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A Bond Between Two Worlds

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Your Point of View


* (If you leave here, your adventure will really be over.)

* (Your friends will follow you out of the underground.)


Don't                        I'm

leave.                     ready.

        You can't help but sigh as you play the end of the Pacifist Route.

        Don't get the wrong idea, you love Undertale from the bottom of your heart and never get tired of it. Even after playing fot the nth time, you still feel a pang on your chest when Asgore says he and Toriel will take care of you/Frisk and then BAM! Flowey just kills him in cold blood (or sap...? Well, you get the analogy). You feel a bit bad every time you reset the game, thinking how cruel of you to take everyone from the surface and bring them back to the underground with no memories of the journey Frisk went through. Except for one character, that is.

        "Sans..." you whisper quietly as you look at his back.

        He is the only one who never had the control over a timeline but knows about it. Sans has seen the surface countless times, has seen everyone killed some others... And yet, the worst of it is no one remembers anything and can't tell anyone about it. Just thinking how much Sans has to bear it all alone makes your heart squeeze painfully.

        "I bet you'd much rather be as clueless about the resets as everyone else, right?" you say out loud as if he could hear you. You lean back on your chair and look at the ceiling of your bedroom.

        "I wish I could go to that world and give him a big hug. I'd do anything to end the resets, so Sans and everybody could finally be happy..." you laugh at yourself and shake your head in disbelief for saying such silly things. You should definitely stop caring about fictional characters that much.

        With one last sigh, you watch as the final credits start to glitch and Asriel appears on the screen. You always expect something to happen when he appears out of nowhere like that.

        You try to dodge all the Special Thanks names to open that secret door in Snowdin and yet again, you fail miserably. Yawning, you turn off your computer and take your phone to look at the time. It's way past 4 am!

        "HOLY SHI-- WHEN DID IT GET SO LATE?!" you hurry to go to bed, mumbling curses at Toby Fox and his team for making you stay up late playing Undertale. On another day, you would freak out since you'd have only have three hours of sleep before you had to go to college. Fortunately, vacations season had started a few days ago, therefore you don't need to worry about it. Besides, you don't have any roommate to complain at you so there is no problem, unless you make loud noises at this hour. The landlandy and the neighbours wouldn't appreciate it that much.

        Sleep doesn't take long to arrive after you turn off the lights and close your eyes.


If only it took just a few more minutes for you to drift off to sleep, you would see a faint light followed by a strange sensation of being pulled by something... Or someone.