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Unsafe Driving

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One thing never changed: driving was soothing. No matter his identity, his associates, his job; he’d loved driving since the first time he got behind the wheel. If he’d ever actually gone through with learning to hot wire before POINT got to him, he might have never joined them.

“Uh, PV, don’t you think we’re– Oh cob!” Boxman scrabbled at the dash as Venomous cut around and between the other cars on the highway. He was beginning to take on a green not too far off from his hair. “Don’t you think we’re going a bit fast?”

Venomous hummed as he flexed his fingers on the steering wheel, feeling the leather of his gloves stretch against them. “No.”

“We’re thirty over the speed limit!”

“Is that all?” He grinned and revved the engine a bit. Boxman yelped when the car lurched forward and he laughed. “Relax, Boxy! As if I’d let anything happen to this beautiful machine!” he reached over to lay a hand on his tense partner’s thigh. “Or you.”

“I know! I just, there’s just so many other cars! It’s not you I don’t trust, PV!”

“Well, let’s do a little off-roading, then.” Venomous grabbed an opening and peeled away from the pack, disregarding the paved road in favor of the wild open space of the Danger Zone. “Better?”

“Do we really need to be going this fast?”

“Not at all! We can go faster now!” This area was relatively empty, just a few big rocks here and there to avoid, so Venomous had no problem really pushing his luck to nearly double the speed limit they’d left behind. Boxman was clutching at anything he could get his talons into, eyes screwed shut as if that would help at all. Venomous sighed. He didn’t want to actually scare him. “Oh, fine, I’ll slow down.”

The car slowed, but kept to triple digits. Compromise was important.

“Thanks, PV.”

“Anything for you, Boxy.”

Boxman was trying not to focus on the landscape rushing by; at least it wasn’t an actual blur like before. “Say, where are we even going?”

“Hmm? Oh, nowhere, really.”

“So… We’re just driving… to drive?”

“That’s about the long and the short of it.”

“How often do you do this?”

“Often enough. Though,” Venomous moved his hand higher up Boxman’s thigh. He grinned when his partner’s legs moved apart seemingly of their own accord. “I don’t usually have passengers…”


“Yes, dear?”

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing! You’re just so tense, I thought I’d… help out a bit.”

Boxman gripped Venomous’ wrist when his hand moved between his legs. “You’re driving.”

“And? I can multitask; you’ve seen me do it.”

Boxman tried very hard not to remember Venomous answering emails while riding him last week. Unfortunately, his erection didn’t get the message to ignore those memories and went right on its merry little way. He groaned as Venomous palmed him through his pants. “You weren’t driving!

“Oh, relax, Boxy. Let me help you with that.”

At least Boxman had forgone his suspenders for their drive. Undoing his pants one handed was difficult enough without trying to wrestle with those as well. Venomous didn’t spare him a glance as he wrapped his gloved fingers around his freed erection– he was still driving.

The grip on his wrist tightened as Boxman bucked into the leather around him. “Venomous!”

Venomous briefly wished he’d worn his fingerless gloves, if only so he could actually feel what he was doing. Next time. For now, he gave his partner a few slow strokes as he thought. Boxman moaned, whining when he let go to root through the glove compartment.

“Boxy,” Venomous pulled out a small bottle of lube and held it out to his partner. “Would you be a dear?”

Boxman took it, slicking himself and tossing the bottle back into the glove compartment. “W-why do you have that in here?”

“Have to be prepared for anything.” Venomous gripped him again and began stroking faster than before, no longer concerned about the leather chafing. A broken sounding moan tore out of Boxman and he grinned. “Never know when you’ll need a little help.”

In the distance there was a cliff that was racing closer and closer. He could turn now, avoid any danger well in advance, or… he could push it. Boxy wasn’t really in a position to complain…

Cob, PV…” Whether conscious of it or not, Boxman was now steadily fucking up into Venomous’ strokes. A quick glance and Venomous saw he was well past being aware of his surroundings, let alone any danger posed by his partner’s driving.

Venomous could imagine it: waiting until the last possible second to turn, skidding within inches of the cliffside, looking out over the edge in the split second before speeding away again, Boxman crying out and shooting all over the dash. It would be beautiful.

He sighed as he turned with what looked like about a mile to spare. He was getting soft.

“V-ven–” Boxman was moaning, gasping, and wiggling more than ever in the passenger seat, so at least he was still doing something right. “O-oh cob, I’m so close, Venomous!”

Venomous let out a breathy moan and tightened his grip just a little. “Boxy, please… come for me.”

If they’d been anywhere near civilization – or just people in general – he was certain Boxman’s shout would have had the police on their ass in no time. Of course, they’d have had the police on them for other reasons well before that anyway. He was right about Boxman coming all over his dash which, while hot in theory, would necessitate clean up as soon as possible to prevent damage. At least neither of them would have to figure out how to hide unsavory clothing stains when they got back home.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?” Venomous asked as they pulled into the garage.

“I’m not going to be able to sit in the passenger seat without getting a spontaneous erection now.”

“Well,” Boxman didn’t like the look of the grin his partner flashed at him when he took the keys out of the ignition. “Sounds like you’ll just have to drive from now on.”