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Blood Ties don’t Matter as Long as You Watch my Back

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“Denki, this is Kyouka!” His parents said sweetly “She’s going to be your new sister!”


He was 10.


”Her parents were our friends, however they unfortunately passed away, so she’ll be in our care” His mother said, smiling.


Kaminari grinned


”Hi Kyouka! Nice to meet you! I hope we can become good siblings!” He said, reaching out to her, when suddenly she shuddered and stepped away.


”I-I’ll.. I’ll be in your care..” She spoke, her onyx eyes were dull. At the time, Kaminari didn’t understand.


Sure, he understood that her parents died, and that tragedy would never be something one could get over as a child, but there was something else and more in her that he could feel.


Fear. She felt terrified. He could feel it from the way she quivered and looked at him and his parents with frightened and wide eyes.


He remembers only two days after she came into his family, she was screaming and running to his room in the middle of the night, weeping that there were demons outside.


As Kaminari held his crying sister, confused as his hands quivered over her.


Demons were just a child’s tale, Kaminari felt like they were too old for the tale.


Perhaps the purple haired girl was sheltered, maybe they kept telling her it was real, just to humor her? No, that couldn’t be possible.


On good moods, when Kyouka would talk, she would show her snarky but also endearing personality. She didn’t seem like the person to believe in such a fairy tale.

Kaminari found himself learning more about his sister on those days.


She liked music, she hated seeing woman mistreated, and that he wouldn’t see the sister he loved when he mentioned Demons.


She would look as if she was far away, and start to shake. Sometimes Kyouka would scream, most of the time however, she would just go silent.

Kaminari knew her quirks. He knew to never mention her family, no matter how much he wanted to know why she became someone he didn’t know at the mention of a fairy tale.

He knew to stop asking.


Kyouka soon knew his. The way he hated certain foods, how he was fascinated with thunder, and how much of a dumbass he was, and how much of a genius as well. 


Over two years. They memorized it. They didn’t care if they weren’t related by blood. It was enough for them.


Kyouka wore a split haori over a light kimono. One half was Kaminari’s family design, a plain and golden color. The other was unfamiliar, it was white with red stripes.

Kaminari never understood why she had it split, but his best guess, was that the unfamiliar one was her parents’.


He himself wore his family’s haori, over a normal black tunic.


In their town, Kyouka always seemed.. off. The way she carried herself, and her odd looks was off putting for many.


He tried his best to defend her, despite her objections.


They were still siblings, even when Kyouka was not her. Even when Kaminari was beaten for being unable to be successful in the business.


They would make their way out of the house by sunrise. They would go to town.  They would visit the shops. Then, the river. Then they would go home.


Every day. They found happiness with eachother. But despite that, Kaminari felt slightly empty- despite loving his sister and her privacy, he wanted to know what had broken his sister.


What had ruined her mind, to the point that any mention of a demon, would take her away, this question wracked Kaminari’s mind every single day.


Until one day, Kaminari realized his adopted sister’s Nightmares, were no fairy tale.



Kaminari had walked with Kyouka, always by her side. The moon was up, and night had taken over the sky.


The topic went wherever the two wanted.


“Seriously, like.. imagine a samurai, and a ninja, but the same thing” Kaminari said, waving his hands around. 

“oh my god.” She snickered “that would be so stupid, they’d be so bad at either sneaking around, or being an actual asset to a full on battle”


”Haha yeah I-“


Suddenly Kyouka froze. Her eyes widening. They stood barely feet away from the opening of their house.

There was a large tall fence around their house. They weren’t that rich, but they definitely weren’t poor or normal. 

“K-Kyouka?” Kaminari asked “Oh god it’s happening again, Kyouka snap out of it” Kaminari spoke, he held her close as he comforted her.


Why did she go through this again? Why now? We were just talking about ninjas and samurai? Nothings wro-


And then the stench hit him. It was revolting. And all it could lead him to, was the house


”No. No no nono no..” She muttered. Kaminari grasped onto her hand. Her other hand was grasped onto her mouth.


She was wheezing. Eyes wide and her body shaking. Kaminari held her close

”We need to check Mom and Dad.. we need to go inside..!” Kaminari urged. Kyouka sputtered out uncontrollable babbling, mixtures of words and panicked phrases.


Kaminari stepped into the home. As he walked towards the door, the stench of blood filled everything.


”Mom.. dad..!” He choked out, as his quivering hand grasped onto the sliding door. Kyouka held onto him, as they opened the door.


There was nothing.


Nothing was there. The room looked simply empty.


Everything was untouched.


Kaminari’s heartbeat went down, it stopped feeling like he was going to have a heart attack.


”S-See Kyouka! We’re okay! I’m pretty sure mom and dad have a good explanation for this..!” Kaminari said, grasping on her hand.


”No.. no no no no” Kyouka could only repeat, she let go of his hands and started to cover her ears “no no non no!”


Kaminari couldn’t understand.. and it angered him so much.


He grasped onto her shoulders 


“Kyouka! What’s wrong?! Why are you so scared?!” He yelled, holding her tightly. Tears fell down her face


”d-demons..” she stuttered


”Demons are just a fairy tale.! They’re not real they-!” Kaminari yelled, when suddenly the door behind them opened.


Suddenly the stench of blood and rot hit them harder than before.


Ah.. so it was all behind there.


The kitchen.


The bloody.. corpse filled.. kitchen..


Kaminari held onto Kyouka, barely able to scream. As there emerged from the kitchen, a bloody, cat eyed, fang filled monster.


It’s red eyes laid upon them, slit eyes met theirs.


”D-DEEMMMON.!!” Kyouka screamed, her voice raw and filled with the most wildest of emotions Kaminari had ever seen of her in the past two years.


It snarled at her, Kaminari was frozen. As he saw the gnarly site behind the demon.


His parent’s dead, ripped, and eaten bodies.


They were always so strict. Sometimes too strict. But.. they were still happy. They still loved.


Kaminari could only curse every god he knew as he felt like nothing mattered anymore.


Kyouka and him, would die like both of their parents. Devoured by a demon he didn’t believe exist.


Suddenly he was thrown outside of the house. Kyouka was on top of him, she had tackled him.


”Wake the hell up Denki!” She yelled, her face was filled with absolute rage and fear. So many emotions had been painted on her face.


So many emotions he never seen Kyouka show. Her once dull tired eyes were clear.


”I’m not gonna let another piece of my family die.!” She snapped, pulling him up. The demon soon reemerged from their house.

”We gotta get out of here.!” Kaminari choked out. 

“Where?!” Kyouka yelled, her eyes wide


”ANYWHERE BUT HERE.!” Kaminari screamed, as the demon lunged forward.


The two adopted siblings ran away. Darting through the town, every time they tried to knock on the door for help- the demon only got closer.


They found themself far away from any help, running farther and farther away. 

Then Kaminari tripped


”Is it gone.?!”


”No.! L-look out!” Kyouka yelled, suddenly the demon flew down, Kaminari stared up. Kyouka was too far away.


He found himself terrified. More terrified than he’d ever been. 

This was it. He was gonna die. Once he was devoured, Kyouka would be next. He felt tears fall down his face. He closed his eyes, ready for everything.


He just wanted to see his sister happy..


Then there was nothing. He opened his eyes to find a headless demon body fall on himself.


Kaminari choked in shock. The head was gone. A clean cut laid on the neck.


”D-Denki.!” Kyouka stuttered, Kaminari was wheezing. She helped him up and pulled the body off of him.


Suddenly, it started to wither away like dust.


”You’re lucky I found you both, otherwise that demon surely would have killed you two..” A girl’s voice spoke. Kaminari and Kyouka jerked around to see a young girl. Barely older than them.


Her black hair tied in a spikey ponytail drifted around in the wind, along with her long soft red and dark blue haori. In her hands was a long sword, with a pinkish sharp side.


She looked to them, with soft and sad eyes.


”I’m- I‘m so sorry.. that I couldn’t make it in time for your parents..” She spoke.


Suddenly, Kaminari remembered that his parents were dead. Never will he hear their voices or see their smiles again.


He started to break down sobbing, leaning against Kyouka for support.


Her hands were quivering, but when he met her gaze, she was still there. Still Kyouka.


The girl in front of them, bowed, and turned to leave, when Kaminari brought up his courage


”Who are you.. how did you kill that demon?” Kaminari asked. The girl barely their age, she looked almost years older.


”I’m a demon hunter. I’ve trained all of my life to eliminate demons like the one that killed your parents.” She answered, looking at them with worry in her eyes. “I don’t suggest becoming one though.. please don’t, just be careful okay?”


Kaminari held Kyouka’s hand, his sister squeezed back. 

“No promises.. because..” Kyouka started 


“We want to protect those who went through what we did..” Kaminari finished, holding up his closed fist.


The girl stared at them, almost melancholically.


”Okay.. well, I’ll tell you something then..” She murmured quietly “there’s something called the Final Selection.. you can become an official demon slayer there but..”


”You must survive seven days on a mountain,, fighting against demons..” she spoke 


”if you want any chance at survival, I suggest you find a teacher to train you both.. I’d teach you two, however I’m busy with my own work with my own master, who doesn’t want more students..”


She then turned away from them, sheathing her sword.


”good luck.. you two.. I hope I see you again..” and she disappeared.


The two adopted siblings stood still. Not even thirteen yet. They felt lost.


”We need to find ourself a trainer.. we’ll travel for as long as we need to.” Kaminari spoke “no one in this two  will remember us, let’s make sure no one meets the same fate as mom and dad..!”


Kyouka nodded before speaking


”yes.. Bro..”


Kaminari snickered at the name


”never mind I’m calling you Denki..” Kyouka deadpanned before smiling “I am richer for having known you my adoptive brother. Let’s go work our hardest.”


The two siblings then disappeared into the forest.