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SO MANY EMOTIONS battle within Natasha Zapata, sitting there at the table with her
Brother Marco, whom she's seeing for the first time in six or seven years. There is less than
a year between she and her two siblings Leonardo aka Lilo) is ythe youngest. To illustrate:
Currently, she and her Brother are both the same age (29), from today until Novemebr, when she turns
30. Lilo is 28. They spend half an hour catching up (after three stints in rehab, he's finally found the medium
that works for him: GROUP. Tasha talks about her own struggles, and how she finally found a measure of peace
with a really good therapist, and a Man that she loves. Then Marco mentions their youngest Brother.

"I saw Lilo a week ago. He's doing good-got a Woman, and two kids."

Sudden, hot tears well up in Tasha Zapata's eyes. She hasn't seen her Brothers in many years,
and the cause of those tears are 90% SHAME. Nieces or Nephews she's never met, a Sister
In Law...she's missed SO MUCH, and she mourns the time she's lost.

"Marco takes her hands in hers. "We reminded each other of that living hell we lived through. That's what I believe,"
he says gently.

"How'd you get to THAT?! Are you in therapy?

"Yeah, Sis...aren't YOU?"

"I am. How'd you know?

"You don't have that 'haunted' look in your eyes any more. You seem...HAPPY."

"I am-very." Struck by a sudden inspiration, Marco's handsome face splits into a huge grin.

"Hacemos un huateque? Tu y tu Hombre, yo y la mia; Lilo con su familia...andale Tasha-ya es hora."
(Let's make a party. You and your Man, Me and mine: Lila and his family-c'mom, it's past time."

"Tu crees? Solo nostros-Los Hermanos Zapata.(You think. just us-the Zapatas)"