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broken rain

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The leaves were already growing back. Spring was definitely in the air. Green grass, green leaves, flower buds popping out of the ground. And, of course, spring would mean that summer break was only a few more months away. At least the teachers didn't get any more positive just because the weather got nicer and nature looked "alive". At least spring meant playing tennis in gym class, which mean getting to serve the ball and take all your anger out on the small yellow-green object.

Gakupo Kamui seemed to hate pretty much everything in the world. If you didn't know him, that is. The truth was, he had quite a few things he was passionate about. He just didn't have any way to do them anymore, and he didn't bother trying. He had a complete "just-leave-me-the-hell-alone" attitude about him. A perfect example of an edgy teenager who was also a total asshole. He wore dark clothes. Talked back to the teachers. Did his work poorly or not at all, and didn't have friends.

Today, a cold wind blew across the town as students got off the bus, got out of their parents' cars or their own cars, got off their bikes, or just walked up the plain old sidewalk and went into the school. The day started just like any normal Monday, with the car kids, bikers, and walkers going into the gym and the bus riders, along with anyone who ate breakfast, went into the cafeteria. Gakupo got free breakfast and lunch. A lot of kids did, as the town wasn't very rich or very nice.

He took his place in the line to get the stale biscuit smothered in fake gravy that was being served that morning. The food all tasted the same to him, and some days he questioned why he kept eating it. If he didn't eat, he'd starve to death, wouldn't he? But that would take so long, and it'd be so painful...and besides, something better had to come along sometime.

The principal's shoes thumped on the floor, and his deep voice was softly heard, followed by what sounded like a girl, but with a lower-than-average female voice. An unfamiliar one, too. Turning around, Gakupo's eyes scanned the people behind him. It didn't take long to find the source of the voice, but it still surprised him.

That voice came from a boy. The voice full of happiness and energy, with a touch of femininity, came from a boy who Gakupo had never seen before. He had blue hair and was dressed in a cyan jacket overtop a brown sweater, paired with dark brown jeans and a pair of black sneakers. He had brilliant blue eyes that met Gakupo's purple ones for just a moment, and that was enough to make the purple-haired male turn around sharply, his face red. Well, shit. So the new kid was a bit cute. He'd probably be annoying as hell and easy to hate, so it didn't matter at all. Moving forward with the line, Gakupo tossed a few items onto his tray and punched his lunch number into the cashier's machine, then found a seat at the end of one of the tables, making sure to sit away from other people. No such luck.

The blue-haired boy had made his way over to the table and placed his backpack down. It had galaxy patterns all over it, and a few pins on one of the pockets. A pin supporting gay pride, a pin with a flower on it, and a pin with a piece of cake on it. How stupid.

"I hope you don't mind that I sit here. There aren't many other places," he said with a nervous chuckle. "My name's Kaito. What's yours?"

Jeez. Not only did this idiot look stupid, but he seemed childish as well.

"Leave me alone, idiot." Gakupo glared at him, then returned to eating the bland food.

"...Oh. Okay. Sorry!" He grinned, somewhat awkwardly, and then turned around in his seat so he was facing the other tables.

"Good," Gakupo thought. "That was easy. Idiot's already out of the way."

He had no idea how wrong he would be.