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New World

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     On their way to Zurich in this way too grand plane that Father Ye gave them, everyone saw something bright in their dreams. It all started when they all feel asleep.





     “Captain, what’s the time now?” Huang Shaotian whispered to the bundled Yu Wenzhou. 


     “It’s 3:00 a.m. go to sleep,” the bundled lump said tiredly.


     “Okay. Good night now,” Huang Shaotian said softly before putting down the armrest that was blocking his and Yu Wenzhou’s seat. Then he took his own blanket and layed down on the other man’s thighs. 


Meanwhile in the back of the plane…


     “Yunyun, a new episode came out! Here take it,” Su Mucheng excitedly gave Chu Yunxiu one of her earbuds. 


     “Really? It released early? Does it say why?” Chu Yunxiu curiously grabbed the mouse and clicked around a little too loudly, makin Ye Qiu wake up from his nap. 


     Ye Qiu looked behind his seat and narrowed his eyes. “Girls…” he said slowly. The two women slowly turned off the laptop and took off their earbuds with a pitiful expression on their face. They handed the laptop to Ye Qiu and went to sleep with fake tears in their eyes.


     Ye Qiu sighed again and went to sleep with his head on his brother’s shoulder. 


     Seeing Ye Qiu was asleep, Ye Xiu took out a card  and a portable card reader before silently taking out the laptop. If he were an assassin, he would be a great one.


     During this time when Ye Xiu was silently destroying the guild leaders and making their life worse, everyone was asleep. No one could hear anything except those who snore and the strong wind outside the private plane.


     Ye Xiu looked outside the oval window, thinking of Su Muqiu. Earlier when they were boarding the plane, someone pointed out that Zurich sounded like a name from Su Mucheng’s family. Only Ye Xiu, Ye Qiu, and Su Mucheng knew that Su Mucheng was an orphan. And that Su Muqiu was gone. Nevertheless they just laughed it off. 


     He closed the laptop and went to sleep. He felt that this nap was different from the others. He fell asleep more quickly and felt warm. He knew it wasn’t Ye Qiu hugging him though. It was more like when Su Muqiu hugged him when… WAIT— Su Muqiu hugging him?!


     Ye Xiu opened his eyes to what felt like fifteen again. Mother I’m scared!