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I Will keep away your nightmares

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Pei Wende have flighted against some demon earlier and it's was complicated to have his mind free from lots of trouble.

So when he arrives at his home and he saw that Hua Wuxie was waiting for him in his beautiful white jacket and smiling at him, he was feeling that his doubt and everything have happened could go away because he is back at the place where he belongs and it's with his husband.

They hugged before coming inside, it's become to be cold outside because it's started snowing.

He was so glad to have him in his arms while he was sleeping. But he have a nightmare that the demon is inside him or inside Hua Wuxie and destroys it.

So he wakes up in a little mess, it's wake up Hua Wuxie

"Are you okay?" asked Hua Wuxie

"I had one nightmare about demons and the fact that I can be one démon or you, and I would have destroyed it, and it's killing me," say Pei Wende

Hua Wuxie kisses the forehead of Pei Wende.

"I'm alright, you are alright, I promise you I will not be a demon"

Hua Wuxie have a pure heart and will every time help Pei Wende do be back in the good path. The good path is that Pei Wende have also one pure heart inside him and it's all thanks to his romance with Hua Wuxie.