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UA was hectic. There was a lot of homework and just stress in general, so sue Hitoshi, but he would prefer to use most of the time left to sleep and study. It’s not like he had anything going on outside of the campus anyway. His parents lived here in the dorms and so did his friends, so he didn’t feel a massive obligation to drag himself outside a lot. 

Yes, the UA ground were nice. They were well managed and had pockets of trees he could hide in if he wanted to be away from people. But if it came down to finishing an essay for his Pop or wandering around and getting pooped on by a bird then he would gladly stay indoors. 

Besides, finals were soon. Hitoshi had to study if he wanted to show he had earned his place in the hero course. That annoying blonde dude (Monomi? Mini-me?) had already jabbed at him for being in 1-A. Izuku had threatened to eat him, but still. 

So yeah, studying. Fun. According to Yaoyorozu and Iida at least. Hitoshi could live without it, but it was necessary if he wanted to remember everything. 

A knock on his door dragged him from his mutterings about the quadratic equation. 

“It’s unlocked.”

He didn’t look up, already knowing who it was. Not many people willingly knocked on his door around this time. Mainly because some were still asleep and others were also studying. 

A weight draped itself over his shoulders. Hitoshi grinned, bumping his head into Izuku’s cheek. His boyfriend was staring down at the papers scattered over his desk. Honestly, it was more paper than desk right now.

“Hitoshi, how long have you been sitting here?”

“What time is it?”

“Two in the afternoon.”

“About four hours.”

Hitoshi .”


Hitoshi went back to writing math with Izuku hanging over his shoulder. He got through another problem before a hand came down to bat at his pencil.

“Izuku, I need to get this done.”

“No, you need a break. Four hours instead good for your brain.”

“And failing grades aren’t good for becoming a hero. I need to work, Izuku.”

“…is this about Monoma?” Oh, so that’s what his name is. 

“No. I just need to- need to prove myself.”

“You already did, my Shin. Come on, you need to rest.”

“Izuku, I-“


Hitoshi suddenly found the weight on his shoulder gone. He turned, only to be bodily shoved out of his chair. The floor was comfy. Maybe he should just stay here forever. 

“Come on Hitoshi, we’re going outside.”

“Don’t wanna.”

“Nope, we’re going outside.”

“Oh yeah, and how’re you going to do that?”

It was suddenly a very good time for Hitoshi to remember that his boyfriend could lift half their class, minus his strength Quirk. Izuku grabbed Hitoshi and slung him over his shoulder like it was nothing. 

“I am not a sack of potatoes.”

“Of course you’re not, but you were on the floor and I can’t princess carry you from there.”

Hitoshi, resigned to his fate at the hands of Izuku, went boneless. The two made their way through the halls, taking the elevator down. Apparently Hitoshi wasn’t going to get put down any time soon, so he enjoyed the view. 

He waved to his classmates, the ones in the common room at least, on their way out the door. Izuku called a chipper greeting, seemingly oblivious to the stares. Hitoshi flipped of Bakugou where Izuku couldn’t see. 

Once outside, Hitoshi was actually set down. He promptly sat himself on the stairs. Izuku gave him a look that would make Dad proud. 

“Hitoshi, this is not what I meant.”

“I know, but I need to get back to work. I’ll sit out here with you for a few minutes, then I need to-“

“What you need is rest , Hitoshi. You’ve been running yourself into the ground. Come on, we’re going for a walk around campus. After that you can get back to proving everyone wrong, but I already know you’re going to ace the tests.”

Hitoshi glanced up, and sighed. He wasn’t getting out of this. And he…he had been working for a while today. 

“Fine…can- can you help me with history when we’re done.”

“Anything for you, my Shin.”


Eijiro was having a relatively normal day. Bakugou tutored him, he played video games with Kami, he lost video games to Kami, and then Mina tried to teach him to be more graceful. That’s what he was doing now, actually. 

Kami and Sero were joining them today. Mina had taken the three of them to a secluded part of UA, and then showed them some of her dance moves. It was ballet this time, he thinks so at least. Eijiro both wanted to be more fluid for his hero moves, and also to breakdance. He could create literal sparks with his Quirk, so it would be awesome

He just needed to learn how to not fall on his face first. 

“Ok, Kami, your legs need to be higher. Sero, you can’t stick yourself to the floor. We all know how the turned out in training last week. Kiri, lean a bit farther.”

Eijiro struggled to follow the directions. Who knew Mina could be such a hardcore teacher? Certainly not him. Or Kami and Sero. Too bad Bakugou refused to join them. Apparently studying for finals was more important.

“Hey, Ashido!”

Eijiro glanced up, seeing Kendo and Tetsutetsu jogging over. He smiled with his shark teeth, still trying not to fall over.

“Bro! You here to join too?”

“‘Course I am bro! Dancing is super cool!”

“Ok manly man, back to work. Hey Kendo.”

Kendo waved, taking a place in their more-or-less line. “What are we working on right now?”

“Arabesque for now. Think you can handle it?” Mina’s smile was challenging, and Eijiro knew for a fact it was one that could hold pain for whoever took said challenge. He knew from experience.

“Who do you think I am, Monoma?”

Eijiro snorted, which made him shift. His arms pinwheeled as he tried to keep his balance. It didn’t work, and he got a face full of dirt. Well, at least he remembered to harden himself this time. 

“You good there, Kiri?”

“‘M fine.”

Eijiro rolled to his feet and shook himself off. Time to try again.

“Hey is that…Shinsou?”

Eijiro looked up, seeing Tetsutetsu pointing down the hill they were on. Lo and behold, there was Shinsou. Being…dragged from his pant-leg? By a green cat? Honestly, it looked more like a lynx from this distance.

“Is, uh, is that dude ok?”

“Honestly, I don’t even know,” Sero answered, coming over to look too. 

Eijiro blinked at the sparks bouncing off the cat’s fur. They looked familiar somehow…

“Hey Shinsou!” Kaminari yelled before anyone could stop him. 

Shinsou lifted his head, and the cat did too. It’s fluffy tail flicked happily, then it started to drag Shinsou over to them. Eijiro was both confused and extremely impressed. 

The cat dropped Shinsou’s leg when they got to the group. Shinsou himself rolled back to his feet, brushing off the dirt from his pants. He took in the six people staring at him with slow, tired blinks. 

“Uh, are you…taking your cat for a walk, Shinsou?” Kendo asked, cautiously eyeing the massive cat. Eijiro wondered what type of cat it was, but it seriously looked familiar. 

“Hm? No, I’m-“

The cat then turned into a person. One second it was a cat, and the next it was someone crouched on the ground. All of them yelped and stumbled backwards.

“What the fuck?!”


“What the hell?”

Sitting on the ground was Midoriya. He was in his half-shift form, so he still had the tail and ears and things. All of them were staring at him in varying levels of surprise. Oh, so that’s why the cat looked familiar. It had been a while since Eijiro had seen him use his super-strength in that form, which made him bigger. 

“I’m walking my person. He needs exercise.”

Midoriya just as quickly turned back into a fluffy cat. Shinsou sighed, allowing himself to fall on the ground. His pant-leg was once again grabbed. Midoriya, peaceful little Midoriya who also has minor super-strength as a cat, dragged Shinsou down the trail. He happily trotted out of sight. Shinsou gave them a peace sign before they went around a bend. 

“…did- did that really happen?”

“I think so?”

“Are we one hundred percent sure Dark Shadow didn’t spike the apple juice?”

“Yes, Kami, I’m pretty sure Dark Shadow would have a very hard time getting alcohol on campus.”

“Ok. Just asking.”

Eijiro stared at where the two had disappeared, wondering what dimension he had accidentally walked into. Maybe Mina had knocked him out. It would make more sense than his cat-morph-but-definitely-not-a-cat-morph classmate dragging the Aizawa copy around by his leg. 


“Izuku, can you put me down now?”


“I can walk on my own.”


“We’re already halfway back, I’m actually going to try and relax now.”

Izuku leveled a skeptical look at him, but released his leg. Hitoshi rolled back to his feet and dusted himself off, again. 

He then scooped up his boyfriend that was currently a cat. Izuku made a surprised noise, but settled into his arms. He was literally so fluffy Hitoshi couldn’t see his arms. 

Izuku started purring as Hitoshi walked. His big fluffy was head rested on Hitoshi’s arm. Hitoshi smiled, feeling himself finally relax for real.

“Thanks Izuku, for putting up with me like this.”

A giant paw whacked his face, making Hitoshi smile. “Yeah yeah, I know. I’m lucky to have you though.”

Hitoshi very suddenly had an armful of person instead of cat. He yelped, stumbling forward and onto the ground. Izuku laughed at his face, even though he was now on the ground. 

A kiss was pressed to Hitoshi’s forehead. “And I’m lucky to have you, Hitoshi. Come on then, I’ll help you study, but only if you take a nap after.”

“Fine,” Hitoshi said. Despite that, he had a smile on his face. 

So maybe being dragged across UA by a cat wasn’t how he expected today to go, but it definitely ended nicely. Hitoshi got his work done, and got cuddles from his boyfriend. Everything was good, and nothing could take that away from him. 


(Nedzu might have given Aizawa and Yamada pictures he got of the two on their walk. He most definitely would never admit it, but he was happy his student had found love)