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The Black Hole

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'I'll love all your demons because now their my demons too."
-"Blood Brothers" by Nicole Dolanganger


Joyce Byers was not weak. When Lonnie sleazed his way through their divorce, she didnt sit still and let it fucking happen. She kicked Lonnie's ass out, got a house for her two boys, and told him and the rest of hawkins to fuck off. She wasn't weak when her Will got snatched up by that interdimensional dog and got possesed by that fucking demon. She wasn't weak when she had to fucking excorsise her child and when she fought goddamn Russians. Joyce Byers had been through hell and back, she should've put her head down in submission and just given up, she didn't. Joyce Byers would never be weak, but now as she felt her insides deteriorate and her hair slip away, she felt defeat settle in her bones.