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Boss's Affection

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Callas sighed as he picked up broken dishes that was caused by a small fight between two guardians. This wasn’t the first time this has happened and it won’t be the last. At least they didn’t destroy any walls this time. Callas picked up the last bits and into a plastic bag, tying it up. “Uh, excuse me,” A small voice called out behind him. Causing him to turn around, seeing a girl in a maid outfit. “Decimo asked for your presence in his office immediately.” She whispered as she grabbed the bag of shards from the male. Callas hesitated before nodding his head as he started to walk to the boss’s office. His palms were sweaty as he felt his heart race. Did you do something wrong? God, he hoped he wasn’t getting fired.

As he walked he imagined that while he talked to the boss, he would suddenly lose his ability to speak Itailten. Then he would look like a circus clown in front of the man who hired him and provided him with the things he needed to live his life. He stopped in front of the door to the Decimo’s office. Callas looked down at his brown hands and gulped. He took a deep breath in and ran his fingers through his hair, perhaps the boss just wants a small report on maids and butlers. He opened the door and walked in, closing the door behind him. “Hello, Callas.” He heard a smooth yet deep voice greet him. Callas jumped as he turned around, “O-Oh, hi!” He awkwardly greeted back. The boy cursed under his breath quietly because of his stupid stuttering.

Tsuna watched the small, awkward boy stare down the ground as he fidgeted with his hands and held a panicked expression. The male had brown skin and black messy hair. You could notice some dark freckles on his face and he wore a black butler suit that had a chain that was hooked on his pants. Tsuna frowned as he noticed his brown eyes that were contacts lenses. “You wanted to see me, sir?” Callas asked as he finally looked up and meet Tsuna’s eyes. He sent a warm smile to the nervous boy and it calmed the tensed boy a bit. “Why are you wearing contacts?” He asked, ignoring what Callas said.

The boy’s widen his eyes as he quickly removed the lenses from his eyes, causing them to accidentally dropping them on the wall. His actually eye color was a bright red. Callas came from a village where the people had natural red eyes. “I love your eyes, you look much cuter.” Tsuna complimented and brown skinned boy felt his face flush from the compliment. Callas face was a dark shade of crimson. The boss felt his smile grow wider as he watched the small male get himself flustered from a simple compliment. It was truly adorable to him.

“W-What did you wanted me for, s-sir.” Callas tried to cover up his embarrassment as he tried to act calm. Tsuna stood up from his chair and slowly walked towards him. He softly caressed the shorter boy’s cheek as he made the boy move closer towards him. “S-Sir?” Callas whispered as he looked up at his boss. Lips were forced upon his own, a tongue pushing its way inside Callas's mouth.

The boy gasped, only giving Tsuna more room. He could feel his boss feel every inch of his mouth with his tongue and all he could was grip on the taller male's shoulder. Tsuna was easily dominating Callas. The decimo put his knee against Callas' thighs, rubbing.


It’s been two weeks after that and Tsuna’s affection has grown and he still has been showing that. There would be random kisses, flirtatious behavior. Callas didn’t know how to feel about the situation he is in. Is his boss just playing with him? A part of him knew that there was no way the boss would do that to him, to anyone! He just sighed as he unlocked his front door, closing it behind him. Callas walked to the living room, stopping in place. He saw a bouquet of roses on the coffee table, and it had a note beside it. He looked around, expecting someone to just jump out. Ambushing him, but there was no one.

Callas didn’t live with anyone and he didn’t have a girlfriend. Nor did he give anyone access to his home. He gulped as he picked up the folded card, opening it. The words were in cursive. “I would have delivered them personally, but I’m in a meeting right now ;(. I’ll see you soon!” It was signed by his boss, Tsunayoshi.

He didn't like where this situation was heading.