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A New Reputation

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The sound of the bell made itself heard across the whole school, not only signaling for lunch-time, but it also snaps a certain raven-haired boy from his train of thoughts. Akira Kurusu, the leader of the now recently retired Phantom Thieves of Hearts was sitting on his usual spot on the classroom. After dealing with another class (and another couple of minutes of getting the whole class’ attention for easily dodging another chalk thrown by Mr. Ushimaru. Bottom-line, typical Wednesday morning.) Akira placed his books and notebooks back to his bag with quite a bit of enthusiasm.


Morgana: Another lunch-time at the roof, huh?


Morgana, the cat-like creature that Igor created with the remains of mankind’s hope spoke from his place under Akira’s desk with a cheeky grin. The lips of our misunderstood hero forms a faint but sweet smile as he knows what that means.

Since he finally got out of Juvenile Hall, the other thieves were minded to give Akira a great amount of good memories before he has to go back to his hometown. However, in lunchtime, they decided to give him that time so he could spend it with Makoto Niijima, the advisor, second-in-command of the Thieves and also Akira’s girlfriend.

Even though the brunette was practically a blushing mess when Ann, Ryuji and Haru told her the suggestion, she was considerable grateful for that. After all, they knew both lovers needed to make up for all those 50 days of missed romantic escapades and with Akira’s departure coming soon, they had little time to work.

As Akira was walking to the classroom door, he suddenly heard a voice calling him out.


“Hey, Kurusu, do you have a minute?”


Akira turns around to see who called him out, only to see it was none other than Mr. Ushimaru himself who was asking him to come to his desk for a moment. With a raised eyebrow, the thief leader walked to the teacher.


Akira: Yes. Is something the matter, Ushimaru-Sensei? It is about all the chalks I dodged?


Ushimaru: Does it look like I’m calling you out just for dodging chalk? No, is not about that.


The teacher shook his head, relieving Akira of any possible worries. Struggling a bit, Mr. Ushimaru spoke.


Ushimaru: Look. I just… want to apologize.


Now both of Akira’s eyebrows raised in honest surprise. Wondering why the sudden commentary, he wanted to say something but he let the teacher keep speaking.


Ushimaru: When you first came here, I thought you were just another lazy delinquent. But… now I see I completely misunderstood you.


Akira: Uh… thank you, sensei…?


That was the only thing Akira could say, he was honestly confused for seeing the usually grumpy, chalk-throwing teacher apologizing out of the blue. Mr. Ushimaru sighed in a bit of frustration before finishing speaking.


Ushimaru: I can’t blame you for being so confused about it. But that’s all I just wanted to say, you can leave now.


With a respectful bow, Akira walked to the door, but before leaving the classroom, Mr. Ushimaru called him out again while standing up from his desk. And for the tone in his voice, it was clear he just remembered something.


Akira: Something else, sensei?


Ushimaru: Yes, I just forgot. You might want to prepare yourself. For what I’ve heard, I’m not the only one who wants to apologize.


With that said, Ushimaru walked out of the classroom. Akira stand there a couple of seconds, still a bit confused for that strange moment. He just shrugged and walked out to the roof to meet with Makoto. As he was walking, Morgana whispered to him.


Morgana: What was that all about?


Akira: I don’t know. Maybe it’s not a big deal.


He whispered back to the cat and shrugged again. Morgana just blinked in curiousity and whispered again.


Morgana: Anyway, you know where to drop me, I’ll meet up with Haru and I’ll see you after school.


Akira nodded. He was grateful with Morgana as well for being so considerate for his relationship with Makoto. They both agreed to when the love-birds would have their rooftop-lunch-times, the cat would go with Haru so they could spend some time together while the lovers enjoyed their alone-time.


Akira: Alright, I’ll see you in LeBlanc.


Morgana: You got it. 






Meanwhile, Ryuji Sakamoto, the charge commander of the Phantom Thieves and Akira’s best friend was just walking in the first floor of the school, clearly a bit frustrated. He knew this was another lunch-time for Akira and Makoto and he was really happy for both of them, but the real reason of his frustration was that he went to the school store to finally buy one of those Yakisoba Breads Akira talked him about.


He didn’t get one.


Wondering what to do before the next class, Ryuji just walked around, wondering if he should meet up with Ann, go to hang around with Mishima or---


“No way!”

“It is true!?”  

" It can’t be, right!?”

“If that’s true, that means…!”

“My, god… we totally got Kurusu-kun wrong all along!”


His train of thoughts were rapidly interrupted by a couple of sudden voices heard at the end of a hall he was actually walking around. Normally, Ryuji wouldn’t give a damn about whatever rumors were spreading around Shujin this time. However, since its Akira they were talking about, he ran to find the source of those voices.

Turning around the corner, he found a familiar figure. Asumi Misaki. The only member of the school’s newspaper club. Next to her, there was a bunch of students walking away from her while reading what seemed to be a copy of today’s newspaper. Ryuji couldn’t see their faces, but by judging their voices, he figured out they were surprised for whatever article they were reading.

Deciding to get to the bottom of this, the blond boy walked to the lady and asked.


Asumi: Oh, Sakamoto-San. Good morning.


Ryuji: Sup? Hey can I ask you what was all that crap about?


Asumi: You mean the new article that’s driving all Shujin crazy? 


Asumi asked in sheer curiosity, making Ryuji to nod. Seeing Ryuji didn’t had mean intentions, she gave him another copy of today’s newspaper.


Asumi: Here it is, Sakamoto-San. Page 3, I’m sure you will find this… interesting.


Raising an eyebrow in confusion, Ryuji opened the newspaper in the indicated page. He found quite a massive article about some change of reputation. Ryuji took a couple of seconds reading. His eyes slowly widened in shock after reading the article. 


Ryuji: wait, what the eff…?


He read it for the second time and then both his eyes his mouth widened as possible. He slowly raised his gaze from the paper. He remained frozen in shock for a few seconds. Asumi was starting to be worried for him, but before she would consider calling the nurse, Ryuji shook his head violently, startling the girl a bit. He apologized for that.


Ryuji: M–my bad Asumi! Do you mind if I keep this!?


Asumi: Uh, sure, you can.


Ryuji: Thanks!


Without even letting Asumi asking what was wrong with him, Ryuji ran out of there as quickly as he could. The only times he ran like that was when he was running for his life when escaping collapsing palaces or running away from the Reaper. But for him, THIS was much more important. While running, only one thought was in his mind.


“Holy shit! I gotta tell the others! F’REAL, I GOTTA TELL THEM!!!


Ryuji: I gotta tell --- OW!


“OW, HEY!!!”


That train of thoughts was interrupted again when he accidentally bumped into someone. Both people falling on their butts due to the bump, Ryuji realized he accidentally bumped into Ann Takamaki, another of his thief companions (and Ryuji’s secret long-time-crush. Shhhh, don’t tell Morgana…). He got up and helped the blond lady to get up.


Ryuji: My-my bad, Ann… you ok?


Still rubbing her butt due to the fall, she snapped at Ryuji and smacked the back of his head.


Ann: Dammit, Ryuji! Watch were you’re going, you moron!


Ryuji: OUCH! I told you I’m sorry, dammit!


After calming down a little, Ann asked while Ryuji was still rubbing the back of his head.


Ann: Anyway. Why the heck were you running like crazy? Did you managed to piss off your homeroom teacher again?


Ryuji: Hell no! I was running ‘cus I found THIS!


Still a bit pissed, Ryuji showed Ann the page of the paper. She took her time reading it and after reading it for the second time, her face was as shocked as Ryuji’s when he read it first. Both blondies shared a shocked glance before Ann spoke.


Ann: Holy crap! We gotta tell the others!


Ryuji: That's what I was trying to do before I bumped into you!


Ann: Then what are you waiting for, you dumbass!? We gotta move!


Ryuji: R-right.






Meanwhile during that little moment with the blondies, Haru Okumura was busy with gardening. Knowing her place in the rooftop was currently busy with Akira and Makoto’s lunch-time, she took her time to take care of the little gardens in the courtyard. The mere idea of them taking a little romantic escapade made her sigh with an almost unnoticeable hint of sadness.

Sometimes she couldn’t help but to think of Akira as the dashing rouge who saved her from the arranged marriage her father put her into, so she was clearly heartbroken when she kind of confessed her feelings for him and he (as gently and respectful as he possibly could, of course) said he couldn’t reciprocate them as he was already loving someone else.

Still, she was happy for Makoto when she found out the advisor was the one who stole Joker’s heart, with great confidence, she along with the other thieves told them she would do whatever in their power to help the power couple whenever they needed help. Thus, the agreement with the rooftop-lunch-time.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a sudden “THUD” sound right next to her. The slightly sadistic but sweet fluff ball gasped a bit startled while turning to the source. It was none other than Anton “Bebop” Zeck, who just dropped a huge bag of fertilizer next to her. Morgana was sitting on the warthog's shoulder.


Bebop: My bad, Haru. Didn’t mean to scare ya.


Haru: It’s Ok, Anton-San. I was just distracted by my thoughts.


She giggled a little as she regained her composure.


Haru: Anyway, thank you so much for your help with these bags. You too, Mona-Chan.


Bebop: No problem, yo.


Morgana: You know we’re here anytime you need help, Noir.


The talking cat said before turning his head.


Morgana: Hey, Diamond! Are you going to hurry up with those bags!?


Rocksteady: Da, da! Don’t has to yell so much!


Ivan “Rocksteady” Steranko yelled back at Mona as he was walking to them while carrying two huge bags under each one of his arms. One of the many advantages of being an anthropomorphic mutant rhinoceros. 


Rocksteady: You know, you could help us a bit with this, comrade kitty. 


Morgana: Hey! Does it look I can carry those huge bags in my… current form? And stop calling me “kitty”!


Bebop: Yeah, yeah. Just ignore Mona’s complaints and help Haru with the rest of this stuff, aight?


Rocksteady: ...Fine.


Meanwhile, Haru just giggled to herself. She was planning to use some high-quality fertilizer (the same kind Akira uses on the plant he has in his attic room in LeBlanc) in the gardens on the school entrance, the courtyard as well as her gardens in the rooftop. But she found out she was going to need quite a lot of it…

When she asked Bebop and Rocksteady if they could help her carry the bags, she smiled in delight when the mutant morons told her they would be glad to help. Haru, as well as the other thieves was glad she met those two idiots, even if it was under “Unique circumstances”. As well as Master Splinter, who served as an important guide for the teens during their time as Phantom Thieves. Always trying to give them the best advice for their roughest times last year.

Out of all of them, Haru along with Ann, Ryuji and Yusuke were the most saddened ones when the mutant ghost had to say goodbye to them the night right before Sae Niijima would announce Akira was being released. After all, Ann rarely sees her parents, Ryuji and Haru didn’t had good relationships with their respective fathers and Yusuke never met his so Splinter somehow wound up filling that hole for them.

Seeing her a bit sad, Mona spoke.


Morgana: You miss him too, right?


Knowing what the "honest-to-god-human" was talking about, Haru responded with a sad smile.


Haru: I’m sorry. And yes, I miss Splinter-Sensei.


With sympathetic expressions, the mutant morons tried to comfort her a little.


Rocksteady: It is normal, comrade Haru.


Bebop: We ALL miss him. Heck, I’m sure Ryuji, Ann and Yusuke miss Splinter as much as you do.


She nodded in understanding before regaining her usual sweet smile and shrugging off the sadness. She knew Splinter wouldn’t like to see her or any of the others sad about this.


Haru: I think he wouldn’t be happy by seeing us still mourning his departure. So just as he told us “life is short and his was over", so now we must move on with ours.


The three now retired thieves nodded when seeing Haru smiling again and continued with their work. Bebop and Rock were still dropping the fertilizer bags, supervised by Mona. In the meantime, Haru was still tending the gardens with the upmost care and kindness she always displays in this.

Seeing they finished with the courtyard, they moved to the school entrance. Only that place and they could call it a day. The four retired thieves quickly prepare their stuff for the entrance gardens. But before they could say or do something, they heard a couple of yells directed at them. They were from Ryuji and Ann.


Ann: Guys! GUYS!


Ryuji: WAIT! We have something to say!


The four thieves in the garden quickly tuned their heads in surprise to the running blondies. Ann rapidly walked down the entrance stairs while Ryuji just leaped over them.


Morgana: Lady Ann!? Ryuji!? What in the world is wrong with you!?


The cat-looking asked in surprise while his blond friends were gasping. Ryuji was breathing a bit heavier than usual while Ann was gasping like if she was recovering from the brink of drowning.


Ryuji: I was just walking around minding my own business when I heard something about Akira. And ---


Morgana: Wait, something about Joker!?


Haru: Something bad happened to Akira-Kun!?


Bebop: Another of Shido’s lame-butt goons found him!?


Rocksteady: If that is the true I will break them! Just like I broke Shido’s shadow!


Ryuji couldn’t even finish when he was suddenly interrupted by his four companions. He couldn’t blame them, though. According to Sae, even though Shido was finally being prosecuted for all those atrocities he committed for the sake of his political career, there was still a couple of his ass-kissers on the loose. And the simple idea of some of them getting their hands on Akira was quite worrisome.

Recovering her breath, Ann shook his arms in the hopes of calming them down.


Ann: No! Nothing happened to him!


Bebop: Then what happened!?


Ryuji: I was just walking when I found Asumi, the newspaper girl. And she showed me THIS!


The blond thug showed them the newspaper to them. After a little while of reading it (twice), Haru, Mona, Bebop and Rocksteady widened their eyes in the same shock as Ryuji and Ann’s.


Haru: Oh. My. Goodness.


Bebop: Ok. Now I think THIS could a problem.


Morgana: But, how…!? Why!?


Rocksteady: Nyet! It can’t be! How do they found about this!


Ryuji: Do I look like I know!?


Morgana: Ok, we definitely must tell the others about this!


The other five thieves nodded with the cat without any hint of hesitation. Knowing they wouldn’t wish to interrupt Akira and Makoto’s lunch-time, they choose to text them as well as Yusuke and Futaba to have an emergency meeting in LeBlanc afterschool once lunch-time was over. 

They don’t know what could this cause, but they hoped it wasn’t something bad.






Back in the roof, having finished their lunch, Akira was leaning on one of those huge AC units, happily sharing with Makoto a little but hot make-out session under the mid-day sky in Aoyama Itchome. There was barely any clouds in the sky so it was quite a beautiful sight, but they were too busy exchanging affection by sucking face to even care. Makoto occasionally ran her right hand on Akira’s lovely mess of a hair while her left hand had a strong grip on the black blazer covering his well-formed chest.

Akira, on the other hand, had his left hand sweetly cupping her cheek, the right hand caressing the small of her back. Taking the chance that they were alone, he slowly moved both hands to reach under her skirt and playfully squeeze her butt. That caused the brunette to pull back, pout and shot him a soft “Niijima Death Glare”.


Makoto: Akira, not here!


While flashing his signature Joker smirk, he replied while giving sweet butterfly kisses around her neck and jawline. The brunette let out a soft happy moan at said action. 


Akira: Apologies, my Queen. Just still satisfied for Valentine’s, that’s all~


Makoto’s face blushed even deeper than when they were making out. Still, she smiled as well since she was satisfied for how they spent their first Valentine’s Day together. One of their many “Study Sessions”, but one of the most romantic ones they had yet.


Makoto: Well. Maybe this Saturday… we can recreate the moment if you want~


The seductive and bold tone in her voice made Akira clear that it was Queen who was speaking now. And when Queen speaks, Queen means business. His eyes widened a little, but he didn’t fluster at all. Still blushing, Makoto wondered what was wrong with him.


Makoto: Is something wrong…? And why aren’t you blushing…?


Akira: Is just… I like how bold you are getting this days. Besides, you're getting flustered enough for the both of us~


He chuckled again, causing “Tomato Niijima” to pout once again. But they agreed to meet the next Saturday night nonetheless. They kept with the slow, sweet tango their mouths and tongues were executing. Exchanging the love and affection they had for each other. Still feeling a bit bold, Makoto decided to return the playful butt squeeze, causing Akira to pull back with eyes wide open. They remained in silence for a few seconds before they both broke in laughter. Now they definitely couldn’t wait for Saturday…

They went back to their lovey-dovey business when they heard a faint but familiar sound.


Makoto: The ring bell…


Akira: Well, guess we have to go back.


With a goodbye kiss (and another affectionate mutual butt squeeze), Makoto walked to the door first, Akira would go after a few seconds after so they wouldn’t raise any suspicions. Their relationship was already known by the other thieves, Sojiro, Sae, and all of Akira's confidants, but it was still secret for the rest of the school. They didn't mind to get a bit affective in any place where they could be seen as a couple, but they weren't exactly fans of PDA, so they agreed to keep that as minimum as possible. 

Just at the moment Makoto walked to the door, both of their phones buzzed at the same time. They checked and found a message in the Thieves’ group chat. After destroying Mementos, the chat was only used these days for simple chatting and when Futaba was proudly showing memes or just trolling around (like she always does). But once the lovebirds saw the message, they found out it was a completely different resaon...


“Emergency Meeting in LeBlanc after school.”






Akira and Makoto didn’t hesitate in taking the first train to Jongen-Jaya right after school finished. Once reaching their destination, they opened the door and they were greeted not only by Sojiro puffing a cigarette behind the counter as usual, but also by the rest of the thieves as well. Ryuji and Ann were sitting in the booths in the counter. Yusuke and Haru were in the middle table, Morgana sitting in Haru’s lap, receiving a few affectionate scratches behind his ear. Futaba, Bebop and Rocksteady were sitting at the far most table. However, the most remarkable detail was that the word “Concern” was written all over their faces.


Makoto: Sorry, guys. We came as fast as we could.


Akira: You all look kinda crappy. Is something wrong?


Sojiro: Well, it seems you friends found something “Interesting” just this morning…


The café owner responded to the lovers before Mona leaped to the middle of the table and continuing from there.


Morgana: Joker. Remember when Mr. Ushimaru apologized to you this morning?


The thief leader nodded weakly to that. Still confused at why such a stern teacher like Mr. Ushimaru would apologize out of the blue. And to Akira of all people, the guy who last year was considered a dangerous criminal. Makoto was taken by surprise by that question but she remained quiet while their friends kept talking.


Yusuke: The reason of this meeting is because apparently, Ryuji found something important in Shujin Academy’s newspaper this morning.


Futaba: And considering how little time you two have to get all kissy face, we thought it would be better to have a meeting here after school, so considerate yourselves lucky, you lovebirds~


While Makoto flustered again, Akira just chuckle half-heartily. Both were thankful at how considerate they were for their relationship despite the emergency. But back to business.


Makoto: Still, what exactly does that “article” says?


Ann: It’s something related to Akira.


Now Makoto’s eyes widened. An article related to her boyfriend? Is there a new rumor about him being spread around the school? And how didn’t she was told about it so she could do something? Before speaking, the rhino spoke.


Rocksteady: It is nothing critical, comrade Boss-Queen, just listen. Bebop, please reads the paper.


Bebop: Sure thing, dawg.


Right at that moment, Zeck took the newspaper Ryuji got in school and found the page of the mysterious article. Beginning to read something that would bring quite a few changes to Akira’s school-life.



As it was known for almost a whole year, the student who transferred to our school in last year’s April, Akira Amamiya-Kurusu, had an undesirable reputation of “Delinquent Student” for having a criminal record after apparently assaulting a man.

However, just yesterday, thanks to a reliable source, it is now known that said assault charges were completely false. It was revealed that Masayoshi Shido, the politician who confessed being the responsible for causing all the mental shutdowns and psychotic breakdowns that terrorized Tokyo last year confessed that it was in fact him who falsely accused Kurusu of assault, with only the mere purpose of protecting his public image.

Said events caused Kurusu to get that criminal record as well as his transfer to Shujin, all completely undeserved. With that stated, it is clear that Kurusu was never a criminal, just a young man who appeared at the wrong place in the wrong moment.

In fact, there is plenty of testimonies that confirm that despite Kurusu's bad boy tendencies, he is actually a smart, dexterous, brave, sweet and kind young man who was nothing but a victim all along. Said testimonies are not only from the school but also from many people around Tokyo. Including Sadayo Kawakami, the school's principal as well as the recently popular politician, Toranosuke Yoshida.

That being said, it wouldn’t be a surprise if some people in the student body (and a few teachers as well) would like to apologize for misjudging Kurusu all this time.

For more info check the link at the bottom of this page.


Once Bebop finished reading, Akira and Makoto remained in a tense silence for a few seconds. Both eyes and mouths wide open in surprise for the sudden news. Still unsure, they checked the link of the article on their phones and found the video which caused all of this.


Makoto: Wait… Akira, isn’t that…?


Akira: No way…!


As the video started both lover quickly recognized the place. It was the courthouse! Akira was asked to go there to give more testimony against Shido and his relation with the Metaverse and the mental shutdown cases. Bebop was next to him as a police officer who, along with Rocksteady was actually undercover in order to keep the thief leader safe and sound during his time in Juvenile Hall.

Shido was sitting at a table next to both them, looking at both heroes from occasionally, but his face wasn’t the one of an arrogant and condescending asshole who thought he was chosen by god to steer Japan. No. It was the face of a man whose pride was brutally injured, broken to such an irreparable extend that it wouldn’t be a surprise if he would try to kill himself while in custody.

While giving testimony to the judge and the very few people who attended the trial, Sae Niijima suddenly appeared with a woman Akira quickly recognized: The victim Shido threatened last year. Right away said woman told all the truth about what happened back then. With an emotionless expression, the judge asked if this was all true. Despite his lawyer’s protests and fighting back tears of shame and guilt, Shido responded.


Shido: It’s true, your honor… It’s ALL true. I was trying to sexually assault this nice lady as punishment for her trying to give to the police LEGITIMATE incriminating evidence against me. Right at that moment, Kurusu-Kun appeared out of nowhere and pulled me away from her, with only the honest intention of helping her.


After a few shaky breaths and sobs, Shido kept talking.


Shido: Thanks to said action I lost balance and trip. I fell on my own and injured my forehead. It wasn’t even a deep cut, but I didn’t care. I got angry at Kurusu-Kun, I yelled at him, called him a “Damn brat” and sued him for assault. I threatened the lady with killing her via mental shutdown if she didn’t testified against Kurusu-Kun when he was arrested. I… I even blackmailed the police so they would destroy all the evidence as well as not showing my name in the court when he was sent… to probation…


Being THIS close to breaking down in tears, Shido continued before he couldn’t be able to even think about what to say next.


Shido: And on top of that… I even threatened his parents with killing Kurusu-Kun if they got in contact with him during his probation… just to spite him! I… I did it all only to protect myself and keep my… public image clean so I… I could become prime minister and claim this country as my own ship… by using countless lives as stepping stones… Kurusu-Kun… I… I’m sorry... I ruined your life… and… and… … … there is no way I can apologize to you… and all the people I've ruined!


The video finished with Shido breaking down in rivers of tears. Crying out of control knowing there wasn’t punishment enough for all the crimes he committed for his own selfish gain.


All while his lawyer complained, saying how much he hates his job…


Once the video finished, everyone in the café was just blinking. Surprise was the only common feeling due to the sudden video and the article written in Shujin’s newspaper.


Akira: Futaba… how many visits the video has…?


Futaba: Near twelve million hits. And it’s still raising like crazy…!


Akira: I see…


He just nodded, understanding the whole situation despite the surprised look on his face. Placing a hand on her chin in thought, Makoto calmly asked everyone for their opinions.


Makoto: Ok, everyone. What are your thoughts about this?


Rocksteady: I think is good. Maybe the school jerks will finally treat comrade Boss-Man like he deserve.


Bebop: Yeah. Maybe school will not be so bad from now on.


Yusuke: I agree. This might be the opportunity for the students of Shujin to finally see Akira for the wonderful person he truly is.


Ryuji: If you ask me, I'm actually glad. That may finally shut up those gossiping bastards.


Haru: I don't wish to bring the mood down, but... do we really think something is going to change? Just like that?


Ann: I really hope so. If they don’t change their opinion about Akira after all of this, I’m sorry but those imbeciles are hopeless!


Morgana: Well, Joker. What’s your opinion about this?


Seeing everyone was waiting for an answer, Akira remained in thought for a few seconds. Then, he shook his head and flashed a soft smile.


Akira: To be honest. I don’t really care about my reputation.


Ryuji: Are you sure, man?


The thief leader nodded to his BFF, confirming his answer.


Akira: Sure. I mean, finally clearing my name is a good bonus. Not gonna lie. But what’s really important to me is that Shido confessed everything and he is going to pay for all the damage he caused. Especially to Futaba and Haru.


Both the heiress and the hacker smiled warmly while their hearts fluttered for the comment. No matter the situation, Akira will ALWAYS put other people’s needs much, much before his own, even at the cost of his own life. A noticeable characteristic of a true gentleman like him.


Futaba: Thanks, Akira. Really…


Haru: You know, sometimes I think it would be a crime for you to be that sweet, Akira-Kun.


Makoto: Of course YOU would say something like that.


Morgana: I really wouldn’t expect nothing less from our fearless leader.


Sojiro: Seriously, you never change, do you…?


Everyone laughed for a few seconds, seeing that apparently they were worrying over nothing important at all. Still, Makoto couldn’t help but still feeling worried about this.


Makoto: Still. Akira, wouldn’t it be a bit more uneasy to you now? I mean, now that probably EVERYONE in Shujin read that article, they might be chasing you to apologize for thinking of you as a criminal and all.


Ryuji: Don’t kill the mood, man…


That complaint caused Makoto to shot a medium-Intensity “Niijima Death Glare” at Ryuji, instantly shutting him up. Akira places a quick peck to her check, calming her down, reassuring her there was no problem at all.


Akira: You worry way too much, honey. I mean, what’s the worst thing could happen?


Nobody had any idea of what was going to happen…