing with Jimin the whole day in this hell made out of Billys, Bestas and other weird swedish interior names.

Jeongguk is sure in his next nightmare he will be hunted by shelves and pillows.

After what feels like hours and Jeongguk pushing a cart full of decoration articles, lamps, flowers, blankets and pillows through the whole market for the twentieth time, Jeongguk becomes a little moody. Jimin was already used to his boyfriend behaving like a six year old child sometimes, so when he turns around to look at him and sees Jeongguk pouting he can’t help it but laugh and kiss him gently on the lips.

“Are we done? We’ve been here for three hours already,” Jeongguk whines and reaches out for Jimin again to get another kiss. Jimin thinks it’s the most endearing thing ever.

“We need a new bed, baby. It’s the last thing, okay? Then we’ll go home. Can you do that for me?” Jimin smiles and goes onto his tiptoes to place a soft kiss on Jeongguk’s nose. Before Jeongguk can even answer, Jimin already turns around, knowing that Jeongguk will follow him. Pouting, but still. And for the rest of their shopping trip there is nothing else on Jeongguk's mind than how bad he wants to go home and fuck Jimin on their new bed, on those sinful silky sheets.

An hour later everything is finally in the van they rented and Jeongguk’s wet hair sticks to his forehead since the damn boxes were heavy like hell and Jimin wasn’t any help at all. Who even said they have to buy their stuff here? They aren’t poor or anything, they could easily pick something out of a catalogue and let someone else set it up for them at home. But no, of course Jimin was against the whole designer stuff and wanted to go to fucking IKEA. When Jeongguk closes the doors of the trunk and finally takes a deep breath he feels Jimin’s gaze on him. When Jimin’s eyes meet his there is something unreadable in them and Jeongguk raises an eyebrow.

Later that day they finally arrive home and Jeongguk has the great luck to carry all the dumb ass heavy shit cartons up to their apartment. He nearly dies a few times while doing so, having Jimin laugh at him all the time, while he himself was just carrying the easy stuff. But Jimin knows exactly why he let Jeongguk do that, there was nothing hotter than seeing how strong his boyfriend was. The way his muscles move under his skin, how his biceps looks while he carries something heavy and the sweat building on his forehead makes Jimin’s mouth water. Jeongguk was so strong, he could break Jimin any second. Jeongguk always knew how to use his strength in just the right way. Lifting Jimin up against their bedroom wall and fucking him against it the whole night, for example. Jimin had a strength kink, that’s for sure.

Jimin feels the arousal in his body and shakes his head to get rid of the thought of his small hands on Jeongguk’s strong arms while getting the best dicking down ever.

“Fuck, we’re not doing this ever again,” Jeongguk groans when he finally drops onto the couch in their living room, raising a bottle of water to his lips. In the meanwhile Jimin places a few new items on some shelves, places the flowers on the kitchen table and lets Jeongguk calm down for a second. 

“Let’s set up the bed, baby. I really hate the old one, it’s so uncomfortable,” Jimin drops onto Jeongguk’s lap and really has the audacity to pout. Jeongguk looks at him in disbelief, since he can’t believe what the hell he just heard.

“After following you like a fucking puppy for hours and buying all the stuff you like and carrying it in our apartment for you, you really want me to set up the bed now? You have to be kidding me!” Jeongguk whines and tries to convince Jimin that they really could do that tomorrow. But Jimin wasn’t as weak for Jeongguk’s puppy eyes as Jeongguk was for Jimin’s pouting. There was no way he could ever deny Jimin anything. So five minutes later Jeongguk finds himself on his bedroom floor, surrounded by screws and planks; nearly losing his shit.

They should have stayed in Busan, Jeongguk thinks. Then he wouldn't be spending his free time with a fucking build-it-yourself-bed. Jimin can be lucky he is cute and has a great ass. Speaking of his ass, Jeongguk tries to think about that to hold himself back from smashing the whole shit out of the window. Jimin absolutely owes him for all the pain he’s been through today.

“You need help, baby?” Jimin lazily stands in the door frame, watching Jeongguk work. Jeongguk knows Jimin is no help at all, so he just shakes his head. He was annoyed, so he didn't need anyone around him. Of course Jeongguk would do anything for Jimin, damn he would build a whole new house for him, buy him all the scented candles in the world, but this damn fucking bed really gives Jeongguk a hard time.

“Thank you so much,” Jimin steps closer and puts his hands on Jeongguk’s shoulders, slowly massaging him, “what would I do without my big, strong boyfriend,” teased Jimin. Jimin was well aware of Jeongguk’s praising kink, so he kept praising him, knowing very well how much Jeongguk likes it. Jeongguk would never admit it, though. “You’re working so hard, spending your free day in this hell, my poor baby. Maybe I should make it up to you? You deserve a little gift,” he whispers into Jeongguk’s ear seductively. 

Jeongguk’s head never turned that fast, Jimin thinks he heard his neck crack that moment.

“What gift?”

“Finish the bed and you’ll see,” Jimin winks and stands up again to leave the room, knowing exactly that their new bed would be ready in no time. Jimin rushes to the bathroom, getting a small bag out of a secret place and jumps into the shower to get ready. In the meanwhile Jeongguk feels hot and cold, rushing to finish that damn bed and see what Jimin has in store for him. Jeongguk still gets excited about sex with Jimin, every time it’s something new; it’s still like the first time and there is nothing better than hearing Jimin’s moans, his begs and screams, his beautiful body bent in the most beautiful ways, taking everything so well that Jeongguk gives to him.

“Fuck,” Jeongguk mumbles to himself, feeling that he worked himself up by just thinking about his boyfriend. He needs to get that damn bed ready. Now. Maybe going to IKEA wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

“I’m done!” Jimin hears Jeongguk shout from the bedroom earlier than he expected him, but it still makes him laugh. Jimin knows exactly how to make his boyfriend excited, how to make him putty in his hands and Jimin himself isn’t any better. He can’t wait to be close to Jeongguk and reward him for being such a good boyfriend today.

“Jimin? I said I’m ready,” Jimin hears Jeongguk coming closer to the bathroom, the excitement already heard in his voice, just like a kid. Jimin checks himself a last time in the mirror before throwing his silky black bathrobe over his half naked body and unlocking the door. Jeongguk already stands right in front of the door, Jimin nearly bumping into him. His eyes trail down Jimin’s body, over the shining fabric of the bathrobe and his eyes noticeable become darker at the view.

“Great. Thanks, baby. Go take a shower, I’ll go to bed in the meanwhile,” Jimin smiles while his fingers slowly wander over the heated skin on Jeongguk’s biceps. God, how much Jimin loves his boyfriend’s arms.

Jeongguk still stands in the door like frozen, making it impossible for Jimin to leave the bathroom. It was almost as if he was staring down at him like he was prey; maybe that’s what Jimin wants. He loves riling Jeongguk up, just to see how long it takes for him to break.

“I’ll be sweaty afterwards anyway, so why take a shower before?” Jeongguk cockily smiles at Jimin and takes a step closer, his hand already reaching out to touch Jimin.

“You stink, I won’t suck you off like that,” Jimin winks and pushes Jeongguk a little to the side to slip through the small space before Jeongguk can hold him back. He hears the deep growl that leaves Jeongguk’s throat when he walks towards the bedroom, moving his hips purposely and slams the door shut behind him. He waits a little more behind the door until he can hear the water in the shower and then walks over to their new bed. It’s way bigger than the last one and the mattress is so comfortable, Jimin already knows it will be hard to get out of bed from now on. Luckily for them, they have a whole week off of work.

Before getting comfortable on the bed Jimin walks over to their shared wardrobe and searches for something in the back of it, until he finally finds it. He opens the small black box and takes some of the supplies out, the ones he knows drive Jeongguk crazy the most.

After setting up all the stuff they need on the nightstand Jimin finally gets comfortable on the bed. He positions himself on his knees, ass up right towards the door, his bathrobe still covering what’s underneath. He lubes up three of his fingers and warms them a little before reaching behind his back and slowly circling them around his rim. He loves Jeongguk’s long fingers, working him open, reaching deeper than Jimin ever could. What Jimin also loves is being ready for Jeongguk, seeing Jeongguk’s dark gaze when he walks into the bedroom, Jimin on all fours, fingering himself open for his boyfriend. Ready to take him right away.

Jimin hears the water in the bathroom being shut down and inserts two of his fingers in one go, fucking into himself slowly, preparing himself to be nicely open for Jeongguk’s cock. Small moans escape Jimin’s throat when he feels the painful stretch, but the more Jimin pushes his fingers inside, the faster the sting disappears and changes into pleasure. Jimin fucks into himself a few more times, his own cock already half hard hanging between his legs, until he pulls out and moans at the sudden loss. He reaches out for the toy on the nightstand and lubes up the vibrator before he reaches behind himself again and feels the goosebumps rise on his skin as soon as the cold fabric touches his rim. He pushes the vibrator past the ring of muscles, immediately moaning at the intense feeling of being so full again and that’s when he hears footsteps in the hall. Jeongguk is coming closer and closer, only a few steps away from Jimin, who is already a moaning mess on their new bed. Jimin raises his ass up higher, bending as good as he can to look even more appealing for Jeongguk. He hears the steps coming closer until they stop right in front of the door and then the door handle is being pushed down, the vibrator deep in his ass sending so much pleasure down his spine already and excitement rushing through Jimin’s whole body, when the door finally opens.

“Jimin? I’m clean no–” Jeongguk starts but stops mid-sentence when he sees his boyfriend in the middle of the bed, head down, ass up, just the way he likes it the most. Jimin turns his head and looks at Jeongguk with hooded eyes, his lips parted so beautifully and his hand pushing the baby blue vibrator deep into his ass again and again. Jeongguk stands there for a second, frozen, until Jimin lets out a needy moan which pulls Jeongguk back into reality. A reality where his beautiful boyfriend lays on their new bed, fucking himself open for Jeongguk. 

“Fuck, baby,” Jeongguk breathes out and steps closer, the white towel hanging low on his hips. Jimin could come at the sight in front of him only. His boyfriend’s toned chest, hair still wet and his muscles on full display.

“I got you, come here, I’ll take care of you, hyung.” Jeongguk shoves Jimin’s hand away and takes the vibrator into his own hand, fucking it into Jimin while letting his other hand wander up Jimin’s naked thigh.

“Fuck, is that lingerie? Oh holy, what.. fuck, you’re so hot, so beautiful,” Jeongguk can’t even form a real sentence, the view of Jimin in lingerie knocking the air out of his lungs. He's in the room for not even a minute and is already so turned on.

“It’s your gift. I’m your gift, so open me,” Jimin smiles at him and Jeongguk shoves the bathrobe even higher to get a better look of the black lace panties Jimin is wearing. They already tried a lot of stuff in bed, but lingerie was never something they actively talked about. They once went to Victoria’s Secret because Jimin wanted some cute, cozy slippers and Jeongguk remembers himself stopping at black lace panties. Apparently he stared a bit too long and Jimin saw. Fuck, even the imagination of Jimin in those panties made him hard back then and now here he was, right in front of him, his beautiful ass on display just for Jeongguk to see.

He kisses Jimin’s cheek and up to the curve of his ass where the fabric hugs Jimin’s ass just perfectly. Then he hovers himself over Jimin to kiss his neck and up to his ear. He can’t believe how lucky he is.

“So needy, couldn’t wait for me to finish a shower, huh? Had to use your toys instead of waiting for me. Weren’t your fingers enough?” Jeongguk starts teasing, knowing exactly that Jimin’s own fingers never could reach the right places like Jeongguk’s could. And still, the view Jimin gave him when he was walking in is the hottest thing ever. Jimin preparing himself, already sweaty, already moaning for Jeongguk to fucking get to it.

“Wanted to be good for you,” Jimin breathes out, his voice shaking from all the pleasure the vibrations send through his ass and his whole body, “helped me so good today, wanted to reward you,” Jimin whispers out of breath and hears a pleased growl from Jeongguk above him.

“So that’s why you wanted all this new stuff? Wanted to see me suffer? See me working for it, working to get your ass tonight,” Jeongguk playfully says and pushes the vibrator even deeper into Jimin, earning a high moan from underneath him.

“You and your damn strength kink, hyung. You’re so kinky, you know that? Making me carry all this heavy shit alone so you can thirst about my arms and hands. That’s pretty mean, maybe I should punish you for that.”

Jimin moans at the words, the shame spreading over his heated skin just in the right ways. Jeongguk knows him better than anyone else, he knows Jimin’s buttons, knows how to get him worked up and Jeongguk’s dirty talk has, next to his strength, always been Jimin’s major turn on. They already know what the other likes and it makes their sex even better, but trying new things is even more exciting. That’s why Jimin had to buy lingerie, Jeongguk’s face back then was priceless and he knew Jeongguk imagined Jimin in those, so why not try it? And of course Jimin was right, Jeongguk was a sucker for lingerie, which opened a whole new world for them to try out.

“No, I’m good, I promise,” Jimin babbles, but Jeongguk already pulls the vibrator out, putting it to the side and Jimin begins to whine at the sudden loss. “God, such a beautiful ass, all mine,” Jeongguk says deeply, grabbing both of Jimin’s cheeks into his hands, massaging the flesh. “Off,” he orders and Jimin gets up to his knees to take the bathrobe off and reveals his whole body and the pretty lingerie. The small black bow on the back of Jimin’s panties looks too cute for the whole scene and it makes Jeongguk chuckle. 

“God, your ass is a sin, gonna eat you out, yeah?” Jeongguk asks and it warms Jimin’s heart, that even after all this time Jeongguk would never do something Jimin doesn’t like, he always makes sure Jimin is fully with him and wants the things they do. “Yes, please, I’ve been good,” Jimin repeats himself, wiggling his ass in invitation and waiting for Jeongguk to finally do something.

“Stop it, or I’ll just fuck you right now. You’re already loose anyway, aren’t you? Could take my cock in one go, hyung,” Jeongguk teases and Jimin pushes his ass back against Jeongguk’s still covered crotch, feeling his hardening length between his cheeks. Jimin doesn’t even say a word, he is ready for whatever Jeongguk gives to him, his tongue or his cock, Jimin takes it all. And he fucking loves the way the word hyung rolls from Jeongguk’s lips so easily. It makes it even more clear that Jimin is the older one, that Jimin should take care of Jeongguk, that Jimin should be the one fucking Jeongguk. But here he is, ass up, stretched like a cat and ready to let his boyfriend fuck his brain out.

“Fucking get to it, Jeonggukie,” Jimin whines, stretching his arms even wider in front of him, making his ass stick out even better. “Want your tongue, come on.”

Jeongguk chuckles deeply behind him, rubbing his hands above Jimin’s cheeks and playing with the soft fabric of Jimin’s panties. “You’re not the one ordering me around. Not in bed, baby,” Jeongguk whispers into Jimin’s ear, sending a shiver over Jimin’s whole body. “But I haven’t eaten you out in so long, I really missed your ass. So I’m giving you what you want. You know I could eat you out for hours, right, hyung?”

The teasing in Jeongguk’s voice goes straight to Jimin’s cock, which is fully hard by now. And fuck, Jimin knows Jeongguk means what he says. He really could eat him out for hours, which means he will edge him for hours. Not that Jimin never came just by his tongue, but Jeongguk knows his ways to not let him come until he allows it. The realization makes Jimin whine in desperation, already craving an orgasm. He feels Jeongguk play a while with his ass and the panties, before he hears him throwing his towel to the side and then Jimin feels his hard cock against his ass. Jimin feels hot all over, hoping that Jeongguk may have changed his mind and just puts his cock into him. But as soon as he feels him, the feeling is gone just as soon. Jeongguk grabs him by his ankles and pulls him towards the end of the bed, their new bed having the perfect height for Jeongguk eating Jimin’s ass.

Jimin waits for Jeongguk to order him to get rid of the underwear, but it never comes. Instead he feels Jeongguk’s finger shoving the fabric to the side and just a second later he feels Jeongguk’s tongue against his hole. Jimin immediately lets out a pleased moan and the feeling on his ass goes straight down to his cock. The fact that he’s still wearing the panties has something so dirty, like Jeongguk couldn’t even wait to undress him before getting his hands on him. Jimin thinks it’s a damn great sight, Jeongguk tongue deep into him while he’s still wearing the lacy panties. Maybe someday they should record themselves.

Jeongguk doesn’t tease Jimin any longer and pushes his tongue right through the ring of muscles and earns a pleased yelp from Jimin. Jeongguk spreads his cheeks wider to reach even deeper parts of Jimin’s body and making the elder squirm underneath Jeongguk. Jimin presses his ass against Jeongguk with more force, longing for the pleasure, but Jeongguk is stronger and holds Jimin in place, his strong arms caging Jimin and leaving him completely at Jeongguk’s mercy. It turns Jimin on even more.

Jeongguk circles his tongue inside Jimin, licking the rim and forces his tongue in and out at a fast pace. Jimin rewards him with the most beautiful sounds and Jeongguk feels his hard cock brushing against the side of the bed. “Fuck, I could do that all day,” Jeongguk breathes against Jimin’s ass and becomes a needy whine in return. He knows Jimin loves being on edge and Jeongguk loves Jimin begging. Begging for his cock, to let him come, to go faster. It’s the hottest thing Jeongguk could ever imagine.

“Please,” Jimin already begs when Jeongguk only blows a little against his hole. Before Jimin can protest even more Jeongguk pushes his tongue and two of his fingers into Jimin again, barely feeling any resistance since Jimin had been fucked open so good before. Jeongguk fucks his tongue and fingers into his boyfriend with a fast pace and feels the small body shake and his thighs tremble, a sign that Jimin is already close.

“You already wanna come, hyung? You’re close, mh?”

Jimin whines desperately, his orgasm building and building, the knot in his stomach feeling like he could burst any second just because of Jeongguk and his fucking tongue.

“What kind of punishment would that be, hyung? It wouldn’t be fair, don’t you think?” Jeongguk gives Jimin’s rim a last lick before pulling away completely and putting Jimin’s panties back in place. Jimin lets out a desperate noise, turning his head as far as possible and stares at Jeongguk with a pout, which makes Jeongguk just laugh.

Fuck, Jimin thinks, the pouting doesn’t work today. He has to try something else to get what he wants. And he wants Jeongguk balls deep inside of him, finally giving him the orgasm he craves so bad. 

“C’mon, just fuck me,” Jimin whispers, “didn’t you say you would take care of hyung?” Jimin wiggles his ass again, knowing that Jeongguk can barely resist his ass. There is no chance Jeongguk can last long without getting inside of him, especially with the lingerie. Jimin sees Jeongguk’s eyes darken, the way he clenches his jaw and how his whole body is tense. Jimin absolutely loves the way how Jeongguk takes charge and does whatever he wants to Jimin, but Jimin knows all too well that two can play the game of teasing.

“Maybe I have to take care of it myself,” Jimin teases further and reaches out for his own cock, smearing his precum over his length for a better slide, always locking eyes with Jeongguk while doing so. The pleasure makes Jimin moan again, his lips parted and eyes half closed, but the feeling doesn’t last long. Jeongguk is fast to slap Jimin’s hand away and throws him on his back, hovering over him.

“Stop the fucking teasing, you’ll take what I give you. Nothing else,” Jeongguk growls and it makes Jimin’s cock twitch in interest. Fuck, Jeongguk is so hot like that. The way he pins Jimin down like it’s nothing. His defined chest so close and just for Jimin to touch, but instead Jimin reaches out for Jeongguk’s biceps, feeling the hot skin on his fingers. He feels the hard muscles moving under his fingertips and he can see Jeongguk smile at that.

“Such a slut for anyone who has muscles, huh? Do you even love me or just my arms? Just the thought of how good I can fuck you against any wall, any furniture?” Jeongguk raises an eyebrow and Jimin doesn’t even have time to answer, because Jeongguk finally presses his lips against Jimin’s. It’s their first kiss tonight and Jimin forgets about their little game and just puts all his love and feelings for Jeongguk into this kiss. They lazily make out like that for a while before Jeongguk deepens the kiss and reaches down Jimin’s body to feel Jimin's hard cock through the soft fabric. The feeling of Jeongguk’s fingertips brushing just lightly against his cock is nowhere near enough and Jimin’s hands wander to Jeongguk’s back, trying to pull him even closer and to signal him that he wants him now.

“Jeongguk, please,” Jimin whines again while Jeongguk places kisses and bites on Jimin’s collarbone, “enough teasing. Put it in already or i’ll do it myself,” he tries again, but Jeongguk just raises his head to look at Jimin’s already fucked-out expression and laughs at the weak demand.

“Where is the fun in that? You had the whole day to watch me and thirst over my arms. Now it’s my turn to watch you begging and crying underneath me,” Jeongguk grins triumphant and Jimin just widens his eyes. He didn’t know he was that obvious today. 

Jeongguk kisses down Jimin’s chest and lazily sucks on his nipple as if he has all the time in the world, making Jimin bend his back even more and melt into the touch. Just a few licks later Jeongguk makes his way down to Jimin’s crotch and his breath is stuck when he finally has time to appreciate the pretty lacy panties from the front. The black fabric is nearly see through, Jimin’s cock already sticking out to the side since he is so hard. Jeongguk stares at the picture for a while, trying to save this view for later, because damn, he will think about nothing else for the rest of his life. Jeongguk plays a while with the fabric, shoves his fingers underneath it, always just slightly touching Jimin’s dick, which makes the elder whine in desperation.

“You have no idea how fucking sexy this is, fuck. I want to rip that away from you, but you look so pretty, hyung. Your pretty, little cock looks so beautiful like that,” Jeongguk whispers more to himself. Jimin raises his head a little to look at Jeongguk and there is something so different, something so dark about the way he looks at Jimin and it makes his cock twitch. 

“Do something, Jeongguk, please,” Jimin whines and hopes that Jeongguk will listen. And to Jimin’s own surprise Jeongguk pushes the fabric a little to the side and reveals Jimin’s hard cock to give it a teasing lick. Jimin immediately drops onto his back again and moans due to the satisfying feeling.

“So hard already and I barely started,” Jeongguk says and Jimin raises his head again to shoot Jeongguk a mad look. Jeongguk knows he does wonders with his tongue, so it was no surprise that Jimin was already close. But Jeongguk didn’t look like he was going to give Jimin the orgasm he wants anytime soon.

After a few more small licks over the head of Jimin’s cock Jeongguk finally wraps his lips around Jimin’s length and takes him in his mouth in one go. Jimin screams out in pleasure, the warmth around his cock being too much since he’s already so close. Jeongguk begins to suck him off, working his way up and down on his length while massaging his balls just in the right way. But he never lets Jimin take off the black panties.

Jimin is a whimpering mess and throws his head back into the mattress, trying to find anything to hold onto, while nothing but filthy sounds and the scream of Jeongguk’s name escape his lips. Jimin feels himself coming closer to his climax, and Jeongguk feels it, too. He takes Jimin in his mouth again and swallows around the head and Jimin grabs Jeongguk’s hair to keep him in place, since he is a second away from coming. Jeongguk hums at Jimin's weak attempt of trying to chase his orgasm. Unfortunately for him, Jeongguk pulls away and squeezes at the base of Jimin's dick to stop him from coming.

“What the hell! I hate you!” Jimin whines and stares at Jeongguk in disbelief. He was so, so close, Jeongguk is such a damn tease. “Why don’t you finish what you start!” he pouts, a single tear uncontrollable rolling down his cheek, since he reached a damn high level of desperation. Jeongguk just chuckles and gives a last lick to the head of his cock, just to annoy Jimin even more.

“Since you like using your mouth so much we might put it to some better use, don’t you think, love?”

Before Jimin can even answer or protest, he feels two of Jeongguk’s fingers against his bottom lip and then Jeongguk shoves them into his mouth and Jimin feels the weight of his fingers on his tongue.

“Be good, do what I say and maybe I’ll let you come. You can do that for me, right, hyung?” 

Jimin moans around Jeongguk’s long fingers, eyes still wet and saliva already running down his chin, since he sucks on them so hard. His cock twitches again since he is so turned on by Jeongguk’s fingers and he isn’t sure how much longer he can hold his orgasm back. He wants to come so bad, but he is sure he isn't allowed to yet.

“Yeah, you love that, huh? Can’t shut your demanding mouth until it’s full. You don’t even care what it is, my fingers, my cock, you take it all, right?” Jimin only nods, his red eyes locked with Jeongguk's while he sucks on his fingers. Fuck, Jimin was really a slut for Jeongguk’s long fingers, even more since he has those damn hand tattoos. Even looking at his fingers makes Jimin’s mouth water and feeling them in his mouth turns him on so bad. It was pretty fucking unfair that Jeongguk became even hotter with tattoos.

Jeongguk pushes his fingers in and out of Jimin’s mouth, making him choke from time to time and he feels himself becoming painfully hard. Jimin’s lips are a damn sin, made for Jeongguk and his cock.

“You wanna suck something else? You said you’d make it up to me, so c’mon,” Jeongguk pulls his fingers out of Jimin’s mouth and kisses him, his wet fingers rubbing over one of Jimin’s nipples, making him moan into Jeongguk’s mouth. When Jeongguk lets go of him to sit against the head of the bed, Jimin is fast to get up and crawl between Jeongguk’s legs, his hard cock already standing proud against Jeongguk’s abs. Jimin licks his lips at the sight and looks up to Jeongguk with huge eyes, asking for permission, which Jeongguk happily gives him.

“Go ahead. Work for it and maybe I'll make you come from my cock later,” he says, his tone so dark and Jimin immediately wraps his hand around Jeongguk’s hard cock, his own cock and desperation long forgotten. Jimin loves sucking his boyfriend off, it was something he happily does anywhere. In the restrooms of restaurants, dressing rooms, in the car; Jimin loves being on his knees, the pain in his legs and the weight of his boyfriend’s cock on his tongue. And of course getting all the filthy sounds out of Jeongguk. Jimin leans down and gives the head some teasing licks while staring at Jeongguk.

“No teasing, hyung,” Jeongguk says harshly and grabs Jimin by his hair, “C’mon, use your dirty mouth. That’s the only thing it’s good for.”

Jimin is fast to do as Jeongguk wishes and lowers his head and tries to embrace Jeongguk’s whole length with his puffy lips. He hollows his cheeks and begins to work his way down until he feels Jeongguk’s cock hitting the back of his throat. He swallows around it and Jeongguk lets out a desperate whine, which goes straight to Jimin’s own dick. Jeongguk always sounds so beautiful when Jimin sucks him off and Jimin could do that all day, just like Jeongguk could spend the whole day with his tongue deep down Jimin’s ass.

The wet sound of Jimin’s tongue working its way around Jeongguk’s cock is so filthy and Jeongguk’s hard grip in Jimin’s hair makes him go even faster, saliva dripping out of his mouth and onto Jeongguk's cock. The way Jeongguk’s hand pushes his head even further down sends a shiver over his whole body and he takes Jeongguk even deeper, choking on his cock due to the force it hits his throat. Jimin lets his cock slip out of his mouth with a wet plop and he seductively looks up to Jeongguk while licking some of the precum from his lips.

Jeongguk’s wet hair sticks to his forehead, just the way it did back then when he carried all the heavy packages upstairs. His chest is moving heavily, his breathing loud and by the way he looks slightly behind Jimin makes clear that he's still staring at those damn panties. His gaze is then fixed on Jimin’s lips, something so dark in it, like he wants to ruin Jimin any second. And Jimin can’t wait for it. It takes just a bit more until Jeongguk snaps and hopefully puts Jimin in his place, fucking him into oblivion.

“Fuck my mouth, baby,” Jimin looks at his boyfriend with a smug grin and Jeongguk looks at him with wide eyes.

“What do you do when it’s too much?” Jeongguk asks with a soft voice, falling out of his role to make sure they are safe in whatever they do.

When Jimin taps his fingers against Jeongguk’s thigh two times to show Jeongguk he knows their “safeword”, it takes less than a second until Jeongguk’s hands push Jimin’s head down on his cock again, holding him in place and thrusts his hips up, making his cock disappear in Jimin’s mouth at a fast pace, making him choke on his length.

“Fuck, you and your dirty mouth, you can never shut up, can you,” Jeongguk stutters out, already breathless, the pressure in his lower stomach even more prominent now. It amazes him every day what an enigma Jimin is. All cute and giggly one second and the next he asks him to fuck his mouth. Jeongguk has to be the luckiest man alive.

Jimin feels that Jeongguk is close, his thrusts becoming more erratic and he somehow wishes he would just come down his throat so he can taste him on his lips again, just to kiss him afterwards and let Jeongguk’s cum mix in their mouths. But Jeongguk is fast to pull away before he comes and pulls Jimin up to catch his lips in a hot kiss, tasting a bit of himself on Jimin’s lips.

“You’ll be the death of me, Park Jimin,” Jeongguk breathes out and kisses Jimin again, biting down on his bottom lip which makes Jimin moan into their kiss. Jeongguk knows Jimin loves kissing during sex, he loves the way it’s so intimidate and Jeongguk can’t ever get enough of Jimin’s lips, so that’s a win-win. Without another warning Jeongguk pulls away and turns them around to press Jimin face down into the mattress. Jimin swears he was about to come just from how easily Jeongguk manhandled him.

After what feels like an eternity and Jimin’s cock still laying painfully hard between his legs, Jeongguk finally gets behind him and while he grabs the lube to prepare his cock, Jimin is already back on all fours, his panties still on and he hears a small gasp when he wiggles his ass in invitation. Jeongguk is a sucker for lingerie and who is Jimin to not tease him a little, as long as he can?

“Gonna fuck you so good, baby,” Jeongguk whispers and finally, after all the teasing and edging, Jimin feels the tip of Jeongguk’s cock between his cheeks. He feels the excitement in his whole body and the feeling of Jeongguk pushing into him in one go feels heavenly. Jeongguk could come on the spot since Jimin’s heat feels just too good around his cock and Jimin feels so full, his whole body is on fire. The weight of Jeongguk’s hands on his lower back mix perfectly with the weight of his cock inside of him.

“I never thought lingerie could turn me on like that, I’m so hard, fuck,” Jeongguk sighs and gives Jimin’s ass a first slap, while his eyes are still fixed on the black fabric which hugs Jimin’s body just in the right way. When Jimin pushes his ass back against Jeongguk’s lower body, the younger instantly gets the sign and pulls out until the tip, before he slams himself back in again, making them both moan out in sync. Jeongguk fucks into Jimin with a fast pace from the beginning on, his hands grabbing Jimin’s hips so hard he will definitely leave bruises. Jeongguk puts one hand between Jimin’s shoulder blades, pushing him down in the mattress for an even better angle.

“Hands behind your back, hyung. You know the way I like it the most,” Jeongguk orders and Jimin does as he’s told, holding his hands behind his back for Jeongguk to grab them and tie him up with the silk rope Jimin already prepared on the nightstand. The angle is heavenly and Jeongguk hits his prostate dead each time. Jimin has no other option but to hold still and take everything Jeongguk gives to him, moaning out loud at every thrust and he feels his legs shake from the force Jeongguk pushes himself into him every time.

Sweat is rolling down Jeongguk’s face and his eyes are still fixed on Jimin’s back, watching his own cock disappearing into his ass at each thrust, the damn black panties still turning him on even more. God, he buys Jimin a new bed every day if that’s what he gets in return. The sound of Jeongguk's body colliding with Jimin's ass is so obscene and Jeongguk fucking loves it. The way Jimin's body is bend so perfectly in front of him, his hands tied up behind his back, leaving him completely at Jeongguk's mercy and his beautiful ass on full display for Jeongguk to touch in any possible way.

Jimin didn’t even realize he began to cry again from all the pleasure, until his tears drop down his nose and lips. 

“Jeonggukie, please,” Jimin begs, not even sure whatever he is begging for, but it makes Jeongguk go even faster and suddenly another loud slap echoes through the room. Jimin’s cheek burns from the force Jeongguk hit him and it feels heavenly. Jimin hopes he can see Jeongguk's handprint on his ass later.

"Shut your mouth," Jeongguk spits out and slaps Jimin's other cheek just as hard as the one before. Jimin didn’t even know it was possible for Jeongguk to go that hard, but it all feels amazing. Inside of him, on his skin, everywhere. It stings just in the right way. Jeongguk seems so turned on by those damn panties, Jimin wants to slap himself for not buying them earlier. As if Jeongguk could hear his thoughts he slaps Jimin again on his other cheek, earning the loudest moan of the night from Jimin due to the burn on his heated skin.

“You gonna come untouched, hyung. It’s your punishment,” Jeongguk growls and Jimin hears how breathless he is. He lets out a small whine, his cock aching so bad between his legs, the spanking and Jeongguk's cock brushing against his walls at every thrust being way too much for him to handle. He feels himself being so close to his climax. He's been on edge for so long.

Jeongguk's been fucking him so good non-stop, Jimin wants to make him proud. Wants to take him all the way like good boys do and make him come like he deserves.

"Fuck, you're so good, Jiminie, so perfect for me, taking me so well," Jeongguk praises him and Jimin feels hot all over. He clenches around Jeongguk’s length from time to time, earning beautiful and sinful sounds from the younger. The head of the bed slams against their bedroom wall at every hard thrust and Jimin is sure their neighbours know what they do, they hear them, and it turns him on even more. He is sure that their old bed wouldn’t survive a fucking like that.

“I’m c-close, baby,” Jeongguk says after a while, his thrusts already becoming slower, but deeper. Jimin feels like Jeongguk is everywhere; in him, over him, his touch burns everywhere in the best possible way and the rope cuts into his wrists so beautifully. 

“Come into me, come on, fill me up, baby,” Jimin gets out between his heavy pants and tries to push his ass back against Jeongguk to fuck himself on his boyfriend’s cock. It takes a few more hard thrusts until Jimin comes untouched on the mattress, a loud scream escaping his throat, his hole clenching so hard it nearly sends Jeongguk over the edge. 

Jeongguk fucks into Jimin a little more, fucks him into oversensitivity and Jimin feels the tears even more stream down his face, the pleasure too much to handle. He moans Jeongguk’s name like a mantra and just a few more thrusts later Jeongguk comes into Jimin so hard, he sees white for a second. Jimin feels Jeongguk's cum filling him up and Jeongguk drops on Jimin’s back like he got shot which makes Jimin groan out in pain.

“Move, you dickhead, you’re heavy,” Jimin whines breathless, even though he loves to feel Jeongguk’s sweaty body against his own. He loves the way Jeongguk’s heavy breathing tickles his ear and makes him horny again. Only the wet feeling of his own cum on his belly makes him scrunch his nose in disgust.

Jimin’s hands are still tied up behind his back, which hurts like hell with Jeongguk on top of him. Jeongguk props himself up to open the rope around Jimin's wrists before he drops on his side with a groan and pulls Jimin with him, spooning him from behind. He puts featherlight kisses onto Jimin’s wrists where the rope may have caused some pain. Then he’s throwing his arm around Jimin’s sweaty body to pull him closer. It takes them both a while to come down from their high and the room is filled with their loud panting and the smell of sex and cum.

“I never came that hard, what the hell,” Jeongguk says after a while, gently kissing the skin behind Jimin’s ear, which makes the older giggle, “I’ll buy you new lingerie tomorrow. It’s a shame to not see your ass in stuff like that every day,” he adds and makes Jimin laugh even more.

“I knew you’d like that. You’ve always been an ass man,” Jimin turns a little around so Jeongguk can place a soft kiss on his lips.

“I love you so much,” Jeongguk whispers against Jimin’s lips and feels his lips turn into a smile. "I'll pull out now", he adds and sees Jimin's smile turn into a pout at those words

“Stop pouting, I can’t stay inside of you forever.”

“Why not? I don’t have a problem with that.”

“You’re ridiculous,” Jeongguk laughs and slowly pulls out, while kissing Jimin’s ear. Jimin feels the cum dripping out of his hole and scrunches his nose in disgust again. The wet feeling is one of the reasons why he prefers Jeongguk staying inside of him, or at least Jeongguk pushing a plug into him afterwards.

When Jeongguk gets up Jimin looks at his ass and smiles. Jeongguk is so well built, Jimin could go again just by the sight. He thinks he is the luckiest man alive.

Everything seems so easy as long as Jeongguk is by his side.

"I love you, too," Jimin smiles up to Jeongguk and the younger gifts him his beautiful bunny smile he adores so much.

“Move,” Jeongguk orders and holds his hand out for Jimin to grab, “we need to shower. We stink.”

With an overdramatically groan Jimin lets Jeongguk help him up and Jeongguk immediately holds him close since Jimin's whole body aches and feels likes jelly.

“Oh no, we already ruined the new bed,” Jimin whines after he turned around to look at their new bed again. There are stains of white cum on the mattress, since they both didn’t put any sheets on before fucking. Not even the new silky sheets Jeongguk thought would look so nice with Jimin on top of them.

“I’ll buy you a new bed,” Jeongguk whispers against Jimin’s neck and pushes him towards the bathroom, while Jimin just laughs at the dumb comment. “And didn’t you say you also want a new dresser? Can I fuck you on that one, too, hyung? Can we please go to IKEA again? Tomorrow? I’m free,” Jeongguk begs with big eyes like a child would beg for ice cream and Jimin just playfully slaps his arm, which makes both laugh again.

Well, IKEA doesn’t seem so bad to Jeongguk anymore.