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Drawing Passion with Blood

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Bruce sighed as he whisked his ginger ale in his flute. This party was draining him more than the criminals that prowled the streets. At least they're not much for talking. He spotted Viki but just wasn't in the mood to entertain the Beta right now. Though he did rethink about it once a strange man went up to her, he wore Victorian, crimson and midnight robes that seemed to cling to the nearest shadows.

He was about to intervene when one of the servers bumped into him with a metal tray. Colliding with his glass and shattering it on impact. “Oh wow, I'm so- Mr. Wayne! I'm so sorry!”

Some of the shards broke the skin, blood seeping from the cuts, “It's alright, Snypes, I'll just get this cleaned real quick and it'll be as good as new.” He side glanced at Vale to see if she was holding her own, only to see the odd man staring right at him. A small shiver ran down his spine. He promptly turned and walked out to the bathroom, away from the bustling cocktail life.

Running water fell over his hand, not even flinching from the slight stinging, he barely even felt it. What he did feel and flinch at was a cold hand grasping his within a tender hold to the front of a red and black cloth covered chest “If you permit it, a simple slide of the tongue tends to help seal the wound faster, Mr…?”

“Wayne, Bruce Wayne.” He stated hesitantly. “And yo-ah!”

Ecstasy ran through him as the Alpha lapped at his lacerations, and they began closing up instantly. His hand shook from the experience. “Rominoff, Dr. Rominoff.” Placing his free hand on top of his.

Bruce shuttered at the voice, “A doctor, eh? Perhaps you could give me an examination, upstairs in my bedroom?” He was Bruce Wayne after all, he has a reputation to uphold.

Dr. Rominoff smiled seductively at his prey, “I would be honored.”

Both exited the bathroom and made a beeline to the stairs. “Sir?”

Bruce threw his butler a quick excuse, “I'm going to be showing our guest around, just for a bit!”

“Very good, sir,” not even giving a hint of knowing anything, he retreated back to the hostless party. Stopping long enough to eye, wearily at his ward stepping up to the high floors with the mystery guest.


"Aghh! Ahhhhhh!"


His loins stilled quivered and he gasped with every breath, “Damn!” He panted.

Rominoff continued kissing the nape of Bruce's neck, “Indeed.” He said, playfully.

A small laugh rushed out as he turned to his lover, “You are very experienced, Dr. Rominoff. Years of practice?”

“You could say that.”

Bruce turned to his alarm clock, “Shit. It's been that long? Oh, Alfred's going to kill me if I don't get up.” lazily, he moved to pick up his suit from the floor. “Will I be seeing you later, Doc?”

A light kiss to the back of his neck and Bruce almost had another orgasm. “Yes, I do believe I will be seeing you again,” sitting with the host between his legs as his hands caressed the mortal’s body.