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The Disappearance of a Mouse

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Your fellow detective Mickey Mouse has just reopened his Club.

Your one of many guests in this club in fact. 

There you could see many people from famous and unfamous Disney properties.

You can see Elsa and Anna enjoying some ice cream on one table.

On another table was Eliowny talking to her villain


Mickey got introduced and the crowd was excited to be here. 

But then the lights failed as the room was completely dark and then they heard rumbling and shouting.

The Crowd seemed to panic at the blackout.

Once the light was back on Mickey was gone. Minnie got on stage telling them to be calm.

She also asked if anyone has seen Mickey.


After hours they called the toon police. Bonkers and the other policemen had the stage cut off with police tape.

And no one was allowed to leave.

You decide to take things to your own hands.


The Stage is sealed off with Police tape there you could see a young teen talking to a dog and two ducks.

You recognize the ducks to be the siblings Donald and Della Duck. The dog is Goofy. So they are Mickey´s close friends.

On stage, you can see Minnie and another large Mouse and a rabbit.

The victim's family. 


What do you decide to do first?


1. Question the family

2. Question the best friends

3. Check out the Stage for clues

4. Check out the list of today's performers and question them instead.