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Kiera Rogers: Strange Winters

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"Is she ready?"

"She's getting there. She needs more time."

"More time? She has you for a teacher, Frigga, even Heimdall. What more could she need?"

"Father, she is young. She hasn't had the benefit of being on Asgard since birth."

"That may be so, but she is also our only hope of survival, yet she cannot pass school! Her failure will be the death of us all."

The Bifrost keeper regretted not being at his post, for at this moment-as he knew would happen- someone was using it without permission. Yet not once did he find it necessary to mention.

"Be GENTLE, father. At least with my daughter. I have learned from your mistakes as a father, and I will not burden my daughter with expectations as you did with me. We all know how that went. She will learn on her own, you'll just have to trust her."

It was a cool summer day in Washington D.C., not a cloud in the sky. The woman watched her boyfriend get in his car, heading out to the National Park for his morning run. As he sped away, she turned back into the house, just missing the rainbow that crashed somewhere nearby.