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Taehyung’s eyes fluttered open, feeling the early rays of sunshine warm his face. He groaned, not wanting to wake up just yet. Snuggling deeper into his comfy sheets, the teen sighed contentedly, ready to get a few more hours of sleep. However, his phone began buzzing and ringing, indicating that he was getting a call.
With his eyes still closed, he grabbed his phone and placed it near his ear. “Hello?”
“Hey, Taehyung!” His friend, Hoseok, shouted from the other end, making the younger wince.
“What is it hyung?” Tae murmured sleepily.
“I’m going to go for a walk in the forest today. Do you want to come?” Hoseok asked. "I think it'll be a great chance to get away from our chaotic lives for a while", he added with a chuckle.
Taehyung thought for a moment, pushing away his bedsheets since he was fully awake now. “Uhh, I think I can...When are you going?”
“Ten minutes! Come on over! Hurry!” Hoseok replied.
Tae whined and rolled out of his bed. “Fine!”
Hoseok laughed and ended the call.
The 17-year-old hobbled over to his bathroom, lazily going through his morning routine, pulling on a hoodie and sweatpants afterward.
Hoseok lived right next to a beautiful forest, which the two of them believed to be magical when they were younger.

“Hoseok! I’m going to find you!” Tae giggled as he ran around, looking behind every rock and up into the trees. He listened to the birds singing in the treetops and stopped to admire the way every object in the forest seemed to glimmer.
Suddenly, the young boy heard a rustle in the bushes behind him. He jumped in his spot, a bit surprised by the sudden sound. Tae turned and peeked into the bushes, finding Hoseok chuckling at him.
“Ah! Found you!” Tae cheered, pulling his best friend out of the bushes. The two of them laughed and ran deeper into the forest, finding a new game to play.
Taehyung smiled as he thought of the fond memory.
Sadly, unlike Hoseok, he lived in the hills, where all the mansions were located. His parents were rich, to say the least, with his father owning a massive engineering company. Tae was expected to take his father’s place when he graduated from college, which he was very unhappy about. He enjoyed photography and art and wanted to become a photographer or artist of some kind. However, his parents told him that those jobs were foolish and a waste of time.
“It’s alright to continue to do those things as hobbies, but becoming the next CEO of your father’s company must be your first priority” His mother had told him one night.
“Yes, mother” The younger sighed dejectedly in response.
He went downstairs to see his mother sitting on her couch with her laptop and phone.
“Yes. . . The meeting will be moved to one hour later.” She was saying to someone on the phone as she typed away on her laptop. “I have to meet with a few officials from the new company we are collaborating with”
Taehyung sighed as he looked over at his mother. She was a businesswoman and worked alongside Tae’s father.
He quickly grabbed a granola bar and some water, along with his camera. Taehyung enjoyed taking photographs of wildlife in particular.
He also took his sketchbook, just in case he felt a spark of inspiration while on his walk. “I’m going for a walk with Hoseok, mother!”
His mother looked at him briefly and nodded.
With a roll of his eyes at her behavior, he left the house and quickly drove over to Hoseok’s.

“Ahh! Finally!” Hoseok sighed with a chuckle as Tae stepped out of his car.
“Sorry! I had literally just woken up when you called me”
Hoseok pretended to be annoyed as Taehyung ran up to the edge of the forest where he was standing. The two of them closed their eyes and breathed in the peaceful forest air. Taehyung listened to the sounds of his childhood. The wind rustling the leaves, the birds chirping in the treetops, and the soft sound of chimes that the forest seemed to emit.
They stepped into it together, looking around at their surroundings in awe.
“No matter how many times we walk here, I still can’t get over the beauty of this place” Taehyung murmured.
Hoseok nodded and chuckled. “Remember we thought the forest was magical when we were younger?”
Taehyung laughed. “I think a small part of me still holds onto that belief-”
He was interrupted as a sudden burst of light caught his eye.
It was extremely quick but was definitely present.
“Huh?” Tae’s eyes flashed over to the bush where the light seemed to have come from.
Hoseok followed, seeming to be confused. “What is it?”
Taehyung ignored him and dug through the bush until his hand came in contact with something hard and round. He spread the branches apart, wanting to get a better look at the object.
He gasped when he saw a large, colorful, egg.
Hoseok’s eyes widened when he saw it. “I’ve never seen anything like that. . .”
“I-It’s so big” Tae commented, seeming unsure of what to do.
“Let me google it” Hoseok suggested, taking out his phone and typing up a quick description of the egg.
His face fell. “Nothing is coming up”
“That is so weird. . .” Taehyung stood up, covering the egg in branches once again.
“Let’s just keep going. We shouldn’t take it home with us if it belongs to an animal” Hoseok suggested, grabbing the younger’s hand and pulling him away.
However, Taehyung didn’t want to leave it. He felt some sort of pull towards the object, as crazy as it seemed.
He ignored the urge and followed Hoseok deeper into the forest.

During our excursion, Taehyung ended up drawing a few sketches and taking photographs of various things he found in the woods, like usual. Hoseok just hummed to his favorite songs and skipped along. However, as they were heading back, Taehyung’s eyes flitted over to the bush where the egg was, as there was another burst of light coming from it.
“I-. . .” He stopped himself from completing the sentence.
“What is it?” Hoseok asked, confused as he stopped in his tracks.
“The egg. . .It glowed again”
“Again? Right when we walked past?”
“That’s just weird. . .” Hoseok commented with a shake of his head. “And how come I didn’t see it?!”
Taehyung shrugged. “I’m taking it home”
“What?! What if it belongs to an animal!” Hoseok protested.
“I feel some kind of pull towards it . . .” Taehyung explained. “As if it wants me to take it home! I’m not leaving it”
Hoseok sighed. “Go ahead then, I guess. I’m heading back home.”
And with that, Hoseok left Taehyung with the egg.
He reluctantly picked it up, gasping at how heavy it was. However, as if the egg could sense his struggle, it immediately reduced its weight.
“What the heck?!” Taehyung muttered at the egg’s actions.
He let the action slide and proceeded to carry the lighter egg to his car.
After placing it in his passenger seat, he immediately rushed back home.
His mother didn’t spare him a glance as he stumbled up the stairs, struggling to carry the egg which seemed to have enlarged somehow.
He placed it on his bed gently, taking time to admire it for the first time. It was speckled black, gray, and blue. During his time staring, the egg grew in size right in front of his eyes, making him gasp.
“What kind of animal is this?!” He asked, getting frustrated as he flopped down on his bed, typing up descriptions of the egg to figure out what it would hatch into.
After countless hours of research, Taehyung ended up falling asleep, with no answers.

Taehyung woke up to the feeling of something soft on his face, and little sniffles coming from above him. He groaned, trying to swat the figure away, hearing a whimper coming from whatever was bothering him. He curled back up in the blankets, trying to fall asleep again.
However, a few minutes later, the little sniffles and fluff on his face returned.
He grumbled and slowly opened his eyes, to find a face staring at him.