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Made to Kill, Chose to Love

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Tomura ignored Toga’s cooing and general hyperactivity as she jumped across the dark laboratory that belonged to the doctor. The lab was equipped head to toe with wiring and tubes, all glowing with energy and housing a Noumu each. 


No, wait, what was the Doc calling them? High Ends?


Didn’t matter. 


He placed a hand on one of the tubes, avoiding his middle finger as he touched the glass. They were his toys now. No need to break them already. 


Not when they still could be used. 


“Oooo! What’s in this one?” Toga squealed as she glomped onto one of the canisters. Unlike the rest it wasn’t transparent, rather covered in plate metal, riveted in place with big, heavy duty rivets. 06 was painted onto its side. 


It looked like a piece of a spaceship rather than a test-tube like the rest. 


He moved away from the tube he was looking at. Leaving the slender Noumu with the burnt, frozen necrotic skin and multiple mouths alone. 


“That’s my ultimate creation,” the Doc mumbled, still staring at one of the massive screens in the dark lab. It was showing lines of code, and multiple bars rapidly moving up and down. Maybe the readings of the tubes?


How did he even know which tube they were talking about? 


“The Noumu you had for USJ was just my first attempt,” he elaborated, spinning to stare at the two young villains in his lab. “Brute force for the sake of success. We learned how far that got us.” 


“But, her!” His goggles shined as his mustache twitched as a grin widened on his face. “She is a lot more than just brute force!” 


That got his interest. 


“What does that even mean?” Toga asked the doctor.. 


“She’s built to be an infiltrator, an assassin. The perfect one.” he wheezed raising his hands to the sky. “Think of her like the terminator. She can think on her own accord, based on her programming of course.” 


“How can she even sneak in though, she’s probably gonna look like-” Toga moved a panel Tomura hadn’t noticed before, opening a porthole into the tube, revealing the insides glowing in a blue tint. It was empty. “Is she invisible? That’s coo-” 


A monstrous shriek shook the lab and the floor vibrated. Causing Toga to almost tumble down to the floor as she jumped back. A heavy hand slammed against the tube Toga was just leaning against, the rivets ringing but holding steady. 


A red eye was staring out of the tube with malicious intent making the two shiver. It wasn’t mindless like the rest. 


This one was intelligent. 


And it hated them.


“Oh, her reprogramming isn’t quite complete yet so she acts out. Please be a dear and close that.” the doc mumbled turning back to his screen. 


“What powers does she have?” Tomura asked. She was an assassin, and he could use one.


Nothing like a dead student to make a statement. 


“Invisibility, phase shifting…” so what, she could move through walls? like that lemony guy Toga had seen in the Yakuza raid. Now that fucker could be assassinated— but with his quirk gone he wasn’t a good target. Too off the radar. 


“Ability to change living beings she touches, and a quirk that even All for One wouldn’t touch.” The Doc swiveled in his chair, his goggles shining like headlights as he stared at Tomura. “Ultimate Polymorph; she is able to change her body at will into nearly any shape she wants, even subconsciously when she’s threatened. Indeed, her defensive ability might even be greater than that of Gigantomachia.”


“Master didn’t take a quirk that powerful? Why?” 


“Too unstable, he did try taking it, once.” The Doc swiveled back and stared at the screen. “He was barely able to shove it back in before his body started to malform.” 


“Some quirks one can’t handle unless one were born with it.” He shrugged. “But because she was, she could handle it, handle a lot more. The perfect palette for creation.” 


“And you used it to create an assassin,” Toga mumbled. “You’re giving me more reasons to like you!” 


“How do I give her a target?”


The Doc turned on his chair. “Weren’t you listening, boy? I told you her programming wasn’t complete yet.” 


“I didn’t ask if she was ready or not. I asked how to give her a target.”


The Doc paused, the room filled with silence broken only by the whirring of pumps, the squelching of tubes, and the weird melody coming from the 06 tube behind Tomura. 


“Are you mad?” Toga asked in her blunt yet chipper tone. 


“No, no…” the doctor shifted. Tomura could hear the smile in his voice. “I’m excited, It’s been so long since I had an experiment with this many uncertainties. All for One always was a man of cowardice. Always hiding behind schemes and plots after the advent of All Might.” 


He pressed a few buttons and a screen whirred out of the floor, lifting in front of the encased metal tube. “REAL Innovation- no... real SCIENCE can only be done with risks! Caution to the wind!” 


Tomura smirked. Now that was someone he could work with. 


“Tomura! I told you I would give you everything and I am a man of my word. Use that screen, enter whatever, whoever you want and she will hunt it down and kill it. The more info you can give the faster it will be.” 


He faced the console. 


He needed to choose a student. 


High profile.


Someone whose death would shake society. 


Someone that would have a hard time dealing with a humanoid target. 


Someone that would hesitate against a covert villain. 


Someone like Izuku Midoriya.




The tube was cold. 






The music only made her feel lonelier. Damn classics. 


Even the window she had was closed again. The blonde-haired girl was cute, too bad she got scared.


Then the music stopped. The light faded. She got doused in darkness, she hated darkness. 


It was lonely. And cold. 


She pulled her knees closer to herself, lights shimmering on her arms, trying to illuminate the dark. 


It only showed how little space she had.  


“Izuku Midoriya.”


Her eyes snapped open, looking for the source of the sound. Someone else? Anyone else- 


That voice sounded nice, and warm and friendly- maybe she would get a friend? 


Then she realized where the sound was coming from. The screen attached to her walls.


She hated that thing. 


It only showed death. 




But this was something else. 


She swam closer to the screen, looking intently. 


It was a person! Hair black that shone green when it caught light… that looked so pretty… 


He smiled at the screen. She smiled back. 


Her heart skipped a beat. 


Was this her soulmate? 


“Yȯͅur͉̓ ̹̆ta̦͆ȑ̘g̱̾et̹̏.̰̿” the normal robotic voice said again. She hated that voice. “Is̗͒ Izuku ̧̓M̳̉iḓ̓õ̹r̜͡iya.̣̓” 


The screen flashed, going between death and gore and Izuku. 


She screamed. She didn’t want to see those! 


“K̘̈́il͎͗l͓̀ Iz͚̾ū͎ku Mid͎͂or̭̋iyą̿” the voice chanted in a deep baritone. 


“K̘̈́il͎͗l͓̀ Iz͚̾ū͎ku Mid͎͂or̭̋iyą̿, K̘̈́il͎͗l͓̀ Iz͚̾ū͎ku Mid͎͂or̭̋iyą̿, K̘̈́il͎͗l͓̀ Iz͚̾ū͎ku Mid͎͂or̭̋i̞͋ỷ̯ą̿͆͟ ̹͝,K̥̘̣̈́̒̈i͙͡l̥͎͖͊͗̈͟͞ĺ͖̜̙̫͓͙͙̒̀͋̓̔͆ ̥̥͌̃I̡̗͆͗z͉͖͈̗͚̳͉̿̂̾͐̈́͒͐u̢͈̞̼͎̭͑͑̄̈̓̋͟͞k̜̺̎͘u̥̓̊ͅ ͌͟͟M̲̎́ͅi̤͎̒͡ḏ͉͓̫͎̤̞̌̿͂̈́̋͛ṓ͇̭ŗ̩͔͔̗̭̰͐̋́̍͒͠͡į͔͌̏y͖͆̐͟ą̨̛̻̜̭̿͛̿̌͋͜͞ͅ” 






She needed to k͎͂ĩ͇l̦͘l̜ Izuku Midoriya. 




“Does it have to take this long?” Himiko whined, it had been almost an hour since Tomura had typed in his target. And she was getting bored. Looking at death was boring, especially when nothing was bleeding. Stupid Noumu.


Wonder if 06 would make Izuku bleed. She wanted to see that. “Can you get it to record her attack?” 


“Why would I-” the doc spun, and the tube beeped like a food timer. “Oh, the coding’s complete.” 


The riveted plates of metal hissed, mechanical arms surrounding it and cutting the plates off slowly, tearing the metal cocoon off. 


A girl was in the fetal position in the middle, holding her ears. Her hair was softly sifting through colors like a fish scale catching light, with the long locks covering most of her body. 


She didn’t look like a Noumu. 


Wonder what color blood she had. 


“Ri̽͢ş̚ēͅ” the speakers of the lab ordered. And the girl stirred, slowly getting up. 


Her skin was blue, shinier than Himiko had ever seen before as if she was oiled up. Maybe she was? Noumu building was weird. Then again this Noumu was the weirdest one yet. 


Her eyes were glowing a dull grey, and the rest of her body looked like…


Well like a model, or a pornstar. Her tits looked more real though, big and naturally perky. Heh, kinda like Ochako’s!! But she didn’t have nipples, meh maybe she could grow them?


Her eyes scanned down. Smooth like a doll down there too. But her hips were wide like Ochako’s too, maybe just a little more muscley. 




The Noumu’s eyes changed, glowing red like a spotlight before she shrieked. Arms cracked and churned as bones changed, fingers folded back to form the anchors for a wing to form. 


She looked like a featherless harpy. Maybe a demon? 


She was still hot though. She smiled as her cheeks grew hotter.


Another pair of wings burst out of her back and she flapped suddenly shooting out and slamming against the ceiling, turning to mist against the metal roof. 


They all heard another roar just outside of the lab. 


Tomura smirked. “So, she’ll kill him?”


The doc turned back to his screen. “That’s what she was built to do.” 


“She had a nice rack,” Himiko mused, twirling around in the gaps between the cables, maybe Izuku would like their incoming gift! 


Neither man responded to her. 


“What? She did!” Feh, shy prudes.