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The Knot-Tying Job

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“--I’m not sure Reverend Washington is going to know what to do here,” Nana was saying. Alec had her up on the Skype. He’d called her about twenty minutes ago to tell her the news, and after the initial excitement, she’d gotten down to the logistics real quick. Parker admired that efficiency. And she thought it was expected -- moms are supposed to get super psyched for weddings. Parker was mostly happy to let her do her thing, but Parker thought she had a good solution to the whole ‘how to officiate a three people wedding’ question, so she popped down from the counter she perched on while Eliot was cooking and popped her head in front of the webcam.

The little picture window showed Parker she was giving all nostril so she pulled back an inch. “I want Sophie to do it,” she said. Thought for a second. “The talking, part, I mean.”

Hardison pulled her into his lap so she wasn’t blocking his head anymore. He wrapped an arm around her stomach to anchor her and she reached up to pat his hand, touching their rings together. Parker’s was all soft and squishy so it didn’t make a noise, but she was still getting used to the feeling of something being there on her finger where there used to be only skin.

Eliot snorted loud enough that she could hear it over the sound of sizzling peppers. “Nate’s not going to like that.” Nate loved being a religious dude, this was true, but Parker wanted Sophie. Nate got too into it, she didn’t want him forgetting himself and talking too much on the day.

Nana cut in. “Those are...friends of yours?” She sounded suspicious. Parker tried to remember their family cover story.

“Mmhmm,” Hardison confirmed. “We worked together a little at the beginning. Nate helped me find some accounts to manage before I started doing the financials all on my own.”

“And this Sophie, she’s ordained?” Nana sounded a bit distant, like she was ticking boxes.

Parker blinked for a second. That was adorable. Like there was any type of credential or certification that Sophie didn’t have as part of one persona or another. But Parker could be reassuring, weddings were a big deal for the mother of the bride. “Sophie will be amazing,” Parker put in, “She knows how to fix all of the feelings things.”

“In terms of location, your sister held her reception at the Legion. Depending on the number of guests, we could get that done up nice.”

Alec was already shaking his head. “Eliot’s got a place all picked out for a destination thing. It’s somewhere in some mountains.”

Eliot raised his voice. “Kananaskis. It’s a resort in the Rockies.” Eliot came over. Lowering his voice to normal volume, he continued, “Kananaskis is beautiful, right in the mountains; they had G8 there and it used to be a Japanese internment camp so it’s going to be trivial to secure the perimeter.” He nodded, satisfied. That was Eliot, always taking care of them.

Parker reached out and pulled Eliot into frame. As soon as he was close enough, Alec reached his other hand around Eliot’s, locking them together like tandem climbers.

Nana’s eyes had widened. “That’s...good,” she said.

Parker frowned. Nana sounded weirded out. Were they being weird? Parker reviewed what they’d said and no, they were being cute.

She shrugged and let herself zone out while Alec and Nana talked over some other details.


Sophie showed up the next day in a cloud of perfume and rustling fabric. Apparently there wasn’t a moment to lose when it came to discussing arrangements.

“Of course I’m delighted that you chose me.” She really did look delighted, her eyes were all sparkly and she kept reaching out to touch Parker, just a little, lightly, never so long that it would start to bug her. “I officiated a wedding since the Prince of Norway was marrying that sweet Australian woman -- and that was only so I could liberate myself some truly fantastic jewels. Anyway, that was ages ago! I must do something truly special.” Sophie leaned in, “Tell me, what do you think of the marriage customs of the Mongolians?” Before Parker had to admit she didn’t know anything, Sophie continued, “They jump over fire! It’s spectacular.” Parker did like fire, but Sophie was already waving her hand, “No, no, I understand, you have other more important things to focus on. I shall consider the options carefully.”

And then she flounced off to go squeeze Eliot, who hugged Sophie back surprisingly hard and then cleared his throat three times. He’d been clearing his throat a lot, lately. Like yesterday, Nana had pulled out some lace thing she’d gotten at her wedding and Eliot had to excuse himself to cough. Parker hoped he wasn’t getting sick.

Parker looked around for Nate. She found him sitting in an armchair, bottle of scotch balanced on one arm, glass of scotch in the other, clearly sulking. He’d get over it.


Nate was not getting over it.

He sighed loudly whenever any of them mentioned anything about the wedding. When Sophie asked Eliot if they were going to have a chuppah, and potentially also a ceremony where they circled each other, he asked loudly if that was going to be some sort of figure eight since there were two grooms and only one bride. When Alec frowned at him with big eyes Nate just put up his hands and retreated to his armchair.

Enough was enough.

Parker stalked over to him, hands on her hips. “What if I told you we made a very special job for you to do in the wedding?”

Nate eyed her. “Are you trying to buy me off?”

“Is it working?” Parker was not above any sort of trick. This wedding was very important to Eliot and Alec and it was only six months away -- she’d planned multi-site heists on less, but apparently this was tight for a wedding with fifty guests -- and Nate was not going to ruin it for them. Not on Parker’s watch.

Nate tilted his head. Then he took a sip of his drink and smiled. “Potentially. What did you have in mind?”

And that’s how Nate became their wedding planner. It was suited to his skills. Nothing said ‘Nate’ quite like bossing people around.


After that, Parker was left with very little to do.

Starting three months out they weren’t taking any jobs aside from running the brewpub, so she had a lot of time to update her equipment and try out a new ‘extreme bouldering gym’ that had just opened. Spoiler alert: she could have climbed those fake rocks in her sleep. When she was twelve. Well maybe not twelve, she hadn’t really had the grip strength for some of those ledges til her last growth spurt. But the principle was the same.

Every once in a while someone would ask her to look at some napkins and give a thumbs-up. She learned very quickly that it was better to have an opinion than to say ‘whatever you want.’

‘Whatever you want’ led to stress and conversations about whether maybe green and purple (chartreuse and lilac) were not the right colours and maybe the whole wedding book needed to be thrown out. If she just said, ‘no, the fabric is too slippery,’ Alec and Eliot would nod and then go back to their fabric swatches.

Some stuff she did have opinions about. Like the cake.

Cake testing was one of the best days of her life. The company brought out fifteen slices of cake, every flavour combination and all she had to do was eat them.

The caterer person pointed at a red velvet cake. “This one is a preferred option for clients who are focusing on flavour over look,” she said, like it wouldn’t be insanity to pick a cake that tasted bad. Cake should be for eating! “The cream cheese frosting is a vibrant white, avoiding some of the yellowing issues that a traditional buttercream can display on film, while at the same time maintaining a richness and softness that fondant lacks.”

Alec nodded like that made sense while Eliot was staring lasers into the cake, which was pretty much their normal reactions to food. At this point, Parker was buzzing so hard the cake lady was going in and out of focus.

But she knew what she wanted.

“That one,” Parker said, pointing. The cake lady winced and Parker realised she was shouting. “That one,” she said again, whispering.

Nate interjected, “I believe Parker is pointing at the peacock illusion cake.” Parker jumped. She forgot he was sitting there.

And of course Parker wanted the peacock illusion cake. It had candy inside of it. If you cut into it, candy poured out like the world’s best pinata. She must have it.

The cake lady nodded, eyes darting between the four of them. Parker was pretty sure she hadn’t figured out who was actually getting married, and so who actually made the decisions, but she was being game nonetheless so Parker liked her. Or maybe that was just the cake talking, who knew!

“Very good,” cake lady said. “And for the rest of the guests?”

Worlds were opening up inside of Parker. “The rest?” She asked, almost breathlessly.

“The peacock showpiece only feeds twelve. What other cakes would you like for the rest of the guests? Cupcake trees have become fashionable.”

“Yes.” Parker said.

The lady paused. “Yes to what?”

“To more cake.”


She was crashing hard when she Skyped Peggy later. At first, she’d thought Peggy would be a good caterer, but Eliot had made a good point about maybe Peggy not wanting to have to work at her friend’s wedding. Eliot was full of good points, Parker thought sleepily. He’d come up with the idea of the cake spiral, a tower of cupcakes of twelve different flavours.

“Sounds like cake tasting was pretty great.”

“Best...ever,” Parker mumbled, leaning on her hand.

Alec burst in. “Oh hey, Peggy,” he said and didn’t wait for a response before he shoved some glossy cards into her hand. The gilt lettering was blinding. “Speaking of,” speaking of what, Parker wanted to ask but didn’t dare. “We need to get our STDs sent out like, yesterday, so I need your list of invitees ASAP.”

Parker giggled. “STD,” she said to Peggy, who didn’t laugh. Nate would think this was funny, where was he?

“Parker, I would love an STD,” Peggy said. “Do you have my updated address?”

Was she the only one not losing her mind?


The answer was yes. When she tried to pass an STD -- still funny -- to Amy on her break at the brewpub, Amy got offended.

“No, no, Amy, she can pick whoever she wants for a bridesmaid, stay cool,” Amy muttered to herself. “It’s her wedding.”

Parker had missed something. “Do you...want to be a bridesmaid, Amy?” Parker asked, trying to understand what Amy was saying.

“Yes! Of course! Thank you so much for asking, I will be the best bridesmaid ever. I have seen the film Bridesmaids seven times and I know exactly what not to do.” Amy threw her hands around Parker and Parker awkwardly clenched back, bemused. Apparently she had a bridesmaid now.

“Who is your maid of honour?” Amy asked that question the same way Parker would ask if someone had the cash; utterly serious and ready to do violence if they didn’t have the right answer.

Parker thought fast. “My friend Peggy. She lives in Boston.”

“Give me her number.” Amy pulled back, but just enough to grab Parker by the shoulders. “Don’t worry, we’ll handle everything. What are your wedding colours?”

Parker wasn’t sure what was happening. It felt like recently everything was being handled by someone else who all acted like Parker was supposed to be handling something. It’s like those dreams everyone had, where she’s in a rig about to use a diamond cutter to get into a secure museum case, and then she realises that actually it’s a water gun. And she’s naked. Parker had the suspicion that any moment she’d look down and someone would say, “You had one job, Parker, where are you going with that water gun?”

But that day hadn’t come yet, so she told Amy about chartreuse and lilac.


Parker was bored so she’d draped herself over Eliot’s shoulders while he was reviewing a pile of papers with pictures attached.

Parker heard Sophie’s heels click by towards them but she didn’t move.

“Oh, you’re auditioning wedding security?” Sophie asked, grabbing at the stack.

Interviewing. Interviewing security, Sophie,” Eliot said, smacking the papers, gently, out of her hands.

Not very effectively because Sophie picked one up again. “What about this gentleman? He looks sufficiently glowering and intimidating.”

Eliot’s eyes flicked over to the paper for the barest of seconds. “Kenneth. He’s a no. He’s been staffing a security company in the Niger Delta for the last few years.”

Parker and Sophie just stared at him blankly.

“You worked with him before?” Sophie asked, delicately.

“A few times.” When Eliot said the words, they were tinged with some misery. After all this time, Parker knew Eliot well enough to know he was thinking about his own history and the things he’d done.

“But not anymore,” Parker said firmly, trying to remind him. They’d changed together -- none of them were the people they were before.

“Yeah.” Eliot shook himself. “We need someone who can do non-violent crowd control. It’s been too long since Kenneth had to deal with anyone he couldn’t blast with napalm.”

“Alec’s cousin Andre is be coming so,” napalm might be appropriate, she didn’t finish, but knew Eliot heard anyway.

Eliot looked tempted before a second but then he shook his head and put the paper away.

“Why can’t Shelley do it?” Shelley had impressed Parker with his punching skills, they were almost as good as Eliot’s. Parker would never admit that anyone could punch as good as Eliot, but Shelley was up there. He’d come to a few other poker nights, but Parker best remembered when he came to help her boys take down two gangs and rescued Hurley. An eventful evening.

“He’s my best man.”

Parker frowned. “Alec’s not going to like that.”

Eliot looked immediately concerned. “Why not?”

“Alec wants to put the people with the greatest chance of objecting as far to the back as possible.” Parker knew this because Alec had been darkly muttering about this last night while staring at some colour coded spreadsheet.

“Oh for the love of -- Shelley is not trying to steal me back.” Eliot threw down a paper and stalked off.

“How about a traditional handfasting?” Sophie asked, spreading her hands across the table.

Parker shook her head. “I break out of handcuffs.”

“Right. Not the metaphor we’re going for.”


Parker was bouncing back into the bedroom, a little buzzy, feeling like going for a run, when she saw Alec huddled under the blanket on their bed. She checked her phone, but she knew what it would say, which was a time that was way too early for bedtime, way too late to be getting up.

She tapped on her phone.


The bundle that was Alec shuddered a little but didn’t say anything.

Eliot burst in. “What happened?” He growled.

Alec threw the blanket off his head.

“Some of the Hardisons are having a hard time coming in.”

Parker processed that. “Andre?” She asked hopefully.

Alec just threw the blanket back on his head.

Eliot and Parker exchanged a look. Parker slid in behind Alec and Eliot took the front, gently wrestling him out of the blankets.

Once they had Alec safely pinned down, they got him talking.

“Apparently,” Alec said with maximum irony, “some of the cousins are having a hard time getting their passports sorted out.”

“So we need to forge some documents?” Parker said. This seemed like a solvable problem to Parker.

“That’s just Nana’s nice way of telling me some people don’t want to come. Nana said, maybe if didn’t call it a wedding, but.”

Eliot stiffened and looked down. “But we want to say we’re married.” Eliot said, voice gravelly.

Alec nodded.

Parker wasn’t stupid, she knew some people thought weddings were for two people, and between one penis and one vagina only. But it still seemed, small, and petty, and sort of stupid. She’d seen some of Nate’s plans, this wedding was going to be the event of the century. Personalised centrepieces; where else were you going to get that?

“It’s just not what I thought my wedding would be like, you know?” Even without the blanket, Alec still sounded muffled.

“I know,” Eliot said, heavy. “My cousin got married on her dad’s ranch, whole passel of relations drove in. Half the town came in, some I’d never seen before and we danced til it got grey out, the sun just coming back up.” He wasn’t smiling when he described it. “I thought that would be me, one day.”

Parker was waiting for the bit where he said, ‘But this is better, so buck up Alec! Be an early worm, get that bird.’ But he didn’t. He just lay down and Alec pulled Eliot in, face pressed against Alec’s chest.

Parker gave them both a pat, cause they weren’t going anywhere.


They lay there for a long while.

Eventually, Alec’s stomach rumbled and they did have to get up, but Parker had a lot of time to think.

Parker waited til after they had been fed and watered. She’d learned this trick from Sophie. If you wanted the mark to break, make them hungry. If you wanted them happy, get them fed.

“About earlier,” she started and they both drooped like sad flowers. “This is what I mean! You’re the ones who want to get married, and it’s making you miserable! I don’t understand why. This is something that should make you feel good, and it’s not, and I need you to tell me why so we can figure out what to do about it.”

She whirled on Eliot. “Don’t tell me it’s not making you miserable, it’s not just today, I saw the meltdown you had at the security interviews.”

Eliot had stopped dead and turned to stare at her. “You don’t want to get married?” He asked, voice dangerously quiet. That voice wasn’t for fun chats, that was the voice of ‘When I say ‘go,’ get down and crawl to the door.’ Or, ‘before you, I never got to feel like I was a person, first, and a weapon second.’

She didn’t know why he used it right now.

So she shrugged.

“You don’t want to get married,” Eliot said, flatly. He rubbed his face with his hand and collapsed onto the couch. It’s a full ragdoll, rather than a controlled descent.

She looked at Hardison to see if he could explain, but he was also just staring, eyes wide.

Parker frowned, tried to explain better. “I don’t really care. You already told me you love me, and you promised not to leave,” which was the important thing, she thought, the promising. “The wedding thing seemed important to you, so I figured, why not?” The only person Parker knew who was married was Archie. She’d spied on his house a few times when she was younger.

He’d have dinner with his wife, but they wouldn’t talk very much, and they’d sit together in one of his big rooms with the stuffed furniture and read together. A couple of times one of his kids would be there and they’d watch TV instead. Then they’d go to sleep on their opposite sides of the bed, turn out the lights.

It didn’t seem that exciting. Parker didn’t get what the big deal was. What Parker and Eliot and Alec had was way better than that.

Nate had been married, and Maggie was so cool! Way too cool for Nate, and actually Sophie was too. So maybe marriage was just a way to trick awesome people into staying with less awesome people -- except that Maggie had left Nate and also none of them had to trick each other. They’d all chosen each other freely.

At the end of the day, Parker didn’t really know or care about weddings and marriage. But she knew Eliot and Alec cared about it, and she did care about them, and this was something they both wanted for the three of them. And she liked giving them what they wanted, and this one was so easy. All she had to do was show up, say some stuff, and eat some cake.

Or it was easy until they’d started expecting her to have opinions. Cause with opinions she can be wrong -- and from their expressions, she said something wrong now.

“Why not? That’s not a good reason to get married.” Eliot echoed, hand back over his face.

Parker rolled her eyes. Alec would know how to cheer Eliot up.

“Alec, make Eliot --”

Alec cut her off. “What is happening?” He asked, eyes shining, bewildered.

“That’s what I’m asking! I just wanted to know why you are miserable.”

“Well, Parker,” Eliot said from the couch, voice still flat, eyes still covered. “Right now it’s cause we think you don’t want to get married and maybe we’ve been forcing you to go along with it and we’ll have to cancel the wedding.” He paused. “And I guess also maybe you’ll leave us cause we’re assholes.”

Parker’s jaw dropped open. “What?” The question came out more as a puff of air than an actual sound. That was so, so ridiculous. Maybe even stupid. Someone would have to run an elaborate heist to pry her out of this relationship; that was the only way she was going anywhere.

Alec had made his way over to join Eliot on the couch, sitting at the far end, leaning forward, head in his hands. Both of them were sitting very still. If she took a picture and made a flipbook, it would look like one person rocking back and forth. Back, hand over eyes like Eliot, forward, hand in head like Alec. So she guessed that meant Alec agreed with Eliot.

“We should have known,” Alec said, voice hollow. “Remember when we asked about wedding colours and Parker said black was sneaky?” Black was her favourite colour, it went with all the funnest things to do. Stealing? Check. Climbing things? Check. Sneaking up on people? Yes.

Eliot hummed and said, “Or when I asked her about a sit-down reception versus circulating canapes and she said that milling waiters was the best way to hide a good lift?” That was also true!

Alec gave a small ha. “Or when --”

Parker had enough, time to put a stop to this. She crouched down between them. “Look at me,” she said, and they unglued their hands from their faces.

She reached out both of her hands, making little grabby motions. Eliot gave her his left hand, Alec his right, and she gripped them. She suppressed the sudden hysterical urge to make them do the wave. This clearly called for some serious emotional smart stuff.

Luckily, she was great at that.

Many hours of Sophie twitching her left eye at something Parker said flashed through her mind all at once. Don’t think about it, she scolded herself. She could do this.

Maybe some facts would help? She could do facts.

Start with an obvious one, she thought. “I want to be with you and I never want to break up.” Parker gave their hands a squeeze for emphasis.

Eliot let out a whoosh of breath and squeezed her hand back. They both looked at Alec but he was just braced.

“But?” Alec asked.

Parker shook her head. “No buts. We’re not breaking up.” She thought he still looked a little suspicious, but he gave her a short nod.

She started up again. Item two: “Marriage isn’t that big a deal. To me.” Alec opened her mouth and she shook her head. She wanted to get through her whole list. “No, really. I don’t have any opinions about it. It’s never been a big part of my life. But,” there was a but, actually, “I know it’s important to both of you.” Alec and Eliot treated this wedding like it was a real Faberge egg -- similar to others, but still rare, fragile, and very precious. They tended to it, thought about the details of how to protect it. Parker liked that. “I like that getting married is something nice I can do for you.” She smiled a little at them, but they just looked back at her. Tough crowd.

Alec cleared his throat. “Can I speak now?” She nodded, pleased that he waited, that he asked. “Parker -- Eliot back me up on this -- weddings,” Alec waved his free hand in the air a little, “should be a bigger deal than, say, watching all the Star Wars movies with me.” He sped up a little, “Don’t say you actually wanted to watch them, I know you did it just cause I think they’re an important cultural touchstone.” She hadn’t been about to argue, actually. She never would have watched Star Wars without Alec. No regrets though, CGI Yoda was still great.

Why was it different?

“Why?” Parker asked. It just kept coming back to this and no one was explaining it to her. All of her questions were the same question. “Why does it have to matter more than that?”

The silence carried.

Then Eliot said, “When Alec first asked -- when we first talked about getting married,” he stopped for a second, swallowed. “I was really happy.” Parker remembered. He did the crying thing where the water still stays in the eyes. “I was happy because you both wanted,” he paused for a second, “wanted it.”

Eliot cleared his throat. “Weddings are about standing in front of everyone who matters and telling them just how much you love someone. Love them in such a way that you want to make them promises.” He looked at her, dead in the eye and she could see that little look of desperation he got whenever he had to talk for more than forty words in a row. He once told her if you needed to use that many words you’d be better off doing something useful instead.

“Not just promises in the dark, but in public, out loud, so everyone knows and can hold you accountable. It’s a covenant,” he says the words reverently, the first time Parker’s ever heard him say something so religious. “It’s about putting love in community.”

Parker looked over at Alec and felt like he was wearing her face. They were both blinking a little, mouth dropped open. She never felt more connected to Alec than when they were both loving Eliot with everything they had.

“Yeah,” Alec said, voice hoarse. “That.”

Parker rocked back and forward, moving her weight from heel to toe, as she thought.

People are like locks, and now that Eliot and Alec can open some of hers, they can get inside and see what’s there, move it around. That’s a lot of danger. It would be so easy for them to steal away something she needed, but they never do. It’s a special thing, she never expected it to even be possible.

If a wedding is everything Eliot says, it’s a chance for them to tell everyone else that, so they know how careful they are with each other.

Everyone should know that.

“Ok,” she said.

Alec tilted his head. “Uh, Parker?”

“Let’s get married.”

Eliot’s lips quirked. Alec squinted at her. “Just like that?”

“Well, no,” she said. “I’ve got a lot of things to do, I think there’s a clipboard around here somewhere.”

Eliot collapsed forward, pressing his face against Parker’s neck. Alec watched them for a moment before Parker pulled on his hand and he came down too.

Then Alec turned his head and devoured her mouth. She made a surprised noise, Alec’s kiss was possessive, consuming.

For a moment, that was the only parts connecting her and him, Alec’s hand on hers, her mouth on his; two points of warmth.

Below, Eliot was kissing her neck, working his way up the the side to her jaw and back down. Eliot brushed his lips lightly and his slight scruff tickled and she jumped, disconnecting her from Alec. Immediately, she let out a moan as Eliot bit down on the place he’d tickled.

“Oh, I like that,” Alec said, and ducked his head to help Eliot out. Between the two of them, she was gasping, a mixture of feather light touches and powerful pressure -- unpredictable.

She started making grabby motions, desperate to touch, and with persistence and thief fingers, she worked Alec and Eliot’s shirts off and --yes!-- she now had all of this delicious skin that she could touch as much as she wanted.

“Bed,” she thought she heard Eliot say but it was muffled.

She pulled on his hair a little, to get him to lift his head up. His eyes went a little glassy.

“Bed,” he said, more clearly.

She nodded.

No one made a move, all of them clearly reluctant to stop touching each other. It felt like they had just come back from some ledge. Which was ridiculous because they were just in the living room, but that’s what it felt like.

Someone was going to have to be the proactive one, which, as usual, meant her.

“Race you!” She said, and made a break for it.

Alec caught her halfway up the stairs and pressed her into the wall, kissing her again.

A clink of a buckle caught her attention and she broke away to see Eliot doing away with his pants. He was now extremely naked and Parker’s mouth went dry.

“Dibs,” Alec said, licking his lips.

“You can’t dibs a person, Alec,” Eliot said, exasperated, but Parker just nodded. A dibs was sacred.

“Fine, but no hogging.”

Eliot made a noise which might have been laughter, but Parker just grinned at him and reached for his hand. She hauled him up and finally they made it into the bedroom.

She bounced onto the bed, wriggling out of her pants.

Eliot stopped midway through the door. Parker was already licking her fingers to slide them against herself, feet firmly braced on the bed. “C’mon Alec, you said dibs, do something.”

That spurred Alec into action and he crushed Eliot against him, lips to lips, chest to chest. Parker knew that Alec would be heating up, a blush you couldn’t see but that still set the world on fire. Oh yeah, this was the good stuff, she thought, and lightly flicked her fingertips up and down, a bare tease. She was starting to ache.

Alec kissed Eliot til Eliot was whimpering and panting.

“Good?” Alec asked.

“Mm-hmm,” Parker said.

Alec nudged Eliot towards the bed and fell towards her.

“Hi,” she said to him, smiling and petting his hair a little.

“Hi,” Eliot said back.

Then she gave him a little nudge and he moved down her chest, lips tracing a path down and his hands swept up her sides, til he got to her nipple. Now, Parker had very sensitive nipples. They’d proven it when Alec and Eliot had made her come just by licking them. It had been a very confusing orgasm, cause her body felt like something else should have been going on, but still very pleasurable. And Eliot set about using all his skills, starting below the nipples, just feeling the space, as it were, before starting to gently draw circles with the tip of his tongue.

Parker let her eyes drift closed.

She felt the bed shift beside her as Alec joined them. Without opening her eyes, she turned her head for a kiss.

Parker felt the warmth start to grow within her, and with it some restlessness. She rubbed her legs together, chasing friction.

Alec gently pushed on her shoulder and she got the message. Taking Eliot with her, she rolled onto her side. Eliot was facing her. He kissed her face a couple of times, purposefully missing her lips. He got her eyebrow, her temple, the tip of her nose, and then he wiggled back down to get at her chest.

She liked this though, she could feel him all along the length of her. And it got better with Alec slid in behind her, nuzzling her neck. He lifted her leg and she pointed it straight out. She could have held that position, but he gently lowered it back down and --oh. He’d slicked himself slightly and now his hardness was trapped between her thighs. When he shifted, the tip of his cock hit her clit and she got sparks. When he pulled back, she got enough friction to soothe the ache.

He held her hip and slowly rolled his hips against hers. All the while, Eliot kept up the wicked work of his mouth, using his hand every once in a while to flick her other nipple. He’d switch back and forth whenever he sensed a change in her breathing.

She realised she was moaning, beyond caring about the noises she was making.

She needed more.

“Alec, Alec,” she was pleading.

“Yeah?” He asked, pulling her against him. She bucked, seeking more pressure, more friction.

“I want you inside.”

Alec pulled away and she shivered, cold now without his heat.

Then he was back, and sliding in and the friction was all-consuming. She bore down, happy to have him inside, wanting to feel all of it.

Alec set up a steady rhythm and Parker pushed back against him. It was almost too much, Alec inside of her, Eliot sending sparks behind her eyes every time he flicked a nipple.

She needed Eliot closer. She yanked on his hair and he looked up at her, dazed.

“Kiss me,” she said.

“But…” he said, staring at her breasts. Her nipples had gone all pink from what he’d been doing.

“Kiss me,” she said as firmly as she could manage, which was a little breathlessly since Alec hadn’t let up.

He came up and kissed her, rubbing his hard cock against her stomach, leaving slightly sticky trails.

She felt perfectly held up between them, pressed against the full length of them. It was like being in a small duct in a building, all safe and cozy. Except better than that because she was with her guys and she was going to have an orgasm at some point.

Parker grabbed Eliot’s butt to grind him against her and realised that Eliot and Alec were holding hands over her body. She liked that. She wanted a picture of it so she could look at it and say aww.

Alec was panting a little and she knew it wouldn’t be long for him. It felt nice -- she didn’t want it to stop -- but it wasn’t going to get her anywhere. She kind of liked that, actually, being able to just enjoy instead of getting all frantic.

She tangled her feet with Eliot, which kind of shifted their angle. Instead of getting her dead on, her knee had come up a bit and Alec was draped over her back, pressing her down on top of Eliot. It felt just a little bit deeper and Parker moaned. She wanted Alec to fuck her into Eliot, until their bodies were stuck together and you couldn’t tell where she ended and he began.

Too soon, his hips were juddering and he pressed himself all the way into her, thrusting two, three times before he stilled.

She wanted to give him time pull himself together but waiting time was over, she wanted to come now.

“Condom, Alec, come on,” she said, after waiting a heroic interval of at least three seconds.

“Uh, right,” he said, and pulled himself out.

She hissed, trying to keep him inside.

“I know, I know, but I need to get Eliot a condom, that’s what you want.” He was trying to pet her a little, soothing.

She nodded, her brain knew that but her body was just screaming at her to do something about the burning inside of her.

Eliot was nuzzling the top of her head, but nothing would soothe her right now. She dug her nails into Eliot’s side and he hissed. She smiled, that was better. Gentleness was over -- now she wanted to feel it.

She rolled off of Eliot impatiently as Alec slid the condom on him. Eliot’s penis jumped when Alec touched it, and she thought that it was as desperate as she was.

Alec had barely removed his hand when she swung her hips over Eliot’s and sunk down. He let out one long moan, not pausing until she’d taken him to the root.

She sighed, satisfied. Lifted herself almost all the way up, slid back down. Did it again, and this time he tried to follow her. Points for initiative, but she was in charge now. It was a trifle to keep his hips where she wanted them.

Alec slid behind her, flush against her back again, but this time he slid his hand down over her front until his fingers brushed her clit.

She shivered, this time not from the cold.

All he did was press his fingers, but that’s all she needed, she could take it from here.

She rode Eliot hard as he gripped her hips for dear life. She didn’t pull off very far, not anymore, but she ground down as much as she could, pulling him all the way in.

She kept going til she started to feel it a little in her thighs, which meant that Eliot must be absolutely dying, but he didn’t complain. He just bit off little moans and gripped her hips so tight she thought there might be bruises. What a lovely thought, that she’d carry a memento of what they did together on her body to go with her engagement ring.

Visible proof of what they were to each other. She got it now.

She bared her teeth savagely and sped her hips, rocking against him now.

“Parker, please,” Eliot begged, and it was music to hear ears. He made her feel so wanted.

“Alec,” she said, and stilled her hips. He rubbed her clit faster, going in circles now as she clenched down on Eliot. There it was. She felt it coming and helped it along by rocking back and forth just a little -- not enough to dislodge Alec, but enough she could feel Eliot moving inside of her.

She shattered, broken cries coming from her mouth as she collapsed forward, falling onto Eliot’s chest, knocking Alec’s fingers away as the pressure became unbearable. He thrust up, each thrust setting off another wave inside of her until it was a tsunami, pleasure so powerful her vision went white.

Parker didn’t notice when Eliot came, only when he gently helped her off him and onto the bed.

She cracked an eye. “I’d tell you again how much I want you both, but I don’t think I can move.” Well, she probably could. If it was a real emergency. Like if there was only one chocolate bar left or something.

Eliot just smiled at her.

“You worked hard, babe,” Alec said, “Let me.”

She wasn’t sure if he meant the sex, or before with all of the feelings. She supposed it didn’t really matter.