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A Loving Family

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When Gaster is young, and his father is stripping the meat from the bone of a cow, he softly asks him what it feels like to die.

His father grunts in response, and doesn’t answer.

When time comes for them to kill an injured chicken, Gaster steps up, all twelve years and gangly bones. His mother tells him to make it quick, and she goes back into the house. He watches the poor, poor chicken kick around in the dirt for a while, then he lifts the axe, and swings it down hard.

When Gaster is up to his teen years, he is sent to boarding school. The other teens, a mix of monster and human, generally leave him alone. (His father is a frightening man, they say. He butchers little old ladies, they whisper.) Late one night, he wakes up to whispering in the next room. They had dorms with beds in a circle, and a common room. He gets up slowly, taking his time to creep across the room to the edge of the door. He’s done this at home. It’s just as easy.

One boy is in the middle of the others, a human. A large dragon boy, he’ll graduate in five months, smirks at the boy in the middle. “Look, you wanna join our club, you have to do as we say. Now, burn your arm.”

The boy’s eyes shine with tears…but he holds up the lit candle, shakily. He burns his arm, and screeches, but the dragon yells at him to keep it up, and not put it down until he says so.

The skin burns darkly before they make him take it away. His face was pale, he shook, face wet with tears. Grossly, a burned piece of skin sloughs off and onto the floor. The dragon rolled his eyes. “Crybaby. But you did it. Come on, I have some healing food, you only get one bite though.”

Gaster thinks they’ll come this way, and he tenses up, waiting to be caught. But no, they all turn the other way, towards the door that leads to the hall, creeping out as quiet as he had.

He counts to ten, creeps out of the doorway, and stars at the charred up flesh on the ground.

Gaster cannot imagine eating anything else.

Other foods turn to ash in his mouth, even water is unappealing. But he fakes it. He eats his meals and sips his milk and nods in agreement with teachers. His first victim is a bird he caught. It’s not the same, at all.

He thinks to himself one night, after disposing of the feathers out the window, swiping his hands on his night shirt. The only thing that was good was…

Gaster isn’t stupid. He knows if he did anything to any of the others, he’d be hung out to dry and kicked out. But, they live near a commonly walked path in the forest. He’d never be suspected.

He waits until all the checks have been made, pretended to be deep asleep when some of the gang got out to go and do whatever it is they do. He got up, switching out of his night shirt and pants into a dark sweater and pair of pants.

He has stolen a knife.

He waits at the side of the pathway. The ‘gang’ walks down it, shoving each other, mocking each other. He waits. And waits. And waits.

A woman dressed in a plain dress and bonnet slowly walks down the path. She frowns down at the basket in her arms, sighing sadly.

He doesn’t care about her story. It ends with his knife.

Gaster buries the knife and clothes under a tree’s roots, ignoring the fact he has to walk back naked to his dormitory, redressing, and getting back into bed. He’s so full now. So deliciously full. He regrets not saving any of it, but it would lead to questions, and Gaster loathes stupid questions.

Next time, he promises himself. He’s stuffed himself a little too full, but he’s alright with that.

The headmaster calls an emergency student assembly. A woman’s skeleton was found in the forest. They believe an animal got to her, and so everyone is prohibited going alone into town or even outside.

The town nearby would have several more deaths over the years. It was assumed to be a horrendous animal, something strong and fast. The town rumbled and fretted, and they sent for a hunter to come and assist.

Gaster had graduated just as the hunter came to town. Hm. At least he’ll get paid for ‘scaring it away’.

Gaster graduates with honors. He’s dedicated to assisting others with their health, a budding little doctor, a true catch for any swooning maiden. He was tall, and quiet, and often wore a cloak over his black suit, with a top hat that he would grip the brim and with a flourish, would bow to someone with a smile. “Hello,” he would say, and they would be entranced instantly.

It made things way easier.

He learned how to sear meat, how to season it, but he was always in a rush and never had time to cook! It’s not like his health was affected by eating the raw meat, but still. It’s a matter of taste!

He traveled out of town often, so murders became ‘accidents’ and ‘unfortunate demises’. One would wonder why, especially with the knife wounds, the skinned arms and legs…but when said murdered individual was from the slums or a mere working woman, well. Everyone looked the other way.

‘Yeah, unfortunate,’ they would say. ‘Good thing it’s not us’, they whispered.

Late one Winter, when most were inside to keep warm, Gaster roamed the streets with an intense hunger. He came across a nicely rounded woman, who cooed sweet promises to him in exchange for monetary value. He didn’t mind, after all, he would just get it back in a moment.

Hand over mouth with ether on the rag, and a quick slice over the neck. It’s the best and easy way. He’s not like the other killers who took joy in their victim’s screams. It’s how they got caught, after all. He got to work, getting the pieces he wanted…and then, he swept a hand over her stomach. It was so big…it would taste so good after a broil.

He sliced it open, surprised-that he hadn’t realized it earlier-to find two infants wrapped tightly up together.

This was new. And unplanned. For a moment, he thought about…but no, he wasn’t a damn savage.

He sliced the little sack keeping them safe, and one little baby began to wail. The other one stirred, staring up at him almost with a pout.

Also surprisingly, they were two little skeleton children. They must have been young, human/skeleton hybrids often gained an ecto skin around them by the ninth month. Skeletons weren’t common but neither were they rare like elementals were, lately.

His heart was captured.

In a flash, he was gone from the alleyway, two little infants tucked up close, one of them sniffling softly and the other kicking up a storm angrily, obviously hungry.


This time, he did cause a stir. The woman he attacked wasn’t as unloved as she assumed, or perhaps it was the loss of two little heirs (Monsters didn’t view marriage and childbirth the same as humans, albeit they didn’t often, if ever, inter-marry) that caused the Baron to step into the limelight. A tearful article was printed in the newspaper, how he had met her not long ago, that they were waiting until she could move in, how they couldn’t find the small babies and how they feared the worse.

Gaster snorted, folding the newspaper back up and placing it down. “He’s quite full of himself, isn’t he, dears?”

One baby, he named BB due to the purple eyes-like a Blackberry, was cuddled into a little cradle, a magic hand holding up a bottle to feed the small one. He hiccuped in response. Blue was in Gaster’s arms this time, as BB’s turn was last time, and he was eagerly sucking down the magic, his blue eyes staring up happily.

Gaster smiled back, rocking the little baby a little.

This. This was addictive. Having someone lean on him, need him, require him to take care of them.

He wanted another…and another…and another…

Hm. It was tempting to just go and do what he did yesterday, oh so very tempting, but alas, it would be hard to tell who was pregnant with a skeleton, and his luck wouldn’t be good so many times in a row.

He thought for a moment, shifting Blue up to his shoulder, rubbing his back. He got them little infant dresses, soft and white like all the other babies he had seen. Blue hiccuped, squeaking in his ear. Gaster nodded along with him, gently cradling him close again. He suddenly smiled at Blue, making the infant burst into giggles.

“You need a mother.”

That was it.

Skeletons lived so, very, long. He could live off this feeling for centuries. Even if they grew and moved away, he would love them. But he wanted so many little ones to take care of, to guide in his ways as they grew.

But first…they needed a mother. And he, an acceptable candidate for the future of his brood.

Yes yes, this was excellent. Not today, however. Police were stalking up and down alleys. But soon.

Soon, he promised.

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Gaster gave in again.

Three days had passed, police had no leads, they lessened their search. During that time, Gaster began to stalk another human who seemed to specialize with monsters…and a certain skeleton Baron.

Naughty. Naughty.

She was pretty unkempt, not at all like the first woman. Really, what did this Baron do, just roll through the slums every night?

Gaster tutted, putting away a few pieces of meat in his bag. At least she was useful for this…and…a very tiny skeleton baby. He was early, so small he fit in Gaster’s hand, but Gaster wasn’t a doctor for nothing. He dumped the rest of the body into the Thames, attached to a huge rock, humming as he headed home. He knew how to clean up. Very tidy man, he is.

Anyone would be lucky to live with him. Yes, absolutely.

At least, he certainly thought so. Three little babies, all cozied up in their Sunday best. Blue was a very loud little one, while BB looked like he was making a judgement on you. His new baby, Sans-he had an uncle named that, he was quiet often but nice, dozed often but happily stirred when Gaster picked him up, cooing softly.

He loved his three little babies so much. He packed them into a little pram-they fit just right, he nearly made a very ungentlemanlike noise-and out they went on the town.

Everyone knew him, he was a quiet and very ‘to himself’ type of person. When he came out with a pram, pushing it down the sidewalk happy as any other new father, he gained attention, of course. The baker’s wife bustled out, all fat elbows and cheeks as she ‘aww’ed over them. “Oh Doctor! I didn’t know you were married!”

Gaster knew that tone. She was poking at him, trying to see if he was, and why no one saw a wife on his arm. He smiled at her. “I understand. My darling has been so so sick with our triplets, you understand. They didn’t want to go walking, at all, and I suppose I spoil them.”

She laughed, waving her hand lightly. “First pregnancies will do that to ya! They’re fine babes, bring them by when they can eat solids, I’ll fatten them up. And bring the wife by! When she’s better.”

Gossip mongrel.

Gaster smiled. “Of course. Pardon me, I must get the children their daily walk.”

She dipped her head, cooing at the little babies before she bustled back into her shop. Gaster rolled his eyes as he pushed the pram. “Darlings, never be like that. You’re better than spreading word of people you don’t know.”

BB stared up at him when Gaster leaned over and Blue burst into happy giggles. As usual, Sans was asleep between them, tiny little fists clenched up near his face, soft breaths as he slept on. He had such wonderful little children.

Gaster hummed as he pushed the pram to the end of the sidewalk, waiting on a horse and buggy to go along. “What do you three think? A monster or human?”


“Blue, you’re so intelligent, my dear. You’re right, nothing but the best after all. Another skeleton then.”

Thing was, most skeletons spread out, usually heading to farming jobs or heading over to the New Land. Pitiful. Was their own homes not enough for them? Gaster tutted. “You boys will know the thrill of staying here, I’m sure. The New Land is so far and utterly dangerous. Barbarians.”

BB responded by sticking his foot in his mouth, his dress slipping up as he kicked his other foot. Thankfully Gaster had slipped bloomers on all three of them-skeleton babies didn’t need diapers-and he tutted, leaning over to tuck the dress back around the little one. “Come now, be respectful. You don’t want to be thought of as improper and showing your undergarments around.”

BB just sucked on his toes while Blue kicked around, giggling eagerly. Gaster gave a soft smile. “I suppose I’ll forgive this errant transgression. However, I’ll expect you all to adhere to the manners and rules of civilized monsters when you’re older.”

None of the babies answered back, but Sans yawned in his sleep, scrubbing his tiny fat fists against his cheeks before going back to sleep. What a dear.

He continued on. Besides the Baron-despicable man he is-and himself, and his three children, there weren’t any that he was aware of. At least, not any in the social rings…he paused, letting another carriage go by. There was an idea he hadn’t considered. But would he really drag himself so low as to willingly walk amongst the…questionable population that hung around there? If it was for his children…yes.

Of course, even if he found one, he’d have to make sure they were kind and sweet and would listen to every single word he said. He nodded to himself, steering them down the other way. A quick walk wouldn’t hurt anything, and no one would approach a monster with his children.

For a while, he saw the usual vermin around. Loose clothes, sharp heels, make up that seemed to be as bright as possible. He grimaced. He continued on, shaking his head. A bawdy inn lay at the end of the corner, but nothing but drunken officers who tried to impress bored looking working women.

He did feel a bit of pity for them, then, but just a bit. He headed home, disappointed in his travels. There were more places, of course, he just didn’t have time today with three little babies.

He had paid a good sum for some workers to transform a guest room into the most perfect little nursery. A very big crib so even all three could fit, a gorgeous rocking chair, beautifully painted scenery on the walls, several little infant dresses folded away. It was absolutely perfect, as it should be.

He put them to bed that night, rubbing Blue’s tiny belly as he fussed about having to go to bed, and then even he eased off to sleep. Gaster lowered the lights-perks of being a doctor included the fanciest things, like gas and electricity-and off he went to bed.


Two days pass, and he’s starting to get an itch in his skin. He can’t get more right now, he’s still got packed up meat in his freezer. He does the next best thing: goes to a very delicious looking resort. He puts a small tracker on the little bassinet after easing them off to sleep. It should alert him if the babies awaken, but they’re such deep sleepers, he has no fear.

The slums were for the uncivilized, but here, everything was clean and pristine…and you could do what you want…for a price. The woman at the desk was writing something down in a flowy script before she looked up, smiling with bright white teeth. “How do you do, sir? Anything in particular tonight, sir?”

Gaster smiled back, nodding slowly. “Yes, actually. Blindfolded and tied down.”

She marked something down quickly. “Any preference?”

“No, but do pick someone good tonight, dear.”

She cheekily winked at him, pushing her chair back to stand. “Mind if they’re chatty?”

“I suppose not.”

“Good. Give me ten, room eight.”


Gaster was…very appeased with his choice of the night.

The beds were never as elegant as his, but they were downy with soft blankets, looking like a very nice guest room rather than what it was. Tied to the bed by silk ties by their wrists was another skeleton monster. They had a tight bandage around their eyes, to prevent sight, but had tilted their head to the door when Gaster came in. “Do come in~ I’m a tad nervous, I don’t dabble in ah…this type of stuff.”

Gaster wondered if that was a lie, to make him seem more innocent than he actually was. He found he didn’t care. He walked to the end of the bed, eyes tracing from top to bottom of the other. Softly sloping breasts that bounced gently with each breath, a bit of belly, a little cute honestly, and his legs were spread wide, showing off his tender entrance.

The skeleton hummed, tilting their head back against the pillow. “Not going to talk? That’s fine…I’m Cherry, I can talk enough for both of us.”

Gaster raised an eye ridge. He wondered if ‘Cherry’ would dip into annoying like all the other people he listened to jabber on. Gaster sat down slowly next to Cherry, smirking as his head turned to him easily. “You’ve only got me for an hour, that’s not near enough to just stare, darling.”

Hm. He was right. Gaster reached out, squeezing a breast and making the other arch up, toes curling in the blanket with a gasp. “Oooh~ I think I take it back, this is quite fun~ more?”

Gaster just grinned, letting go to trail his fingers down Cherry’s stomach, playfully poking in the middle to make him laugh and squirm. His hand slipped between his thighs, slicking his fingers through Cherry’s folds. He gasped softly. “Oh~ that’s very nice~” he panted out, shivering as Gaster slipped a finger against his entrance.

Gaster let his other hand grip the breast from earlier, then summoned another one to squeeze and pull on Cherry’s nipple. He squeaked, squirming as Gaster pressed a finger into him. “A-Ah~! Do you have mmm, three hands~? I like it~”

Gaster tried not to chuckle. He really could talk, but it was…cute, adorable even. Another magic hand skittered up Cherry’s jaw, fingers slipping into his mouth as Gaster thrust in two fingers. Cherry moaned and shook, garbling words around the fingers in his mouth that thrust and squeezed his tongue.

He felt they were both ready for the main event. He slid his fingers free from Cherry who gasped and arched up, trying to chase the feeling again. Gaster tutted at him, easily climbing up onto the bed and tugging down his zipper. He rocked his cock through the slick folds, Cherry whining around the fingers in his mouth, head tossing back and forth until Gaster finally thrust into him.

Finally Gaster slid his hand out of that very delicious mouth as he started pounding into him. Cherry squealed, arching his back, wiggling at the touches to his breasts. “Yes yes, mm, please, faster~!”

How could he deny him?

He even gave Cherry a little gift by rubbing at his clit as he thrust deep into him. Cherry wailed as he came, gasping sharply as he squeezed around Gaster’s cock. Gaster came inside him, pulling out slowly with a smirk. That was a very nice image.

Cherry panted, his head dropping back onto the pillow as Gaster let him go, standing up to get dressed in leave. He paused at the door as Cherry whispered, “Come again any time~”

Oh little Cherry. You don’t even know who’s got their sights on you now.

Gaster shut the door behind him-after leaving a bit of a tip for Cherry in the room-heading out after paying at the front. The woman smiled. “Had fun?”

“Yes, of course. May I ask a question?”

“Of course, sir.”

He leaned in, still smiling. “Do you happen to know when the little skeleton has a day off?”

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Every three days, the little skeleton-Cherry-takes a day to himself and tends to shop at bakeries or sweet shops to get cakes and teas and things.

How adorable.

Gaster counted the days, then bundled up the babies to go outside. No one ever suspected a father with his babies. This way, he would appear more approachable, and snare the little skeleton in his web.

The sweet shop said ‘Lolly’s Lollies’ on top. He grimaced. “Boys, please tell me you won’t have a sweet tooth. Sugar is not good for anyone.” Blue babbled up at him, one hand patting the pram’s mattress. BB kicked his feet again, but this time Gaster had put little booties on them and BB couldn’t get to his toes again. Sans was getting more and more awake every day, and he cooed up in response to Gaster, waving his arms.

“Very well, I suppose one treat every so often won’t hurt.”

He couldn’t bear to deny his children anything. They were too sweet.

He parked the pram near the entrance, pretending to lean in and adjust something. He did play with them a little, tickling Blue’s cheek and holding Sans’ hand softly for a moment. BB kicked him eagerly with a silly grin. “My little fighter~ so precious.” The bell over the door ‘dinged’, and out stepped the very person he was waiting on.

With a small push, the pram bumped him slightly, not enough to knock Cherry over, but to get his attention. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t see anyone…aww, are they your babies?”

Everyone melted around babies.

Cherry happily shuffled around the pram. He wore a cute little lacy dress, albeit it had a small moth hole at the edge of a sleeve, and his shoes…ugh. No, when Gaster has him, he would never need shoes again…or at least, he’ll have fancier ones.

“Yes, my three sons. Here’s Sans, BB, and Blue.” He pointed, letting the babies grab at his fingers. Cherry awwed over them, holding a small paper wrapped piece of cake in his hand. “That’s adorable that you’re taking them out for a walk!”

“Yes, my…wife unexpectedly passed after birth.”

“I’m so sorry,” Cherry reached over and patted his shoulder. His hand, so soft, so tiny. Everything about him was tiny-compared to Gaster-and oh he couldn’t wait to see under that dress again.

Calm down, old boy. Soon. He smiled back at Cherry. “It’s alright. We’re doing fine in the wake of it. I’ve made them a cozy nursery and they’re all quite spoiled.”

Cherry smiled, his teeth glinting in the sunlight. Marvelous, simply marvelous. “Well, with a daddy like you, I wouldn’t expect anything less!”

Gaster couldn’t explain the loss of breath he had. Normally, one said ‘father’ instead, but oh…that was so…cute. He managed to get his wits about him to mumble a ‘thank you’ and Cherry dug around in a pocket on his dress. “Ah! Here.” He passed Gaster a small card with the room number at that resort he had visited.

Gaster made himself appear bemused but confused. “What’s this?”

Cherry blushed softly, rocking on his heels. “I adore children, and to…get myself out of the home, I nanny on the side. I don’t have anyone right now-they’ve all grown like little birds-but I’d be happy to tend to them so you can work or something.”

Everything was falling into place so nicely, Gaster had to press the sharp edge of the card against his finger to see if he was dreaming. “That is so kind of you to offer. I’ll call on you when I can, thankfully my work permits me to choose when I go in.”

Cherry smiled up at them, wiggling his fingers at the babies sweetly. “Wonderful. Hopefully, I’ll see you later. I’m a tad late for a date.”

Gaster felt a pang at that. Jealousy? Rage? Sadness? He ignored it to ask, “A date? My, then we won’t keep you.”

Cherry laughed, waving his hand lightly. “Oh no, merely a date with myself to eat and be a little lazy. Have a good morning!”

Gaster murmured pleasantries back as Cherry walked away, a little skip in his step. He looked back down at the babies, smiling. “What do you all think? Hm? A good mother?”

Blue clapped and BB made a silly noise. Sans blinked then raised his hands up again, making grabby hands to hold Gaster’s hand.

Gaster took this all as an affirmative. “Wonderful, darlings. Come, let’s let the sun warm you up a little more, then home we get.

He let Sans hold his hand, or at least one of his magic hands, and he dozed off in the pram. They always had a nap after their little journey, which was just downright adorable to Gaster.

So very cute.

Now…he had to plan…


Cherry whined as he dropped onto the chaise lounge in the room off to the side. It was where wealthy folks could instead bring their ‘dates’ to if they were into public things without having their reputation smeared by nosy aristocrats.

No one ever thought to ask the ones that work here, so secrets remained secrets.

Beside Cherry, a gentle slime monster slipped her hand over his head. “Whatsa matter, darlin’?” she queried as they both ignored the loud laughing man with his arm wrapped around a giggling vine monster.

Cherry whined again, huffing. “Remember last week, when Madame found out people were gettin’ chopped up so she made us stay in?”

The slime monster nodded. “Yes, a dent in our earnings but I think some folk found it entertainin’. Dunno why. Why?”

Cherry pouted. “Well, I forgot to take that powder she usually gives us in all the hub-bub.”

The slime tilted her head. “Aw, sugar…no.”

“Yesss…” He whined, burying his face into her hip as she rubbed his back. “At least I kinda sorta know who’s it is.”

“Oh it’s not fat fingers, is it? He’s so ugly, besides, Catty would probably have a fit.”

Cherry snickered. “Nah, he likes my mouth. No, there was only one this week that used me.” He sighed, tilting his head back slightly. “But he used a fake name ‘n’ I was blindfolded.”

“That’s new.”

“I know! It’s kinda fun, though. Anyway, eh, maybe he’ll be back.”

The slime smiled in that eerie way of hers. “Oh you know he will. No one’s a one and done…’cept Lionel.”

Cherry nodded slowly, curled up tightly on the chaise lounge. “Candy sure was lucky on that one. He’s a good ‘un.”

“Mmhmm. Anywho, I just know he’ll come back, darlin’. You gonna tell him?”

Cherry clicked his teeth. The vine monster let out a breathy sigh as the man’s hand slipped up her skirt. “I dunno. Maybe? I should, huh.”

The slime shrugged. “I think so. If’n he wants to give it up, he’ll have ta pay, so at least you’d have that goin’ for you.”

Cherry sighed, sitting up and letting one leg dangle, slipping his hand over his belly. “You have a point…mm. Did I tell you about the gentleman from earlier?” He grinned, the vine monster making a squeak as the man laughed again.

The slime giggled. “You did, but tell me again, he sounds dashin’.”


When Gaster arrived with the card, the woman at the front gave him a nervous grin. “Oh…dear…”

“Something the matter?”

She waved her hand quickly. “No, no! It’s just, when Cherry goes to nanny, he gets all invested.” She sighed softly. “Then when things go bad or they grow, he gets so downtrodden. Bad for business.”

Gaster raised an eye ridge. “Sour, you say?”

“Mm, bit of bad luck in the past.” She swept a curl of hair behind her ear. “Oh let’s see…there was them Gilderoy twins, their father sent them off to boardin’ school and he left the country, leavin’ poor ol’ Cherry in the dust.” She tutted. “Then ah, there was the McAlvey girl. Smart as a whip she was. Her father got the…the wastin’ disease, you know?” she whispered.

Gaster made an ‘ah’ noise. She obviously wanted to gossip, and he wouldn’t stop her. Poor, poor Cherry, so much bad luck in his past. “Mmhmm. Woke up one day, dead in his bed. Tore Cherry up bad, but ah, he helped the girl off to school, at least.”

“Hm. That’s a very awful set of circumstances.”

“That’s not all but honestly, they’re the only ones makin’ the paper. He nannied for people in the ah…lower circles too, but he’d come back all upset.” She shook her head. “Never asked him what happened, just assumed the worst, let him rest up, you know.”

“Indeed.” Interesting. Very interesting. He schooled a small smile on his face. “May I see him, nonetheless? My little babies are taken with him, already.”

She laughed, standing up. “Course, can’t stand in the way of good business. Anywho, I’ll be back.”

It didn’t take long for the beautiful skeleton appeared, this time in a simple bustier that barely hung onto him-while not quite large, Cherry had beautiful handfuls of breasts (Gaster should know, he felt them after all)-and a ruffled skirt. “Sir Gaster! I wasn’t expecting you so soon.”

Gaster smiled at him. “No worries. I’ve been in contact with a patient who may soon need surgery, which will take quite a while, and I find I have need of you very soon.” Not exactly a lie, he did have a patient with surgery to repair their leg, but he wasn’t worried that his children would be hurt while he was away, it wasn’t very far after all. Just a few blocks away.

Cherry gasped. “Oh my! That sounds very serious! When would you like me to come by then?”

Gaster thought for a moment. “I did not mean to interfere with your day, and I have time, of course, before the surgery. Perhaps tomorrow?”

Cherry nodded quickly. “Of course!” Gaster held out his hand, and when Cherry slipped his hand in his, Gaster kissed his knuckles. A red blush dusted over Red’s skull as Gaster smiled. “Until then, Cherry.”

And he was gone.

The woman sat back down at her desk, looking down at her papers. “Well he’s a charmer. Too bad he doesn’t want ya longer, he looks like he’d pay a pretty coin for it.”

Cherry stared at the door, a dreamy smile on his face as he cupped his own cheek. “Yes…too bad indeed…”

Chapter Text

Cherry had arrived in his very best dress: it had slightly pink ruffles with a bow over the belly. He wore some faded black kitten heels, the only ones that weren’t falling apart,and was so excited he was nearly vibrating as he arrived at the large door of the address Doctor Gaster had left behind. He smoothed his hands over the stiff dress slowly, making sure it was nice and clean, before he knocked with the little brass knocker.

Doctor Gaster opened the door, tall and menacing and oh so handsome that Cherry nearly missed his, “Good morning, come in, have you had breakfast?”

He opened the door wider and Cherry blushed, happily taking a step inside. “Ah, I had a small one, some bits of fruit and some bread.” He was caught up in looking around the room. It was cozy from the fireplace, an elegant divan in front of it in which one could warm themselves in front of the fire. A large bookcase was to the side, overfilled with books and some of them even looked loose-leaf like Gaster had written in them and put them away to read later. A very plush Oriental carpet-oh how Cherry wanted to dig his toes into it and feel the softness-lay in a square under the furniture. There was a doorway that lead to a very fine looking kitchen from what he could see, and a closed door to the side.

“Oh that’s not much of one. Here, come, sit down and I shall get you something to eat.”

“You don’t have to-” but off the doctor went, bustling to the kitchen. Well, now Cherry felt odd standing there. He rocked lightly in place before slowly stepping over to the divan, lowering himself to lean against a silk pillow.

Absolute heaven.

Cherry grinned dopily, feeling the warmth of the flickering flames warm him from the slight chill that London always seemed to have. He was so relaxed that when a hand appeared holding a platter filled with fluffy eggs and soft looking bread and a bit of sausage, he jumped, blushing. “Sorry!”

Doctor Gaster laughed, lowering the platter onto a small table in front of Cherry he didn’t notice. “Not to worry, many a night has passed when I, too, have fallen asleep in here. I would say it is warmer than my own bedroom, but I have a fire there as well. Here, eat up.”

Cherry smiled at him, shifting to sit up. Gaster had even placed a small cup of black tea to the side and he started to eat. “Is there anything I should know about the babies?”

Gaster took a seat in a large armchair to the side, smiling that odd smile that made Cherry’s heart thump. “Not much, they’re still very little so they shouldn’t be a bother. I’ll be out all day however, so I’ll show you where their bottles and things are.”

Cherry nodded, sipping his tea slowly. “What about the house?”

“Ah, yes. You’re allowed in the kitchen and may make anything you wish for lunch. The nursery, I’ll show you, but there and here and the kitchen are the only places you should go. I keep my tools in my office, so I’d rather you not get hurt.”

Cherry felt another blush on his face. Awww, the doctor was worried about him~! He nodded quickly. “O-Okay. Is there a schedule or anything?”

Gaster hummed for a moment. “Normally I feed them in the mornings-already done-and then they nap. At lunch they get fed and I take them on a walk in their pram so they can get a bit of fresh air. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, it’s alright. Then they nap, then dinner, then either another nap or they like to just lay and babble at you.” He chuckled.

Cherry ‘aww’ed. “That’s so cute! I’d love to take them on a walk, I bet they’d love it.”

Gaster smiled. “Excellent. Finish up and I’ll show you the nursery.”


The nursery was gorgeous! Everything seemed handmade, the paint on the wall was so intricate…the babies were awake, or at least halfway, and one of them-Blue?-squeaked at Gaster and waved his tiny hands. Gaster smiled. “My little boys.” He reached in, letting the little one hold his hand.

Cherry cooed. “How sweet! Who’s who?”

Gaster smiled, pointing them out. “This little one is Blue, he’s a talker, I don’t believe he stops even in his sleep. This is BB,” he pointed at the sleepy baby who was patting his foot. “For some reason he’s quite enamored with his feet.” He pointed at the one in the middle, who was stretching sleepily. “This is Sans. He was born a little early, so he sleeps often. He’s alright, just let him be.”

Cherry nodded along, cooing at them. “Oh they’re darling, sir. I’ll be sure to take the utmost care of them.”

The doctor smiled at him. “I have no doubt.” He gently untangled his hand from Blue’s grip, who immediately started giggling and squirming around. “I must be off, make yourself at home, of course. I shall be back by dinner.”

Cherry quickly nodded. “Yes-Yes sir!”

And off he went, leaving Cherry to swoon over the tiny little babies.


Cherry had carefully dressed them up for the walk. They each wore an infant dress with a little bow at the waist, and he had tucked a blanket around them as the day was a tad chilly. BB kept gripping at the blanket and trying to kick his foot up, Sans sucked on his fist and looked up at Cherry while Blue just babbled on. Cherry nodded along as he pushed the pram. “Oh yes, I understand. Mm-hmm, you’ve got quite the opinion.”

They were just so adorable! He loved them. Idly, he hoped his own baby would be just as adorable. He wished he could keep them, but his work wasn’t the best. The others told him that they’d have a nice life with a good family, anyway.


Cherry shook away the thought for now. Right now, he had three little babies to entertain! He talked to Blue sweetly as they turned a corner, BB sticking his tongue out as he couldn’t reach his foot. Sans nodded off again, and Cherry reached into pat his little belly. So, so cute.

“Dear! Yoohoo!”

He startled, looking up quickly. There was a little bakery nearby, a woman waving from the doorway and motioning him over. Nervously he pushed the pram over with a smile. “Yes’m?”

She grinned broadly. “Those the doctor’s babies, are they?”

Cherry grinned brightly, nodding. “Yes! They’re adorable aren’t they? They love going out so much!”

The woman laughed. “I’m happy you’re no longer confined to bed, dear!”

Cherry tilted his head, a little confused, as she continued, “Nothing wrong with a father tendin’ to his babies, but a mother’s touch is what’s needed, don’t you agree? I’m sure staying in all day was so lonely.”

She seemed to be fishing for something, but Cherry grinned broadly after a moment, gently placing his hand on his cheek. “It was horrid, having to be still all the time. But my darling took such great care of our babies, I cannot fault him at all.”

The woman seemed disappointed about something, but agreed. “I did promise to fatten the little cherubs up when they need it. Come by with the husband some time, I’ll make a cake.” She winked, then bustled back in.

Cherry swooned at the thought, pushing the pram happily with a funny grin.

Wife and mother…what titles to own…however, she indicated he spoke of a wife. Cherry frowned, looking sadly down at the babies. “Where’s your mama, then? Hiding out? Perhaps I shall ask him, yes? She could be mistaken…” he murmured.

BB just made a noise with his tongue and Cherry laughed, pushing them on through the little route they had.

Back home he changed them into cozy pajamas, tucking them into the crib so they could rest, backing up through the nursery and looking down the hall for a moment. He didn’t hear anyone moving about, nor had the doctor mentioned anyone.


He twirled around, heading to the kitchen to prepare himself a small soup.


“I’m home,” Gaster called in as he hung up his coat on the hook.

Cherry spoke from the kitchen, “Hello! I’ve made up a soup and some bread for dinner! The babies haven’t woken up yet, did you want to feed them beforehand?”

Gaster hummed as he stepped through the living room, looking in through the kitchen as Cherry was slowly stirring a pot. “I can, certainly, I generally wait until they awaken.”

Cherry shot him a smile. “Of course!” He peeked into the pot with a thoughtful look, then dashed some herbs into it. “Doctor, do you know of the baker down the block?”

Gaster scoffed, leaning against the doorway with his arms crossed. “The man himself is gruff but kind. His wife is a gossip hound, I detest her.”

Cherry nodded slowly. “She said your wife was all wrapped up in bed?”

Gaster winced. “A lie, if I had mentioned her death she wouldn’t leave me alone. She’s very…forceful.”

Cherry smiled at him. “It’s okay! I understand. She was quite pushy. Would you go and get the babies please? We could have a meal all together at the table!”

Gaster just nodded, pushing away from the doorway to go gather them up. “Thank you for dinner, you didn’t have to.”

Cherry laughed softly, shaking his head as he stirred the chicken stock soup slowly. “I certainly don’t mind, at all.” He dipped a small tasting spoon in, taking a taste. “Absolutely delicious~! I hope he likes it.” He put away a few ingredients, blushing happily as he made up bowls for him and Gaster, happy and warm as he waited for him to arrive with the infants. He had already made up the bottles for them as well, settled in a bowl that had a few sun warmed stones under it, to keep them warm.

That’s what a mother did, after all. He didn’t mind at all.

Chapter Text

When Cherry was very, very young, his mother tucked him close to her one night. “When someone loves you,” she whispered to him, rocking him slowly in the late night, “You should make sure that they only love you. Do you understand?”

“Uh-uh, Mama,” Cherry shook his head, but hung onto her every word.

She smiled down at him softly. “You will, someday. You need to do whatever it takes to keep them from loving another. Even if it hurts them.”

Cherry nodded slowly. “Like you did with Daddy?”

“Yes. Daddy can no longer walk as he was tempted away by a harlot,” she snarled, but her grip didn’t hurt Cherry, she just tenderly rubbed his head. “Now, he won’t be. He’ll love only me, and he’ll love only you.”

Cherry giggled. “Wha’ about babies?”

She smiled. “Yes. They should want and love all the babies. Someday, you may even be a big brother. Wouldn’t you like that, sweetheart?”

Cherry quickly nodded, even though he had no idea what that meant. His mother smiled, leaning down to kiss his forehead, the smell of her powder encasing him in tender arms, lulling him off to sleep.

When Cherry turns thirteen, his mother takes his father to the edge of a ship and launches them both off the side, tied together. Everyone assumed that his father had done it, his mother too gentle a soul to hurt anyone. Cherry had found out that the nanny that once watched him had relations with his father, and told his mother, of course. The ensuing fight caused his father to reveal an interesting fact: he had taken a special medicine so he could no longer have children ‘with your nutty mind!’.

It broke his poor mother’s heart. She wanted babies so bad to love with him. But he stole it away from her.

His mother set up a small trust for him. It ran out by the time he turned nineteen, as did his luck. He couldn’t keep his childhood home, but he kept what clothes he could before the bank took it. So, down on his luck, he did what anyone else would do: turn to be a working woman…well, person.

He did luck out with having a very fancy inn to stay in. The only reason he did so was the fact that he was a monster, which raised him a little higher than the average prostitute, and the fact that he could feign innocence very, very well. And, well, a virgin.

At the time, at least.

He doesn’t understand his ‘coworker’s’ nonchalantness when they became pregnant. One of them explained that it was just too much to care for a child and pay back the debts owed, plus it wasn’t the type of life for a kid anyway. Cherry just agrees, it’s all he can do anyway. He lucks out for a while, partaking in Nannying jobs to increase his wages. It’s not much, but after paying his ‘debt’ (the cost of the room, the cost to feed him, to provide clothes, and whatever the Madame decides that day-she isn’t unfair, but Cherry thinks she has a sadistic streak sometimes) it left him a few coins to buy sweets with.

Which how he found his current Nannying job, to the precious little triplets and the most handsome doctor ever…

“The papers speak of a killer,” Cherry worriedly tells Doctor Gaster one morning, holding Sans to feed him as they ate breakfast before Gaster left for the day. “You should be careful! What if they target you next?”

Gaster just looked amused, holding the other two in his arms as they ate, magic hands holding up the bottles for them. “Not to worry. You should be the one to look out for them. They’re targeting the women on the corner, aren’t they?”

Cherry nodded slowly. “Oh! Not to worry. I don’t do corners, just the inn.”

“Very well. All the same, I wouldn’t go out and about at night, at least until they catch him.”

Cherry agrees, and they change the conversation to what time Gaster will be back and whether they thought Sans had grown a little. He had, a whole little inch! He’s nearly as big as the other two now!

Cherry was so proud of him!

Sans was being more and more awake during their walks, and Cherry had taken to tucking them into the little crib in the afternoon and reading to them. What he could, anyway. He couldn’t finagle out larger words, but he figured they appreciated learning about the intricacies of Chinese paper folding.

Sometimes he lays them out on the carpet in front of the fireplace, letting them kick their legs and stretch out. It was good for babies! He was reading up on them now that he was pregnant.

Hmm. He’d have to find a nice name for his own baby…

His mysterious stranger hasn’t shown up again. He knows that if the man does, he’ll most likely ask Cherry to be blindfolded again. How exciting~! Plus he had to tell him after all. Not that he really cared about the man now…

One evening, his beautiful life is shattered…again.

He was walking home late one night, a client had asked him to go to their home and since they paid extremely well, the Madame wouldn’t let him say no. His hips were bruised, and he had to walk a bit stiffly. He coughed softly, clearing his throat. What did people see in that whole ‘choking’ thing?? Disgusting.

He looked over just in time to see Doctor Gaster with his arm around a woman he had seen tottering about in heels, begging for even a penny so she wouldn’t go back without anything.




“Oh Cherry…” Clementine, his slime monster friend, gently rubbed his back as he sobbed into his fluffy pillow. “I’m so sorry. Perhaps it means nothing?”

Cherry sniffled, rubbing his face against the pillow. “N-No, it’s not fair…he knows what I do…why would he choose her?!” He cried, curling around the pillow.

Clementine tutted. “Chin up, Cherry! You gotta fight for what you want!” She smiled. “Remember Johnnie? She had to fight tooth and nail to get married to Lix!”

Cherry sniffled softly, thinking. His mother’s words echoed in his mind, ‘When someone loves you…you should make sure that they only love you.’ Mother always had the best ideas.

Cherry dabbed at his eyes with a dainty kerchief, giving Clementine a wobbly smile. “Thank you, dear. I think I will fight for him. He won’t know what’s coming.”

Clementine clapped. “Oh goodie! I hope it goes better than Mr. Rogers, the poor soul. To die so suddenly from that disease…”

Cherry just nodded, not paying attention as his mind worked through a plan. “Mm. Should I…try to be subtle or forceful…?”

Clementine laughed, standing up off the bed. “Forceful! Tell her you won’t stand for her stealing him away! Or tell him that you don’t want him looking at any other. So romantic~!”

Cherry smiled brightly at her. “Oh Clem…you have such wonderful ideas. I should clean up, Dickens is coming by and you know how he likes to ramble.”

Clementine snorted. “Better you than me. I fell asleep last time and I don’t think he ever stopped.”

Cherry laughed, in marvelously better spirits now that he had a plan. A very good plan indeed.

Chapter Text

Cherry knew he had to step up to get what he wanted./Gaster decided it was time to start closing in on his little fly in the web.

First, Cherry wore his best pressed dress, with little buttons lining down it, stark red with a white ruffled skirt./First, Gaster started investigating more into Cherry’s life, to see if there would be anyone to miss(or rather, raise the alarm) him when he went missing.

Then, Cherry would laugh and smile at Gaster’s jokes, and touch his arm. All the little flirtations he’s learned over the years./Then, Gaster made sure to run into Cherry even when he wasn’t working for him, smiling at him and gently pushing his presence into Cherry’s life.

Cherry started asking Gaster his favorite foods and music and books, and tried to share these interests as well./Gaster would slightly bemoan the fact he was all alone here with the three children, guilting Cherry as best he could into staying longer and longer (although by the look on his face, Cherry certainly felt no guilt staying).

Cherry made sure to brush against Gaster’s arm while leaning down to place a plate down, or pressing up close to him when passing one of the babies along./Gaster made inquiries over what ‘debt’ Cherry owed. The Madame had laughed, but she had many who wanted to ‘buy out’ their favorites. She gave him a slip of paper with everything that was owed. A pittance, barely a dent in what Gaster made per day. But he smiled and thanked her, leaving her to assume he would never be back.

Cherry could feel the weight of Gaster’s eyes on him as he knelt by the fire, singing and talking back with Blue who stared up at him with big eyes./Gaster could see the hesitance every time Cherry had to leave.

Oh yes, they thought.

The plan is coming together.


The Baron was the worst client ever.

Baron Napoleon (a name he stole from a human, to attest to his immense financial security) paid very, very well. Which was why when he stopped by, the Madame was the one to cater to him and get whatever he wanted. Mostly he dug through the slums, not for discreetness, but he had a very big…impregnation kink.

The Madame was not one to stand for infants-the fact that she allowed Cherry to skate by for now was surprising-so she put her foot down on everyone being on medicine to prevent anything happening. Doesn’t mean it always worked, but still. The Baron would plead with her and throw as much money as he could to be allowed to do so, but she would merely lie and say that maybe he just struck out this time or another.

The slums had no such precautions, and while they were worse in appearance, they obviously clung to him like fireflies to a lantern.

The Baron had two children previously, one had fled the country, the other had been spirited away by his mother and even with all of the Baron’s connections, he could never find them. There was talk that most skeletons had the Baron to thank for their given life, although it was never proven if he was the sire of so many.

Everyone had heard of the most recent ventures. Which was way they had avoided him as best they could.

Unfortunately, Cherry was the only skeleton in close proximity that the Baron could buy his time for. Ugh. The Madame had apologized and told the Baron that Cherry had sustained an unsightly scar on his stomach, so as to cover up his pregnancy with a sheet wrapped around his stomach. The Baron didn’t mind, even making sympathetic noises in return.

He had the most boring sense of ‘dirty talk’ ever. The hand on Cherry’s breast and the skeleton thrusting into him wasn’t even appealing as the Baron whined out his usual babble, “Don’t you want to see so many little skeletons? You and me, an entire race taking over, wouldn’t that be grand?”

Cherry just mumbled an agreeing note, flexing his thighs and giving off a moan, faking it and letting the Baron finish off. He was so boring. Not even handsome. His skull was misshapen, teeth different sizes, and even the nice suit had a dusty smell to it.

The Baron got redressed, Cherry tucking the blanket around himself with a sultry smile. “Perhaps your dream will come true someday, dear Baron~” and please get out of his room.

The Baron blew him a kiss and a wink, skipping nearly out of the room. He always made a request to be informed if the one he had spent the afternoon with would become pregnant. He was so weird.

Cherry quickly shuffled off to go clean up. He was already a month along-had it been that long?-and he wasn’t showing just yet thankfully. Once he did, the REAL weirdos would come out. He wrinkled his nose as he changed into his beautiful dress. No, hopefully by then he could have the good doctor to himself~ at least…until the inevitable happened. He shook his head, hopping out into the hall and smiling as Doctor Gaster waited in the little room in a chair, smiling up at him.

“Ah, Cherry. It’s good to see you happy.”

“The babies cheer me up, good doctor,” he responded, lacing their arms together as they headed out. Gaster hummed. “I saw that old Baron come out. I know the stories abounded that he frequented inns and things, never knew they were true.”

Cherry wiggled his nose, frowning. “Oh, yes, we all know him. He’s so…mm. Anyway, he has particular tastes, but our Madame just placates him.”

Gaster nodded slowly. “Because of what happened last month?”

“Mm. That and she doesn’t allow for pregnancies. Or rather, she does, but she doesn’t allow the infants to live here.”

Gaster raised an eye ridge. “Seems…odd.”

Cherry shrugged. “You would be surprised how many folk find a rounded belly enticing.”

“…indeed. Let us go on then, I managed to get some of the frozen cream you like so well, thought you could do with a treat.”

Cherry perked up. “How wonderful! Thank you!”


That night, Gaster had informed him he’d be very late. Cherry ate by himself, fed the babies, cleaned them up-Sans sure didn’t like baths, surprisingly-dressed them for bed and read them a book.

He sat on the divan, his legs swaying over the edge as he distracted himself with the book. He yawned about a third of the way through, sleepily rubbing at his eyes. He leaned onto the arm of the divan to relax, tucking his legs up, his legs dressed in silk socks. The doctor didn’t allow shoes to ‘stomp about his house’. Fair. It didn’t take much longer for Cherry to doze away, snoring with the book clenched in his hands.

He stirred when a hand cupped his cheek, sleepily gazing up at the dark figure. “Mm, Doctor…?”

“Shh, little Cherry. Go back to sleep.”

Cherry murmured something, falling back asleep as he felt gloved fingers stroking his chin, something slightly wet smearing over it.

When he woke up next, it was to the smell of frying bacon. He stirred, yawning as he stretched, the blanket tucked around him slipping down as he looked around in confusion. He got up, keeping the blanket around him. It was cozy, even with how warm the rest of the house was, and he shuffled to the kitchen where Gaster was cooking breakfast. “Doctor? I didn’t mean to fall asleep, truly.”

“It’s fine, my dear. You looked exhausted. My surgery took longer than expected.” He smiled at Cherry, returning his eyes to the food in front of him as he cooked.

Cherry nodded, although a little ball settled in his stomach. Was it really surgery? Or that hussy he had seen Gaster wrapped up with that one night? He smiled softly. “I’ll go get the babies.”

“Ah, yes, I think I heard them stirring. Or perhaps it’s Blue trying to awaken them,” they laughed. Blue was the more go getter of the three, waking up first to try and get his brothers up and going. Cherry slipped away with a grin. It was obvious what he had to do now.

Next time Gaster would be late, he would merely follow him.



Gaster, meanwhile, set up two plates full of food, humming as he set the plates on the table. It was adorable to come home and see Cherry dozing on his divan. It was obvious what he had to do now.

Next time he was late, he’d spirit the sleeping Cherry to ‘their’ bedroom, the one he had attached a new lock to, and then he would never have to leave again.


Chapter Text

It takes a week until things are ready. Gaster informs Cherry he’ll be out late once more, feeling a tad guilty at the little pout on his face. It was all for the greater good, of course.

He kissed the babies, patted Cherry’s shoulder softly, and out he went.

Cherry waited a bit, tucking in the babies, kissing Blue’s little hands and soothing him off to sleep. He always had a hard time sleeping, poor baby. He slipped on his shoes, slipping out the door in an instant. The babies always slept through the night, or at least they did now. Gaster said they’d wake up at night to be fed but now they’re sleeping all night long. So sweet.

Cherry darted through an alley, avoiding street lights and patrolmen. Where oh where…he had to be with that lady again. Cormel he thinks her name was, a horrid stage name to be certain. He huffed, shaking his head. It was obvious she did something to him, used some sort of perfume that the others liked that drew in the men in droves. What fakery. Gaster deserved better, after all.

Cherry sniffled, tucking his hand up and adjusting his buttons a bit with a huff. Usually he had a shawl or some sort, something he fidgeted with. It was too hot for one, though.

He walked on, careful not to get too lost, when he saw a flash of the top hat that Gaster wore out on walks. He paused, leaning back into the darkness.


“Are you sure, darlin’? I don’t mind havin’ our ‘chat’ out on the street.”

The woman cooed in what she assumed would be a flirty voice as Gaster led her to an alley. What posh nonsense. Of course he had seen others do the same, not caring of decency under the lights of lamps. He idly wondered if she knew what would happen, if she would scream.

Most likely.

Instead, he smiled, leaning her against the wall with a soft chuckle. “Of course. I cannot be seen out and about, I have duties, you see. I thought I would merely…have a bit of fun.”

She giggled drunkenly, the clothes barely covering her shoulders. How awful. Cherry at least kept up appearances. “Mmm, I do like fun. You wanna start~?” she purred, stretching her arms above her head with a sultry look.

Gaster leaned in, covering her mouth with his hand with a smirk. “To keep quiet…the patrols shouldn’t bother us, you see.” She seemed to agree, nodding as a magic hand held her hands up above her, appearing to get eager for the main event. So was he, honestly.

With a gurgle, her eyes widened as something slick and sharp slid straight into her chest, right through her heart. Gaster grinned. “There, now-”

“What are you doing?”

Gaster jumped, his hand letting go of the woman as he whirled around, the magic holding her up still. Cherry stood at the end of the alley with wide eyes, clutching his dress. Gaster sighed softly. “Oh, darling, you frightened me…I was-”

“Doctor, please. I know what you’re doing.”

Gaster’s eye sockets furrowed. He did? Did he already suspect? Is this why he was out and about? How would Gaster get to silence him? As he thought, Cherry took a few steps into an alley, one hand on his hip with a sharp frown. “Honestly, leaving me home alone with the babies, out here having…fun.” He spat out, glaring at him.

The woman coughed and groaned weakly and Cherry turned a bit, slipping something out of his belt. “Oh shut up,” he shot a very sharp and thin knife at her, never taking his eyes of Gaster as it pierced her head, killing her instantly.

Gaster’s eyes lit up, watching Cherry. “Ah, I see. You were jealous.”

Cherry sputtered, both hands on his hips now. “No! Yes! I’m at home all alone, and you go to others…” he pouted softly, looking up at Gaster.

Gaster took a step close to him, leaning down a bit to cup his cheek. “Darling, I’m so sorry. I should explain it to you, shouldn’t it?”

Two small hands cupped his cheeks, and Cherry leaned in, eyes wide with a smile.

“If you do this again, I’ll break your legs.”

He smiled brightly with his eyes shut, then let go of Gaster’s face. “Now, what were you saying?”

Gaster chuckled darkly, his hand slipping down Cherry’s cheek to gently grip his chin. “It’s definitely not what you think, darling~ Although I do love this bloodthirsty side of you. Here, come, I’ll explain.”


Cherry had checked in on the babies before they headed down into a basement he didn’t know Gaster had. Gaster had wrapped up the body, casually tossing it onto a table before smiling at Cherry. “When I was a young lad, I had the taste of flesh for the first time.” A magic hand passed him a large butcher’s knife.

Cherry hopped up on a stool, looking unimpressed. “What does that have to do with flirting with hussies?”

Gaster wrapped his arm around Cherry’s body, leaning down to kiss his forehead. “Little jealous berry~ I do that so they don’t expect me. I end them, then it depends on how long I have.” He wiggled the butcher knife, slipping the flat end against Cherry’s arm. Cherry shivered as he continued, “Sometimes I chop them up there, leaving the nasty bits behind. Sometimes, I take them home.”

Cherry blushed, huffing. “Oh. I suppose that’s alright. …but you never wanted to kill me?”

The end of the knife tapped against Cherry’s chin, tilting his head up as Gaster grinned down at him. “Absolutely not. You’re wonderful with the children, and so, so beautiful. I had plans to lock you away so no one could gaze upon you nor hurt you, keep you all to myself.” The knife slid slowly against Cherry’s chin with a small scratching noise. “But I see I needn’t have worried. You’d gladly lock yourself in your own cage here, wouldn’t you, dear?”

Cherry grinned up at him brightly. “Only for you~!”

Gaster chuckled. He let Cherry go, taking a step to the large table as he started laying out the woman, slipping Cherry’s knife out of her head. “I take it you have your own demands of me?”

Cherry giggled, dragging the stool over closer and climbing back up, watching the skilled cuts intently. “I just don’t want you attached to anyone. At all. Ever.” He grinned brightly. “Babies can be forgiven, they’re ours of course.”

“Of course. And that’s all?”

“Mm-hmm.” He leaned over, the gleaming bone shining from under the woman’s forearm. “Maybe you could…teach me to do this too?”

Gaster leaned down, clacking a kiss to Cherry’s head. “Of course, dear. After all, who would feed our children if I am away for any reason?”

Cherry blushed, grinning happily as he watched, Gaster sometimes taking his hand to show him which way to cut, and what was good to devour raw and what had to be cooked.

Gaster hummed. “I heard tale that your previous Nanny jobs ended in…tragedy?”

Cherry sighed softly, washing his arms in the bucket of water after getting them bloody. “Oh, yes. They didn’t learn to catch their straying eyes, or they didn’t accept my love. Was quite heartbreaking.”

“I’m sorry, darling.” He wrapped an arm around Cherry’s waist, grinning. “But I’ll always keep you safe.”

“I know~”


Gaster has to leave the next day, very early. He does so to get rid of the parts they can’t eat, and drive a little fear into the city once more, and to ensure that Cherry wouldn’t have to leave him again. Cherry is fine with this, pecking a kiss to his cheek and letting him go. Gaster had suggested he go to his-their-room and rest a little.

Cherry strips out of his dress, cursing the fact that he failed to retrieve his nightgown. Oh well, they were together. They would see one another in the nude at one point, right? He folded his dress and placing it on a pile of clothes in a chair to clean later.

The bedroom was elegant, as the rest of the house. The bed was huge with red covers and carved wooden beams. There was a desk with papers and an armoire elegantly carved. For now, Cherry climbed up into the bed, sinking under the covers with a moan. He slid a hand up to rub a hand over his belly lightly with a grin. Gaster had admitted he’d been the one to request Cherry to be blindfolded. Cherry had yet to inform him of the little gift he left behind.

Cherry giggled. “Your daddy’s going to be sooo surprised. So are your brothers! They’re still little though. For now…sleep.” He yawned, tucking the blankets up around his neck, sinking against the plush pillows happily.

When Cherry got up later, Blue was fussing a bit since no one was awake with him. He was easy to settle though, and Cherry took him to cook, quickly popping a bottle into his mouth as he kept Blue close in one arm. Blue mumbled softly, one little hand gripping the front of Cherry’s shirt. Rather, Gaster’s shirt, as Cherry didn’t feel that wearing the same thing twice in a row would be proper. He cooed down at Blue, “Dear, you happy? Hm? Happy baby Blue~”

Blue huffed softly, smiling up at Cherry as he sucked down the magic in the bottle. Cherry cooed at him softly, letting him lay in front of the fire again as he retrieved the other two babies. Cherry put away a bit of food for Gaster for when he arrived home, settling down on the divan to watch the babies.

Blue wheeled his arms and legs happily, babbling away. BB still tried to stuff his foot into his mouth, the little infant dress flinging up each time he shot his legs up. Cherry giggled. He found it cute, but Gaster said it was quite improper. Well, it didn’t matter in their own home, did it?

Sans squirmed on his back, waving his tiny fists, his eyes catching onto Cherry and he would giggle softly, making ‘abab’ noises at him. Cherry smiled at him. Precious boy.

Well, now Cherry had to make a list. He had to get new clothes, spruce up the bedroom a little, get more baby outfits as the boys were growing quite fast. Gaster may love his meat but Cherry knew no one could resist a good sweet. Get some baking supplies…they’d have to go into the city, or rather, deeper into it.

For now, he merely amused the babies until Gaster would come home, happy and content.

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Now that Gaster wasn’t trying to ‘catch’ Cherry, he spent more time at home, obviously. He still had his patients, but he wasn’t out as much. Today he had helped Cherry bundle up the babies into their pram, intent on getting new clothes for them as well as Cherry.

Cherry wore his dress from the day before, after washing it of course, pecking a kiss to Blue’s cheek sweetly. “Silly baby~! Oh darling, I don’t need much.”

“Oh shush now, I want to dress you up,” Gaster assured him, pulling on thin gloves and adjusting his hat, winding his arm around Cherry’s shoulders as they headed out the door. “Now, let’s see…there’s a nice clothing outfitters down the street not very far, you’ll need some new shoes…ah and the babies need a few extras as well since Winter may be approaching.”

Cherry nodded along easily, blushing happily at the warm hand on his shoulder, leaning into it happily. Blue squeaked up at them, waving his little hands happily. BB had managed to launch his little bootie right at Gaster’s face, to which he caught it easily, sending BB into a happy giggling fit before stuffing his toes back in his mouth. Sans patted at the magic hand that was tucked around him, looking around in interest.

Gaster sighed, dangling the little bootie from a finger before letting it sit at the end of the pram. “Dear, please, it’s quite improper to toss your legs about.”

Cherry giggled. “Oh darling, he’s little, no one should mind him for now. What manners are we born with, hm?” Gaster nodded, pecking a kiss to Cherry’s head.

“Very well, darling. I’ll let him be. Now, let’s hurry before any storms catch us by surprise.”

Cherry had already sat Gaster down to inform him about the pregnancy, which then came about that Gaster was the one to visit him that day. That was how he had met him and made his decision. Cherry pecked his cheek and gleefully informed him that it was quite fun, but if Gaster visited the inn again he’d cut out his tongue.

Gaster looked dazed with happiness as he leaned to kiss Cherry happily, agreeing to his terms.

Of course, this meant they needed another crib eventually, more tiny infant dresses, and Cherry needed stretched clothes in order to keep him comfortable. Cherry didn’t wear corsets anyway-it drew in more customers when the ah…assets were not as guarded-and Gaster had a pretty progressive view on pregnancy, surprisingly. Gaster enlightened Cherry that he had many patients with young children, albeit it shouldn’t be too surprising, considering how well he took care of his own triplets.

The little boutique was very quiet as they headed in, a small piano being played near the back. It was somehow cooler inside, it felt very nice, and Cherry led the little pram to the side to check on the babies as Gaster went to discuss things with the seamstress. Cherry cooed, wiggling BB’s little foot lightly. “Dear, you sure do love to wind your daddy up, don’t you?”

BB gave him a silly grin, hugging his other foot tightly.

Cherry checked on Sans, who had dozed off when they came in, tucking a small blanket around him and kissing his cheek before amusing Blue so he wouldn’t fuss as much. Gaster appeared after a moment, bending down to kiss Cherry’s cheek. “Darling, go and get measured, I’ll tend to the babies.”

Cherry smiled at him, letting Gaster help him up with a kiss back. “Of course~ BB still thinks he has one on you, play along, darling.” He waved lightly, skipping away nearly as Gaster settled down on a small seat.

BB made a funny growling noise and Gaster raised an eye ridge, an amused grin on his face. “You’re so demanding, dear. Or is it that you like to wind people up? Hm?” He teased, tickling the little foot that still had a bootie on it. BB blinked, then kicked at him fiercely as Blue squeaked happily.

Gaster tutted. BB would certainly be making waves as he grew, wouldn’t he? Darling child.

When Cherry came back after a while-the children started to fuss, they had grown hungry but Gaster had forgotten the bottles, they would have to drop the clothes off anyway-he smiled sweetly, cooing. “Oooh, babies, are they fussin’? Ah, darling, they said they had one or two ready but the rest would be delivered later.”

Gaster nodded, standing up and rocking the pram gently. “Very good then, we should hurry home and feed the little ones before they stand a coup against us.” Cherry giggled, reaching in and rubbing Blue’s belly playfully. Blue whined and hugged his hand, sniffling sadly as if his little heart was broken. Poor dear.

They got a nice little lacy dress that was near see through-meant to sleep in-and a nice summer type of dress with puffed sleeves and a dark red skirt to it. Gaster had gotten him some soft silk shoes as well, to replace the leather ones falling apart at the seams. With that they hurried home. The babies didn’t have little fits often, but BB could wail up a storm if he was angry and Blue had soft little cries that tore at you.

Neither of them had seen Sans cry, however, but they weren’t apt to wait and see.

BB glared up at Gaster with teary eyes as he sucked at his bottle, Gaster holding him close in his arm. “Yes yes, I see, I’m to blame for your late meal. Could you forgive me, dear?” BB hiccuped, still staring up at him as he huffed.

Cherry chuckled, Sans in his lap as he sleepily ate his own, and cuddling Blue in his arms and rocking him. “I think he’ll always remember how you had him wait for his meal, darling. He won’t let this go any time soon.”

Gaster tutted, gently tapping BB’s cheek. “Are you like your mother then, dear? Will I have to worry about waking up with my throat slit from an infant’s hand?”

Cherry grinned at him sweetly. “You really think he’s like me~?”

Gaster leaned over to kiss him softly, ignoring how BB squawked in rage and Blue made a noise, huffing. “Absolutely. Perhaps he’d be best to study under you rather than mine own harsh measures.” He leaned back, grinning down at BB. “Would you like that?”

BB thumped his hand on Gaster’s chest, glaring again. Cherry giggled, kissing Blue’s head to settle him down a bit. “My own little apprentice~ how dashing. They’ll be so dangerous~”

“Of course, darling.”


With the babies satisfied, they were out once more, Cherry in his new summer dress. It felt wonderful, honestly, all silky and smooth. He’d have to thank Gaster for this much later.

The small infant boutique was nice, a few women with their babies on their chests or in tiny prams prattling around, cooing at soft toys or clothes.

Sans was still smaller than his brothers, so they just had to switch the clothes down to him as they all grew, at least for now. Blue happily charmed anyone who came near with big eyes, giggling as Gaster held up an infant dress against his back to measure him. “Hmm. He’s grown a few inches. We should probably buy larger sizes just in case.”

Cherry nodded, kissing the little hand waving near his face. “Of course. I could always learn to sew to make them nice things?”

“Only if you want to, darling. Might be something to do in the last bit of pregnancy?”

Cherry nodded in agreement, switching Blue out for BB who huffed at being moved around, plunking his head onto Cherry’s shoulder with a yawn. Cherry swayed them softly, humming a tune to BB to let him relax as Gaster found a few dresses in his size.

Cherry opted to take the little pram outside while Gaster went to pay, exchanging a kiss before he headed out. He smiled down at the triplets. “It’s nicer out here, hm? Yes?”

Sans sleepily blinked up at him, then grinned happily at him. Cherry nodded. “Of course! Here, let’s take a small walk before Daddy comes out.” He pushed the pram back and forth in front of the boutique for a bit, mostly out of nerves but to also get them to doze off a little. They were just so precious, he loved them!

“Hello there, Cherry!”

Cherry winced, pausing in his steps. Ew. He knew that voice.

Baron Napoleon. Disgusting man.

He schooled his face into an easy smile as he turned with the pram, tilting the little hood of it to keep the babies away as the Baron hurried over. “Ah. Baron. What a sight to see you.”

“It’s a surprise to see you here as well,” He grinned, his ugly teeth mashing against his jaw. Disgusting. “I was informed that you had taking up Nannying instead of ah…being of the night?”

“Mm. Why are you so intrigued on my goings-ons?”

The Baron shrugged. “Well, as the future of all skeletons-” Gag Cherry with a tea spoon, please- “We should stick together, of course, and I should check in to make sure all is well…is this your charge then?” He reached for the hood of the pram and Cherry pulled it away with a sharp smile.

“Charges. They’re asleep, young babies, hard enough to get them off to napping. Don’t disturb them.”

The Baron paused, then drew his hand back with a laugh. “Oh come now, I’m told infants love my charm, much as you did, yes?”

What a disgusting man.

Cherry merely smiled. “Please, they’ve been fussy all day, leave them be.” Where in the world was Gaster? Darn him and his charismatic nature.

The Baron ignored him, nearly chasing Cherry around the pram to push the little hood back. “Oh don’t be annoying. They’re so adorable! They’re-”

…they both noticed it at the same time. When Baron Napoleon’s hand reached in, little Sans’ small magic aura sparked against his. Sans merely sighed, sucking on his fist in his sleep. That only happened between parent and child, albeit the magic of the the three were slowly turning to Gaster’s more robust burgundy color instead of the Baron’s sickly yellow.

Cherry stared at him with wide eyes as the Baron scowled immediately, yanking his hand back before clapping his hand on Cherry’s shoulder. “We need to talk.”

With that, he pushed Cherry, pram and all, into an alley, far away from prying eyes.

He started pacing back and forth in front of Cherry, whose charming expression fell away to reveal an irritated one. “This is insane…th-they died, or so the officers said.” The baron paused, his head swiveling to Cherry who merely stared at him.

Without warning he clapped both hands onto Cherry’s shoulders, looking crazed. “Those are my children! What the hell is a prostitute doing with them?! You can’t stop me taking them back, I’ll have you know, the Patrol Chief would find it in my favor if I took them!”

Cherry’s gaze slid down to the hand on his shoulder, then slowly it climbed up the baron’s arm to his crazed gaze. Cherry’s eyes were flat without emotion. “Don’t touch me.”

Something made a slice noise, and after a moment, Sans sniffled, stretching his arms above his head with a whine, blinking awake. His brothers were deep in their nap, but Sans whimpered at the dark, cold bricks around them. He couldn’t see Mama or Daddy! He started to make a small ‘weeh…weeeh’ noise before Mama’s happy face popped into view. “Oh dear, shhh, it’s okay…”

He reached in, a dusty hand cupping Sans’ cheek, and Sans trilled softly, nuzzling up. Ah, everything was right in the world once more, although he sniffled a bit, missing Daddy.

“Let’s go, dears.”


When Gaster exited the boutique, now a great many pounds lighter but holding a new invention he had been talked into-it was a little thing to set up and place a baby in and it would swing! By itself! How amazing!-he was very tired now. All he wanted to do was go home with his darling and babies, perhaps make a nice meal for them all, curl up in front of the fire…


Gaster turned his head, melting at the sweet look Cherry had on him as he wheeled over, grinning brightly. “Hello, darling. I’m sorry to make you wait, but I have something very amusing for the babies.”

“How sweet, darling.” He tilted his head up and Gaster instantly gifted him a kiss, checking on the babies as well. Sans seemed a bit fussy, surprisingly, plucking at his dress with a pout but perked up seeing Gaster, making grabby hands at him. He chuckled, sending a small magic hand to let Sans cuddle between his sleeping brothers. “Poor dear. Daddy’s little boy, isn’t he?”

“Mm, that he is. We need to come back tonight, darling,” he whispered, eyes bright.

Gaster tilted his head as they started to walk down the road. “We do?”

“We do~”


Cherry was very enthralled in the little invention, tucking Blue in first who whined a bit uneasily then cheered up as he rocked away. It was so cute! After a meal, and tucking the babies in their crib, they headed out into the night, both of them cloaked in dark hoods, Cherry holding onto Gaster’s arm tightly. It didn’t take them long to come back, Gaster now holding a large burlap sack over his back as they entered the home once more.

In the basement, he let it open, revealing the decapitated Baron’s body. Cherry gleefully informed Gaster he knew a good bone broth, and of course, Gaster got to smash the smug bastard’s head in for touching his darling even once. It poofed into dust and Cherry tutted. “Disgusting man. He’s useful only in death~”

Gaster swept Cherry into his arms, pressing him against the table where he sliced up the very first victim Cherry had seen, kissing him eagerly and then down his neck slowly. “You’re so amazing, my darling~”

Cherry shivered, wrapping his arms around Gaster with a soft moan, wrapping his legs around his waist with a breathy laugh. “I certainly try~ Tell me, darling,” he cupped Gaster’s cheeks, pulling him up to face Cherry. “How can we make our babies ours~?”

This could never happen again. No one could know the infants weren’t related to them. It even irritated Cherry a bit at the thought of the nasty Baron’s magic having dealt in any creation of their three babies.

Gaster chuckled darkly, nipping Cherry’s jaw playfully. “Don’t worry, darling. I’m already halfway to replacing the yellow stain upon them, and then we’ll make them yours as well~”

Cherry grinned smugly. “Good. Now you may ravish me~”

Gaster gleefully obliged.

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Blue absolutely loved being taken out and about with his brothers! He loved cuddling them, and patting Mama’s hand when he reached in, and squealing when one of the funny hands approached and playfully wiggled fingers at him. It was Daddy’s hand, he knew, but it wasn’t attached! How funny!

Blue loved the coos and awws of everyone who saw them, feeding off of it gleefully as he smiled and laughed. He loved it when Daddy would ‘doll him up’ as Mama said, with pretty little booties and the funny silky dress. He didn’t much like the white, but that was okay. Everyone found him adorable as is.

Blue, of course, knew how to get his way, even as young as he was. If Mama’s attention turned away, he’s whine and sniffle until it was back on him. When Daddy didn’t talk to him, he’d whimper until he could hear the slightly rough voice rumble at him.

He didn’t mind sharing with his brothers, they were his brothers after all, but no one else! Ever!

When they went out for walks, they turned heads, curious onlookers peeking in and cooing over the very well-behaved babies. Blue fed off of that praise with a bright happy grin, his hands waving in the air with a cackle.

As he grew, the need for attention would never waver. He would find ways to attract attention in ways he wanted, smashing a vase to gain the tutor’s attention from flirting with her fiance, appearing in front of sweet shops with a cute boyish grin in his little suit. He knew exactly how to wind people around his fingers, how to get what he wanted in an instant, sometimes with tears but he hated using that. It made his head hurt.

Their mama taught him different ways, whispering dark secrets to him as they cooked together, intent on tying them up deep inside his mind for later use.

One day, he too would have someone’s attention as Mama did with Daddy. He just had to make them see it!


BB loved Mama. Daddy was fun to rile up. He was all about ‘manners’ that BB didn’t know what they were, but they meant putting booties on his feet that demanded to be free!

He liked his bare feet to kick against the pram’s mattress, huffing happily.

Daddy would kiss Mama when they held the brothers, and BB had to teach them to stop that! It was gross and besides, kisses should only go to him…and Blue and Sans. Of course. Daddy found it amusing, cooing silly remarks at him, tickling his sides until he gave in with a giggle.

BB would grow to learn more about ‘manners’. He didn’t talk very much, preferring to keep to the side to watch the situation. He demanded fine dresses and silk suits, of which Daddy would amusedly approve of. Mama helped him into the fine dresses from China, cooing over how pretty he was and how he would break anyone’s heart.

Blue was a tornado on wheels, causing mischief and mayhem to garner people’s attentions. BB was quiet, like a creeping spider, unable to see your impending doom until it was too late.

He liked to startle the tutors by appearing behind them with a sharp frown, or any nannies that Daddy had to watch them for the night.

While Blue learned to cook in general from Mama, BB learned how to make pies and cakes and tarts, all sweet things. Mama was proud of him for the small biscuits he made, he had covered them in fine sugar powder. When the new nanny appeared for the night, after Mama and Daddy left, he would offer her a biscuit with a small smile.

She made a fine meal the next day. Served her right for making Sans cry the last time.

(It said something that BB would lick his fingers after making said poisoned treats. Even Mama wasn’t immune to poison. But just like the spiders he so imitated, he too would be immune to the one weapon in his arsenal.)


Sans was always very, very tired. He was also very, very tiny. His brothers were a head longer than him, and they stayed awake longer. It was okay, Daddy said as he rocked the small sleepy baby. You’re going to grow soon, and you’ll never have to worry about this, Daddy murmured, kissing his small head.

Mama was so nice too. He would slip Sans into a sling and let him clutch onto his dress as he slept during chores. They traded out with his brothers sometimes, but Sans was often the one inside as he was so tiny and needed the warmth to relax.

As he grew, it never quite left him, the sleepiness that is. He’d doze off during lunch, nearly face planting in the soup Mama had worked so hard on, or fell asleep during tutoring only to be nudged awake by BB.

At night…at night he couldn’t sleep. He’d pace the house, staring through the windows at the bright, shiny moon, walking around with energy he wished he had during the day.

Daddy catches him, one night, a top hat on his head and his cloak around him. Sans shrugs when he asks him what’s wrong, and Sans just says ‘can’t sleep’.

He does not go that night. The next night, however, Daddy offers to let him come with and see what he does at night.

It was intoxicating.

He cranked up with a massive energy boost, his eye lights quivering as he grinned wider and wider. He liked his Daddy’s way of slicing with a sharp blade, but oh how he loved stabbing away at what remained of their…meal.

He’s covered in blood by the time they get home, looking well and truly content. Daddy is proud of him, kisses his head, and has him go and bathe before going to bed.

He crawls up into the small bed with his brothers-they had never grown out of sleeping squished together-and he knocks out in an instant.

Mama is only upset that Sans went out a day before a tutoring session. He scolds Daddy for making him too tired to attend his lessons-Daddy merely smiles at the wagging finger-before congratulating Sans on finding his own niche.

Sans is happy as well. Finally, he can use his constant sleeping for a better use than walking around the house over and over and over.



(There’s a baby, born a few months down the road, ending up just a few months behind their birthdays. Mama gets sickly, for a time, and Daddy cares for him before he’s better once more. The baby is a cruel little thing, sharp teeth and sharp eyes, sharp fingers that flail madly as he wails in anger if he is ignored for a second.)

(He is the best little brother in the world. They love him.)

(And they would do anything to protect him.)

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Not too long after the…incident came a phone call. Cherry didn’t even know what it was at first, a shrill ringing echoing in the home, making him jump. Sans was in a small little sling, clutching at Cherry’s dress top with little hands. Cherry had decided to do a bit of cleaning, even though the home was very clean as is. Gaster was in the living room, bouncing Blue on his shoulder as BB swung in the little contraption, cooing away. Cherry frowned, rubbing Sans’ back as he whined and sniffled. “Shh, it’s alright, darling…Dear! What’s that noise?” he called out.

Gaster popped his head around the corner of the hall, Blue peeking over as well. “The telephone, dear, I’ve had one put in for a while. I’ll answer it, you just relax.”

Cherry blew a kiss at him as he went the other way towards the front of the house, kissing Sans’ little hands. “It’s okay, darling, you’re alright, hm?” Sans blinked up at him, hiccuping softly. He traded out flowers in a small vase, cleaned the front of a marvelous painting, then made his way back towards the living room and kitchen. He could hear the tail end of Gaster’s conversation.

“Yes of course, it’s not a problem. Yes, Mother, I’ll make sure to cover them up. Goodbye then.” Gaster hung up a weird little black thing onto a hook. Blue kept reaching for it, babbling as he turned around, Cherry checking on BB.

“Who was that, dear?”

“My parents, love. I had sent them a missive about the three little ones…well, soon to be four.” He leaned to kiss Cherry’s cheek and Cherry blushed, smiling at him. Sans squeaked at Gaster, pouting until he was gifted a hand to hug onto. “Anyway, they’d like us to visit if we could. Mother had to go into town and use the bank’s phone just to call me. I thought perhaps getting out of the city for a while would be nice?”

Cherry hummed, letting BB pat at his hand as he thought. He’d never left the city before…but he did want to meet Gaster’s parents! They were bound to be just as amazing! Plus, the babies needed their grandparents! He smiled up at Gaster. “Of course! We’ll need to gather up some things…clothes and food…when are we leaving?”

Gaster chuckled, rocking Blue into his arms so the baby wouldn’t bap at his back so much. “Perhaps this afternoon, so that when we arrive it shall be the day. There’s a small inn on the way there, I’ve stayed many times, it’s truly wonderful.”

Cherry giggled. “Sounds delightful! Don’t you think so, Sans?” Sans stuck his tiny tongue out, nuzzling up with a yawn. “I’ll take that as a yes.”


It took most of the day to pack the carriage up of all the essentials. Gaster had several things that were always ready for when he had to visit his parents. Cherry had made sure to pack an additional dress for sleep and for the day, along with a nice warm coat. The countryside was much chillier this time of year, Gaster had said. They dressed the babies up warmly, tucking a thick fur blanket around them tightly. Blue kept chewing on the fur with a happy face, BB seemed angry at being tucked up, but Sans just fell asleep, comfy and happy.

After ensuring they had bottles and blankets, Gaster hired a beggar boy to steer their carriage for them. He never had a driver on hand, content to drive himself, but he had babies to attend to and a lovely darling to see about. He shut the door to the carriage as they took off, tugging the little curtain down to shade the inside as he sat down on the seat with Cherry, adjusting the group of babies so they were spread over their laps. Cherry smiled, kissing Gaster’s cheek. “Off we go then, dear~ The babies fell asleep, it’s very warm in here.”

Gaster smiled, leaning to kiss Cherry softly. “It is indeed, I paid well for a nicely insulated carriage. It’ll get cold however, once we hit the outskirts.” He tucked another fur blanket around him and Cherry, wrapping his arm around his love as Cherry snuggled up sweetly.

“It’s a little romantic, dear~ like those carriages in the park, couples being taken around and petals falling into their laps,” he cooed.

Gaster chuckled, his hand cupping Cherry’s jaw, thumb stroking over his cheek. “I shall have to take you out then, on a ride. Hire a sitter for the afternoon.”

Cherry pouted. “But our babies…”

“Will be fine, dear, at least for an hour.” He kissed Cherry sweetly as BB shifted in his sleep, sucking on his small fist. “If anything happens, we’ll take care of them.”

Cherry smiled. “Of course!”

The carriage rocked them away down the paved roads, jerking lightly once they hit the edge where the dirt trails started. Blue had woken up and was cooing at Gaster, patting at the blanket as it to show it off. Gaster appeased him by nodding along and letting Blue hold onto his finger. Cherry nodded off after a moment, leaning against Gaster with Sans and BB on his lap inside the blanket, sleeping away. The inn wasn’t too far, and once they made it, Gaster paid the boy a little extra for his own room as Cherry bustled into the inn.

Cherry pecked his cheek as Gaster came inside. “Oh dear, that’s sweet of you~”

Gaster wrapped his arm around Cherry as they walked to the small desk. “Of course, it would be horrid to stay in the stables in this chill.” The woman at the front perked up as they approached, and he paid her for a fine room. They headed up the stairs, it was a simple inn where the ‘finer’ rooms merely included a washing up basin and breakfast brought to the room. The woman had shuffled a small wooden cradle into the room with an apology that they were unable to provide more. Cherry tucked the little babies in, they barely fit but they were sooooo cute all squished up together! Cherry cooed at them, kissing their sleeping faces.

Gaster hung up his coat on the coat rack, slipping off his shoes as he headed to their luggage to dig through for their sleeping clothes. Cherry hummed. “Should I bathe them tomorrow? They’d look nice and clean and fresh for their grandparents~!”

Gaster hummed, unbuttoning his shirt to pull on the softer top, handing over Cherry’s sleeping gown. “That would be lovely, yes. We could get them in their little cloaks as well. How darling!”

Cherry smiled, kissing his cheek. “Exactly. Off to bed now, it’s getting late.”

They adjusted the crib close to their bed, laying down after blowing out the candle. The babies were deep sleepers, thankfully, at least tonight. Blue didn’t much approve of the darkness but Cherry hoped he slept away until the morning came.


The next day, Cherry had set about to bathing them in the little wash basin. Blue patted at the water curiously during his turn, as Cherry quickly swiped a cloth down his back, scrubbing over his head as Gaster fed the other two. “There we are, a darling little child under all that muck!” He cooed, and Blue babbled back, happy to be talked to.

Cherry switched him for BB, and Gaster slipped on the cute little infant dress with a little cloak to keep Blue warm. Along with the bloomers and booties, he looked like an absolute doll! BB wasn’t as enthralled as his brother, mumbling as Cherry twisted him this way and that, scrubbing away the grime of the day from the baby. “Oh darling, a bath isn’t so bad, is it? Hm?”

BB just sucked on his fist, squirming when Cherry handed him off to Gaster for Sans. BB kicked his feet manically with a squeal as Gaster tried to wiggle a bootie onto his foot. “Come now, dear, shoes are needed and your little toes will freeze.” BB didn’t seem convinced, even as Blue squealed at him, waving his arms from where he laid on the bed next to Gaster.

Sans cuddled up to Cherry’s hand as he washed him up, blinking sleepily as Cherry rubbed the wet cloth over his head. Cherry smiled. “Too early is it? I know, darling, I know. You can go back to sleep when we get you all dressed up nice.” Sans yawned again, happily cuddling up to Gaster with bright eyes as he was handed off. Cherry had to convince BB to accept the little booties, kissing his tiny face and making him squeal and laugh. Sans was the easiest to dress, and him and Blue laid together, Blue wheeling his legs about while Sans took a snooze.

With all the babies dressed in their finest and cloaked, they packed up after dressing themselves, Gaster in his usual suit and Cherry in a nice deep brown dress with a red streak on each side. The newsie boy-as it turned out he sold papers for a penny on the corners-was latching up their horses as they bustled into the carriage. Blue and BB were more energetic this time around. Gaster tucked Sans into the fur blanket in his arm as BB babbled up at Cherry with wide eyes, some story or another only he knew. Blue kept waving his hand at the curtain, trying to grab it.

Cherry nodded along with BB, kissing his tiny hand when he raised it up. “I see, oh yes. You’re quite the chatterbox today, aren’t you?”

Gaster chuckled. “I believe he’s regaling you with how horrid I am for covering his feet with booties.”

Cherry tutted. “Naughty naughty, how horrible! Is that it, darling? Hm?” He cooed, wiggling his finger in BB’s grip. BB blinked, his head turning from Cherry to Gaster and back before he burst back into the babbling again. Cherry laughed. “I think so, dear.”

“How cruel of a father I am then. Hopefully Father has gotten enough wood to warm the home then, he does most of the time.”

Cherry nodded, and they were enthralled in the cute babblings of the babies, who took a quick nap and had to be fed as the carriage swayed around them. Slowly the road grew rougher, more bumps were to be had, but eventually they stopped up near a small cabin, a tall and slightly broad skeleton exiting the home and speaking with the boy. Gaster tucked the children with Cherry as he exited the carriage. “Ah, hello, Father.”

The man nodded at him. “Wing Dings.” His voice was as rough as his hands, roughened by years of hard work, a quite literal strong but silent man. He grunted. “Ma wants ta meet the kids. Go on then.” Gaster nodded, opening the door and helping Cherry out, taking Sans into his arms and two magic ones supporting Blue. Cherry gave the man a slightly nervous smile. “Hello, sir.”

The man grunted again, then turned to lead the horses to the stable. Cherry sighed. “I don’t believe he likes me, darling.”

“No dear, if he didn’t like you, he wouldn’t look at you. Gave you more respect than he gives the poor milk man.” He gently nudged them into the little cabin. It had a smokestack with clouds puffing away, but a chill was still settled into the home. It was just started, then. It was an open room they walked into, bare of many things except a fireplace, two straight back chairs, and a kitchen to the side with a black fat oven.

There were three doorways that led off to rooms, it seemed, but Cherry was distracted as a slightly taller than him skeleton popped their head from the kitchen from where they were stirring the pot on the stove. “Wingdings! I heard about the babes, bring them here, ya?”

Gaster chuckled, nudging Cherry over to a chair first. “Ma, you’re cooking, it wouldn’t be safe.”

They waved their hand with a ‘tch’, settling a wooden spoon over the pot before turning around. They smeared their greasy hands down their apron that covered an orange smock. They had white eyelights, and a missing tooth, and they happily hurried over to them. “Aye, didn’t even come an’ show us the lady then! Shame on ye, gettin’ married without tellin’.” They tutted, smiling at Cherry softly. “I’m Ariel, Pa’s Helvetica, nice ta meet ya.”

Cherry giggled, grinning brightly. “It’s very wonderful to meet you! I would shake hands but…” He shrugged with his lap full of babies. They cooed, dragging the other chair closer as Gaster stood behind Cherry, a hand on his shoulder.

Ariel leaned in with a laugh, BB staring at them intently before babbling at her loudly. “Ach, this one’s got yer chatter, son. What’s this one?”

“BB, Blue, and Sans,” Gaster gestured to each baby. Sans looked like he’d fall asleep again, but Blue was making grabby hands at Ariel with a squeak.

“Oooohhh lemme hold ‘im! Look at ‘im! How precious!”

Cherry giggled, shifting so Ariel could curl their arm under Blue, gently untangling him from the blanket and letting him pat at their face. “Look at ye, curious little thing!” They bent to kiss the tiny cheek, making Blue squeal happily. They started bouncing him in their arms, tutting at Gaster. “Next time, ye come by before the babes are grown an’ having babes of their own.”

“Of course, Ma,” Gaster responded, chuckling as BB’s babblings grew louder, feet kicking as if showing off the atrocities his father had done to him.

Ariel tutted. “Darlin’, I can hear ye. So how did ya meet-Pa!” The door had opened, the tall and broad skeleton appearing as he shut the door to keep the cold out. He had a set of overalls on, along with a light colored shirt and a hat he hung up, his eyes drooped in the same manner of Gaster’s. He kicked off his boots at the door, taking a few steps over with a grunt. Ariel smiled up at him. “Aye, look at ‘em, three little ‘uns! Chatty thing there.” They nodded at BB, who was now happy to babble up at Helvetica as well.

Helvetica grunted, reaching out to let BB grab his hand tightly. “Strong. Good. This one?” He nudged his thumb against the sleeping Sans’ cheek.

Gaster sighed. “He’s just smaller than his brothers. Rest is good for him, he’ll be healthy as one of the horses when he is older.”

Helvetica grunted again, letting BB pat and bend his fingers around without a grimace, looking down at the curious Blue in Ariel’s arms, then back up at Cherry and Gaster. “When w’s the weddin’?”

A few moments of awkward silence, Cherry blushing bright as Gaster coughed into his hand. “Well-”

Ariel gasped. “Oh! Was it…” they lowered their voice, a bit of a flush on their cheeks. “Was it a dalliance then? The newlands call it a ‘shotgun weddin’’. Don’t like that.”

Helvetica grumbled. “Weddin’s hard with little ‘uns about.”

Gaster scoffed. “Oh come now, you both married when Ma was with me.”

Ariel bobbed their head back and forth, leaning to let Blue pat their face again. “I, yes, you’re right. Had ta, my own pa found out, was a very…traditional fella, you know.” They smiled at the tiny hand, kissing it and making Blue squeal. “New times an’ all, love. But yes, weddin’, ya’ll need one.”

Cherry squeaked, blushing bright. “O-Oh I’m not sure…I’ve never…thought of marriage?” He squeaked out. He really hadn’t, well. He knew of it, and yes he wanted it, but he never knew how it happened nor the traditions of it. Just that it was.

Helvetica frowned. “Good weddin’. Get a dress. We’ll come ta the city. Watch the little ‘uns for ye to go on honeymoon.”

Cherry blushed brighter as Gaster chuckled nervously. “You don’t like the city, Father.”

Helvetica blinked, letting BB chomp onto his fingers, little eye sockets furrowing at the taste of dirt and carrots. “Mm. Weddin’.”

Ariel smiled. “Absolutely, we’ll come and spend time with the grand babies, ya’ll spend a little time to yerselves, we’ll all be swish.” They shifted Blue up into their lap, wiggling the little hand. “Wouldn’t ye like that? Spending time with Meemaw and Papa?”

Blue blinked, giggling happily, not quite sure what she was even saying but happy that she was talking to him. Ariel tutted. “Ach, all this talk of weddin’s. Ya’ll came ta visit! Here, lemme go get the soup, Hel, here, darlin’.” They passed Blue off to him, and he took the chair as they rushed off to the kitchen. Blue squeaked curiously up at Hel, then looked at Gaster, then Hel with a whine.

“Yer daddy looks like me, not the other way around, young ‘un,” Helvetica mumbled as Cherry snickered.

“We don’t see as many skeletons in the city. I think they’re just excited,” Cherry explained. Sans yawned, stretching his little arms, patting at the hand in BB’s arms with a mumble.

Helvetica nodded. “Mm. How long ye stayin’?”

“Three days, Father, it’s all I can stay away from my patients,” Gaster explained. Helvetica nodded, and Ariel came to sweep them into the kitchen, where a hand built table sat on odd little legs. It didn’t creak though as they set the bowls of soup in front of everyone, happily taking Blue again so Cherry has BB and Gaster held Sans. They chattered on for a while, asking a little bit about Gaster’s patients (they were fine), about if Cherry worked (’I…nannied,’ he stumbled, not wanting to reveal his other, previous occupation to them), how they had met (’An ice cream parlor,’ Gaster said, squeezing Cherry’s hand sweetly under the table.), and whether they would have more little ones soon (Yes, of course, they both said.)

Helvetica nodded, sipping his own bowl of soup. “Woulda had more, magic’s too unpre-dic-table here.”

Cherry shot Gaster a confused look, but nodded all the same. “I see.”

Ariel smiled, bouncing Blue on their shoulder. “Don’t ye worry, we chose this life, happy ta have our son when we could. Now, let’s get these babies an’ ye off ta bed, I hear tell of storms.”

The house was bundled up, windows barricaded just in case. The newsie boy stayed in a nearby little shed looking thing. When Cherry asked if it was safe, Gaster kissed his cheek. “The other workers around here live in there, or at least most do. He’ll be alright.”

Cherry nodded, and that was that.

The bed wasn’t much, a simple mattress on a wooden frame, and Ariel had dragged out Gaster’s very old little cradle for them to sit the babies in. It had to be cleaned, but it was nice, a large G carved into the end of it. Sans was happy to go to sleep, but Blue whined when they were tucked in, not ready for bed. BB just sucked on the fur blanket, staring at Gaster with large eyes. Gaster gently pushed the cradle, and it started to rock slowly, making Blue squeal happily at the new event.

With that, they tucked down for bed, Cherry pressed up close to Gaster, the moon shining through a window to give them a little light. “What did they mean? Unpredictable?”

Gaster hummed, one arm under Cherry’s head, the other wrapped around his waist, hand pressed onto his side against the small infant. They didn’t have their own body yet, but the magic was growing well at least. “In the city, monsters don’t have to worry, they just rely on their own magicks for the infants. In the country, however, it’s a little bit more difficult to get magic to…stick.”

Cherry frowned. “…for food.”

Gaster nodded. “Yes. Thankfully things have gotten easier to retrieve, cities having magic food and the new lands providing us with even more produce.” He kissed Cherry’s head softly. “But that’s only recently. Hopefully one day, no one will have to worry over it.”

Cherry nodded, burying his face into Gaster’s neck sweetly. “Mm, yes. That’s scary…but we’ll be alright, won’t we?”

Gaster chuckled, stroking his hand over Cherry’s belly and then up his back slowly. “Of course, darling. I’ll always make sure of it.”

In the tone there was something dark and sinister, something that would make anyone shudder and keep a keen eye on, but Cherry reveled in it, smiling up at Gaster with a large grin. “Of course you will~”

And they slept, both thinking a little bit more about Helvetica’s insistence on marriage.

Chapter Text

The first day of their visit, Cherry had gotten up early to help Ariel cook. Of course, BB and Blue were awake, so Cherry juggled them a little until Ariel swooped up Blue to coo at him and tickle his cheek. “Aye, big stron’ baby. They’re hungry, I’m bettin’!”

Cherry laughed, tucking BB up into his arms as BB fussed, his booties suspiciously missing now. “My, yes, they’re on their own little schedule! Here let me…” He grabbed up the bottles and things, and Ariel bounced Blue on their shoulder as Cherry shifted BB around while opening the bottles.

“They’re not at the breast then?”

Cherry jumped a little, flushing as BB grumbled angrily and bapped at his shoulder. “O-Oh well, you see, there’s three of them, it’s a little hard…” Plus he wouldn’t be able to until his own baby grew a little. Ariel nodded, taking the bottle Cherry passed them with ease. Blue latched on eagerly, huffing softly up at them.

“What a nifty little invention! Coulda used that when your pa was a babe, toss him at Pa while I cook,” they laughed, and Cherry smiled, feeding BB who was quite angry at waiting and was glaring up at them both, huffing.

With both babies fed, Cherry bustled them back to the crib, where Gaster had already fed a sleepy Sans, and tucked them all into the fur blanket. There was a chill in the house now, which wasn’t so bad but it could certainly get worse. Cherry headed back to assist with the cooking while Helvetica helped drag the small crib into the front room. It was too cold to go out and do the chores right now, so he merely stood by, rocking the crib lightly while Gaster went back to change into day clothes.

After the morning meal, Helvetica and Gaster took Sans and Blue-who were wrapped in cloaks and small fur blankets-outside as they did the chores and put the animals out. Gaster thought they’d love to see one of the cows, and Helvetica just agreed. Cherry and Ariel waved them on, Cherry holding BB who was busy cooing and sucking on his fist, tucked into the sling with the blanket around him. Ariel decided to bring up the wedding discussion again as they swept around the living room, and Cherry blushed.

“We really hadn’t thought of it. My parents died when I was rather…young, and Mama stressed more on finding someone than a wedding,” he explained, kissing BB’s tiny hand when it waved up at him. Ariel laughed.

“Aye, I c’n understand tha’. My own mother was more focused on the upkeep of the house, I s’ppose.” They shrugged, pausing in their sweeping to let the broom stand up in their hand. “But ye’ve got young ‘uns now, Pa’s right. It’s what’s done, rather surprised my boy didn’t bring it up.”

Well, they hadn’t been together that long, but Cherry didn’t say that. Instead he smiled, bouncing BB on his arm. “Don’t fault Gaster, he’s quite busy back home, especially now with the little ones about. I think this is the first time he’s not out tending to a patient.”

Ariel nodded. “Kind boy, that. Always out and about tryin’ ta help out how he can.” Ariel bent down, tugging at a splinter in the wood floor to break it off. “Are ye goin’ for a church weddin’?”

Cherry shrugged, swaying BB in his arms now that they were taking a bit of a break. “I’m not sure. What did you have?”

“Church, but always wanted ta have one out in the fields. Romantic like.” They smiled dreamily. “Pa heard me once, took me out to th’ crops, swingin’ me around and sayin’ we’re married now. Ah, ta be young again.” They laughed, patting Cherry’s shoulder. “They have more places now, but church ‘s the usual spot, ain’t it?”

“The Queen did get married in one, yes.” Cherry murmured, wiggling a finger at BB as he babbled at them happily. “I don’t know. Mayhaps we’ll go hunting around to see what they have nowadays.”

Ariel nodded. “Fair’s fair. We’ll watch ‘em, ya’ll can come here for yer honeymoon, spend some time alone and whatnot.”

Cherry smiled brightly at them. “Thank you, ma’am!”

“Ach, call me Ma, we’re fam anyhow. Let’s get back ta cleanin’ then, or it’ll freeze us in spot,” and off they went, dusting away soot from the fireplace and dirt from the kitchen, BB a babbling happy baby in the sling.


Cherry had found that Helvetica was a butcher for the town nearby that was nestled in the woods. Despite appearances and the difficulty in getting there, the town was quite popular, even owning a boarding school. Helvetica sold slabs of meat to the town, sometimes even trading for other food items or clothing. Cherry and Gaster had accompanied him on the last day they were there, mostly so Cherry could see the town, but Helvetica mostly wanted to show off the grandbabies.

Cherry found it charming that he adored the children so much.

The little butcher shop was nicely made, albeit the door looked very aged. Helvetica let them in out of the cold first, then started bringing in meat and the like as Cherry sat down with the small pram they had carted along with them, the babies squealing away at the warm place. Gaster chuckled, reaching in to let them pat at his hand as Helvetica put down the last bit of meat on the counter to start chopping. “Need anythin’?”

Cherry and Gaster shook their heads. “No Pa, the babies just like the new place is all.”

Helvetica grunted, and continued to work as they warmed up before getting ready to go out on the town. A human popped in to buy some pork, cooing over Helvetica’s grandchildren. “Darlings! Absolutely, aye. Wish me own daughter would settle down,” she cooed, tickling BB’s cheek softly before turning to Helvetica to begin her order.

Out in the town the sidewalks weren’t as nicely paved and even like back home. There were more people walking than taking carriages, and some of them stopped to gush over seeing Gaster again and then congratulating him on his children. Blue was very happy for all the attention, babbling eagerly and wheeling his little feet away under the blanket. BB didn’t seem to mind at first, but started growling after the sixth person reaching in to bother them. Cherry assured them he was just overworked and that he’ll calm down soon enough.

Sans was happy to see new strangers when he was awake, tucking up close to BB to take short naps, all cuddled up under the blanket with his brothers. It was so adorable, too bad the new cameras took so long to take a picture, it would have been precious to see!

As they passed by the boarding school, or at least around the edge of the large stone wall, Gaster had his arm around Cherry as they walked. “You know…they once believed a rabid animal was attacking the villagers.”

Cherry peeked up at him, eyes shining bright as he grinned. “They did, did they?”

“Oh yes, so much so they sent a hunter the year I graduated.” He let a grin take over his face. “Surprisingly, the attacks stopped. Must have found the animal.”

Cherry shivered as if cold, leaning into Gaster as he tried very hard not to laugh and wake up the babies. “Must have. Or perhaps, the animal found himself a better hunting ground.”

Gaster squeezed his shoulder lightly, dropping a kiss to Cherry’s head. “Twas the summer, I believe animals find mates around then, perhaps they were merely…busy.”

Cherry did burst out into a laugh at that, elbowing Gaster with a blush, before happily pecking a kiss to him as they crossed the road back towards the butcher shop. “Well, if so, then he’s made more little fine animals to take up his mantle of terrorizing the villagers, hmm?”

A passing man holding the hand of his little boy jumped as Gaster broke out into a loud joyous laugh, and they hurried back to the shop, trading small inside jabs and giggling like school children.

Chapter Text

While Cherry adored the little trip to see Gaster’s parents and the babies’ grandparents, he was just as equally happy to be back home in their little house. Gaster had gotten two more of the little inventions, so the babies could swing next to each other, but they quickly tuned out for a nap once they made it in that late day. Cherry smiled, stroking a finger over Sans’ tiny cheek. “Poor things, all tuckered out. Too much fun, darling.”

Gaster nodded as he unwound his scarf, curling it around the coat rack before placing his hat atop it. "Their first excursion farther than their pram could go. They did so much better than I had thought."

Cherry nodded, planting a kiss to BB's cheek before he hurried over to Gaster, leaning against him with a grin. "If we are to plan a wedding, darling, we should before I start to get all round."

Gaster chuckled softly, leaning in for a kiss as he curled an arm around Cherry. "I'm not so sure, you would look quite lovely decked in a fine dress and heavy with child."

Cherry blushed, swatting his shoulder playfully. "Oh you! Cad."


Cherry just shook his head, smiling. "Your poor mother would scold us very badly, I suspect. She wants it all done right."

Gaster hummed, nodding as he led them to the nice divan to sit down in front of the now roaring fire. "I suppose. It's not like she would have another opportunity to attend a wedding. Unless one of the children, of course."

Cherry curled up close to him, tucking the ends of his dress around his thighs. "Oh no doubt, I have a feeling she'd fight tooth and nail to attend." He smiled. "But let's play along, dear, she wants us proper so we should acquiesce."

Gaster sighed, his hand pressed against Cherry's side and rubbing small circles into the thin material. "Yes, love, I know. Hmm. She mentioned a honeymoon, yes?"

Cherry nodded and Gaster grinned, pecking a kiss to Cherry's head. "I have the perfect idea in mind. For now, yes, we should get measured and fitted."

"Later, it's quite cold and I'd like to be warmed up."

Gaster grinned sharply as he tugged Cherry close. "I would love to warm you up, dear~"

Cherry sputtered out a laugh that quickly faded to a soft moan as they kissed in the glow of the fire.


"I don't know, darling," Cherry sighed, tucked up into their bed. The day had passed quickly, and after tucking in their three wee children, they had retired to bed where Gaster had raised an…interesting question.

He shifted on the pillow, kissing Cherry sweetly. "But darling, think about it. Our three little ones, another on the way…perhaps more in the future? Wouldn't you rather spend time tending to them than chores?"

Cherry pouted, tilting his head into Gaster's hand when he cupped Cherry's cheek. "You make a fine debater, Gaster. Very well, but no nannies. Or tutors for now, they're too young to do much more than smile."

Gaster chuckled, nodding as he hugged Cherry close, wrapping them both up in the thick comforter. "No nannies, love. Perhaps a cook or part time," he added at Cherry's pouting face, "on days you feel too unwell to cook."

"Hmph. I suppose."

Gaster chuckled at Cherry's stubbornness, kissing his nose playfully. "Perhaps a lady's maid as well, so in case I'm not here they can grab whatever you please while you attend the children."

Cherry clicked his tongue, ducking his head into Gaster's neck to nuzzle up. "Oh, bother. Fine. You are a rather in demand doctor."

Gaster nodded, rubbing Cherry's back. "Yes, and I dread leaving you and the children all alone. It would ease my mind."

Cherry hummed, kissing up Gaster's neck slowly, smiling up at him. "Do you know what my father did, love?"

"No, darling, what?"

Whispering, Cherry pressed his mouth against Gaster's cheek, "He took the nanny to bed, he didn't learn his lesson from the scullery maid. Mother threw them both off a ship." He pecked a kiss to Gaster's cheek, smiling as he nuzzled back down into the pillow. "You would never be as foolish as my father, yes? Not a ploy to get a dirty bird in our bed?"

Gaster had a dazed and almost enraptured look on his face as he pressed a kiss to Cherry quickly. "Never, my love, my heart. Your father was a fool of a man, I know the treasure that lies in front, and in bed, with me."

In the darkness, Cherry's eyes lit up, and they showed their rough passion for one another amongst the bedspread…

…which was nearly immediately interrupted by the small cry of an infant who felt as if the world was ending if he didn't have something to eat right NOW. Gaster had installed a nifty thing in the rooms that looked like a record player that would let them hear the infants in their nursery.

Gaster sighed, his head thumping down on the pillow beside Cherry's head as Cherry softly laughed, his legs uncurling from Gaster's waist. "Our presence is demanded~"

Gaster scoffed, kissing down Cherry's neck slowly. "Perhaps they'll fall back asleep, yes?"

Cherry patted his cheek. "Oh darling, you ought to know that's a 'feed me' cry by now. We best hurry before he rouses his brothers."

Gaster sighed, slowly untucking the blanket from around them and pulling on a simple robe. "Very well, let's attend to the hungry one."

Cherry slipped out of bed easily, smoothing down his nightgown properly as they headed out into the hall to comfort and feed the little one.

(It was Blue, who often had night meals, but they assumed he would sleep through the night as exhausted as they all were. Alas. Sans of course was awake as usual, happy to see them and content to be cradled in Gaster's arms while Cherry fed Blue.

Sans didn't sleep well at night, but he didn't seem upset about it, nor cranky, so they let him be in his tiny world of thoughts and ideas, staring around and babbling softly in the crib between his brothers.)