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Drawing Passion with Blood

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The Bat typed away at his computer, looking for surveillance footage that didn't mysteriously die into static. A gust of wind had him standing up, “Sorry, there was a fire and-”

“A cat stuck in a tree. Yeah, figured. Now show me where the spot is.” He started toward his Batmobile.


“What?” He stopped and half turned to Superman shuffling his feet.

“I'm much faster than any ride, you know?” Giving his best smile while stretching out his hand.

Bruce glared at the offering, and turned abruptly, “Hm.” He huffed, hopping in his ride.

The Man of Steel deflated, and lead Batman with a slouch in his flying. They took the back roads to the location, Superman swayed midair around the fast car, “So, you meet this guy for the first time, and what? He swept you off your feet?”

“Is now really the best time, Kal?” Batman tightened his grip on the steering wheel.

“I'm just trying to see what the guy's charm is, I mean he seems so, I don't know. I just got a bad vibe off him.” he twirled with folded arms, still on course.

“Hm.” The Bat growled, ending further conversation.

They arrived at the road the DP employee took, a ghost road next to a couple of condemned buildings. Superman slowed to one spot in particular, “This is where his car was found. No tracks, just damage.”

Bruce got out of his car and examined the road closely, “Claw marks.”

“Yeah, they think it was an animal.”

“With human hands?”


(Here comes my small, very amateur detective skills, I'm so sorry)
Leather fingers ran along the indents in the dirt, his white lenses glowed with information. “There's a short fifth scratch along the pairs. Easy to miss with them overlapping each other. And these skid marks… the vehicle had to have been slammed hard enough to make it slide directly to the right of the road. There are no signs of another car. Their imprints in the cement have me worried. They're not random cracks, I think they're footprints.” He gets up and walks to the side of the road. Spying a small dried, dark spot at the rim of the cracking pavement. Using his detective tech eyes, it reads the compounds of the unidentified spot. When it finally beeped, he could see that it was human blood, but it was infected in a way he has never seen before.

"Do we have a Zombie outbreak on our hands?"

"If we did, then the whole country would've been eaten alive weeks ago." Batman takes out a flask and a metal stick and scrapes as much of the plasmid he can into the glass, then seals it up once he's satisfied. "Was there anything you could tell me about the car itself?"

"It was totaled, looked like it's been ripped to shreds. Um, his licence and wallet were also found inside, which was odd. He seemed to not have been able to put up much of a struggle. Just snatched out of his car."

The cowled man nodded, placing his findings in one of his belt's pockets. Standing up, he gazes around the area with normal eyes, to the trees and the ruins, "Do you hear anything?"

Clark looks around a little confused, "No, noth… ing… not even a bird." Superman hovered closer to Bruce as he scanned their surroundings. "I'm not seeing anything either. I don't like this, B."

Batman narrowed his orbitals, "Let's go, we'll come back another time." Flicking his cape, he marches to his Batmobile with Kal close to his heels.